My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed

My Big Mouth Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed A hilarious illustrated novel by Peter Hannan writer artist producer Davis Delaware is not from Delaware But try telling that to everyone at his new school When you move in the middle of ninth grade

A hilarious illustrated novel by Peter Hannan writer, artist, producer.Davis Delaware is not from Delaware But try telling that to everyone at his new school When you move in the middle of ninth grade, people are going to think whatever they want about you If they pay attention at all.Blending in is fine with Davis He just wants to doodle in his notebook MakeA hilarious illustrated novel by Peter Hannan writer, artist, producer.Davis Delaware is not from Delaware But try telling that to everyone at his new school When you move in the middle of ninth grade, people are going to think whatever they want about you If they pay attention at all.Blending in is fine with Davis He just wants to doodle in his notebook Make a few friends Not rock the boat Easier said than done.Because when he starts a band called The Amazing Dweebs with beautiful Molly and nerdy Edwin, Davis rocks the boat big time And all that rocking gets the attention of school bully Gerald the Butcher Boggs Now Davis is suddenly king of the school and the Butcher s next target.This can t end well.This illustrated middle grade novel from CATDOG creator Peter Hannan is packed with doodles, song lyrics, notebook pages, a mini flip book and lots of laughs.

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My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed

  1. PETER HANNAN is a writer, producer, creator, author illustrator, and artist He is the creator and executive producer of the Nickelodeon animated series, CatDog He wrote and sang the CatDog theme song, which he will sing for you even if you don t technically ask him to He has developed properties for numerous studios and is currently working on a variety of film,TV, game, and book projects including a new animated show in development called Dead Pets Society Other stuff Really Freaking Embarrassing, The Adventures of a Huge Mouth, My Big Mouth 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed, The Greatest Snowman in the World, Freddy, King of Flurb, The Sillyville Saga, and the forthcoming Petlandia, a book about a group of house pets who stage a revolution, kick out their human oppressors, and declare the house a sovereign nation.That s when the real trouble starts He has done tons of illustrations and cartoons for magazines, newspapers, and advertising He has exhibited paintings, illustrations, and cartoons lots of places His work has been transformed into everything from toys to t shirts to cheese crackers He teaches at Arizona State University He lives in sunny California and sunnier Arizona.

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  1. My big mouth, well that explains it The main character, Davis, creates a band But the popular you are, the people think and notice you Not all people who do are good Gerald, a bully tries to do what a bully does and tries to ruin Davis as Davis is the most popular student What I like about this book is that it shows how Davis deals with bullying I also like how I saw how other students reacted to it Overall this book was easy to relate to and I really liked the ending I recommend this book for [...]

  2. This book may be about a big mouth, but it clearly has an even bigger heart But don t let that discourage middle schoolers from reading this is very, very funny Peter Hannan brings his talents as a cartoonist and lyricist together to create a well realized snapshot of one boy s agony and ecstasy while navigating a new town and new school Read the book and have a laugh.

  3. This should I agree have been set in middle school as it feels like the kids are 7th 8th grade It s fun though Did not at all like the ending, though I will say it was not predictableSong full of bleep among other things probably makes it a hs book for some

  4. This book is funny, fun, and cool If you ve ever played an instrument, wrote a song, tried to write a song, tried to start a band, heard a song, or fallen in love with that girl in school who will haunt your life forever read this.

  5. This book was terrible Words cannot express how irritatingly stupid and random it was The plot and characters were all over the place.

  6. Loved it Really funny and emotionally satisfying Loved the characters, the drawings, and the writing I highly recommend it.

  7. Spoiler Alert Have you ever liked a girl and her boy friend was the biggest bully in the whole school, well Davis has and i m going to tell you what he went threw.The Genre of the book is realistic fiction because this can occur and if you don t believe me then read my review I think this but is very funny for any middle school student because some student can relate This book has a lot of twists that will be explained later.This book is about a boy named Davis Delaware and no he s not from Dela [...]

  8. My Big Mouth Imagine being the new kid at school Your mom has just died, and you ve moved to a new city You have no friends, a dad that doesn t understand you, a crush on the most beautiful girl in school, and are the target of a menacing bully This is what it is like for Davis Delaware who is not from Delaware in My Big Mouth This book was written by Peter Hannan and published in 2011 by Press in New York It is realistic fiction and has 235 pages Hannan creates an interesting book by utilizing [...]

  9. My Big Mouth 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me KilledPeter HannanRealistic Fiction240 pages9 17 12My Big Mouth 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed is about a boy named Davis Delaware He is going into the 9th grade and he just moved to a new school He plays the guitar and sadly his mom dies 2 years before Davis is just like every kid he has a huge crush on the most popular girl in the school that doesn t know he exists He has no friends except this boy named Edwin All Davis does is doodl [...]

  10. Davis Delaware and his father move to a new community after the death of Davis mother His new high school is home to boring teachers and catatonic students, but also a bully Gerald, aka the butcher , a talkative but friendly Dweeb Edwin , and a cute girl who wants to start a rock band Molly Edwin and Molly start the Amazing Dweebs band, practicing at Edwin s father s barbershop in preparation for the Rock Around the Dock battle of the bands All the while Davis is joining the poetry club at schoo [...]

  11. Ninth grader Davis Delaware moves to a new school in the middle of the year Still recovering from the death of his mother, he isn t particularly thrilled with the move, but at least it will give him a chance to leave behind his reputation as a wuss and the boy who peed on a girl while going down a playground slide This incident prompted classmates to post Urine Trouble signs on his back Inexplicably, he starts a band the Amazing Dweebs with Molly, the coolest girl in school, and Edwin, the smart [...]

