Writing Alone and with Others

Writing Alone and with Others For than a quarter of a century Pat Schneider has helped writers find and liberate their true voices She has taught all kinds the award winning the struggling and those who have been silenced by po

For than a quarter of a century, Pat Schneider has helped writers find and liberate their true voices She has taught all kinds the award winning, the struggling, and those who have been silenced by poverty and hardship Her innovative methods have worked in classrooms from elementary to graduate level, in jail cells and public housing projects, in convents and seminFor than a quarter of a century, Pat Schneider has helped writers find and liberate their true voices She has taught all kinds the award winning, the struggling, and those who have been silenced by poverty and hardship Her innovative methods have worked in classrooms from elementary to graduate level, in jail cells and public housing projects, in convents and seminaries, in youth at risk programs, and with groups of the terminally ill.Now, in Writing Alone and with Others, Schneider s acclaimed methods are available in a single, well organized, and highly readable volume The first part of the book guides the reader through the perils of the solitary writing life fear, writer s block, and the bad habits of the internal critic In the second section, Schneider describes the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, widely used across the U.S and abroad Chapters on fiction and poetry address matters of technique and point to further resources, while than a hundred writing exercises offer specific ways to jumpstart the blocked and stretch the rut stuck Schneider s innovative teaching method will refresh the experienced writer and encourage the beginner Her book is the essential owner s manual for the writer s voice.

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Writing Alone and with Others

  1. Please note that I do not use actively my blog posts here are updated automatically from my website If you would like to get in touch with me, please visit patschneider Thank you I am a writer of poetry, plays, libretti and non fiction, and I am the founder of Amherst Writers and Artists For thirty four years I have taught writing in Massachusetts and around the world My two best known books are about writing, both from Oxford University Press My new book, HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN WRITING AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, offers seventeen chapters that engage the connection between writing and spirituality, regardless of one s religious tradition or one s level of expertise in writing Chapter one takes Einstein s statement, There is a spirit, as inspiration, and the book then moves through chapters that explore what to do with one s own tradition tradition in writing and tradition in religions as well as The Dark Night of the Soul, Forgiving, Being Forgiven, The Body, Freedom, and ending with Joy The Library Journal review from February, 2013 says this Her book will have wide appeal to both amateur and seasoned writers and spiritual seekers whether or not tied to any tradition The book is also useful as a tool for growth through reflection and writing Highly recommended My earlier book, WRITING ALONE AND WITH OTHERS, offers guidance and help to the writer working alone, and in the second half details the Amherst Writers Artists method of creative writing workshops and writing groups It is used widely and internationally in classrooms and independent workshops as a method that develops the craft of writing without doing harm to one s original voice The method it describes is also widely used as a tool for the empowerment of under served populations, in prisons, shelters, and with youth at risk.

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  1. This book is organized according to its title the first half describes methods to help and encourage the writer in his her solitary practice, and the second half describes Schneider s method for working with writers in groups Her belief is that a writer is someone who writes, and the focus of this book is really on prodding and guiding her readers to do what they have to do to keep writing Although her sympathetic tone sometimes made me cringe words like safety and healing abound , Schneider mad [...]

  2. Pat Schneider s WRITING ALONE AND WITH OTHERS is familiar fare to warriors of the How to Write wars Part One The Writer Alone is sound and helps buck you up, so to speak I page by paged my way through Part Two Writing with Others is geared to participants or moderators of workshops such as Pat Schneider herself In this section I found myself skipping pages Does not apply Does not apply Etc.The last part is additional exercises to supplement the many provided throughout the book Lots of familiar [...]

  3. This book is most useful for writers hoping to lead a workshop, particularly with underserved communities For writers writing alone the exercises are helpful, but they re embedded in a lot of description and are demonstrated with examples done by beginners This is not a book for experienced writers to flip through in search of a quickie writing prompt.Rather, it s a book that s intended for total beginners and experts looking to teach total beginners That being said, as a non beginner, I got a l [...]

