Broken A woman wakes up in the middle of the night A strange man is in her bedroom She lies there in silence paralyzed with fear The woman is an author and the man one of her characters one in a long line

A woman wakes up in the middle of the night A strange man is in her bedroom She lies there in silence, paralyzed with fear The woman is an author and the man one of her characters, one in a long line that waits in her driveway for the time when she ll tell their stories He is so desperate that he has resorted to breaking into her house and demanding that she begin He,A woman wakes up in the middle of the night A strange man is in her bedroom She lies there in silence, paralyzed with fear The woman is an author and the man one of her characters, one in a long line that waits in her driveway for the time when she ll tell their stories He is so desperate that he has resorted to breaking into her house and demanding that she begin He, the author decides, is named Alvar Eide, forty two years old, single, works in a gallery He lives a quiet, orderly life and likes it that way no demands, no unpleasantness Until the icy winter morning when a young drug addict, skinny and fragile, walks into the gallery Alvar gives her a cup of coffee to warm her up And then one day she appears on his doorstep Broken is an unconventional, subtle, and disturbing mystery from a master of the form.

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  1. Karin Fossum n e Mathisen is a Norwegian author of crime fiction,often known there as the Norwegian queen of crime She lives in Oslo Fossum was initially a poet, with her first collection published in 1974 when she was just 20 It won the Tarjei Vesaas Debutant Prize She is the author of the internationally successful Inspector Konrad Sejer series of crime novels, which have been translated into over 16 languages She won the Glass key award for her novel Don t Look Back , which also won the Riverton Prize, and she was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger in 2005 for Calling Out For You.Series Inspector Konrad Sejer

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  1. A great book by the queen of the Norwegian crime novelists A gay man, a candidate for the world s most introverted person no friends, no travel, no life really becomes involved with a better term is controlled by a young girl who is a drug addicted prostitute One day she simply wanders in to the art gallery where he works She ends up dead and that is our crime to be resolved The book has an unusual twist in that the main character comes in to talk with the author about his role and his portrayal [...]

  2. This unconventional novel by Karin Fossum will delight some readers and, I suspect, confuse and frustrate others Fossum, a Norwegian, is perhaps best known for her crime fiction series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer Here she attempts something completely different and unusual.As the book opens, a middle aged female writer whose name we never learn, is cowering behind her curtains one night, looking down her driveway at the long line of characters who are waiting for her to tell their stories T [...]

  3. I always breathe a sigh of relief on finishing a novel by Karin Fossum that I have made it through intact, never mind that the process often feels as harrowing and traumatic as a slow evisceration Broken is a standalone work of true suspense that blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction and is quite different from the police procedural novels of Fossum which feature Inspector Konrad Sejer Indeed it is debatable which genre this novel fits into, but either way it is an assault on the senses [...]

  4. This is a book that comes along once and a while and takes you by complete surprise I am giving it 5 stars because I think it was clever yet simple and was successful in drawing me in to caring about what happened to the main character to the point of being on pins and needles I wanted to read it to see what was going to happen next and also was reluctant to on occasions because I was afraid things would end badly This is a departure from Karin Fossums usual crime series, a one off and it proves [...]

  5. What is the relationship between an author and her creation It is this unconventional question that author Karin Fossum explores here She exposes her secret hopes and fears in the most intimate way The book opens with a character, a mild polite man in his 40 s who intrudes himself in the dead of night into her bedroom She will come to name him Alvar Eides Alvar was one of many prospective characters who haunt her driveway They are a panoply of humanity, damaged, brooding, grieving, and even brie [...]

  6. Broken by Karin FossumBook Review by Jay GilbertsonImagine waking up late one night and there s a man standing next to your bed You d freak right Well not author Fossum She just sat up and had a chat with the guy Like she was expecting him and actually she was Welcome to the strange world of Alvar Eide Though it s hard to decide how in the world this novel is a mystery as the cover would have you believe, pay careful attention it s slyly revealed And one also has to keep in mind that this is a t [...]

  7. 4.5 a very strong one Alvar Eide really wants to be a good person He is somehow traumatized by an experience as a child when his parents purposely ignored a woman asking for help after her car crashed That is why he tries so hard The problem is that Alvar really isn t a people s person He is shy, paranoid, naive and ordely to the point of madness He is what we would call a control freak And he is, obviously, totally unprepared to deal with people and with unexpected situations This is already a [...]

