Accompanied by a Waltz

Accompanied by a Waltz Jonathon Pfister s life has settled into a maudlin existence since the death of Greg his lover of seventeen years But Greg s daughter Jeana has decided she s had enough so she rents a small apartmen

Jonathon Pfister s life has settled into a maudlin existence since the death of Greg, his lover of seventeen years But Greg s daughter Jeana has decided she s had enough, so she rents a small apartment in Vienna for him as a Father s Day present Jonathon agrees to go, against his better judgment.Surprisingly, Jonathon finds the change of scenery refreshing, and he even mJonathon Pfister s life has settled into a maudlin existence since the death of Greg, his lover of seventeen years But Greg s daughter Jeana has decided she s had enough, so she rents a small apartment in Vienna for him as a Father s Day present Jonathon agrees to go, against his better judgment.Surprisingly, Jonathon finds the change of scenery refreshing, and he even makes a young friend in Hans, his landlady s son Then Hans s older brother returns home, and Jonathon begins to truly awaken Fabian touches something inside him, especially when the younger man takes it upon himself to woo Jonathon in full Viennese style, with a waltz But shadows of the past and expectations for the future loom over them both and will have to be banished for their lovers dance to stay in step.

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Accompanied by a Waltz

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  1. My big problem with this book was that after Greg died I really didn t like Jonathon When he meets Fabian he is a jerk So he s renting an apartment in someone s home and someone comes in and he screams and pushes them down the stairs OK I get that you think he s breaking in But the guy says this is his home and basically proves that to his satisfaction Naturally Fabian is a bit upset that his grandmother rented out his home What I didn t understand is Jonathon gets mad at Fabian even though he g [...]

  2. I found Accompanied by a Waltz to be a really touching story, moving me to almost cry at some points as I followed along on Jonathon s journey of re learning who he is after the loss of Greg, his long time partner It was tough to read about Greg and Jonathon as a couple in the first part of the story, knowing as I was reading that I would lose one of these great characters as the story unfolded On the other hand, Andrew writing Jonathon s history this way, as it was happening rather than a memor [...]

  3. This is a wonderful story that deals with loss and the rediscovery of love Vienna as a setting works really well, since it is one of those cities that unite the old and the new historically, architecturally and musically This is a very good background for the development of Jonathon s new view on life.Jonathon is a deeply caring character who has an extremely hard time after his lover s death Letting go just isn t going to happen until a change of scenery liberates him to look at the world with [...]

  4. I felt this book was really a two part book When I read the description, I thought that the book would start with Jonathon Pfister, a teacher, getting over the death of his long time lover and partner, Greg I was surprised how much of the book had Greg in it I kind of liked that because it allowed me to get a real feel for the connection between Greg and Jonathan and why it was so hard for Jonathan to get over Greg I could really feel the heartbreak and loss.The second half of the book is Jonath [...]

  5. This has got to be one of the most beautiful love stories of all times I know this story was written several years ago, but it shows the quality of writing that Andrew Grey does in all his writing Brilliant piece of work The story line was strong with emotion, love, and sex throughout The characters were amazing and true to life I felt like I was right there with them especially as Jonathan Pfister loses his partner of 17 years, then finds love again for the second time Jonathan goes to Vienna a [...]

  6. 4.5 stars A very sweet romance, but one that I loved nonetheless Many might think it too sweet, but I loved the characters and I particularly love stories about men finding love later in life, or finding love a second time around The best thing about the novel, besides the characterizations, which Andrew Grey always writes exceptionally well, is Greg, Jonathon s lover who dies and sets up the scenario for this novel His death was dealt with in a way that made his character real instead of an eff [...]

  7. A lovely story of the circle of life and love.Jonathan loses the love of his life, Greg, and wallows in his misery Finally his friends and daughter Jeanna have had enough and send him to Vienna for a change in scenery While there Jonathan meets Fabian, the eldest son of the family he is renting an apartment from, and discovers a new hunger for life and love.A great love story with little angst but a few tears.4 stars

  8. Not bad, but boring.I enjoyed the beginning, when Johnathon s partner is still alive He doesn t have nearly as much chemistry with his new boyfriend He is kind of bland The author did a good job at introducing Vienna Natives will notice inaccuracies, but otherwise Grey should be safe The visits to various tourist hotspots are a bit chliche, but since Johnathon is a tourist himself, it didn t bother me too much.

