A Dance of Love and Jealousy

A Dance of Love and Jealousy Nate Deventer is about to go from standing in the wings to dancing into his future He s earned his way from a major ballet company s corps boy to a soloist gained a mentor in one of the principals c

Nate Deventer is about to go from standing in the wings to dancing into his future He s earned his way from a major ballet company s corps boy to a soloist, gained a mentor in one of the principals, clashed with handsome star Dane Stockton who has a girlfriend in the company despite his wandering ways and met his idol famed dancer and new resident choreographer, RomualdNate Deventer is about to go from standing in the wings to dancing into his future He s earned his way from a major ballet company s corps boy to a soloist, gained a mentor in one of the principals, clashed with handsome star Dane Stockton who has a girlfriend in the company despite his wandering ways and met his idol famed dancer and new resident choreographer, Romuald Ghent.Romuald s first major project for the company is a new ballet, and Nate is cast as the understudy of one of the leads It s an exciting opportunity, one that brings him closer to Romuald and fosters a burgeoning mutual attraction But between them is Romuald s on again, off again relationship with guest star Henri Keller, and the success of the ballet may depend on how well Nate can dance between his professional and personal lives.

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A Dance of Love and Jealousy

  1. Roland Graeme is one of several pseudonyms used by a prolific writer of erotic fiction Graeme, a descendant of Swiss immigrants and a native of Pennsylvania, resides in Buffalo, New York He earned a Ph.D in English by writing his doctoral dissertation on the novels of Sir Walter Scott Roland Graeme is the protagonist of Scott s novel The Abbot His interests, in addition to literature, include classical music especially opera , history, and world religions, as well as, not surprisingly, human sexuality, in all its variety and richness.Graeme has been, at one time or another, a teacher, a factory worker, a civil servant, and a music critic The one common denominator throughout his career s has been his passion for freelance writing He continues to hold down his current full time day job while writing in his spare time.

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  1. 4.5 Wonderful starsThis book is just wonderful It is on the verge or literature than romantic novel If you love classical art, ballet specifically, and some HOT men getting it on, you will love this book I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of the dancers, the choreography, the environment I felt like an spectator in front of the stage The author s vocabulary and knowledge of classical art is impressive.There is one m f scene but it is pretty easy to skip over it.Dane was H I L A RIOUS I absol [...]

  2. I never, ever advocate fade to black sex scenes in books But I think this book would have been improved by them The sex scenes were truly terrible But I quite liked the dance stuff.

  3. Nate, a young up and coming dancer is continuously working to improve his dancing skills in order to better his capabilities His idol, famous aging dancer and new choreographer, Romuald, signs on to work with at the dance company where Nate is a soloist But Nate is conflicted he was in love with his straight best friend on the dance troop a known player is after Nate and he s unsure if his idol will give him everything he wants in a relationship Who will Nate end up with This is a different stor [...]

  4. My only problem with this book was the ending it was disappointing to read this huge book to have view spoiler Romuald and Nate say I love you and just go back to work and that happened on the last two pages hide spoiler.

  5. A little rambling but a good read Hot sex and very detailed ballet life Even for a dancer, the detail of company life was long and rambling.

  6. Yah, yah, the book has some minor flaws Whatever I adored it It was a very compelling look at a dance company, and the author did a fabulous job of building a complete universe of interesting lead dancers and their relationships inside the company and out What an amazing read I was right there with the hero Nate, and I loved his journey of discovery I loved also that he seemed like a very young man in the beginning, respectful of his elders, had a great relationship with his family for a change [...]

  7. Excuse me for any possible spelling mistakes, English is not my first language, but I try Welcome to the world of open relationships, casual hookups, the art of having sexy with everything that moves, blushes, character s inconsistence, ridiculous scenes, and I m not criticizing anything, I just felt it was too much, and that Nate couldn t possibly be everything at once and still be considered pure, innocent and puritan I ve had some pretty good laughts at this book s expense, and I thought for [...]

  8. I loved this book I loved all the ballet scenes Everything about the book revolved around ballet and all the main characters were part of that world It wasn t just performances either It was practices, costumes, makeup, everything Sure, there were other places seen They were mainly were the dancers went after practice or for lunch though This book just made me feel totally immersed in creating and performing This set it above other books about dancers that I ve read The only thing that I had tro [...]