  8. Broken is Fossum s standalone novel it is a totally authentic exposition of a writer s intimate relationship and responsibility toward their characters A negligible line is drawn between the worlds of the writer and her character Alvar Eide, they speak with one another directly, every other chapter The reader is treated to a much literary version of this theme as seen in Stranger Than Fiction, an excellent recent movie starring Will Farrell The movie is comedic and also displays the struggle be [...]

  9. Since I read so many mysteries, I usually don t review them or add them to my list, but this is an exception After discovering Henning Mankel many years ago, I really became a fan of the many Scandanavian mystery thriller authors Karin Fossum Norwegian is one of the best Although catagorized as mystery has the library mystery sticker this is not part of her previous series This is a very literate exploration of the relationship between a writer and the characters he she creates and how the autho [...]

  10. I was expecting something along the lines of the previous Fossum novels I d read first rate murder mysteries psychological thrillers and so was rather startled by what I got.The conceit of one half of this novel is that fiction writers interact with their characters as if the latter were real people I know for my own, humble part that this is very often true An author who seems very much like Karin Fossum finds that a man has pushed to the front of the queue of potential main characters outside [...]

  11. I was lured to this by Fossum s other stand alone,I Can See In The Dark , which was tremendous This is also a good read, though quite different So different that it really isn t in the crime genre, and I guess is of a literary novel The main story of Alvar Eide and has lonely existence is a strangely captivating one If someone had told me that was the main part of the story, a middle aged man living by himself, working in an art studio, with no friends and little interaction with anyone else, I [...]

  12. A friend lent me this book With the extra edge of it being a library book I could have ruined her library credit forever So I delayed reviewing it until I d actually returned the book to the library and didn t have that karmic horror hanging over me And I did return it And then I forgot.But This is a good book that I totally enjoyed reading and would easily recommend One of the first good signs is that whatever a character was eating sounded delicious Also, Alvar s job in an art gallery sounded [...]

  13. I loved Fossum s Black Seconds, so I expected to like this by default The book s concept, that a character is harassing the author to write about him and must face the story she presents to him, is definitely a bit indulgent It feels like something she wrote while stuck on another project, something that probably should never have been published But that wasn t my problem with it The main character, Alvar, is at first intrigued by the young, drug addicted waif that wanders into the gallery where [...]

  14. Karin Fossum s experimental exercise How disappointing was this book to me Very Few things bore me than authors who write about writing, the process or the conceptual proclivities But one of them may be milquetoast men who are morose and fairly OCD controlling Some of her stand alones are excellent I don t need a Sejer And I am still a fan.Her skill in writing characterization and her locale feel here were as crisp as always But the gimmick and the interplay for plot Not a winner Sincerely hope [...]

  15. Like many of the reviewers here, I ordered this book thinking it was another entry in my beloved Inspector Sejer series Initially I was disapointed when I discovered it was not, but after a few chapters, I was intrigued Fossum uses a nifty plot device here, at first I kept reminding myself that Alvar Eide s story was being made up as it went along and he wasn t real, but then I laughed at myself for it, realizing that his story is no different than any other fiction novel I might read, it s just [...]

  16. Read it after being intrigued by a Boston Globe review An author who wakes up to find a man in her room a character who wants his story to be written Enjoyed the pace of his uneventful life reminiscent of Remains of the Day as well as the notion of an author s relationship with her character being interspersed between chapters of his story Makes me think about how stories are created, how much of the writer is in the story, how much the story is independent of the writer Also liked the undercurr [...]

  17. This novel reminded me a lot of the brilliant movie Stranger Than Fiction An author is confronted by one of her characters, and she writes a story for him It is a grim storyter all this is Karin Fossum we re talking about I didn t enjoy this book as much as her Inspector Sejer mystery novels, but it was a great read all the same She really gets into the human psyche I highly recommend this book Translated into English from Norwegian.

  18. An odd little book, half mystery of sorts, in the way living our lives are always mysteries to be solved, half a meditation on the writer s life and process Quietly intriguing, and a little frustrating as the protagonist is so passive in his own life that one wants to shake him awake, make him act A departure from the Sejer mysteries, that is for certain.

