Unbroken: An Extraordinary True Story of Courage and Survival

Unbroken An Extraordinary True Story of Courage and Survival On a May afternoon in an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared Only one crew member survived a young lieutenant named Louis Zamperini So began one of the most ext

On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared Only one crew member survived a young lieutenant named Louis Zamperini So began one of the most extraordinary odysseys of the Second World War, as Zamperini is driven to the limits of endurance.

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Unbroken: An Extraordinary True Story of Courage and Survival

  1. Laura Hillenbrand born 1967 is the author of the acclaimed Seabiscuit An American Legend, a non fiction account of the career of the great racehorse Seabiscuit, for which she won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year in 2001 The book later became the basis of the 2003 movie Seabiscuit Her essays have appeared in The New Yorker, Equus magazine, American Heritage, The Blood Horse, Thoroughbred Times, The Backstretch, Turf and Sport Digest, and many other publications Her 1998 American Heritage article on the horse Seabiscuit won the Eclipse Award for Magazine Writing.Born in Fairfax, Virginia, Hillenbrand studied at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, but was forced to leave before graduation when she contracted chronic fatigue syndrome, which she has struggled with ever since She now lives in Washington, D.C.

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  1. I was cleaning up after the wife and I had dinner last night and there was a small amount of green beans left There weren t nearly enough for another serving to make them worth saving so I dumped them in the sink, but just as I was about to turn on the garbage disposal, I realized that to the POWs described in Unbroken those few green beans I was about to mulch would have been a feast they would have risked torture and beatings for I was disgusted with myself for the rest of the night You know t [...]

  2. Hillenbrand has broken the unwritten code for Americans to downplay the wrongs of the Japanese during World War II other than Pearl Harbor in favor of focusing on the egregious acts of the Nazis My education in World War II history has focused on the Holocaust and the unforgivable damage we did to Japan by unleashing the atomic bomb I appreciate all the research Hillenbrand did to bring us the other side of the story.Louis Zamperini is my new hero I loved his charisma and endurance, both of whic [...]

  3. Wow am I in the minority I absolutely loved Seabiscuit, so I expected great things from this one However, where Seabiscuit focused narrowly on a small set of characters and events, this was sprawling, bursting with a poorly sketched cast of characters who, over time, became nearly indistinguishable For most of the middle section, the book wore me down with its unrelenting catalogue of abuse and privation On a related note, I wasn t crazy about the fact that the book endlessly described what was [...]

  4. I ve seen recently that negative commentary or reviews about this book invoke a kind of backlash normally reserved for non conformists who critique the Bible, The Diary of Ann Frank, The Last Lecture, or any Oprah Book of the Month Well, brace yourself because here comes another one This book is a poorly written, exaggerated, sensationalized version of a true story, an over hyped pop history book concerned with drumming home the message that the human spirit can be indestructible in the face of [...]

  5. If I knew I had to go through those experiences again, he finally said, I d kill myself Louis Zamperini was a precocious child He was always finding creative ways to get himself in trouble He was desperate for any attention Causing trouble is one way to get it, another way is to become really, really good at something His brother Pete, a multi sport star athlete, forced him into cross country and track in the hopes of keeping him out of trouble The running, at first, felt like a punishment for a [...]

  6. I ve just finished this awesome book, and have since washed the tears from my face I can t hope to write a coherent review there are so many good ones already written , so I ll just jot a few thoughts down This is why I love non fiction Best book by far I ve read this year Every positive cliche adjective should be applied to this story 5 stars isn t enough If it was fiction, you wouldn t believe it Go buy yourself a cloth hankie, cause a kleenex ain t gonna cut it by the last chapter Makes me wi [...]

  7. Holy mackerel This is the single non fiction book you ought to put on your read list for 2013 Even if you don t read it, it s presence on your shelf will enrich your library.This is a WWII survival story of an American aviator in the Pacific theater And wow Louis Zamperini Zamp An Italian immigrant with the fastest mile in college track who shook hands with Hitler at the 36 Olympics, shot down in the pacific, 40 days in a 2 man raft with 3 people, captured, paraded for propaganda, tortured sadis [...]

