Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart Charley has a strange feeling when she sees the idyllic mill house with its cluster of outbuildings A powerful sense of recognition as if she has been there before Except she knows she hasn t After C

Charley has a strange feeling when she sees the idyllic mill house with its cluster of outbuildings A powerful sense of recognition, as if she has been there before Except she knows she hasn t After Charley and her husband move into Elmwood Mill, sinister memories of a previous existense start to haunt her.

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Sweet Heart

  1. Peter James is the international bestselling author of many award winning novels His Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series, set in Brighton, has been translated into thirty seven languages with worldwide sales of over eighteen million copies, and has given him eleven consecutive Sunday Times number ones In 2015 WHSmith customers publicly voted him the Greatest Crime Author of All Time and in 2016 he became the recipient of the coveted CWA Diamond Dagger lifetime achievement award for sustained excellence Peter has also written a short story collection, A Twist of the Knife, and his standalone titles include Perfect People and The House on Cold Hill He has also co written a non fiction account of Brighton s toughest cases with former detective Graham Bartlett entitled Death Comes Knocking The Perfect Murder, Dead Simple and Not Dead Enough have all been turned into smash hit stage plays All his novels reflect his deep interest in the world of the police Three of his novels have been filmed and before becoming a full time author he produced numerous films, including The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons He divides his time between his homes in Notting Hill, London and near Brighton in Sussex.

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  1. Regression is the theme of this gripping novel Through hypnotism a woman is taken back to a previous life where horrors await her This is Peter James at his very best.

  2. This was the first Peter James book I read and I love a good haunted house story but little did I realise I d be jumping everytime a door creaked at home for a week afterwards, and that was during the daytimeIt is a throughly well written thriller horror with a strong protagonist whose fiesty determination to uncover the truth makes her likeable.There are some haunting incidences that really stay with you.James ability to build tension and to keep a pacey narrative turns this book into a page tu [...]

  3. I don t read many novels because they tend to be short on substance and full of repetition compared to short stories and novellas This story is no exception It s rather predictable, and some chapters were supposed to end with a twist, but too much foreshadowing or the lack of originality allows the reader to see them coming The use of dream sequences and some of the prose is a little tacky too Nevertheless, I kept reading this book and quite enjoyed it, perhaps because the setting and characters [...]

  4. At the age of 15 I read and was haunted by Audrey Rose, and have been fascinated ever since by other lives previous lives parallell lives.Charley has already undergone a session of hypnosis before she and husband Tom move into a run down mill in the country.Here, she has a powerful sense of deja vu, and sees people who no longer exist, and causes a bit of a stir with the older members of the village comminity.She visits a different hypnotist, and the past and present start to merge.At this point [...]

  5. I thought this book, Sweet Heart by Peter James started off a bit slow, but after a few pages I really got into the story.When Charley and her husband Tom decide to buy a house in the country, they think they ve found the ideal place.Charley feels a sense of Deja Vu about the house, Elmwood Mill, but puts it down to her imagination until they actually move in when strange happenings start to occur Charley remembers buildings that are no longer there, the house has an unexplained out of control e [...]

  6. I very nearly gave up on this book I m now glad I didn t Married couple, going through a bit of a tough time pack up and move from the big city to the picture perfect country house , hoping doing the old Fixer upper would also fix their marriage I know, roll eyes Add to that the fact you know there is going to be some level of creepiness involved, so the good old haunted house deal, right Wrong Well Sort of There will be no spoilers from me though Slow starting, it wasn t until around chapter 20 [...]

  7. Really enjoyed this classic haunted house story Found myself drawn into the story and couldn t put the book down A couple of the characters were pretty stereotypical but the thing about stereotypes is that they do actually exist I thought Charley was a bit slow in places but I had to remind myself how difficult it would be for someone to accept paranormal happenings in real life.Those small things aside I found the book totally absorbing and would recommend it to ghost story fans.

  8. This is some fantastic trashy haunting mystery right here Defos not gonna be everyone s cup of tea, but I spent an enjoyable couple of hours like O Plus I m a sucker for any book where I guess the ending Seriously, the satisfaction and smugness of that alone is enough to make me like something.

  9. Considering this is one of his first books I happen to think it s one of the best Paraphsycological thriller at it s best.

  10. A great little novel by Peter James Lots of twists and turns that keep you hooked and make it difficult to put down Highly recommended.

  11. Another good thriller by Peter James Love the unexpected ending toot telling you ll have to read it Creeped me out, though

  12. I adore Peter James Roy Grace series can find no fault with them but his horror books for me are a bit of a mixed bag This story was very much the same as both Possession Dreamer so not particularly original, but having said that I much preferred this one It could be a tad predictable in parts sadly the epilogue lacked the twisted humour that so amused me in Prophecy Twilight.This all probably sounds like I wasn t very impressed au contraire It kept me entertained throughout was a good read I ve [...]

  13. I thought about stopping reading this book after 20 pages and by the time I reached the end I wished I had Ghost stories are not my thing, but the coincidence of the tale unfolding where the heroine had lived in a previous life killed it for for me.

  14. My third book of this author, initially I did not hang on to the story but towards the end the character of Charley comes alive and one knows why it seems to know the places where it lives Hasty to read another book by this author who knows how to make the suspense last.

