Sisters in Sanity

Sisters in Sanity Where are they taking me It s for your own good Brit Dad said I was shoved into a small stuffy room and the door was locked behind me I waited for my dad to realize he d made a terrible mistake an

Where are they taking me It s for your own good, Brit, Dad said.I was shoved into a small, stuffy room, and the door was locked behind me.I waited for my dad to realize he d made a terrible mistake and come get me.But he didn tR SIXTEEN YEAR OLD Brit Hemphill, it s hard to know who she can trust Convinved she s out of control, her father has sentenced her to Red Ro Where are they taking me It s for your own good, Brit, Dad said.I was shoved into a small, stuffy room, and the door was locked behind me.I waited for my dad to realize he d made a terrible mistake and come get me.But he didn tR SIXTEEN YEAR OLD Brit Hemphill, it s hard to know who she can trust Convinved she s out of control, her father has sentenced her to Red Rock a center for supposedly rebellious teens, where the therapy consists of name calling and the girls who get privileges are the ones who rat out their peers.But then Brit meets V, Bebe, Martha, and Cassie four girls who keep her from going over the edge Together, they ll hold on to their sanity and their sisterhood despite the bleak Red Rock reality.

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Sisters in Sanity

  1. Award winning author and journalist Gayle Forman has written several bestselling novels for young adults, including the Just One Series, I Was Here, Where She Went and the 1 New York Times bestseller If I Stay, which has been translated into than 40 languages and in 2014 was adapted into a major motion picture Gayle published Leave Me, her first novel starring adults in 2016 and her latest novel, I Have Lost My Way, comes out in March of 2018 Gayle lives with her husband and daughters in Brooklyn.

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  1. Here s a book to read if you want to be seriously pissed off But no, I shouldn t say that, because Sisters in Sanity is actually an excellent read and I m wanting to sell it to you So, instead I should say this is a book to read if you like stories that leave a lasting impression Or if you want to be introduced to an array of memorable characters Or if you re sick of books with whiny heroines that base every thought and action around their probably supernatural boyfriends And if you would like t [...]

  2. I knew of Gayle Forman from her book If I Stay, which I wrote a gushing review of a few months back A few of us decided to read this lesser known work of hers together this week I was excited to read the book because of the author and because I was reading it with friends but not so excited about the subject matter I assumed that this was rather well worn territory, what with Girl Interrupted and all Also, I wasn t in the mood for a depressing book Sisters in Sanity surprised me in a good way, a [...]

  3. This book literally enraged me.I understand that being a parent can be difficult I understand children can get out of control or need special help and sometimes tough love But surely there is a better way to deal with a gay girl or a girl who has put on extra 30 pounds than to warehouse her at a boot camp whose treatments include days long isolation and humiliation therapy performed by individuals with no education or training Brit gets admitted to the same boot camp by her father for dyeing her [...]

  4. Sisters in Sanity is one of those occasional books that just causes a clusterf ck of emotions in me that I can t justify giving it anything less than 5 stars I just can t There s nothing that destroys my defenses than a kid that s unjustly treated for the capital offense of simply being a teenager Gayle Forman once again pulled at my heartstrings with this raw, powerful story filled with characters that felt nothing less than real to me Perfectly done In this book, sixteen year old Brit is cart [...]

  5. Mooi boek Heftig, maar ook krachtig in de manier waarop de thema s worden uitgewerkt De sterke Forman stijl is hier al goed aanwezig Uitgebreide recensie thebookreview recensies con

  6. In een opwelling besloot ik om in dit boek te beginnen Dit boek was ik een tijdje terug tegen gekomen op kobo plus en bovendien is het een standalone Aangezien ik hoooop met kerst nog wat leuke boeken te krijgen, wilde ik een boek oppakken wat ik mogelijk best snel uit zou kunnen lezen en dat is gelukt Brit wordt naar de red rock academy gestuurd Ze wordt gezien als een heftige puber die zich niet aan de regels houdt en daar zullen ze op de academy wel even korte metten mee maken Eens zien of da [...]

  7. Having read two Gayle Forman titles now I can attest to them being a very quick read Whether this is attributed to being awesome or being shorter than some YA novels or being extremely well paced or a combination of the three, I don t know Having loved If I Stay so much I was a little scared to read Sisters in Sanity, how could it compare I shouldn t have worried Forman has again demonstrated her wonderful skills in characterisation, crafting a group of girls that are as different as night and d [...]

