Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen

Killing for Company The Case of Dennis Nilsen On February th Dennis Nilsen was arrested at his Muswell Hill home after human remains had been identified as the cause of blocked drains Within days he had confessed to fifteen gruesome murder

On February 9th 1983 Dennis Nilsen was arrested at his Muswell Hill home, after human remains had been identified as the cause of blocked drains Within days he had confessed to fifteen gruesome murders over a period of four years His victims, all young homosexual men, had never been reported missing Brian Masters, with Nilsen s full cooperation, has produced a unique stOn February 9th 1983 Dennis Nilsen was arrested at his Muswell Hill home, after human remains had been identified as the cause of blocked drains Within days he had confessed to fifteen gruesome murders over a period of four years His victims, all young homosexual men, had never been reported missing Brian Masters, with Nilsen s full cooperation, has produced a unique study of a serial killer s mind, revealing the disturbing psychology of a mass murderer.

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Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen

  1. Brian Masters is a British writer best known for his biographies of mass murderers, including Killing for Company, on Dennis Nilsen The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer She Must Have Known, on Rosemary West and The Evil That Men Do He has also written about the British aristocracy and worked as a translator.

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  1. This is not a novel It is the story of Dennis Nilsson and his murders, which took place in London at the time of Margaret Thatcher s rise to power The title of the book is shockingly brilliant In all but one of the cases it seems to sum up his motive for snuffing out the lives of young men than he could remember Here truth is much stranger than fiction and many words which we probably over use and take for granted seem to lose their meaning words such as good, evil, moralWas a seed sown in Denn [...]

  2. I remember I read this one I feel a moral obligation to read about the British ones, we don t have too many, fortunately This guy Nielson appears to be a slightly less insane version of Jeffrey Dahmer He picked up young men took them back to his flat then in a fit of absentmindedness there doesn t seem to have been any real malice involved he strangled them when they d nodded off Then he kept the bodies around and dressed them up and made them up and talked to them Didn t try to turn them into z [...]

  3. A well written, detailed case study about British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who murdered 15 young men within four years.It s a story about crime, it s also a story filled with rejection and failed relationships It s also a loner s long journey into absolute darkness What Nilsen had done is selfish and horrible in every way, but when reading his life story and his crime, I kind of got overwhelmed by a heavy sense of loneliness Then I came to realize people may actually do what Dennis Nilsen ha [...]

  4. 90% of the reviewers here manifestly didn t understand this book For one thing, it is not a true crime thriller Nor is it about a sick man What it is, is a psychoanalytical evaluation of a likeable and intelligent man, who turned to murder in part to find company The oxymoronic title is deliberate, a point missed by every review I ve seen so far This book features little by way of action the crimes and arrest take up a single chapter What it focuses on is the apparent contradiction between a man [...]

  5. Alas I did not write a review back then but I did gave it 5 stars and I remember that I liked it ETA Checked and I gave it 9 out of 10 so not really 5 stars.Decided to re read and finished reading yesterday Now after having read true crime books for 15 years I think I am experienced now then when I first started reading about about this subject.That being said I would not give this book 5 stars again Yes this book is filled with information about the murder and go s very deep into Nilsen s psyc [...]

  6. The corpse is the dirty platter after the feast Or how Nilsen vehemently denies he ever engaged in necrophilia or cannibalism Dennis Nilsen is a less intense version of Jeffery Dahmer He murdered 15 young men over the span of four years, and he doesn t express remorse and doesn t even really know why he murdered these men He isn t an insane men He is articulate, intelligent, and introverted His love for death started as a child and escalated into cold blooded murder This is a short little piece [...]

  7. I read this because I a love biographies of interesting people b love stories, true or false, about horrible people or people in general who do horrible things and c I very lowkey had a serial killer interest when I was a late teenager My interest then which is NOT being rekindled, I just have had this book for so long I figured I should go ahead and read it while I m not suicidal lol was fueled mainly by my broader fascination with dying I m suddenly v v v conscious of my tendency to overshare [...]

  8. This book looks into the mind of an infamous murderer and the author had first hand meetings with Dennis Nilsen himself There is a great deal of detail in this book which would certainly not be for any reader, however I am sceptical on the reasonings behind the killings and to believe whether or not Nilsen had an abnormality of mind during the killings It appears that he was fully aware of the law, knew the difference between right and wrong and did appear at times quite humane There were times [...]

  9. Killing for Company is an influential pillar of the true crime genre it is also a masterfully sensitive character study of murderer Dennis Nilsen The close relationship between author and subject is evident throughout the book, as is Mr Masters familiarity with Nilsen s own writings, many of which are reproduced in Killing for Company I would read this book again and again, and would recommend it to readers who enjoy books about true crime, journalism, psychology, and death worship This book has [...]

  10. Really deep and graphic exploration of the journey Nilsen made to become a serial killer The author gave a well defined character study of this notorious killer and came somewhere near to explaining why these crimes happened Naturally a little gruesome but if you can reach past that it is a fascinating psychological look at this man Uncomfortable but interesting reading

  11. Wonderful, close study of Dennis Nilsen, a London based serial killer Goes pretty deeply into Nilsen s thought process without ever excusing his actions or treating him as the victim in the case Excellent level of respect for the victims, too.

