Emergency: Wife Lost and Found

Emergency Wife Lost and Found Every doctor dreaded recognizing someone in the emergency room even coolheaded consultant James Morrell But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he had been asked to treat was instantly

Every doctor dreaded recognizing someone in the emergency room even coolheaded consultant James Morrell But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he had been asked to treat was instantly familiar It was his ex wife Dr Lorna McClelland hated being ill, hated being stuck in a hospital bed and, above all, hated having to rely on James But as she recovered, aEvery doctor dreaded recognizing someone in the emergency room even coolheaded consultant James Morrell But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he had been asked to treat was instantly familiar It was his ex wife Dr Lorna McClelland hated being ill, hated being stuck in a hospital bed and, above all, hated having to rely on James But as she recovered, all the wonderful things about their marriage came flooding back.

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Emergency: Wife Lost and Found

  1. Carol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she s very at home there.She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.Carol writes for the Harlequin Presents and Medical lines and she also writes contemporary women s fiction with a dark twist under the name Tessa Bell.When she s not writing she s reading, when she s not reading she s writing.

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  1. I enjoyed this book a lot.e story and the H h just grew on me high drama or unnecessary angst, just a smooth flow of events and emotions as you read oneir love for each other is apparent and un denied but the h s health issues , make her feel that the H deserves better i know The medical part lingo was very thorough n realistic and not boring The best part were the two older well meaning interfering ladies who help along the romance

  2. This is what I get for reading outside of the lines I normally read This was a medical, which meant medical details I m not that squeamish when something is happening to me but to someone else shudder So I found it hard to read about the doctor h being brought into her ex husband s emergency room and resuscitated with all the grisly actions that are necessary I did like the H s angsty thoughts at being faced with the woman he had loved ten years before when they were both in medical school but e [...]

  3. looks over shoulder to see if anyone is reading this quiet voice whispering really Plucks up the courage to write the next line.I really enjoyed this There I have said it You can come and take me away now It was exactly what it was meant to be A light, fun and frothy read Not full of sex it isn t that sort of story and nicely drawn characters who played on my sympathy and were believable if than a little predictable But sometimes there is nothing wrong in that And this IS a Mills and Boon Medic [...]

  4. It is a second chance given to a lost love and broken marriage James and Lorna met each other when they were studying their medical,both liked each other and starting dating and got hooked up and Lorna got pregnant,she was a minister s daughter ,her father presurred both James Lorna to get married cause they had committed crime by having sex before marriage,James and Lorna do get married for baby but they loved each other but later it was found that the pregnancy was ectopic pregnancy and as the [...]

  5. Set in London, England, Dr James Morrell recognizes his ex wife when she was brought to the ER They hadn t seen or spoken in about 10 years They met in medical school and Lorna got pregnant and James married her But the pregnancy was an ectopic and she was forced to have surgery After the loss of their baby, Lorna left and they divorced.It was a nice and somewhat predictable read Just nothing really exciting or unique But it was easy to read no major lagging nor too much filler to distract me.

  6. It was a much darker book than what I expected and that might put off some readers After a whirlwind marriage followed by a quick divorce, James and Lorna have both tried to build back their life, James struggling on the relationship side, Lorna struggling with a tough medical condition forcing her to a harsh and irreversible decision They find themselves facing each other again by a stroke of fate.I kind of felt for both characters and could relate to them However it irritated me that Lorna avo [...]

  7. I really liked this book, unlike the rest harlequin I downloaded The characters and writing style is amazing The only problem I had with the book is that I don t know who is talking most times, the POVs are messed up, apart from that the book is okay.

  8. Don t just focus on the first three words of the following paragraph, but keep reading Dull, dull, dull I first thought when I started reading this it felt monosyllabic and mono tonal, no depth and very little interestEVER, and it is a big one I didn t notice the improvement as it went along it crept up on me until I was crying at the end my personal sign for quiet a lovely read Therefore, it must have improved greatly without me realising it Isn t that the sign of good writing It wasn t perfect [...]

  9. I read a lot, and it is really rare for me to not want to finish a book I did finish this one, but I think only because I knew it was so short so it would be over soon It was awkward and boring Part of the awkwardness I felt reading this book might be from culture differences, as this story took place in England and was written as such I m in the medical profession and had a really hard time with a lot of the British medical phrasing and can imagine an American layperson would be all that confu [...]

  10. I had mixed feelings for these read because it was hard for me to connect with the MCs The h always avoids confrontation from the first time I meet her to the last chapter which annoys me because those confrontation are needed The H is a double minded annoying man Come to think of it, he avoids confrontation as well just like the heroine NO wonder their marriage 10 yrs ago did not last a year They re both good looking, yeah but the way they handle problems rubs me the wrong way.The heroine has a [...]

  11. This was actually a re read but I never rated the book originally.This is quite a short story but it packs a lot in, I enjoy reading the book up until Lorna is released from hospital then things start going very obvious And, because of the length of the book everything feels quite rushed I don t buy the reunion between them I cannot see how they can both still be in love after 10 years apart If time were given to character development it is possible I would enjoy this .I will admit though I did [...]