  19. Feh.Awful stand alone book by the author of the Inspector Sejer series Her attempts at magical realism author s future character comes to her apartment to speak to her about what she ll write about him , depressingly predictable characters, no mystery and not much plot.Double feh.

  20. I can t sleep I look out my darkened window Lined in the driveway are all the authors I ve been wanting to read They stare up at my window, demanding to make an audience of me These authors torture me It s so hard to make the commitment to read one of their works Anthony Trollope exchanges barbs with Wodehouse while Thomas Pynchon stands aloof Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo are huddled together with the Scandinavian literati, smoking and drinking coffee, when Karin Fossum pushes her way past them [...]

  21. Hmmm a strange tale indeed Still a story about a writer visited by a character she has created but not written about yet was never going to be run of the mill now was it This was an interesting touch although personally I think Alvar s story alone would still have worked.It s one of those books that although it kept me engrossed throughout, to say I liked it doesn t seem appropriate somehow Alvar had me so very frustrated in parts with the way he let Lindys walk all over him her treatment of him [...]

  22. While quickly ordering books from the same seller on half hoping to get a good deal and save on shipping, I accidentally ordered this book thinking it was another in Fossum s inspector Sejer series So, initially, I was disappointed, envisioning another heartless experience as when I inadvertently picked up Arnaldur Indridason s Operation Napaleon hoping praying it was another of his Erlendur detective series It wasn t and after reading 20 pages, I discarded with a bad taste in my mouth, unsure h [...]

  23. You start off thinking this is a book about being a writer, but somehow that balances out with being a book about the changing life of a character The plot is really two stories in one, both deeply interwoven with each other The author hears her character and helps him to settle his life as requested, but in the end you can see how she is also touched, if only slightly, by his interactions with her I found the concept of the book as a whole to be unique and entertaining.Now let s set aside the a [...]

  24. A writer agonizing over the line of people waiting to have their stories told is surprised one evening when one of those characters invades her bedroom After a bit of conversation, they decide on a name for him Alvar Eide and she agrees to start his story She carved out his life living alone, working in an art gallery, and shunning basic human interactions until a thin and freezing drug addicted young girl wanders into the gallery one day And Alvar does something unexpected he offers her a cup o [...]

  25. I m actually on the fence about this one There are parts of it that are super interesting I love how the characters interact with the author I also enjoyed the descriptions of the paintings and who would buy what kind of art ohh that painting is going to be bought by a young man in his 20s or 30s who wants to show off, that sketch is going to be bought by a woman because they like the subtle pieces.However some of the parts where the author wrote about the character were too slow and I was so fr [...]

  26. This review contains spoilers Overall, I would not recommend to a friend.I felt like I needed anti anxiety meds while reading this book It had a very interesting beginning but midway through there were times I had to put the book down because of the choices the main character kept making.Alvar Eide, made me feel that if anyone was that spineless and weak, then they deserve being taken advantage of I wanted to reach through the pages and slap him numerous times.It is the work of a good author to [...]

  27. A very fast, and fascinating read The two main characters are a troubled author and one of her characters who jumps her line of stories waiting to be told The character, eventually named Alvar, demands that his story be told NOW, so she dutifully sets to writing Throughout the book, they continue to interact, always instigated by Alvar It s a curious plot device, and strangely moving Both Author and Alvar are struggling with how they live, which generated some thinking about my own approach.Reco [...]

  28. Broken 2006 2008 iBook standalone Read I ve always been fascinated and curious to very envious about what inspires a person to write, how they approach writing, even the process of plotting, planning so I read articles, interviews and attend lectures This book then should have been a 5 5 for me A writer with a line up of characters in her driveway waiting to have their stories told by her One jumps the queue and demands his story.en once she starts writing he re visits occasionally worried about [...]

  29. This book started with an interesting premise the writer has a line of characters in her driveway, and the next one in line is the next one she writes a book about one a year One man jumps the line and begs for his story to be told, so we hear his story But his story starts to take twists and turns he doesn t like, and he interacts with the author to give his input Some chapters are his story that the author is writing, and some chapters are the author s interactions with him But the main charac [...]

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