Meine vielseitigen Geliebten: Bekenntnisse eines Bibliomanen

Meine vielseitigen Geliebten Bekenntnisse eines Bibliomanen Die Bibliothek ist der Ort der dem Paradies am n chsten kommt Jacques Bonnet Jacques Bonnet ist bekennender Bibliomane Er besitzt mehrere Zehntausend B cher seine ganze Wohnung ist eine Bibliothek A

Die Bibliothek ist der Ort, der dem Paradies am n chsten kommt Jacques Bonnet Jacques Bonnet ist bekennender Bibliomane Er besitzt mehrere Zehntausend B cher, seine ganze Wohnung ist eine Bibliothek Aber wie sortiert man eine solche Menge an Werken Mit welchen Lesetechniken schafft man es, sich ihren Inhalt einzupr gen Und zu welchem Ort sollte man seinen vielseitig Die Bibliothek ist der Ort, der dem Paradies am n chsten kommt Jacques Bonnet Jacques Bonnet ist bekennender Bibliomane Er besitzt mehrere Zehntausend B cher, seine ganze Wohnung ist eine Bibliothek Aber wie sortiert man eine solche Menge an Werken Mit welchen Lesetechniken schafft man es, sich ihren Inhalt einzupr gen Und zu welchem Ort sollte man seinen vielseitigen Geliebten auf keinen Fall den Zutritt gestatten Ein echtes Liebhaberst ck und eine faszinierende Reise durch die Welt der B cher.

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Meine vielseitigen Geliebten: Bekenntnisse eines Bibliomanen

  1. Jacques Bonnet Elisabeth Liebl Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Meine vielseitigen Geliebten: Bekenntnisse eines Bibliomanen book, this is one of the most wanted Jacques Bonnet Elisabeth Liebl author readers around the world.

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  1. Depois do prazer de possuir livros, n o h outro que seja mais doce do que falar sobre eles Charles NodierEst o num quarto que se foi transformando em biblioteca num outro onde durmo um pouco na sala onde vivo e at j invadiram a cozinha e a casa de banho E muitos em casa alheiaEm estantes em mesas em arm rios em prateleiras em cadeirasnda n o nos roupeiros, nem nas gavetas.S o cerca de dois milhares e meio que todos os dias clamam por mais e maisVivem livres, desorganizados apenas, mais ou menos, [...]

  2. Antes de mais quero agradecer minha m e e a uma bibliotec ria da biblioteca municipal de Torres Vedras por me terem dado coragem para trazer este livro Ando a ler o Eldest e outro livro ao mesmo tempo, ent o tentei resistir ao encanto de trazer este.Eu deparei me com este livro por mero acaso , o seu t tulo chamou me desde logo aten o, como quem n o quer a coisa aproximei me e fui v lo.A minha m e leu a sinopse e disse que era a minha cara mesmo a minha cara e a de qualquer apaixonado por livros [...]

  3. 3,5Este um daqueles livros sobre livros e isso, para mim, meio caminho andado para gostar N o achei todos os cap tulos igualmente interessantes, h muitas refer ncias a escritores franceses que n o conhe o, mas ainda assim, foi uma leitura bastante agrad vel Obrigada, S.

  4. 2,5 estrelas, arredondadas para cima porque um livro sobre livros.No princ pio at estava a gostar, mas depois comecei a aborrecer me com tantas refer ncias, maioritariamente relativas a escritores franceses e completas com o nome do a tradutor a franc s, editora francesa e ano de publica o.Embora haja algumas notas teis do tradutor, faltam outras tantas, pelo menos para quem n o saiba franc s.Para o fim pareceram me at despropositadas algumas anedotas relativas a bibliotecas ou aos seus propriet [...]

  5. A habit I have picked up of late is to read books about books and also about people who love books It is like finding a group of people with whom you can feel utterly at home The language these authors speak and the ideas they have about books are ones with which I could find similar wavelengths For want of a better word, I would call this book porn Fantasizing about all the books you could read and also basking in the eloquence of authors who could speak the language of the books in the most pe [...]