  8. If you are wondering if you should read Unbroken , just read it Even if you don t end up liking it, you just need to read it Everyone does.Louis Zamperini was an Italian American Olympic runner whose plane goes down in World War 2, and he and two other men drift on a raft for a long, long time I don t want to tell you anything else, because I want you to experience it This books packs a double punch the story itself is as amazing as Laura Hillenbrand s genius story telling.Books like this inspir [...]

  9. A solid and resounding 3.5 starsThe promotional buzz for this book focuses on Louis Zamperini s survival at sea after a WWII plane crash, and his subsequent ordeal as a POW in Japan If that s what piqued your interest in the book, I suggest beginning with Chapter 12, or a few pages before, so you can get the part about the crash For the first eleven chapters, it s as if Hillenbrand couldn t decide which story she wanted to tell Instead, she tried to tell them all, and did so poorly You can quick [...]

  10. Louie Zamperini and my father, Jim Wilson, were friends, and so I have known the outlines of Zamperini s story my whole life Somewhere in the photo archives around Moscow, we have a baby photo of me, taken by Zamperini I am drooling in that picture, something I have contrived not to do with recent photographs.Though I have been familiar with this story for a long time, Hillenbrand s telling of it is magnificent This is a book to reinforce everything you knew doctrinally about man s capacity for [...]

  11. Louie Zamperini was quite a character, wild, given to mayhem and thievery, but he straightened out enough to become a world class runner, joining the US team in the Berlin Olympics He continued his athletic career at USC, setting running records there, preparing for the next international competition But the world would skip that event, leaving Louie adrift He joined the military and washed out, but he was drafted back in after Pearl Harbor, as a bombardier When Louie s plane went down in the mi [...]

  12. Remember when we used to have live TV and stations would air previews for a program they were trying to promote Have you ever then gone and watched that program only to discover that the preview was kind of misleading Well, the previews for this book are wicked misleading Everything about it the jacket cover, the book descriptionok, maybe just the jacket cover and the book description led me to believe this was a story about a World War II soldier lost at sea And yes, there is certainly a sectio [...]

  13. Laura Hillenbrand s book about Louie Zamperini s life as an Olympian and later as a POW in Japan gives us powerful reminders that some things in life are real cool and some things just basically suck Here s a list that Unbroken brings to mind things that would be either great or decidedly not Having a family that supports you as a child even when you re a light fingered, hyperactive little hellion Becoming enough of a juvenile menace that the police are called to intervene Having an accomplished [...]

  14. Unbroken is an amazing survival story, but this book is also so grim that it took me five years to finish it.I had loved Hillenbrand s previous work, Seabiscuit, and had bought a copy of Unbroken back in 2010 as soon as it was released I started reading it, and admired the writing, but the I learned about what Louis Zamperini suffered during World War II, the less I wanted to read the book I mean, here was an Olympic athlete who served as a bombardier during the war His plane crashed while on a [...]

  15. Part of my reading of war books and memoirs, this one enlightened to me as to why the Japanese were so reviled by Americans Fit partners for Hitler indeed.

  16. Wow Amazing story, and well told kept me up late at night Louie Zamperini truly went through hell and came back and it s inspiring to read a story of such willpower and determination It was also interesting to me to learn about Japan and their role in the war.One big takeaway was just how cheap human life is in war I think there was some stat about how 5 6 of the US airmen that died did so from accidents that is simply staggering I love WWII stories, but most of the ones I ve seen and read have [...]

  17. All the cheesy, tired words people use to review books seem to apply to this book remarkable, intense, striking, exceptional I hate to use them, but all of them are relevant in regard to this work I even could use that silly phrase, I couldn t put it down Literally, yes, I could put it down, but I didn t want to it was difficult to walk away from I looked forward to picking it up again and continuing on with the story of prisoner of war Louis Zamperini.Hillenbrand is also the author of Seabiscui [...]