  9. I was really worried about this book I had convinced myself that it was going to be a sad story with no hea I loved Jonathan and Greg, and was heartbroken at the treatment by Gregs family Loved the secondary characters Loved the scenes in Vienna and now I want to visit there Overall another great book by this author Will definitely read by him.

  10. Definitely some sad points that had me tearing up, but it very realistic for the loss of a loved one I m not sure I could totally see the relationship between the two MCs, but it was a good ending.

  11. After the death of his lover, Jonathon s life has become pretty boring, he works, goes home and stares at the urn of ashes When his lover s daughter gives him a trip to Vienna as a Father s Day gift he fights it for a bit, but finally agrees to spend go While there he makes friends with his landlady s son Hans, which gives him something to focus on during the day rather than feeling sorry for himself Han s older brother Fabian returns home, which sparks feelings in Jonathon that he hasn t felt f [...]

  12. Jonathan is older than Fabian I have no problem reading books about couples with large age difference, but I hate it when the older person treats the younger person like he she is younger than them I mean, in Andrew Grey s Turning the Page, there was TWENTY years age difference, but the older person treated the younger as if they are equals Why couldn t that be done on this book

  13. Andrew Grey I love you Jonathan s story at the start broke my heart and the treatment he got from the ex wife and two of three children from his partner Greg wasn t right Jonathan did nothing wrong and yet he was treated badly then we went away and met Fabian and that what started Jonathan to love again he allowed himself to say good bye to Greg and move one and Ghats what he did

  14. I don t want to go on without him When we lose someone we love, nothing matters to the ones left behind, those that would give anything to have their loss love back Jonathon Pfister would give any thing to turn back time and have his partner back in his arms In this wonderful soul searing story, you will cry when Jonathon s partner of seventeen years, Greg, dies When you begin to read, you can feel the love and care between Jonathon and Greg and you will find tears in your eyes as you are drawn [...]

  15. Okay so if I overlook the one aspect of the story that annoyed me greatly I can easily say that I really liked this book Ignoring the one big thing the remainder of the tale is touching and sweet and emotional I would have liked to have a bit of Greg and Jonathans story as liked them as a couple But overall it was a lovely story BUT The one big thing that annoyed me greatly Jonathans back story It is absolutely identical in every way to the back story of another of Andrews characters in the boo [...]

  16. 3.5 starsThis book really seems to be about two relationships It starts with Jonathan who is in his mid 40 s and his older lover Greg They are deeply in love and have been for 17 years and Jonathan is devestated when Greg suddenly dies Plus he has to deal with Greg s 3 children and vicious ex wife However he soon develops a very close relationship with Greg s daughter they are all in their early 20 s and after a couple of years of wallowing she convinces him to take an apartment in Vienna owned [...]

  17. What a beautiful, sweet and touching story this was The beginning was very emotional and I cried, like a baby, for the first 22% of the book Jonathon was an easy character to like and I can t tell you how difficult it was to read about him losing Greg, his partner of 17 years Emotion filled the scenes in which Jonathon is grieving for his partner It was tastefully done and beautifully executed But it is the story of Jonathon coming to terms with his loss, how he heals his broken heart and redisc [...]

  18. That was just lovely I enjoyed it so much I ll even forgive the author for making me cry a couple of times Jonathan losing Greg was just heartbreaking, especially after seeing what they were together, but it was almost worse seeing how he pulled into himself and was just a wreck almost a year later Going to Vienna was really the kick he needed to get himself out of the rut he d found himself in and even if he was king of shoved into it instead of nudged along a little, it was really for the best [...]

  19. He s done it again Let me start by saying this one is a bit different from the others of Andrew Grey s that I ve read That s not a bad thing, never fear But, I don t normally need a box of tissues beside me as I read.Accompanied by a Waltz begins with Greg and Jonathon but right after you meet Greg and what a sweetie he is he passes away, leaving Jonathon alone and broken hearted Now, enter step daughter She s not content to allow her Dad to simply exist, so for Father s Day she devises a plan [...]