  6. Um livro que come a bem com o relato da candidatura de Fernando Pessoa em 1932 ao lugar de conservador bibliotec rio no Museu Condes de Castro Guimar es em Cascais e que se prolonga numa toada deliciosa.Muitas vezes dei por mim a rever me nas considera es de Jacques Bonnet sobre os livros, os leitores, os escritores, os h bitos de leitura ou a forma de organiza o das bibliotecas pessoais E sobretudo, assentindo sempre ao quadro apresentado dos viciados em livros, dos que PRECISAM de viver rodead [...]

  7. So so Its main benefit is giving me reinforcement to smile benignly at those who question my sanity when they see the bookshelves arriving next week the benefit and cost of volunteering at the friends of the library where books are almost free Bonnet has 40,000, so I m a lightweight.

  8. What a lovely little meditation on the beauty of living in a world full of books Not only that but the author has three of my all time authors within these pages Boris Vian, Osamu Dazai and Albert Cossery So one is surrounded by great taste He also comments on the peculiar nature of collecting books as well as the human nature needing these objects to surround us Without a doubt my library is very much my self portrait And this book is now part of my collection

  9. I received this book from and reviewed it for New Book Magazine.This is a book about books, written by a man in the middle of a life long love affair with books, who has accumulated approximately 40.000 copies in his house.This is a book about having such a personal library, acquiring the books and the need to keep them, the intricacies involved in organising the shelves and the frustrations associated with not being able to find a certain copy of a certain title This is a book for those who lov [...]

  10. If you love books, physical books, then this slender volume, from someone who shares your passion, will fly right into your heart I felt a sense of recognition from his opening quote Some people are fond of horses, others of wild animals in my case, I have been possessed since childhood by a prodigious desire to buy and own books Julian the Apostate The author has a personal library of 40,000 volumes, so you might say he is a bibliophile extraordinaire He discusses the problems that come with su [...]

  11. I am so buying myself my own copy of this book As a self confessed bibliophile and avid reader, I recognise my own joys, choices and dilemmas in every page from the constant issue of where to store one s books went with the buy a house solution to how to categorise and shelve them and the ever present questions from all those who just don t understand the power the printed page holds over us Bonnet even manages to capture the thought and reasoning behind the need to keep hold of books, regardles [...]

  12. the author of this book has a library containing 40,000 volumes there s lots in here about other collectors one guy s apartment became so filled with books that he moved out to an apartment opposite and kept his booklined one as an office Another story is a Brazilian guy who spent 17 years looking for a particular book and finally flew to france to pick up a copy, and then left it on the plane it s ok, he mananged to get it back.This was orignally written in french, and most of the books mention [...]

  13. A beautiful homage to books and bibliomania It s main theme is based on Borges Paradise is library The book is crammed with elegant aphorisms and remarkable anecdotes, like the description of a lithograph by Daumier called the book lover in heaven , which perfectly illustrates the fascination rarity holds for the bibliophile It shows a man thumbing through a little book and explaining to another book lover, I can t tell you how happy I am I ve just found the 1780 Amsterdam edition of Horace for [...]

  14. Jacques Bonnet works in the French publishing industry, and between his profession and a self professed case of bibliomania, he has a personal collection of some 40,000 books Phantoms on the Bookshelves is a brief, breezy reflection on a lifetime spent book collecting, sprinkled with quotations, aphorisms and anecdotes Bonnet doesn t develop a lot of his ideas, and I disagreed with several of them, but this is nonetheless an enjoyable trifle.

  15. Leggere e scoprire di essere affetti da bibliomania Ti dici che in fondo non grave.Il fatto che, prima di arrivare alla scoperta, i libri si sono moltiplicati, e non capisci come sia potuto accadere.Nell attesa di trovare una risposta spuntano le domande collezionista o lettore insaziabile Cosa ti ha spinto a scegliere quei libri Una ragione ci sar , o dieci cento mille Urge per trovargli una collocazione, quindi meglio rimandare la soluzione ai quesiti.S , per con quale criterio sistemare i vol [...]

