The Viking Heart

The Viking Heart None


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The Viking Heart

  1. Laura Goodman Salverson n e Goodman was a Canadian author Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the daughter of L rus Gu mundsson and Ingibj rg Gu mundsd ttir who immigrated to Winnipeg in 1887 from Grundir in Bolungarv k, Iceland She married George Salverson in 1913.Her novel The Dark Weaver was awarded the Governor General s Award for Fiction in 1937.

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  1. Some of the stereotypes haven t aged well, and the middle of the book just plugs along, but she can really pull out a phrase that just gets right to the heart of people and their motivations Would love to see of her titles get a reprinting as most are buried away in library collections in semi fragile paperbacks This is my second book by Salverson, and I will definitely read any I can get my hands on.

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