  4. This book is getting five stars based solely on the amount of times I had to stop reading this book so I could write 6 times And I don t mean write for my own works in progress or homework, I mean write for the pure pleasure of it Pat Schneider made me start keeping a journal again let s hope it lasts this time and she also made me write a few poems and songs which I have always sworn I am incapable of True, I still don t feel adequate in this area and you can be sure I don t want people to read [...]

  5. Anyone who s been beaten down by writing workshops, or who is thinking of starting his her own writing workshop, must pick up this book immediately Schneider s method and philosophy has almost completely changed the way I think about writing no small feat, since I ve been thinking about writing my entire life I m sure her overwhelming positivity will wear off in a few days, but even knowing there IS a way to improve writing without being critical is fairly revolutionary Workshops in MFA programs [...]

  6. No, five stars are not enough for such a book What can I say This woman is real angel, in her spirit, in her humility, in her caring heart, in her willingness to feel the pain of the beginning writer and those who already write and need some motivation here and there I am speechless when it comes to giving such impressive works like that their due credit while I disagree with her in some ways on some core issues but none of this matters as she compels you to love her to pieces and be grateful to [...]

  7. Used this book in a course I teach on peer education theory and practice Schneider s assertion that anyone can write made some students uncomfortable They missed the point that a writer must develop the ability Schneider s goal is to help writers get out of their own way.A companion DVD same title is available that includes interviews and some mini documentaries about Schneider s work with a writing group in MA the members are women who live in low income housing.

  8. For writers who want help in either teaching in the A.W.A method, or for writers who can use help when they have writer s block, overcoming fear, and developing lasting work, this informative book gives detailed information of how to overcome these obstacles I cannot say enough about Pat Schneider, and this is a must for writers.

  9. This book changed my life I read it in March after getting back from March It brought tears to my eyes because its advice was so kind and nurturing and encouraging Definitely one of my favorite self help books of all time.

  10. If you love writing in a group or alone this is a book for you I studied with the author in her home and have been leading writing groups ever since Engaging and encouraging of both the person and a writing life.

  11. Although I m not actually finished with this book, I m through about 1 2 of it and can give it four stars without hesitation It will definitely be one of those books I pick up again and again A great writing resource and companion.

  12. This was one of the very first books I read about writing Back when I didn t know enough to appreciate it I reread it in 2008 and now it s one of my favorite sources for teaching and for writing exercises.

  13. Currently re reading this excellent book in preparation for my writers retreat this weekend Pat Schneider is the lonely writer s voice of comfort and reason.

  14. After today, I will no longer give a star rating for a book if it is possible to leave the rating blank It has made me uncomfortable from the start I certainly am not qualified as a critic Read this book and you will know why I have chosen to refrain from giving stars in the future Some powerful quotes about writing with others Each writer in a workshop or writing group is finding his or her way to voice It cannot be coerced, and it cannot be given form or shape by anyone else And, about reading [...]

  15. In Writing Alone and with Others, Pat Schneider details the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method Personal and group experiences, writing samples, and practical advice address common fears and struggles of both aspiring and experienced writers She weaves everything together with liberal doses of encouragement The concluding statement of Peter Elbow s foreword summarizes the book well Pat Schneider s book makes you want to sit down and start writing Reader alert The book contains several co [...]

  16. I identified with Schneider on many levels and trust that as I continue to implement her methodology, writers will be encouraged and use their voices to share their stories.

  17. I spent the better part of two years researching a plan for the development of our current creative writing course and the past two years teaching it and adjusting it according to the needs of our students In that time I have picked up many articles and books on writing I ve found that many books address the craft from the perspective of writers trying to publish I ve come across few which tackle the specific needs of an instructor and the best of that small selection is Pat Schneider s Writing [...]

  18. My first takeaway from this reading experience is that when you think you are replacing a lost print book with an e book, double check the title and author So, that s a good lesson to have Fortunately, I picked this up on for something like 1.99, so it was not an expensive lesson The book I was trying to replace was Judy Reeves 2002 Writing Alone, Writing Together My best takeaway from this reading was the reminder that everyone has an original voice, a primary voice, and a lot of acquired voice [...]