  16. I originally picked this up because it is a book about books, written by a man who owns 40,000 books in his private collection, and that really intrigued me After reading, I think this book would be good for a specific audience, and I m sure that doesn t include me For example, if you own thousands or tens of thousands of books, you will probably like this book and really connect with the author If you are familiar with authors and literature from all times and from all countries, especially Fra [...]

  17. Breve trattato sulle librerie, o meglio, sui bibliomani che le nutrono, le ordinano, le spostano, le catalogano Avevo il sospetto di essere affetta da bibliomania ma dopo aver letto questo divertente libricino della Sellerio ne ho proprio la conferma Non sono arrivata ancora ai 40000 volumi dell autore beato lui , ne ho circa 3500 uno speciale ringraziamento ai miei genitori , ma ho poco pi di trent anni, direi di avere tempo stato interessante leggere dei vari problemi di catalogazione e ordine [...]

  18. About halfway through this short book, I wondered to myself what, exactly, am I going to say about this book What is its thesis, what is it trying to say, does it have a message, or anything This is a book about books, and the people who collect them, their collections, and what happens to them in the real world as a consequence of their attitude towards books If you have ever felt that you have too many books, but can never summon the courage or have the time to reduce it to a manageable size, [...]

  19. Cada vez gosto mais de ler sobre livros V rias t m sido as leituras deste g nero ultimamente, e quando me cruzei com refer ncias a este ensaio soube que, mais tarde ou mais cedo teria de o ler Gra as s BLX, acabou por ser bem cedo.Este livro aborda essencialmente o tema da bibliofilia e de todas as consequ ncias que esta traz Encontra se dividido em cap tulos que abordam temas como as bibliomanias, a arruma o de livros, pr ticas de leitura ou a forma como o leitor sabe mais sobre as pessoas que [...]

  20. In Phantoms on the Bookshelves, Jacques Bonnet has set out to chronicle a lifetime of book collecting.As a confirmed bibliophile myself, I was eager to read of another s journey through the world of books.Jacques certainly has some tales to tell of the many ways he has come across books, and the best ways in which to catalogue an enormous personal library, and I did find myself chuckling along at moments, recognising my own personal struggles with how best to organise my overflowing bookshelves. [...]

  21. This small book is lovely I felt like I had found a kindred spirit One of my favorite quotes How did these books get into my library By a combination of chance, systematic curiosity, and impulses generated by conversations or reading And this My memory works best at being able to find quickly the book the information is in, rather than by loading itself with facts, dates and quotations which are sitting on my bookshelves And especially this Even when the book really has been read and absorbed we [...]

  22. I love books about books and very little persuasion was needed for me to read this other than to find it in a bookshop As a bit of a collector myself, it s always great to read about other people s shelves, ways of organising, bookish stories, ways of reading This book really is, as Jerome Garcin wrote in his review, a promise of happiness There was one thing however it would have benefited greatly from, if only it was absent James Salter s introduction Not only does he offer no insight into the [...]

  23. A tiny, delightful book about the tiny delights of personal libraries If your time is limited, The Library at Night is comprehensive and contemplative, though this one is certainly worth its 144 pages Worth it for the bibliography alone.

  24. Un tratado de xardineria para a planta trepadora que m is me gusta os libros Un libro sobre libros e sobre o clube dos bibliofilos 3

  25. This book was written for bibliophiles like me If you love to read and collect books, this is a must read for you, too.

  26. To play its part properly, the library must be left behind from time to time, so that one can miss it and then gratefully rediscover it It is waiting for us at home and is already being enriched with the things we are bringing back with us p 102

  27. How does one live with tens of thousands of books I will almost certainly never have the means to ask myself that question, yet I found Monsieur Bonnet s little book a charming, funny, moving, and effervescent meditation on that question, and I found myself nodding in agreement with point after point How does one organize one s books Even though I have only several hundred, not twenty thousand, I debate and think over that question regularly What does one collect Am I a collector I find myself w [...]

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