Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat After reliving the same day sixty two times Repeater Peat Harris is about to give up on his latest case saving Jake Schwinn In the past Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes caught the bad

After reliving the same day sixty two times, Repeater Peat Harris is about to give up on his latest case saving Jake Schwinn In the past, Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes, caught the bad guys, and kept an emotional distance But this time, his heart s involved, a definite must never do on Repeats, and he can t just walk away even if that means putting himselAfter reliving the same day sixty two times, Repeater Peat Harris is about to give up on his latest case saving Jake Schwinn In the past, Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes, caught the bad guys, and kept an emotional distance But this time, his heart s involved, a definite must never do on Repeats, and he can t just walk away even if that means putting himself into the bullet s path.A year ago, Jake s best friend was gunned down, and Jake has been playing bait to catch the killer But now a wicked looking hottie named Peat is warning Jake that he s about to die again unless they can catch the shooter Yeah, right Then Jake starts to remember the previous Repeats and how he and Peat hooked up.

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Rinse and Repeat

  1. Amberly lives in the Northwest with her husband, two children, mother in law, and a cat named Cat Their home has become a PC graveyard where games and gadgets are discarded for the latest shiny She likes to read in bed, write in coffee shops, and cuddle while watching Netflix or Hulu Amberly acknowledges that she has issues with being too succinct Feel free to ask her questions about herself She s not shy, just clueless what anyone would find particularly interesting about her life.

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  1. 3.5 I LOVED the idea of this story, a bit of Quantum Leap meets Groundhog Day in much younger and criminal version.I felt for both Peat and Jake.Peat is a Repeater he ends up places and has to repeat the day again and again until he gets it resolved the way it needs to be Not always a happy ending, and that does wear on him Also, people all forget him, even when he spends months with them.Jake lost his sister to leukemia and his very best friend Geo to a murderer And now it looks like someone i [...]

  2. Excellent paranormal m m romance about a guy who s a Repeater, stuck repeating the same day over and over again until he can change some key event from the day Things are different on this Repeat, because he s started to care way too much about a skateboarder he s watched die far too many times.

  3. Peat is a repeater He is sent to various places around the country to stop a crime or catch a criminal and until that happens, the day keeps happening over and over again He is sent to Idaho to save Jake who keeps getting shot at a skate park Everyday he tries to figure out who is killing Jake, and soon he starts trying to throw himself in front of the bullet and it s up to about day 60 and he still can t figure it out, but there s a problem, he s falling for Jake even though every day, to Jake, [...]

  4. This is a story that snuck up on me The first 15 pages felt awkward and unfinished, but by the end I was reading by the seat of my pants and completely taken with the heroes as I raced towards the breathless finish Unabashedly high concept, this book flails for its first few chapters trying to find pop culture references to spoon full of sugar its hook into the reader, but then settles into confident stride as a slam bang, hyper romantic thriller Still, that s a quibble when the characterization [...]

  5. 3.5 stars rounded up Rinse and Repeat is a fairly interesting book with a clever hook The idea of repeating a day over and over is not necessarily new, Groundhog Day made it famous, but the story has good pacing, decent writing, and two engaging leads that make it work There are a lot of details left unexplained and the ending is one that could be cheesy but ends up slightly creepy instead A mostly interesting read that moves quickly and has you rooting for the men to get their happy ending The [...]

  6. Rinse and Repeat was interesting and definitely unlike anything I ve read in quite a long time It took me a while at least a few chapters to get into the story, but once I got past that point I really enjoyed it The blurb certainly intrigued me, and the Repeater theme felt a little like a cross between the TV show Tru Calling and the movie Groundhog Day I loved Jake and Peat, I loved their interactions, and I loved the whole Repeater concept I really felt for Peat his fear of people constantly f [...]

  7. 4.5 starsI loved this I don t care how bumpy it starts, it all becomes worth it to me in the end I kept getting these little panic flutters while storming through this book, I mean, I HAD TO KNOW how it was all going to play out I don t even care that the Repeating isn t fully reasoned out on why who, whatever I just really enjoyed my way through this entire book It was fun, sweet, suspenseful, and full of feels.I want Greedy bitch, I am.

  8. What to even say I know hell yes, this is how it s done I was hooked from start to finish, so hooked that even on my way into the city for a concert, I brought my Kindle with so I wouldn t have to stop reading Loved it, loved it

  9. I loved the premise, and the way we gradually learned about Peat, Jake, and the situation as the day kept repeating My heart ached for poor Peat And Maddie was great I look forward to reading by this author.But I struggled frequently to figure out whose head I was in, as the shifts seemed to come at frequent but irregular and unmarked intervals Usually I read other reviews complaining about head hopping and think, Really Huh Yeah, I guess so but I was too caught up in the story to really have [...]

  10. This was an intriguing premise, with Peat reliving the same day over and over again, until he resolves whatever the fates have sent him there to correct In this case, it s trying to keep Jake alive As he relives the day over and over, he also gets to know Jake, and ends up developing feelings for him Finding out what happens between the two of them, and what s led to the situation that brought Peat in, is compelling I liked both main characters, as well as the little bit was see of Maddie Nice r [...]

  11. Decent story, but the writing and editing were well.The writing was uneven The pacing got better in the second half, but in the first half it was like, set up the story, set up the story, bam, all of a sudden we re in Jake s room getting it on Huh And then it kind of took a step back and made sense from then on but the first half was somewhat jarring and confusing And then the resolution of the mystery was similarly odd And there was a lot of POV hopping it was written in third person, and the [...]

