Hush Cross Your Heart In the summer before their senior year Coby Rendell and her friends take a beach trip together Around a campfire on a foggy June night Coby Rhiannon Yvette and the others share th

Cross Your Heart In the summer before their senior year, Coby Rendell and her friends take a beach trip together Around a campfire on a foggy June night, Coby, Rhiannon, Yvette and the others share their darkest secrets, before a tragic accident shatters the bond between them And Hope Twelve years later Coby attends a birthday party reunion that ends in horror when YCross Your Heart In the summer before their senior year, Coby Rendell and her friends take a beach trip together Around a campfire on a foggy June night, Coby, Rhiannon, Yvette and the others share their darkest secrets, before a tragic accident shatters the bond between them And Hope Twelve years later Coby attends a birthday party reunion that ends in horror when Yvette s sister s lifeless body is discovered in a hot tub Soon others in the original group of tale tellers begin meeting similar fates unfortunate accidents shrinking their numbers one by one To Die Conflicted by her growing feelings for Danner Lockwood, the investigating detective, Coby races to unravel a mystery buried in the past But someone is watching her every move someone prepared to kill again and again to protect a shocking truth Praise for Nancy Bush s Blind Spot Engrossing ists you won t see coming Karen Rose, New York Times Bestselling Author Atmospheric re to cause shivers Book Page Bush keeps the story moving quickly and ends with an unexpected twist Publishers Weekly

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  1. Bestselling author Nancy Bush has had an eclectic writing career She started her first story when she heard how young mothers were making money writing romance novels She thought, I can do that, and talked her sister, bestselling author, Lisa Jackson, into joining her in her foray into writing At the time Nancy was a young mother herself Now, she says she s just a mother.Nancy began her career in the romance genre, writing both contemporary and historical novels, but being a mystery buff, she kept trying to add suspense into the plot, as much as her editors would allow In 2002 she was chosen by ABC Television to be part of a writing group think tank which was tasked with developing story for ABC s daytime dramas She was one of two people selected from that group to actually become a breakdown writer for, at the time, one of ABC s top rated daytime shows ALL MY CHILDREN Nancy made the move to New York to join the AMC team while she was writing for the soap That was an experience, she admits Ask her, and she ll swear that the pressure cooker of delivering story every day lots and lots of story helped focus her writing.When Nancy returned to her home state of Oregon she channeled that newfound energy into writing the kind of books she s always loved mysteries She wrote three Jane Kelly Mystery novels in the space of three years, and has another one currently in proposal form The last several years she s turned her attention to romantic suspense novels, writing both with her sister and on her own Like Lisa, sh e s now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, both in her co writing ventures and on her own merits as well.Nancy s latest project Summer 2012 is the kick off for her newest suspense series with NOWHERE TO RUN debuting in August and NOWHERE TO HIDE in September A third Nowhere book is scheduled for next year.Nancy has recently received the rights back to many of her earlier novels and the Danner Quartet, one of her most beloved series, is available again in e book form LADY SUNDOWN, MIRACLE JONES, JESSE S RENEGADE and SCANDAL S DARLING follow the ups and downs of the irrepressible Danner family in turn of the century Oregon Nancy also has a number of contemporary romances that have been updated and reformatted and now have new life as e books Look for THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, DEAR DIARY, and the Summer Lovin Duets SUMMERTIME BLUES and IMAGINARY LOVER along with many in the coming months.

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  1. Hush by Nancy Bush was a bit of a let down A slow start but I kept hoping it would rev up a bitbut it just didn t.The charactersez, there were so many that after a while I lost track of who was who Not that I found any of them engaging or even interesting Most of the characters are introduced in the beginning when they were still in high school.I thought they were very immature and idiotic but hey, they re going to grow up someday and maybe, just maybe they will become interesting charactersbut [...]

  2. This was a random grab, that turned out ok I was intrigued by the mystery and it had me turning pages quickly However, there were SO may characters that I couldn t keep them strait I couldn t become attached to any of them In the end, I had one mystery pegged, but there were some twists I wouldn t highly recommend this one, but it wasn t bad for a quickie summer read.

  3. Posted 07 30 11 This book was filled with suspense, but with a typical and overdone storyline the first 3 4 of the book was good, but the last 1 4 fell flat and wrapped up in an anticlimactic way I was disappointed by the ending but the story to get to the ending appeared well developed and interesting The subplot did not appear to have anything to do with the main plot which I found odd The old secrets from school mates has been done several times that I had read and this offered nothing new.

