Ten Tales for Tomorrow

Ten Tales for Tomorrow This collection of speculative fiction largely science fiction is a broad selection covering many different themes The ten stories vary in length style and content but all are intended for an adult

This collection of speculative fiction, largely science fiction, is a broad selection covering many different themes The ten stories vary in length, style and content but all are intended for an adult readership Some have won prizes in international contests and some have been published But most are new and published for the first time here Enjoy

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Ten Tales for Tomorrow

  1. Reading from infancy Writing stories since I could hold a pencil Always fascinated by the power of words to entertain, illuminate, transform, educate, and influence Stories are fundamental to our psyche we all love them It s an honour to be privileged to tell my own versions of tales that have abounded for millennia.Fantasy fascinates me that ability to enter an imagined world and witness events not always shackled by Earthen rules Science Fiction allows speculation on our future what will happen if we carry on in certain directions, and what will occur if we allow developments that might actually threaten our very existence Romance is fundamental human relationships and love, with its opposite, hate, forms the roots of most stories.As I say to all my readers Enjoy the read

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  1. As this is a collection of my own speculative fiction some of it quite dark , I don t feel I can make much of a comment, except to say I wouldn t have published this if I didn t think people would want to read it.

  2. No Space Opera here This is our own time extrapolated, or perhaps the thinking of our time, the actions of those supposedly in office to serve us, the alienation of humans as individuals, the corporate ID taken to extremes It is the dystopian view without the apocalyptic event to blame it on, to hide behind.The longer stories pack a punch of revulsion, especially Adrianne Zultan An Official Enquiry for its portrayal of inhumanity, yet haven t we all sat through news items covering reports where [...]

  3. Ten Tales for Tomorrow is a collection of ten fiction and slightly on the dark side love stories written by Stuart Aken I enjoyed this book because although many of the stories have a mystical setting and left me in sudden awe at the end, each story is very different from the others, which made this book an exciting read Stuart has a talent for drawing the reader right into the heart of story and then leaving them with an anxious feeling of wanting to return He s a skilled author and perhaps a b [...]

  4. I used to read short stories quite a bit I even tried my hand at writing them For the past 2 years, however, I ve read novels not novellas novels So, take this with a bit of salt I didn t find the short stories in this collection to be that interesting Granted, short stories can have powerful impact, a real wow factor at the end, but only one or two of these stories barely approached that level for me Some were not only adult , which is fine I m not bothered, but the adult in a couple of the sto [...]

  5. The blurb for this collection describes it as dark, speculative fiction , and it certainly lives up to its description The majority of the stories depict a distinctively dark and dystopian future, where the average Joe is powerless and dispensable little than the servant of governments, corporations or powerful individuals, to be disposed of as soon as he or she steps out of line.There are a couple of playful tales here, although they too certainly have their dark undercurrents, and, unexpected [...]

  6. It made a change going back to SF and these ten tales were enjoyable, each one just long enough to be read in one sitting and all different enough to show the writer s imagination and ability to get ideas across I can t honestly say that this dip will have my love of thrillers pushed into the back seat, however, it will mean I don t disregard the genre altogether Definitely one I d recommend not only to lovers of SF but also to those who haven t yet made up their minds as to where their reading [...]

  7. This anthology is my own, so I can t, in all honesty, provide a review as normal However, the ten stories, all speculative fiction, including science fiction and fantasy, are good reads Give it a try.

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