The Phoenix Apostles

The Phoenix Apostles Magazine journalist Seneca Hunt is reporting on the opening of Montezuma s tomb in Mexico City when the dig team learns that the remains of the Aztec emperor are missing Within moments of the discover

Magazine journalist Seneca Hunt is reporting on the opening of Montezuma s tomb in Mexico City when the dig team learns that the remains of the Aztec emperor are missing Within moments of the discovery, an apparent terrorist attack kills everyone at the site except Seneca, who barely escapes the carnage.Determined to get answers, Seneca starts investigating She finds outMagazine journalist Seneca Hunt is reporting on the opening of Montezuma s tomb in Mexico City when the dig team learns that the remains of the Aztec emperor are missing Within moments of the discovery, an apparent terrorist attack kills everyone at the site except Seneca, who barely escapes the carnage.Determined to get answers, Seneca starts investigating She finds out that someone is stealing the remains of the most infamous mass murderers in history and plotting to slaughter millions in the name of an ancient cult Seneca needs to prove the threat really exists while trying to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead With time running out, she must follow a deadly 2,000 year old trail that leads back to the death of Jesus Christ.Praise Bold, taut, and masterfully told James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Doomsday Key What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones with The Da Vinci Code The Phoenix Apostles, a rollicking thrill ride with so many twists and turns that you won t have time to catch your breath Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of Ice Cold Sholes and Moore have created a knockout apocalyptic thriller, an epic tale of gold, archaeology, mass murder, ancient prophecy and terrorism Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Impact A fascinating, compelling page turner Carla Neggers, New York Times bestselling author of Cold Dawn

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The Phoenix Apostles

  1. Lynn Sholes co authors with Joe Moore the Cotten Stone thriller series including THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY named 2005 Book of the Year by ForeWord Magazine, THE LAST SECRET, THE HADES PROJECT, and THE 731 LEGACY THE PHOENIX APOLSTLES was a departure from the Cotten Stone series THE BLADE features a new heroine, Maxine Decker which is followed by THE SHIELD, and THE TOMB The newest is BRAIN TRUST Their books have been published in 25 languages and have appeared on international bestseller lists Lynn also writes pre history fiction all available for download.WOMAN OF THE MISTS, TOUCHES THE STARS, KEEPER OF DREAMS, WALKS IN STARDUST, SPIRIT OF THE TURTLE WOMAN and DAUGHTER OF THE FIFTH MOON THE SHIELD is up for a free giveaway until July 13See all the books at sholesmoore or on Facebook facebook SholesandMoore

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  1. Updates from second opinion The Phoenix Apostles Seneca 1 are 12 mass murderers, resurrected with the promise of immortality if they continue killing Even if the master is killed, covert shadows are loose in home countries to yield a series Authors Lynn Soles and Joe Moore open with excess explicit torture and gore and prophecy woo woo that scared me off Yet this gratuitous capsule and a second Aztec beating heart scene are distinctly isolated from lukewarm main flow So I ve had to incorporate o [...]

  2. I loved Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore s Cotten Stone series, so I really looked forward to this one As usual, the premise is a little cosmic woo woo mixed with Michael Chrichton like science ish stuff mixed with evil people who believe they re doing the right thing The cosmic component is just enough to make the story happen, but not so much as to sink the story with silliness When you read one of their books, yes, you must suspend your disbelief and go with the flow It s worth the ride.Their main c [...]

  3. Absolutely amazing read Couldn t put it down I plan on reading the rest of the books that this amazing writing team has authored I am now inspired to try my hand at the thriller genre.

  4. Really good mystery adventure suspense book Would make a good screen play In fact, it s written so visually that I realized I was seeing it when a certain scene made me drop my Kindle Thank goodness I was in the lounge chair and Kindle was not harmed.I was so into it that I talked about with my husband who is now 79% through he stayed up reading last night.There is a description of Aztec ritual sacrifice that may be hard for the squeamish the detective book I started reading since is much worse [...]

  5. My first purchase from Kindle Daily Deals, and it was quite a good book I thought the plot was put together well, and it definitely held my interest as it moved me from scene to scene and even year to year I had a few very small qualms with the main character and how she processed what was happening around her trying not to give anything away , but they were small and didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story I enjoyed the story, and I ll likely try Seneca Hunt novels in the future.

  6. This book wasn t as good as Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, but it was still entertaining Instead of dealing with Christianity, the story is based on Aztec gods goddesses It was an enjoyable read, but I wish the characters had been developed I know that I will probably check out the next book in the Seneca Hunt series if the authors write one.

  7. Very good book I took a step away from my usual horror interest and stepped into a world I never thought I would care much about I loved the story and the characters The mix of archaeology, mystery and suspense made this book a winner I m definitely going to do research on things mentioned in the book and I hope the authors will write with Seneca Hunt.