  12. Brian Masters The Shrine of Jeffery Dahmer is the best true crime book I have ever read so I have had Killing For Company on my reading list for quite some time now This book essentially is the blueprint for Masters Dahmer book nearly a decade later in the sense it starts with the arrest works chronological from childhood to the trial and concluded with a psychological analysis Its a formula that works for me this book succeeds in been an edge of your seat page turner while simultaneously been i [...]

  13. WellAll I can say is that I ve spent many a night laying in bed reading about the dismemberment of bodies on the kitchen floor, rigor mortis which I didn t know what it was until reading this, fascinating , conversing with dead bodies sat on the living room chair and KFC shoved down the drains to mislead police detectives into thinking there are no body parts here.I found the last quarter of this book really boring Chapters Trial and Answers I felt like it was an attempt to fill the emptiness wi [...]

  14. This made for fascinating but grim reading Masters sets Nilsen s life out for us, but allows us to make up our own minds as to whether he is the monster of tabloid depiction Wonderful read but not for the faint hearted.

  15. Interesting, insightful, gruesome and almost poetic at times, it is sometimes easy to forget both his actions and his humanity The last quarter of the book waffled too much for my liking but the rest will stay with me for a very long time.

  16. This was a great book to anyone interested in forensic psychology or the minds of murderers It did get a bit lengthy for my liking.

  17. I read this book just after it was published back in the early 1990s so I am writing this review from memory It was a very good account of the murders carried out by Dennis Nilsen but specifically the psychology of the man and what made him become a serial killer Brian Masters suggested it stemmed from the death of his beloved grandfather and the effect the sighting of his corpse had on him The title of the book explains in three words the reason why the author believes Nilsen killed and kept t [...]

  18. 3.5 4.Brian Masters account of serial killer Dennis Nilsen bears a lot of similarities to his work on Dahmer There s his usual unglamorized retelling of events, his detailed exploration into the subject s psychology, and his multilayered interpretations of a side of human nature that few of us want to think about However, I think his later work on Jeffrey Dahmer was much stronger This was Masters first attempt at a true crime nonfiction book, and his inexperience shows Rather than tightening his [...]

  19. Excellent and detailed account of serial killer Nilsen Divided into chapters covering discrete stages of his life, Origins, Childhood, Army etc right through to Trial and a subsequent and final chapter entitled Answers The tone of the book is balanced and fairly objective Due to the level of detail, particularly that concerning his childhood, the young Nilsen elicits some sympathy but the older one ultimately defies any understanding Ostensibly, Nilsen killed according to himself in order to pre [...]

  20. Dennis Nilsen murdered 15 men over a period of four years This was truly a chilling account of a very sick human being He reminded me somewhat of the recently infamous Jeffrey Dahmer.From the back cover In an unremarkable apartment house on an almost too placid suburban London street, tenants reported a blockage in the plumbing Workers were shocked to discover its source a dense accumulation of human flesh This horrifying revelation quickly led to the unmasking of one of the most monstrous seri [...]

  21. A so so account of the case of Dennis Nilsen The author had access to the serial murderer, the only one I think who did, and this works both ways The backstory is pretty detailed and I think offers a lot towards understanding Nilsen But as the book progresses the author steers off to numerous theories and a sort of micro analyzation that often contradicts itself and sometimes even leads up to nothing True, even the identity of some of the horribly unlucky men to have their way in Nilsen s flat i [...]

  22. Interessante libro che non si limita solo a raccontare i fatti ma che cerca anche di analizzare la psiche di questo assassino seriale.

  23. This was a scary read in the way that it leads you through Nilssens life in a way that makes you actually understand why he did what he did He does not come out of the book seeming monster like in the way that for example Ian Brady does who also had a pretty grim childhood Indeed he comes across as a slightly pathetic character whose attempts to cure his own lonliness just took a tragic and horrendous line Ulitmately quite sad.

  24. A sad read, of a lonely desolate man who feared rejection and lonliness, so he killed the men that stayed the night, so they would never leave him, or would leave him when HE was ready for them to do so A seriously sick man indeed Let s hope he never gets released, so the gay male population can sleep soundly in their beds from this cruel mentally unstable monster Worthy of a read, a briliant book, very insightful, and one of my favourite reads.

  25. A fantastic read This book was given to my by a forensic psychiatrist who challenged me with diagnosing Daniel Nilsen Brian Masters gives an amazingly detailed account of Nilsen s life and crimes without judgement he gives only the facts and draws some logical conclusions.A brilliant insight into the uncertainties of the human psyche.

  26. Striking, frightful and shocking.or s style was brilliant, scary page after page after pagee morally repugnant behavior of the main character was described in such a way that will keep you horrified for a number of daysa good read if you want to know what s inside a killer s mind.

  27. Fascinating read Masters does an incredible job at piecing together the damaged personality of Nilsen he does this with curiosity, compassion and insight He humanises Nilsen but never excuses or minimises the monstrocity of his actions Highly recommended.

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