  8. image error We d like to think that craziness and sanity are on opposite ends of an ocean, but really they re like neighboring islands Sisters in Sanity gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, like drinking mocha cappuccino in a fine afternoon Or the feeling I get when I brushed past a secondhand bookstore Or listening to the musical rendition of One Direction s One way or another while cruising around the music aisle in a music store LOLOne way or another I m gonna win ya I m gonna get ya, get ya, get [...]

  9. Geen spoilers 3.5Dit boek was prachtig, desondanks de harde wereld van Red Rock waar de meiden zich in bevinden, nemen ze het voor elkaar op Ze geven elkaar rugdekking.Ik heb er ontzettend van genoten Gayle Forman is n van mijn favoriete schrijfsters geworden Ze kan personages zo levensecht voorstellen en ze kan ieder onderwerp aan, zelf gevoelige kwesties als Red Rock Ik ben er zeker van dat dit niet het laatste verhaal is dat ik van haar zal lezen.

  10. The fact I didn t like this book was a surprise I had expected it to deserve four or five stars, maybe three at the least I got it from the library because so many different people loved it But nope, I didn t Sorry, everyone.I really have a hard time with books that portray all the adults as one dimensional bad guys You know, the ones where the teenagers barely have teen angst and they re just rising heroes This was one of those books The protagonist was just too indignant, the grown ups so weak [...]

  11. Deze had ik al een tijdje tussen mijn ebooks staan om te lezen met kobo plus Steeds twijfelde ik of het wel wat zou zijn Ik ben blij dat ik het eindelijk gelezen heb Het is best heftig wat die meiden door moeten maken en ik kan alleen maar hopen dat het in het echt niet zo heftig is Dit was echt zo n verhaal waarin ik steeds verder wilde lezen Ik wilde weten hoe het met ze ging Door de vrij korte hoofdstukken was het ook makkelijk om tussendoor steeds wat te lezen.

  12. Words can t describe how much I absolutely LOVED this book I m actually disappointed that I didn t read this book earlier because this is by far my favorite Gayle Foreman book.I just love reading books about girl empowerment, stories about rebels fighting against the wrong doers, fighting for justice and all that stuffs and esp if they are girls I missed reading these kind of books I used to be a sucker for them when I first started reading books It strangely felt nostalgic It s like I was sudde [...]

  13. 3.5 5 Sisters in Sanity es la primera novela de Gayle Forman Su escritura es entretenida y como siempre nos muestra sentimientos En este relato resalta algo m s peculiar y real Note que al ser su primera novela hay una diferencia marcada en el personaje principal, el cual encuentro incompleto, pero admito que me entretuve como asi te ofrece un mensaje al final.En el mismo hay dosis de romance, una familia con problemas y tal vez una taza de crecimiento de car cter individual Pero es la amistad l [...]

  14. Gayle Forman a voulu crire sur le sujet des camps de redressement apr s avoir publi un article pour la magzine Seventeen c l bre magazine am ricain o elle avait rencontr de nombreux jeunes.L histoire d bute avec Brit adolescente qui n accepte pas l autorit de son p re et notamment de sa belle m me, le monstre comme elle l appelle Cependant au fil de l histoire on comprend plus le comportement de Brit, sa m re artiste est devenue au fil des ann es schizophr ne et les a quitt Le p re de Brit a cet [...]

  15. Een mooi boek over vriendschap, anders zijn en geloven in jezelf Ik ben ontzettend fan van Gayle Forman, ik heb nog twee boeken te gaan van haar Haar dag en Zijn Jaar en dan wordt het wachten op een nieuw boek Dit is absoluut een auteur op m n auto buy list.

  16. Gayle Forman a vraiment ce truc pour d crire l amiti et l amour, il m arrive de lire des romans entier ces sujets et a ne m affectent pas du tout alors qu avec cette auteure en quelques lignes me voil qui souris b tement J avais vraiment beaucoup aim Si je reste et j ai retrouv dans ce livre ci cette m me l g ret qui te fait tourner les pages sans m me t en rendre compte tout en restant assez touchant J ai trouv que c tait une belle histoire d amiti et encore plus une belle histoire d amour L hi [...]