  4. In the summer before their senior year, Coby Rendell and her classmates take a beach trip together While this group were technically friends, they didn t necessarily consider themselves the best of friends the teenagers fathers had all been friends since high school, and were always hopeful that their children would have equally strong friendships with each other So it was that around a campfire one foggy June night, Coby, Rhiannon, Yvette and the others find themselves sharing their darkest sec [...]

  5. Secrets, lies and murder struggle to boost Nancy Bush s HUSH into a climatic suspense novel Too many characters, a lack luster romance and a mild suspense streak unfortunately drag this novel down.One night during a beach trip the summer before her senior year, Coby Rendell and her friends begin to reveal horrible secrets to each other Not only are they surprised at what they ve learned, but are completely shocked when another classmate accidentally falls to his death from a cliff that same nigh [...]

  6. I was very disappointed by the ending since it didn t really tie everything together So why was Juliet killing people Why didn t Juliet think Coby belonged What happened with Genevieve Jarrod What happened with Faith Hugh What happened with Faith Coby s parents Did Coby Danner get married Who wound up with Benedict since both his parents were killed What happened to Juliet etc

  7. There s a group of girls that have a night party on the beach and they play a game of pass the candle It s a game where you have to tell your deepest secret, the game is overheard by a group of boys, at the end of the night one of them is dead, it s pronounced an accident but is it Years later both groups are together again and yes there s another death, only this one is a murder, who s the killer and does that mean the death in the past was a murder too.You have to concentrate reading this book [...]

  8. HUSH by Nancy Bush is an intriguing romantic suspense This is the story of a tragic accident that will leave the bonds between those involved shattered It is a Cross your heart and hope to die story that will have you turning pages It has secrets,revenge,mystery,suspense, accidents ,murder,buried past,some romance,and shocking twist It is fast paced that will have shivers running up your spine and a shocking ending you want see coming A thriller from beginning to the last page.Hush is a great re [...]

  9. From the cover blurb, I had some high expectations for this book However it failed to live up to what I look for in a great suspense novel The over all story was good, the main characters were believable making it for an enjoyable read That being said the book was also confusing, too many character plots with side stories of their own This to me created a mass wave of confusion which caused the book to fall flat Over all I liked it but there were a lot of elements to it that I did not like.

  10. Hush is a about a group of people who werent realy friends in school but drawn together by a set of circumstances After a camp out where secrets are told a memeber of the groups dies years later as adults it is all drawn back to the surface More people are killed and targeted from the group The story definatley had a lot of suspense We were given just snippets of information to suggests ideas of what was happening and who was doing it The only negative I found was that the way the narrative and [...]

  11. well, I have to say, this book was great, wonderful twists and murders all over the place, it was a bit wordy yes, I know that s not a word for me, overly descriptive in some places,like when describing the hoses or hotels or the surrounding areas, but the suspense was great, the characters were well rounded and the author fleshed them out nicely I would read this author again but for now, too much suspense and not enough romanceon to a paranormal romance I think, or just straight romance

  12. I was disappointed with this book I found the writing very amateurish but I kept reading it hoping it would get better didn t There were way too many characters to keep track of also the story line was weak.why would those secrets upset everyone for the rest of their lives and most of the secrets were trivial I found one blatant mistake, where Coby went home after work and changed into sweats then Danner came over later and she was still in her work clothes I don t see how there could be such an [...]

  13. I did enjoy this book and it kept me guessing as to who did what, but at the end there were too many victims and too many different people doing things to really have a cohesive ending The romance was ok nothing too exciting You kept waiting for them to get together, but for some reason they kept stepping away from each other.It is a good read, and it keeps you entertained I will be starting another one of her books shortly.

  14. Okay book Way too many characters though I couldn t keep them all straight Especially the ette girls All sisters all names ending in ette Because there were so many characters, I don t think they were fully developed I found it hard to identify with them And the killer, I couldn t really like or hate.

  15. This book was only okay to me There was so much going on that it was somewhat disconnected at times The whole scenario with the secondary murder wasn t necessary and had nothing to do with the main story It did absolutely nothing to the main murder plot There were so many characters many of whom were either killers or twisted that parts of it were really unrealistic.

  16. This was a definite page turner Good thriller with lots of twists that had me guessing as to who the killer was right to the last part of the book.

  17. This book was an unbelievable letdown It was described as being a page turner but this was far from the truth There were far too many characters introduced, all of whom had the charm and personality of a cardboard cut out I waited, and waited, and waited for something to happen, hoping it would get better Finally, at about page 100, I gave up Maybe there was a good story line at the end, but I think she should have left this one to her sister Lisa to write.