  19. I love this book.Although I agree with other reviewers that it is at best a guide to writers who want to learn how to be gentle, professional workshop leaders of writing groups, I feel all writers who read other authors writings in workshops would benefit from her wise experience I have had the benefit of her guidance in many workshops without having known the origin of the culture of manners that I experienced I wish that her ideas had already influenced the teaching of creative writing in high [...]

  20. I read this as part of my training with the Toronto Writer s Collective But my goodness, what a book Pat Schneider has such wisdom about writing Her philosophy makes so much sense to me Schneider has spent years of her life running writing workshops, including workshops for disadvantaged populations As such she has developed the most egalitarian approach to teaching writing that I ve ever come across Rather than re inflict the damage of teacher s pulling apart grammar without ever commenting on [...]

  21. I ve read all but the exercises section at the end I m very glad I read this book It was given to me as a gift my first year as a public school teacher, but I spent that first year so constantly exhausted that when I picked up the book then, I didn t get past Peter Elbow s forward Now in my third year of teaching, having regained the mental creative space for critically examining how I teach writing and for renewing my own writing life, I picked up this book again It spoke to me as both an artis [...]

  22. A book for a writer to pick up again and again and learn something My some favorite lines The first step in becoming free of fear is to accept yourself as a writer None of us creates ex nihilo out of nothing Wow, does this take the pressure off If we are the sum of people that we ve met, then might it be possible that our writing reflects the sum of all that we have read The second, understand that all our memories are already fiction How interesting Taking non fiction to make it fiction Third, [...]

  23. I love this book so much I first heard of Pat Schneider and the Amherst Writers Artists method several years ago from reading Cary Tennis s Salon advice column, Since You Asked I checked it out of the library because I ve just started writing my first book and thought it might help I love that Pat starts right at the beginning with fear the writer s fear, the fears that sit there in our path, blocking the way Yay, Pat I immediately ordered my own copy of the book and I m almost finished with thi [...]

  24. I found this book inspiring and practical She explains many dilemmas and fears that many writers encounter as they start writing again or if they already are writing, but are have a bought of writer s block Her real life examples, writing samples, and writing exercises helped me open up my creative mind Now when I sit down to write, I feel relaxed and my ideas feel natural and easy flowing I recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their writing and creativity It teaches you to accept [...]

  25. The founder of the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method has compiled her advice and techniques to encourage writers through the writing process Divided into three parts, the reader can piece together their own lessons Part one focuses on fostering a safe and comfortable mentality while developing work Part two addresses the Amherst Writers and Artists method of workshops for group writing and critiquing Part three contains several additional exercises for individuals Suggested further rea [...]

  26. An excellent book on how to create a writing practice either on your own or in a group Packed with prompts, ideas, helpful tips, hints, and stories about the joy and difficulties of writing Pat Schneider starts the book with all the blocks writers face, from the inner critic to not knowing what to write about.The next part of the book, Schneider brings in the Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop method a popular way to get started and keep writing Schneider includes sections on fiction and poetr [...]

  27. It s been a while since I picked up any sort of kick start the writing process book, but this one looks interesting, so I m curious.Maybe it will convince me of the one thing that I already know just write I guess that sometimes it s the tone of the voice that tells me that that needs variation.There are much worse things to read than books telling you to write and giving you tips and confidence

  28. Great not just good read Will sit on the shelf of honor with Bird by Bird and Still Writing and Big Magic and my most fave writing creative books Will be taken down from the shelf often for reference, for writing prompts, for workshop fodder Read this with my writing club Prob the best book I know for writing groups and workshops I have been working on my own writing workshop and this was a superempowering read for me.

  29. If you re thinking of writing memoir, I highly recommend you take the time to read this book COVER TO COVER Pat addresses important memoir writing issues for example, writing about others, how much to share and when and why, etc , shares the guidelines of the AWA method of writers workshops, and tells many relevant stories from her own experience I use this book a lot with my writing coaching clients.

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