Catalyst After a near fatal accident Logan Walker seeks help to control the compulsive blood fetish that almost cost his submissive s life Help happens to be in the form of an athletic smart psychologist by

After a near fatal accident, Logan Walker seeks help to control the compulsive blood fetish that almost cost his submissive s life Help happens to be in the form of an athletic, smart psychologist by the name of Dr Kasper Bromley Kasper, though, soon finds himself swept up in the fantasies Logan came to him to control Reluctantly throwing his ethics to the wind, KasperAfter a near fatal accident, Logan Walker seeks help to control the compulsive blood fetish that almost cost his submissive s life Help happens to be in the form of an athletic, smart psychologist by the name of Dr Kasper Bromley Kasper, though, soon finds himself swept up in the fantasies Logan came to him to control Reluctantly throwing his ethics to the wind, Kasper submits himself to Logan, gambling his career, his future, and his heart on this intriguing man and the lifestyle he offers But when Kasper s desires outpace Logan s, the young doctor is swept down into a whirlpool of sex and sadism that even Logan s love may not be enough to rescue him from.

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  1. Support S.L Armstrong K Piet on Patreon S.L Armstrong has been writing for as long as she can remember Art and reading have played a large part in her life since young childhood, but around fourteen, writing became her passion Voraciously consuming every book in front of her opened up hundreds of worlds in her head, and she soon wanted to create worlds for other people as well She has a particular fondness for gothic horror, horror, high fantasy, urban fantasy, and romance novels The authors she turns to time and again are Stephen King, L.J Smith, V.C Andrews, R.L Stine, and Anne Rice, among others She has no shame in picking up the young adult novels she loved as a child, and she will talk your ear off about grammar and punctuation.After she married her husband over seventeen years ago, she began to truly delve into the world of writing for public consumption It was sheer chance that she stumbled on M M fanfiction, and she s not looked back Though fanfiction will always have a fond place in her heart, she soon grew tired of playing in other people s sandboxes When she discovered M M romance, and how it was now a legitimate branch of romance writing, she knew her course S.L plans to release F F, M M, M F, and multiple partner books as she continues her writing career M M romance is where her heart lies, no matter what else she may write or read, and it s where she keeps returning to There is something about two men passionately in love that just makes her heart melt, and she has no intention of giving that up anytime soon.S.L Armstrong lives in Florida with her husband, partner, two dogs, and twelve cats She hates the heat and longs for a northern, snowy climate She writes with K Piet on a number of projects, but she also writes her own solitary titles as well.

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  1. Oh, isn t blood so damn beautiful That gorgeous crimson that pumps hotly through your veins, makes your cheeks flush and comfortingly, inevitably flows out of cuts, guarantees bruises colorful than the woods in autumn and that taste Which is unlike anything else and best served hot spicy yet sweet, only slightly syrupy, with a metallic tang.You don t share my sentiment Don t worry about it A selection of my friends reactions to me reading this book lol Friend 1 Ewww, really Friend 2 blink umokF [...]

  2. 4.5 starsThis review contains spoilers.This book took BDSM into a realistic setting than many romance novels Not all doms are rich and settled, not all submissives are young and twinkish It also tells the story of a man who has held himself on a tight rein, a psychologist with a neurosis concerning how others view his life His sex is vanilla, his life is vanillauntil a patient comes into his office and begins talking about sexual proclivities that are shocking and arousing Kasper, the psycholog [...]

  3. Somewhere between negative stars and 3, so I ll stick with no stars S UNRATEABLE That s something, right This was recommended to me because I m a kinky bitch and it is kinky Hella kinky Look at all those shelves it landed on And I don t even have a shelf for CBT Perhaps I should remedy that Most of the kink was good up until it wasn t I still think Logan screwed the pooch on his handling of the topping from the bottom issue Any dominant that let s his anger into a scene is a dangerous thing inde [...]