  8. This is a hard book to categorize, part mystery, part science fiction, part history, you name it It is very much a thriller, and I quite enjoyed it, though it s not a genre I usually read Kept me awake one night

  9. Good plot and engaging characters, bad theology Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore deliver another exciting adventure Not a Cotton Stone book, this is a new character, Seneca Hunt apparently the start of a new series I miss Cotton.

  10. First sentence, BILLY GROVES DIDN T KNOW if he was dead or alive.Lynn Sholes Joe Moore The Phoenix Apostles A Seneca Hunt Mystery p 3 Kindle Edition.

  11. Not as good as the Cotten Stone books, but a very good adventure story with a hint of religion thrown in.

  12. Uma tradi o crist refere que no caminho de Jesus Cristo para o calv rio, uma mulher enxugou o rosto de Cristo num pequeno pano e que a imagem de Jesus teria ficado gravada nesse pano.Essa tradi o, ou rel quia, obviamente que nunca foi comprovada, sendo ao longo dos s culos alvo de v rias especula es sobre a sua autenticidade e destino Hoje em dia, julga se, ou assim o Vaticano afirma, encontrar se no santu rio do Santo Rosto de Manoppello, a cerca de 200 km de Roma.Conhecida como o V u de Ver ni [...]

  13. Had I been aware that this book had anything to do with 2012 business, I would never have picked it up Luckily, I didn t realize that until I was already into the book and intrigued by what was happening I liked all of the characters, I think that they were delved into just enough so that there might be still a teensy bit of suspicion left Will Billy really help Seneca Is her father really out to just get to know her What are Matt s motives Although I was disappointed that everyone who claimed t [...]

  14. Very similar style to the Da Vinci Code, with slightly less Christianity and a little ancient Aztec Gods It s not my usual choice of reading material and, as such, I grew tired of it rather quickly Unfortunately I also found it far too easy to predict the outcome Perhaps this formula is just not challenging enough.For those with gentle stomachs I d advise steering away from this book There are a few rather gory passages, detailing some brutal deaths Seneca s fianc , the Apache Indians slaughter [...]

  15. Imagine walking past a restaurant that has an advertisement for pancakes They look delicious You think, Why not I ve always loved pancakes So you walk in, sit down, and wait for those pancakes A waiter comes out He slams an empty plate in front of you and then books it for the kitchen A second waiter presents himself He puts a glass of water in front of you, grabs the empty plate, and sprints away.A third waiter arrives He brings a knife and fork and then dramatically knocks over the glass of wa [...]

  16. The basic premise was interesting books like this stretch reality a little bit but that s what makes them fun The characters were believable, the plot well paced, and the writing quality was good.One of the things I didn t like was the fundamental misunderstanding of at least one of the apostles view spoiler The entire basis of cloning historic mass murderers was to recreate individuals who are predisposed to kill in mass quantities out of a blood lust or a sadism But individuals like Mary I of [...]

  17. Another great thriller from Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore As in their previous books, the authors mix modern science with ancient religious artifacts and cultural customs, all set against a race against the clock to prevent a disastrous outcome The question raised in The Phoenix Apostles is what if scientific advancements enabled us to use human DNA to actually ressurect someone from the dead What if this knowlege was then used for the purpose of bringing back to life twelve of the worst mass murder [...]

  18. The book felt contrived, like everything happening was just a device to move the plot along, which is how every book works, but with this one I couldn t look past it I couldn t just enjoy the book I kept thinking, The death at the beginning was just to motivate someone to solve a mystery, and this character showing up out of nowhere was just so they d have access to inaccessible information, and things like that The plot interested me enough to read until the end, because I wanted to know what w [...]

  19. This book is written similarly to Dan Brown s books with the religious angle and the chapters ending in suspense The first half of the book is wonderful where each chapter jumps from character to character however it starts to lose its edge as the story progresses and of the plot is revealed I would consider the next book in the series when it comes out to see if Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore can keep the suspense and thrill longer through the book.

  20. I m usually a bit on the compulsive side when it comes to finishing books that I ve started I barely made it through the first chapters with this one and I have no plans to continue Perhaps it gets better, but the writing was so amateurish and the dialogue so forced I found myself skimming over large sections of text Suffice it to say, I won t be picking up any other books by this author.

  21. I love a fun post apocalyptic read, especially when theres history and tombs involved I wish the good guys were as well developed as the bad guys though The main character and I just couldn t get along I found myself cheering everytime she got hurt, which wasn t often enough.

  22. At first I wasn t sure that I liked this, but once I understood the connection of billy groves to the rest of the plot I started to enjoy it It was a bit like the Da Vinci Code, but not quite as good Still, by the last fourth of the book, I couldn t put it down.

  23. Not the greatest writing, but entertaining enough to keep me going Fairly predictable, but a good book for a rainy day.

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