  15. I couldn t get into this book I m not a believer in the previous life nor into seeing ghosts Some may well enjoy, unfortunately I didn t.

  16. I picked this book up unsure really what to expect I had never heard of Peter James but the synopsis at the back was worth giving it a chance, and considering the choice of books on the sale table at Books Galore, I figured I might as well grab something along my line of genres.I read the first chapter twice Not because it was that good but because I was really trying to get into the book, as the first chapter is the make or break chapter It paints the setting of where the story takes place fair [...]

  17. Charley, mlad ena, kter se se sv m mu em ji n jakou dobu marn sna o potomka Jejich touha je tak siln , e zkus cokoliv, od Akupunktury, hypn zy, cvi en Dokonce opustila pln pracovn vazek, n kde se toti do etli, e n maha sni uje anci ot hotn t Jako dal variantu vid t k z Lond na, na vesnici, pry od chaosu a patn ho vzduchu Cht j m t sv idylick m sto Za t t jinak, za t od znovu.Charley a jej mu dostanou nab dku odkoupit star rozbo en ml n Vypad zcela ide ln Je to ruina, se kterou si m ou d lat, co [...]

  18. Brilliant As AlwaysI keep thinking I ve come to the end of James marvelous oeuvre, then find another glorious book, waiting for me He is as inventive as he is wise, as literary as he is frightening I hope I continue to find books of his, barely hidden, calling to me

  19. This is the second Peter James book I have read, the first being Prophecy and after enjoying that story a great deal and liking the sound of the synopsis of this book I had high expectations And I wasn t disapointed This was a brilliant supernatural thriller that was far superior to the one Stephen King book I ve read Some of the characters were a little one dimensional but the plot was so well put together that it didn t really matter And alot of the twists were quite predictable but again the [...]

  20. Charley and Tom buy a creepy old Sussex farmhouse It seems weirdly familiar to Charley and that s a feeling she can t shake.with good reason.e hasn t been here before in her living memory, or is it her memory that counts This is a subtle read where James doesn t rely so much on gore as creeping disquiet to unnerve his reader Lots of darkness and creaking, cold blasts and animal deaths to portent impending doom Oh there are deaths, there are always deaths, numerous ones but its the way you want [...]

  21. This is the first non crime book of Peter James that I have read and it was very good A subtle horror past lives tale with a likeable principal character It was an Amityville type tale of a house with supernatural issues combined with the subtle psychological experience of someone reliving a past life The plot was very convincing and not far fetched but what let it down was the rushed ending, the pace at the end felt like it was out of place with the rest of the tale Notwithstanding this it was [...]

  22. This was the first time I have read this author and I really enjoyed the story A young couple move to a new house and the wife is haunted by something that may have happened in a past life a nice, classic ghostly premise with some grizzly moments thrown in.The characters were nicely written, if some of the supporting roles only introduced to either die in a horrible way or to give dire warnings to our heroine, and the plot moved at a fast pace.This would have scored stars if it wasn t for, in m [...]

  23. I love Peter James writing, almost always, so I really wanted to like this and there were lots of good things about it the writing swept you along and was as descriptive and flowing as usual The characters were pretty well fleshed out and there were goodies and baddies and not always the ones you would expect However I found the plot ridiculous, sort of Stephen King ish but not as well rounded I m just too sceptical and found it difficult to know what was really happening and what was a delusion [...]

  24. Just like his brilliant Roy Grace series, this book is intriguing like all of his other books, and in this instance, rather spooky and surprisingly violent in parts The author achieves this by utilizing hardbolied noir and bonkbuster techniques in his writing to keep you hooked The characters he has created are well crafted and sympathetic, which makes you really want to get to know them To the point where you just cant put the book down The books read like film scripts sometimes, something the [...]

  25. Intensifying plots often interrupted by too much heavy descriptive paragraphs not related to the plots it s hard to switch d focus from what s going to happen next to ok, let s now describe about the form of a bush n d flowers that grow from it, the bush where d is she isnt she also a protagonist is hiding from being caught just, focus ond character nevertheless the book kept me up at nights during d whole weekend of my bday balancing bday schedules with finishing this book by just scanning on d [...]

  26. Picked this book after reading a couple of Peter James books, Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead the first two of the Detective Superintendent Grace series which I enjoyed This book just did not do it for me, I could not engage with any of the characters and did not care what happened to them through out Having said the I will give Peter James another go.

  27. Une intrigue solide, bien que pr visible par moment, mais qui nous garde tout de m me en haleine jusqu la fin, des personnages biens faits, attachants et vitants les clich s, bref une bon roman J aime bien le style de Peter James, m langeant science et paranormal dans un quilibre parfait Une recommandations aux fans de thriller

  28. I did enjoy this book but found it didn t quite grip me I wasn t sneaking a chapter here and a chapter there to see how it all unfolded That said I did enjoy it, found the story quite clever, the characters likeable and loved how they all interlinked I d read by the author and would recommend this book.

  29. Disappointed I have read all the Grace Dead books and loved them Looked for a holiday read and thought I d give this a go, even though I am not overly interested in the supernatural that should have told me not to bother Anyway, an easy read but it didn t do anything for me I m afraid I was not overly involved nor did I feel any tension.

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