  4. Blood, pain and perfection a dangerous mix.Admit what is needed and accept that Fine advice unless it s used for rationalization.Damn Intensely mindfucking with the convergence of two individuals whose needs are truly a dangerous mix that needs to be handled properly A catalyst for an uncontrolled explosion that could destroy them both Neither Kasper nor Logan are psychotic, but their respective compulsions drive them in ways that make their combination hazardous.Edge play is dicey at the best o [...]

  5. Recently I ve been in the mood for some darker m m romance and have been reading a lot of BDSM m m romance books This one caught my eye because the original idea was a little different to the usual BDSM stuff The story begins as our hero Logan visits a therapist to try and curb his blood fetish urges It is so bad for him at the moment that he can barely function without the urge to taste blood, especially during sex or masturbation, during which he self harms to get the rush he needs to get off [...]

  6. KINK AT ITS BEST 4.5More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWSI am at a serious loss on how to write a review for this book I wanna say some profound stuff and be articulate about it doubt it Heads up, you wont find all that here told you Catalyst is dirty, sexy, and crazy goodness I had no expectations when I started this book My eyes were all over the beautiful cover, and I knew I was going to be reading a BDSM novel I got so much than anticipated Catalyst is all you will love in b [...]

  7. 4.5 StarsI almost gave it a whole star just for the fact that it wasn t the norm.Logan has decided he needs to see a shrink to try and help him control is blood fetish Dr Bromley Kasper is just the shrink to help himor is he I had a hard time putting this one down to do things like feed my family or clean house, lol This book was really well written, was filled with lots of kink, humiliation and self realization among other things The blood play isn t what I was expecting and I actually wish the [...]

  8. DNFed at 36% and returned for refund It s not nice to feel you have to force yourself to read something The two main reasons I didn t like this were very flowery prose in places and far too much sex description, and nothing much else I don t know if it would have changed but I lost all interest in this.I like the cover, though.

  9. 4.75 stars Catalyst tells the story of Logan, an accomplished Dom whose cravings for blood have recently crossed the line into negligence to his latest sub, ultimately putting him in the hospital after Logan s haze of lust at the taste caused him to slip and nick an artery with his sterile razor The story starts in the office of Dr Kasper Bromley, a psychiatrist, with a hesitant and slowly building dialogue between patient and practitioner Logan came for help, finally telling himself that his cr [...]

  10. Catalyst is a hardcore BDSM story filled with tension and emotion The characters are flawed, human, and very complex The BDSM kink featured in this case blood play is woven intricately into the story It s essential to the characters, their dynamic, their obsessions, and ultimately their failure or success as a couple The complexity of the men is what elevates the story from being simply a heavy BDSM erotica into an angst filled emotional journey The writing is somewhat languid but with each stor [...]

  11. My Review on The Romance Reviews.What happens when two people with extreme sexual desires and no limits are paired together Bad things is what happens Dangerous situations, visits to the hospital or even death could occur Fortunately, in CATALYST, there is no death.This intense BDSM book focused on the S M side and specifically blood play is not for the uninitiated I felt mixed about this book because it is yet another book where it shows people in the lifestyle as mentally unstable This rubs me [...]

  12. I thought this ws an interesting book I was resistant at first to the idea that one MC was a therapist in a sexual relationship with his client, however, in the overall storyline, this actually worked well, because it s about an MC who finally caves in to his darkest desires, and struggles with acknowledging limits his inability to draw a line between his professional responsibilities and his sexual wants was just one example of being out of control I also liked the Dom being working class and [...]

  13. This hit several different areas of emotion for me I wasn t sure that I was going to like it because it is hard for me to find an uptight psychologist sexy I did struggle a little in the beginning for a couple of reasons First Logan is seeing a psychologist Kasper because he has a blood fetish that he believes is out of control I did grit my teeth a time or too through Logan s appointments Second because I am totally green when it comes to blood fetish BUT the fetish isn t really what the story [...]

  14. This was a very intense read, unputdownable for a big part of it The blood play evened out a bit in the end, but never the BDSm theme, so the faint at heart among you beware This isn t for everyone, neither for the BDSM nor for the heavy psychological exploration that occurs as Logan and Kasper slowly come to know each other, and equally slowly come to realize that there s no need to be afraid or ashamed of who or what either of them is Happiness and fulfillment comes in may colors, and theirs j [...]