  17. youtu siv8Q3_1jQQbook please 2016 Za ka dym razem jak widz , e w Polsce wychodzi nowa ksi ka autorstwa Gayle Forman, to ogromnie si ciesz , bo przez to e jeszcze nie zawiod am si na jej powie ciach, sta si ona jedn z moich ulubionych autorek gatunku Young Adult Z tego powodu z przyjemno ci zabra am si za Zawsze stan przy tobie.Brit ma kolorowe w osy, gra w punk rockowym zespole i s abo dogaduje si ze swoj macoch Te wszystkie rzeczy s typowe dla wieku nastoletniego, jednak doro li uwa aj , e dzie [...]

  18. Unless you have ever worked near or around ppl that have been in schools like this you would not under stand how real this is There are schools like this maybe not as strict but just as bad bc they have there own problems even though this book is ten years old it s still relevant

  19. matig boek, met redelijk hoge voorspelbaarheid Jammer Dit had zoveel beter uitgewerkt kunnen worden is helaas niet gebeurd Te weinig diepgang wat mij betreft Meer weten hetleeslint vuurvliegjes ga

  20. 4.25Read for the Gayle Forman Read Along woo Signed paperback purchased from Books of Wonder, New York, NYInitial Impressions Wow, so incredibly interesting to see the Gayle Forman book that started it all I saw sooo much of If I Stay in it and incredibly excited to read that again I loved the characters and the ending was so beautiful It was a bit lighter and not as emotionally raw as Gayle s recent books, but I enjoyed it all the same I really loved the ending Several special moments there Re [...]

  21. 4.5 stars WARNING This book generally contains and depicts scenes which tug heartstrings and well your eyes so much that it typically itches and you just can t stop staring at the ceiling, contemplating about the memorable characters that have to say goodbye upon ending the book, the massive emotions that sail along the plot lines, and the incredible journey you have shared with your bed whilst reading the whole thing I am truthfully suffering from a bruised forehead It s getting awfully yellow [...]

  22. Brit lost a lot when her mother disappeared Her mother had schizophrenia but was never admitted into a hospital, so one day just went away, gone, from Brit s life Brit s life fell apart, as did her dad A couple years after, her dad remarried and had a baby boy Brit was pushed aside Brit joined a band, got some piercings, tattoos, and was deemed too wild and crazy to handle So was sent to Red Rock center.Brit s an good character Not superb or all that memorable, but nice For all her dyed hair and [...]

  23. If you ve read If I Stay or Just One Day, believe me, you ll have hard time accepting that Sisters in Sanity is also crafted by Gayle Forman I didn t even realize it s hers until I read this I stared out the window in between sneaking glances at Jed mainly at the side of his neck I had such an urge to lick it, imagining the taste, salty with dried sweat Forman and her sweat fetish The way she sees boys sweat is like me looking at a mint flavored candy cane I just can t wait to lick it Ugh Plus a [...]

  24. I know what it s like to feel like your parents don t want you around, so the premise of this fed one of my younger self s greatest insecurities 16 year old Brit s parents used to be cool They owned a hip coffee shop in Portland and Brit was always surrounded by cool artist and musician types who helped her with her homework and talked and listened to her But her mother gradually became stricken with a severe mental illness and disappeared from her life Her father remarried an uptight woman and [...]

  25. On retrouve une de mes auteures pr f r es dans un nouveau roman, le premier qu elle ait crit mais paru en second, apr s Si Je Reste qui avait d j fait parti de mes Coups De C urs , chez nous Ce livre est une nouvelle claque, une seconde prise de conscience qui nous ouvre encore un peu plus les yeux.Si les deux romans de Gayle Forman jouent surtout sur l motion, cet ouvrage est, pour moi, beaucoup plus puissant et intense, car il parle de l amiti , l amiti vraie, sinc re Celle qui vous fait vous [...]

  26. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooMost of us never have to worry about going on a family vacation, only to find out that we re being unceremoniously dropped off at a boot camp, instead We have never questioned the imminent arrival of escorts who come in the middle of the night and drag us away, kicking and screaming, from our home We ve never wondered what it would be like to be shuffled off by our parents to a rehabilitation school because we re overweight or because we might possibly be gay For B [...]

  27. Grade D Brit s father says they re going on vacation, but instead drops her off at Red Rock, a therapeutic boarding school run like a prison than a school Verbal abuse is the cornerstone of the therapy , but Brit manages to make friends Soon she discovers Red Rock may have secrets of its own Dangerous secrets.I m a child psychologist and very picky with inaccurate mental health therapy stories SISTERS IN SANITY is the literary equivalent of an overwrought Lifetime TV movie The formula victim, i [...]

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