  18. I am new to The Sisters Jackson Bush and understand Lisa Jackson is the celebrity in the family MY introduction to The Sisters started with this book, however and, although HUSH has its issues, I have since read all Bush s published romantic suspense books, as well as Jackson s YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW a wild rollercoaster that, though ultimately tough to buy, was worth the ride and their collaboration, WICKED GAME I just started WICKED LIES and SOMETHING WICKED is on deck I plan to hit up Bush s [...]

  19. I m than a quarter of the way through and it s just sooo slow There s tons of characters and I already can t keep them all straight.

  20. OK, for starters, this was one of those instances where the blurb writer does not seem to have actually read the book.1 The original group wasn t really friends there was no bond to shatter.2 After Annette s death, they don t start dying one by one Might have been a little interesting if they had.3 Danner is not the investigating detective He s a detective, from a different jurisdiction, who just decides to investigate the situation, and the cops who actually have jurisdiction inexplicably deci [...]

  21. Hush by Nancy BushRomantic Suspense June 28th, 20113 starsIn Hush, Nancy Bush brings together an interesting cast of characters in a mystery that flashes back to the past.A group of high school girls were on the beach telling their darkest secrets But they weren t as quiet at they thought Lucas Moore was a young, gorgeous, surfer Twelve years ago, he stumbled upon their conversation Soon after he finds himself falling to his death off a cliff His murderer was never found.It is the present and Lu [...]

  22. Twelve summers ago, Coby Rendell and a group of her friends gathered around a campfire on the Pacific coast and shared secrets with each other The same night, one of their friends a handsome boy that all the girls loved died in a tragic accident Twelve years later, the secrets the girls shared are still hidden and festering, and tragedy strikes again Another accident Or murder Coby teams up with sexy detective Danner Lockwood the one who got away to solve the mystery of how her friends died Some [...]

  23. In the summer before their senior year, Coby Rendell and her friends take a beach trip together Around a campfire on a foggy June night, Coby, Rhiannon, Yvette and the others share their darkest secrets, before a tragic accident shatters the bond between themTwelve years later Coby attends a birthday party reunion that ends in horror when Yvette s sister s lifeless body is discovered in a hot tub Soon others in the original group of tale tellers begin meeting similar fates unfortunate accidents [...]

  24. This book starts out with a group of teenage girls around a campfire playing a truth or dare type game where they have to reveal their deepest secrets Unfortunately a group of teenage boys are secretly listening The boys join the campfire and have come prepared with a lot of alcohol and a lot of hookups The evening ends when one of the boys tragically falls from the cliff to the rocks ocean below.Flash forward 12 years The people who were together have been having fatal accidents I liked the sto [...]

  25. One night a group of teenagers got together for a bonfire and one of them died tragically Years later some of them reunite at the same location and another death occurs Questions start forming and everyone begins to wonder if these mysterious accidents are really accidents It was a good mystery and throughout the book you wonder who is behind all of these deaths but the redundancy of that one night on the beach got a little old for me Recounting the events of that one night took up a good portio [...]

  26. Bad descrytions Too much of the scandals, mostly involve sex Not so much of the murders.Motive Craziness Not good.Unnecessarily long A little bit got up to good at the nearly end, but then went back to a bad explaination.When I started to read it, I thought it might be like a Final destination book, due to the fact that there are many characters involved and the shrinking their number one by one descryption But it was a let down case, since there re not many people die after all, and even worse [...]

  27. This book was all right I enjoyed some aspects quite a bit, but others weren t all that great There were way too many characters to ever keep straight While I found this to be realistic, it was confusing as hell A lot of the characters blended in together and all of the female characters were super bitchy Except Coby I mean damn Also, the ending was resolved super fast and wasn t at all satisfying Plus it was confusing And the reveal of the killer wasextremely disappointing It felt like the auth [...]

  28. 2.5 rounded up to GR 3 starsI gave this 3 stars based on the type of book this is excellent for a day at the beach or a long flight, but far from great literature It was kind of reminiscent of I Know What You Did Last Summer and other teen thrillers from the 1990s Only this was for adults I was kind of surprised that there were so few dead bodies by the end of the book the book description made me expect Overall, was an OK read Just don t expect super great character development or realistic mo [...]

  29. I know who you are, I saw what you did That very line was in this book A group of teenagers having a sleep over on the beachThe famous line I know who you are, I saw what you did somes up this book about teenage friends who start showing up dead Ok read, but too many blah characters to keep track of Plus five of the friends names ended with ette Juliet, Yvette, Nicholette, Annette and Suzette, just try and keep them straight

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