  9. To be honest, I didn t finish it I was very disappointed in the eventual pairing, and I was rooting for another Here is why Nate and Dane had unbelievable chemistry Yes, Dane was a bad boy and Nate was a choirboy , but still, their chemistry, even without hopping into bed together, was undeniable.Nate had a crush on the choreographer, and his eventual lover, both professionally and personally I hate that type of teacher student trope Even as a trope, it s far too cliche and there s no excitement [...]

  10. A novel of life backstage in a New York dance company, focused on new arrival Nate, who is gay, and his exploration of life in the big city Leisurely pace, spread out over years Spotlights also on a bisexual dancer, another dancer with a wife and child, and an English import choreographer and dancer The first 50 pages are pretty slow, but it picks up some steam after that Feels like a knowledgeable insider s view Watch new ballets being conceived and choreographed, based on classic Roman literat [...]

  11. 2.5This story took me a long time to read I had difficulty with the narration for the first 20% of the book, hardly any dialogue at all, I was being told everything.If you love ballet, this story probably works better for you than me, there was too much description of everything about the world of ballet that left me drifting or skimming many times.However, the dialogue and interactions between the characters started and those are the parts of the story I really enjoyed The conversations between [...]

  12. A Dance of Love and Jealousy was a very enjoyable read Not having had much exposure to the dance world I was a little apprehensive about not being able to understand a lot of the technical language, but my apprehension was for naught The book is written very well and I never felt that I was lost or left out The story has a very natural flow to it and the characters are fully developed I look forward to read this author again.I give A Dance of Love and Jealousy four stars.

  13. Loved, loved this book when I read it a couple of years ago Loved mr Graeme s style of writing Very dense , with references that I would have to look up later.But, do not let that deter you, read it, love it I am writing this on my iPad, so I cannot access this like I can on my Kindle to get the names of the MC, to reread the synopsis of the story and go.ohhh, that s right, that one Did this, and the other one did that, nevertheless, really good.Hope you enjoy it too, highly recommended.

  14. I loved this book The triangle between Nate and Romuald and Dane is so great I know people weren t happy with Nate and Dane when they weren t the main pairing but i believe that Dane wouldn t have changed and that is not who Nate needed The only thing that was really bad in this book was the dialog in the sex scenes I felt that i was reading a really cheap and nasty porn mag I REALLY disliked it, so much that i skimmed most of those scenes This is why it got a three star instead of a 4.

  15. The writting is overly descriptive It took so long for the 2nd Mc to show up that by that time I ve already been rooting for the wrong couple There were some very strong secondary characters that could pair up with Nate nicely The multi POVs got on my nerve I don t want to get into very characters head but the MC s Also not appreciated the detail of heterosex one bit.

  16. On the whole, this was a good read It started off a little slowly but once it got going, it picked up momentum nicely I liked the characters and thought that the eventual MCs suited each other well I must confess that my favourite character was resident bad boy, Dane On the minus side was the dialogue for the sex scenesah, just really, really bad porn dialogue.

  17. I love long, descriptive stories and A Dance of Love and Jealousy fit that bill perfectly During my college years I worked as an extra in a big opera and ballet company and Mr Graeme managed to describe the atmosphere so well I also like characters that aren t perfect and the hot sex scenes were also very good.

  18. I had really high hopes for this book, it s so hard to find a good book about ballet But, it was a major let down The details of the ballet and development of the characters was very good However, the details got to be too much and thus, boring I ve read quite a bit of gay erotica but none of those had such poorly written sex scenes as this book did It was like watching horribly done porno.

  19. I love this book I love the characters and the setting The author did a thorough research and it shows I also love that not every major characters in the book is gay And the cover is one of the most beautiful cover in this genre Kudos to the cover artist One little thing that bothers me is Romuald s name is hard to pronounced My eyes often slipped and read it as Ronald.

  20. Wonderful ballet drama with a slowly developing m m relationship between an older and a younger man The author manages to convey, that despite a 15 year age difference the younger dancer and the older choreographer have a lot in common and are a good fit for each other Yay for that But boy, those sex scenes are bad Someone has watched too much porn

  21. I thought it was too rambly and disconnected and too slow to get started I did, however, appreciate that the m m and f m sex scenes were equally bad No, I have no problem with het sex scenes when they re well written File under Regret purchasing.

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