  20. Heart wrenching This book pulled me emotionally in several directions This is a story of grieving, of loosing ones loved one of 17 years Then it was a wonderful story of learning to live life again, to open ones heart to love without the guilt of betrayal It was a joy to follow Jonathon as he explored Vienna and discovering the joys of love again Scavenger Hunt view spoiler Month AugustCategory 6 Give it a ChanceItemsPublic transport 6 pointsBeer 2 pointsSweatpants 8 pointsGroceries 6 pointsMirr [...]

  21. I have to start out by saying that By the end of chapter 1 I was balling like a baby That being said, I loved Greg and Jonathon together and I wasn t sure how I would like Jonathon with anyone else How do you go on when the love of your life for 17 years is suddenly taken from you Damn eyes are getting watery again and I read this book two weeks ago Anyway, A couple of years after Greg s death, Jonathon is sent on an extended vacation to Vienna by Jenna Greg s daughter in order to help him start [...]

  22. This was a very enjoyable story about Jonathan who s partner Greg passes away suddenly The love of his life, two years later Jonathan is still grieving when he decides to take up an offer by Greg s daughter to join her in Vienna for a few months She ll be touring the continent but her friend Inga s family has an apartment to rent and she ll introduce him While there he meets Fabian, the oldest son of the household, also a stunningly handsome gay man The two fall in love over the summer but Jonat [...]

  23. Greg and Jonathon had been together seventeen years when Greg passed away Two years later Greg s daughter is living with Jonathon She decides to do something nice for Jonathon who she is calling Dad now.She buys him a first class round trip ticket to Vienna, Austria Her friend s family lives there and has an apartment for rent for 2 months He agrees to go but not without a small argument The story covers the time he is in Vienna Sightseeing, going to cafes, the opera, meeting people and making f [...]

  24. I fell for this story after reading a lengthy excerpt posted on a blog and needed to finish reading it I ll admit, I ve never purchased any of Mr Grey s other novels but I will definitely continue to check out his blurbs and excerpts Who knows what might intrigue me next Accompanied by a Waltz was well written, captivating and a thoroughly enjoyable read I sincerely felt for the characters and actually got a little weepy at few points Accompanied by a Waltz is a total romance, so if you re looki [...]

  25. I loved it I had quite a few squeal and kick my feetsies moments So sweet just the sort of short, fun book I needed to get me back on track for my challenge, the one where I m gonna read 52 books this year I m also challenging myself to not read any books by straight, white, Christian, cisgender men, for the rest of the year That means only female, MOGAI LGBT, or POC authors, or those who belong to a religion I have no experience with You never know how much you read the same kinda authors until [...]

  26. This was a sad, sweet story Teacher Jonathon loses the love of his life and partner of 17 years, Greg 2 years after Greg s death his daughter sends Jonathon to Vienna for Father s day There he meets Fabian and starts to love again.I liked Jonathon and Fabian and I thought their relationship developed at a nice peace Jonathon s grief was treated with care There were some likeable supporting characters in Jeana and Hans The weird investigation bit didn t really fit with the story but apart from th [...]

  27. I was hard pressed when rating this book, but in the end I couldn t honestly say that I really liked it I just liked it It was lovely story and had me almost in tears a couple of times I m just really glad I read the description of the book before I delved in other wise I would have been seriously shocked and depressed when Greg died suddenly It was terribly sad and the story of getting over the grief was well done I liked the characters but sadly it didn t have anything in it to set it apart fr [...]

  28. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 3.75stars I have had Accompanied by a Waltz on my wishlist for a long time I finally picked it up from Dreamspinner Press during a recent sale, shortly before we scheduled Mr Grey for today s Retro Reads spotlight Of course when Grey suggested this as one of the retro read titles, I jumped on it.For Complete review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance pos

  29. A love story which ended sadly a man who tried to grieve his dead lover with his step daughter s help an encounter with a young man The two MC are endearing, their relationship grows slowly with Greg s shadow in the background This is a very romantic love story with some heartbreaking parts that I didn t intend to read at first but did it for a challenge and really enjoyed it

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