  12. This was a different book for me to read, found it on the FREE List of and gave it a whirl Started out a bit slow but didnt take me to long to really get into the story.Kept me on the edge of my seat as to whether she would open and tell him the truth about her medical condition, and then the ending just made the whole story line come together in that Happily Ever After.Good easy read.

  13. I have come upon many fictional situations where a couple is having difficulty in creating a family and thought Oh.Sad.So so and moved on.But while reading this book, I was treated to a spectacular slap mentally hee hee Dunno if it was the book itself or my state of mind, but it made me a blubbering mess of goo.And I felt so happy for Lorna and James when they were going to have a baby Yippeee

  14. duh why do they have to use these weirdo names is beyond me its actually not that bad as the name a fast paced sweet love story a simple no secondary or tertiary plots book if are into contemporaries, go for it.

  15. very sweet and romantic the ending is soo sweet and i wont say anything else otherwise spoilers will leak from me in an controllable waterfall of badness

  16. Not much to say other than that this book was kind of bleh to me.Oh Let me Also Add That The author Uses Waaaaay Too Many Exclamation points

  17. James Morell fell in love with the younger Lorna while both of them were in medical school Although they were careful, Lorna became pregnant Both of them wanted the baby so badly even though James was not making good money yet and she was even further behind in her schooling but he knew they could make it Her preacher father called her a whore and demanded a forced a wedding James was happy but Lorna felt he married her because of the pregnancy At the first ultra sound they were told that the ba [...]

  18. Second reviewRead March 13, 20133.5 starsI first read this book back in 2010, and I really liked it then I know that I reread my favorite parts several times I may have even fully reread it since then, but I don t recall and if I had, I did not document it For some reason, I thought about this book again and got the urge to reread it There may be spoilers.I still really like this book It s got its flaws, some of which I mentioned in my first review In fact, everything I mentioned in my review th [...]

  19. This was a lovely heartbreaking story A divorced couple gets a second chance after 10 years when the wife is rushed into the emergency room where her ex husband is a doctor It was heart wrenching to see how devastated he was when he saw the state his wife was in Their marriage had broken down 10 years earlier after the loss of their pregnancy They were a couple in Med school when they were forced to marry in haste due to an unplanned pregnancy When the miscarriage happened their marriage fell ap [...]

  20. I just have to say, I loved this book I liked how it has the H H are able to work through there problems I was not bored at all I was so heart warming to read how they both worked through their issues.loved the ending for sure.

  21. This is a sweet romance featuring Dr James and Lorna I haven t read this line in a while, so when I started reading, found the POV shifts to be jarring It s told from a nurse, May, James and Lorna s POV and at times, its a bit confusing Also the time shifts from Lorna s previous surgery to present was off Overall, the book is wonderful Its a nice read with a spunky heroine, who wants what she wants Being a medical romance, I found it authentic and loved the setting, which is pretty realistic I w [...]

  22. James tidak menyangka jika pasien yang datang ke ruang gawat darurat akibat kecelakaan adalah mantan istrinya, Lorna Entah apa yang dilakukan Lorna di London setelah perceraian mereka 10 tahun yang lalu Tapi yang pasti dia harus berusaha menyelamatkan hidup Lorna saat ini.Untungnya Lorna bisa melewati masa kritis Ternyata Lorna sedang mencari pekerjaan di London James membantu Lorna melewati masa pemulihan dengan memperbolehkan Lorna menginap di rumahnya Tentu saja kedekatan mereka membuat masa [...]

  23. The very beautiful author under the pen name of Tessa Bell was born in England but lives in Australia She is primarily a reader cum writer of Romance with an inclination towards medical field.This book published by Mills and Boon can be labeled as a soft and neat romance between an ex husband Dr James Morell and ex wife Dr Lorna Mc Clelland Both of them get divorced over a trivial matter and fate unites them after ten long years through an accident Long lost love blooms again when the couple rea [...]

  24. Really liked this one Another one that I picked up as a Kindle freebie James is one of the chief doctors in the emergency room at a London hospital, with a strict rule of never mixing his personal life with his work one Until late one night a massive car accident brings an unexpected but familiar patient, his ex wife Lorna, into the E.R Lorna, also a doctor, but a small town GP looking for a change, was in London applying for a hospital position With no close friends or family in the city, and i [...]

  25. Emergency Wife lost and found by Carol Marinelli, in my opinion a very enjoyable read I came across it on in the Top 100 free and as I enjoy medical dramas with a passion, I thought I d give it a go I actually really enjoyed this book The story behind it was that an A E ER for my American friends consultant, James Morrell, is on a round on the Emergency department when a severely injured casualty is rushed into the department suffering extreme injuries He is taken aback as he instantly recognis [...]

  26. Ten years on and he d recognised her in a instant by her pretty feet alone This has been a short and light to read, but has some parts that were really emotional I really appreciated them not jumping into each other the first time they had a chance It built character and a better view in their relationship.Lorna, despite being strong and hard headed, I see her as a dependent woman Once to her family and then to James Although her personality is quite understandable, I just wished she learned ho [...]

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