  12. I m a little torn with this book.I liked the pictures, even though they were pretty juvenile Most of them were silly and tied in well with the story.And the story was cute a kind of love story, kind of down on his luck kind of kid Dweebs trying to rise above all the torture bullying of school and be so uncool they are coolBut, I m torn because.I can t tell who the target audience for this book is It was pretty juvenile silly stories, but there was swearing just a little, but it was there and tal [...]

  13. Via Black n Write ReviewMy final thoughts This is a really quick read It reminded me frequently of Diary of Wimpy Kid with its random doodlings, funky names and just overall randomness The story is super simple about teen romance, heartbreak, trials and troubles Davis is your typical teenager Defiant, rebellious, trying to be seen with making one He s a love sick puppy for a girl who loves to play mind games and he apparently kisses like a fish.The characters are nicely developed and like earlie [...]

  14. Davis Delaware is from NJ Trying to fit in to the new school There has never been another band besides Gerald The Butcher Molly, Edwin and him form the Dweeds and enter into the contest at he docks where Davis will be tested with his talent.Gerald is the mean bully in school and dating Molly He clashes with Davis thinking that He is trying to take his girlfriend from him He writes poems and uses them for songs but also likes to draw pictures of people Gerald and his crew get a hold of Davis note [...]

  15. A happy medium between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Davis is the new kid at school and going through a major life change after losing his mother His refuge is drawing and writing songs for his band The Amazing Dweebs Everything that can go wrong for him does and he still manages to keep his sense of humor I was thinking that this book was going to go where a million other coming of age books have gone before, but I was surprised and delighted at the en [...]

  16. Good read alike for Wimpy Kid followers with lots of clever drawings, but a step up as far as reading level and content goes.Davis has moved to a new town and a new school He sees this as the perfect opportunity to create a new image and make new friends He overhears a conversation between a cute girl and another guy about starting a band, so he pushes past his shyness and approaches them about it The 3 of them do start a band and things start to happen, especially things involving the school bu [...]

  17. This YA book is interesting because it is similar to the text and graphics of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid style, but the main character is a freshman, new to town, likes to doodle, make flip books, and write songs that are somewhat poetic, all of which is included in the telling of the story I liked the book most of the way, because his angst about liking a girl, forming a band, and coping with a new school after his mom s death, and a school bully were believable Then it became too silly, with his s [...]

  18. A really cute funny book that sort of reminded me of Swim the Fly Swim the Fly and seemed like the big brother of Diary of a Wimpy Kid too.It was a cute story boy in grade 9 starts a new school and falls for a girl He starts a band to win her over, of course and hilarity ensues Recommended to middle school boys, though I think girls will like it too I did

  19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Entertaining, but not needed is the phrase that best describes this book It reminded me of the series Dork Diaries in a boys perspective It said that this story was good for middle schoolers, but I would say that 4 6 graders would enjoy it a lot I recently lent this book to a middle schooler who seemed to really enjoy it, so I am adding an extra star.

  20. My favorite part was his realization at the end that, When something bad happens, people always say that someday you ll look back at it and laugh All of a sudden, someday was here We were both laughing, and that terrible shared memory no only seemed funny, it almost seemed good The format seems to be borrowing from the wimpy kid format.Middle schoolers will probably find the book hilarious.

  21. At the beginning of this book, I wasn t really getting into it But then the characters started establishing themselves and that relationship that happens between dedicated readers and a book s characters started to form By the end of the book, I knew well each major character and could picture every thought and action made by them A great simple read for a don t take yourself so serious reader with a few hours to spare.

  22. Students who liked Diary of A Wimpy Kid might appreciate this book It is about a ninth grade boy who struggles with his mother s death, a new school, girls, bullies, and trying to create a new reputation for himself It is comically written and middle grade students will enjoy the illustrations and wit of Davis Delaware.

  23. This is a really quick read and perfect for that Wimpy Kid fan who has moved into the perilous world of high school Davis Delaware is a very realistic and likeable character The book is a very quick read, lots of doodles drawn on the pages to make it feel like a journal the author used to work for Nickelodeon.

  24. This book is entertaining and funny and perfect for upper middle grade readers My son is not an avid reader much to my dismay but when he saw this book in the store he requested I buy it for him He read it from cover to cover and is now asking for from this same author Thank you Peter Hannan

  25. It had it s good moments, but it doesn t feel like it came from someone with a child s heart It reads like an adult remembering being bullied, and trying to write about it from a teen s perspective.

  26. I won this I am definitely giving this book to my nephewHe could definitely relate to thisI think as far as a middle school aged book is concerned this is right on It was light and funny And why not as told in the eyes of a middle schooler.

  27. Not bad for a boy book I especially appreciated that the action picked up at the end Some kissing scenes, but mild enough for fifth graders to read Reluctant readers will appreciate the drawing and notebook fiction feel of the songs Davis writes.

  28. Engaging and funny Davis Delaware who is not from Delaware has a unique approach to being the new kid in 9th grade that involves unexpected poetry, a barbershop band, and fighting the biggest bully in the school for the heart of a fair lady.

  29. This is a laugh out loud read for 8th and 9th graders This could be the Wimpy Kid Diary book for the older adolescents It was a quick and enjoyable read I loved the illustrations Even the one book review of it was funny.

  30. This book had potential and a great start with good humor, new kid in school with a bully on him story, cute girl, etc but it got kind of lame I ll still recommend it to eager boy readers because I think boys could identify with this likable kid and the situations he ends up in.

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