  12. It was cool, though there was a point after which I couldn t follow what exactly was going on Where am I What day is it I felt like a senile old person on the verge of dementia That probably doesn t even make sense I can t even tell any.This thing had me pretty off kilter the entire time There are quite a few things that are still unexplained I think , but overall, it was probably a good read.

  13. 4.25 starsI m really rapt I haven t paused to write a note and I m than half done.Not always sure what someone is implying or joking about I feel disconnected.This sex scene like others has changed POVs multiple times Each time there s a break so I know it s a change in POV, but it s so often it s disconcerting and a little random Once it even started a new chapter for no explainable reason.Really The police partners are Barnez Noble I don t understand the last line view spoiler They didn t rep [...]

  14. I ve just finished Rinse and Repeat by Amberly Smith It was difficult to choose a category in which to place this novel it s one of those stories that covers a number of genres Mystery, paranormal, romance, sci fi what on earth would you call the book Well, I ll settle for calling it excellent No mistake I simply loved this book While similar ideas have been used in films and literature before, I ve not previously seen this exact premise explored as it is here And I appreciated how the reader is [...]

  15. Peat is stuck repeating the same day over and over, but his goal is to save the boy he s fallen in love with and there s no groundhog in sight Peat is a repeater and he s been sent to save Jake s life However two months of repeating the same day has left Peat in love with Jake and black and blue from learning to skateboard but no closer to figuring out how to save Jake As each day passes Peat falls in love with Jake but also realizes he has to find a way to save Jake, somehow Rinse and Repeat p [...]

  16. A Joyfully Jay review 3.5 starsI am a big fan of time travel stories and love the movie Groundhog Day and so when I read about Peat the repeater I actually did not make the connection like Lloyd did , I thought I was going to be in heaven Sadly, what started off as a cool repeat the day until you get it right got so confusing that I was focused on figuring out the day and events than the progression of the story Fortunately the plot smoothed out and was easier to follow to the end.I would have [...]

  17. First, just let me get this out of the way if I had to relive my life or at least a day until I got it right, I would go crazy enough to jump off a bridge Really.Peat is a Repeater a person who, when they turn nineteen, ends up repeating a day until they help someone or solve a crime He ends up trying to help Jake solve the murder of his friend, but along the way he finds himself falling in love with Jake, but of course the day repeats itself every midnight and Jake forgets him Until the day Jak [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book.Peat is a repeater Think of it like the movie Groundhog s Day meets Tru Calling Peat has to repeat a day until he fixes what has gone wrong Although he doesn t always know what he s supposed to fix This book follows one repeat where he he starts to break all his own personal rules while trying to solve the day.I liked the lay out and I enjoyed the concept I liked that the main couple each had a different path Peat fell in love slowly over 2 months, while Jake really fa [...]

  19. Though the concept is of course not entirely new, it is well executed in this story The character development is done nicely and it is well written So what s not to like The only minor quibble I have is that I d have liked a bit explanation for the phenomenon of the repeaters but I hope the author makes this into a series and my questions will be answered then But still, it works well enough as a standalone novel Recommended PS Though this is not a reflection on the quality of the book, I think [...]

  20. About a 3.5 for me I really like the ideas in this book but I had a hard time keeping track of who was speaking I also had a hard time remembering which one was the repeater for some reason Not sure why that wouldn t stick About 75% through, I lost a little interest, but the picked it back up and finished it I think my briefly setting it aside slowed the momentum of the story down It probably would have been better to finish in one sitting And, kudos to the author for not having girly dialogue.

  21. I had been meaning to read this story for a long time and finally got around to it It was an interesting premise that didn t quite give me the emotional punch I wanted The suspect telegraphed fairly early for me though the reason was slightly different than expected , so it was really all about how they would finally manage to get out of the day once they came together.It was good for what it was Way too much unnecessary head hopping though It got really annoying in the middle of intense scenes, [...]

  22. Groundhog Day was fun the first time, but I m not big on repeats almost didn t pick up the book But the story turned out better than expected, with sweet relationship moments mixed in with a mystery to solve Sometimes the back and forth between the characters viewpoints was hard to follow but overall enjoyable and written like it has sequels to come if not, then Maddie as a character was a complete waste of ink , which I will eagerly read.

  23. 4.5 Fun thrill ride whodunit and love story Great characters What a fun and intriguing plot I couldn t put it down once I started and liked the build up to the big reveal Nice writing The only reason that it didn t get 5 stars was because of the reasoning of the bad guy It was a bit out of the blue and just too extra.

  24. I liked the premise and the author s writing was pretty good You can see that from all the positive reviews the story received.My problem was with everything the MC had to go through on a very regular basis Having to watch a child raped, witnessing gruesome murders time after time, etc It was simply too much for me.

  25. I really liked this well written story It s interesting and fast paced with likable characters and a mystery suspense plot that worked well As a plus I loved the repeater theme as much in this book as in Groundhog Day which I ve seen many times.

  26. The plot was really good, but it bored me a bit, too The couple is sweet together and we get an happy ending So everything is just fine overall In general it was enjoyable read with complex and interesting story.

  27. Very enjoyable Excellent worldbuilding which led to a plausibly complicated romance This novel plays with the re do till you get it right premise of Groundhog Day, with an interesting element of suspense, and without the irritating Andie MacDowell.

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