  15. Damn, that s it, just damn This book was one roller coaster ride of pain, want, need, lust and pain It was so different than most books about BDSM with the wealthy dom and the younger, smaller sub I don t have the right words, but if BDSM in books is something you enjoy, then this book would be a really, really great addition to your bookshelf.

  16. Darkly delicious A story of love and addiction and how the former can master the latter Really liked enjoyed the story.

  17. Really liked some parts of it and really disliked othersWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS A blood fetish is one of those things that I simply can t wrap my mind around, yet I found myself wondering whether it was doing Logan harm or good to attend therapy to get rid of his compulsion That s a sign of good writing, I think to make me identify so much with a character whose desires are so very different than mine There s a lot of sex in the book [...]

  18. 3.5 stars This is not for the light reader And although it definitely pushed my comfort zone, I did enjoy this book The first half slowly develops Kasper and Logan s relationship as patient and doctor, and than as lovers This progression feels subtle and natural and I was never bored Then the story takes an interesting twist What began as Logan seeking help for an out of control fetish, turns into a downward spiral for Kasper They switch roles in who is the mature, responsible one, but the persp [...]

  19. I wasn t too sure about this when I started reading I was afraid the blood fetish aspect would be a bit hard to grasp and would feel unrealistic While that is the main issue that sets this story in motion, it goes so far beyond that, you almost forget it was the real problem to begin with It didn t take long to see that Logan was a serious and experienced Dom than he first appears.For me, this is a story of misunderstandings and things getting out of control Logan loses control with his blood f [...]

  20. I ll say right up front that if you re expecting some kind of fluffy light bondage and gentle flogging puff piece, just keep walking This ain t it This book is dark It is heavy And it isn t for everyone.This book is an excellent depiction of the darker side of the BDSM scene for gay men The sex is there, sure, and it s hot as hell, but there s to the story than just that It delves into the mental and psychological aspects of submission and masochism, and deals honestly and harshly with the very [...]

  21. First let me say, this was a very well written story and although the content of the story wasn t for me, I was very much impressed with the talent of these two authors When I put in my request for the pick it for me, I did say hard limits didn t freak me out That being said, I didn t know my limits and now I do know one of them, okay two of them First the blood fetish in this book was unlike the sexy vampire needing it for sustenance, taking from a lover so they could continue to exists Cutting [...]

  22. I really liked this read Both characters end up fighting a lot of demons and I found myself really feeling for these two characters Logan is trying to control his addition to blood play and that s something I couldn t really relate to not my kink but I think the author does a good job of explaining where it came from and how it developed into something that has taken him over in a pretty savage way.Kasper is trying to help him and does so many great and caring things for Logan to help him get hi [...]

  23. At times uncomfortable, this is really an exploration of addiction than BDSM It so happens the addiction takes shape within BDSM which provides an additional punch to it The two main characters were very well drawn, complete and complex and flawed Oh so very flawed Struggling in a way that you don t expect when you start This first starts as Logan s story but it soon ends up Kasper sd his tale is even the compelling for it since you ve glimpsed what can be Very emotional and the journey was so [...]

  24. Holy nuggets this book was intense And fucked up Mentally.If you ever want to read BDSM that just crosses that fine line of sane then this is it Kasper nearly kills himself because he s such a pain slut addict He has no limits so it does cause some hair pulling drama and arguments between them Overall, I gotta admit, adding a little bit of drugs abuse in a BDSM based novel is okay with me Maybe that s just my fucked up mind, but I quite enjoyed this story Kasper s drive for perfection bugged me [...]

  25. 3.5 starsWell written although not always an easy read The blood fetish was a bit ick for me at times and for some readers the BDSM towards the end may be too much Their relationship goes from doctor patient to Dom sub and the ramifications for them are both good and bad Overall a somewhat dark story but a good read nevertheless.

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