  18. Onvan Unbroken A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption Nevisande Laura Hillenbrand ISBN 1400064163 ISBN13 9781400064168 Dar 473 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

  19. I m loving this book I would love to just breeze through it but there is so much information I m only on page 28 but I m listening to an audio book at the same time I m almost don t with that Anyway, this book is a must read Very well written I m reading this book slower than I do some I want to absorb everything My Father, Uncle and Father in law went through this I m sad because of the conditions they had to deal with but also proud beyond words This is a must read book I finished reading this [...]

  20. A true tale of human resilience so unbelievable that you would think it was a novel But Louis Zamperini did it and Hillenbrand chronicles that harrowing journey in a way only she can.

  21. Powerful Riveting Beautiful Probably the best book I have read this year Unbroken was our book club choice for the month, and I picked it up somewhat reluctantly It seemed awfully big and I worried it would be too slow and too depressing How glad I am that it was chosen I am going to buy a permanent copy to keep and maybe one for my Dad for Christmas The book follows the life of Louis Zamperini, a troubled youth turned Olympic runner He is preparing for the next Olympic games when Pearl Harbor a [...]

  22. I enjoyed the beginning of the book somewhat, learning about the main character s struggles to become an Olympic runner It quickly transitioned into an account of his experiences at war I had a very difficult time connecting to caring about any of the characters Perhaps the third person narrative was too distant for me I felt as though I was just reading a series of facts Also, I don t have much interest in war, combat, or airplanes when I picked up Unbroken I was depending on my love for the ch [...]

  23. Louis Silvie Louie Zamperini1917 2014Louie as a kid was a troublemaker He was vivacious and naughty and always managed to get some mischief done He either caused trouble or trouble followed him around wherever he went.His older brother, Pete, in order to counteract Louie s stealing activities, got him involved with the school s sport team Pete made Louie run and thus running became Louie s passion He would never stop running until many years later.In his late teens he began running harder and ha [...]

  24. I m not a huge non fiction fan, but when a friend of mine suggested this as a book club read I changed my mind entirely Louie was truly a remarkable man and loved such a life Such a hero and so glad I read this If you haven t you need to pick it up his story is unbelievable and makes you thankful for all you have Ahhhhhhhhmazing

  25. UnbrokenWWII Was More Than Meets the Eye Imagine that you are an American soldier You and two other of your fellow soldiers are lost in the South Pacific Ocean after a horrific plane crash You have little water or food to keep you alive, and the scorching sun in relentless Oh, and your raft that you are aimlessly floating about on is being circled by twenty foot sharks You are adrift for forty six days of hell on Earth Finally, after nearly seven weeks, you spot land Somehow, you defied all odds [...]

  26. Too long needs better editing For example, the time spent on the raft is just too long and drawn out I have a very hard time believing some of the events view spoiler the numerous Japanese bullets missed Allan Phillips and Max on the raft and fixing the bullet holes in the raft while they remained in it is implausible hide spoiler The sharks behavior seems unbelievable too The crews on the airplanes were given fleece clothing when they left for their first air assignment Did there really exist f [...]

  27. The best book I have read all year and one of the best non fiction books I have ever read I saw the interview with Louis Zamperini on 60 minutes and immediately ordered the book See it here cbsnews video watch i While the interview made Louis seem likeable and sweet the book revealed the true nature of this American Hero The man is a national treasure and everyone should read his amazing story Just to start with, he was an Olympian runner Then the war comes and he becomes an ace bomber He surviv [...]

  28. Most of us are all too familiar with the atrocities of the Holocaust.Most of us cannot let our minds and hearts forget the unbelievable destruction of Japan and it s people as a result of America unleashing the atomic bomb.In Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand has focused her research and her unique narrative voice to tell us the true story of Louis Zamperini, an American bombardier, whose plane crashed during a search mission over the Pacific.What follows then is an unforgettable, chilling and extraor [...]

  29. A good friend, Lucy Murphy, recommended this book And I m so glad she did Carol and I listened to it on our road trip from Chicago to Tallahassee a couple of days after Christmas While I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about World War II and, especially, since my story telling father in law had served in the Pacific, I found it fascinating that I had such limited understanding of the cruelty and dehumanizing treatment the Japanese inflicted on their prisoners of war Even having recently read [...]

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