These Haunted Heights

These Haunted Heights The tiny town of Sebastian s Bluff is a photojournalist s dream come true But Ron Winters doesn t expect the moody mysterious man next door to get under his skin and stay there When Drew LaSalle meet

The tiny town of Sebastian s Bluff is a photojournalist s dream come true But Ron Winters doesn t expect the moody, mysterious man next door to get under his skin and stay there.When Drew LaSalle meets Ron, feelings he thought twenty years gone stir to life again He wants what he could have with Ron But does he want it enough to get past his own walls and grasp it SecreThe tiny town of Sebastian s Bluff is a photojournalist s dream come true But Ron Winters doesn t expect the moody, mysterious man next door to get under his skin and stay there.When Drew LaSalle meets Ron, feelings he thought twenty years gone stir to life again He wants what he could have with Ron But does he want it enough to get past his own walls and grasp it Secrets, spirits and tragedy converge as Ron peels back the layers of Drew s past and Drew fights both Ron and his own ghosts on the haunted road to happily ever after.

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These Haunted Heights

  1. Ally Blue penned her first tale at age eight, relating the breathless terror of her little sister s not quite fatal encounter with a bee in the backyard That was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with storytelling She now writes gay romance of all flavors, and has recently branched into writing her first love horror She continues her neverending quest to scare herself She is not a hippie or a brain surgeon, no matter what her kids friends say.

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  1. I absolutely loved this I read it in practically one sitting of course I did have to break for food I could not put it down without knowing there would be a HEA for Ron and Drew There was so much sexual tension and angst I couldn t tear myself away I didn t know if should sigh or cry I felt so much for these guys and the slow burn was so good and so worth it.I guess I would call this a contemporary with a paranormal element I did have the ghost figured out but it still creeped the crap out of me [...]

  2. This book hit all my buttons in a good way I liked Ron s character so much, he was one of those that I would like to know for real Drewwellhe was frustrating in a violence inducing way Seriously, I wanted to hurt him, but you kind of understand where he s coming from, so I have forgiven I also enjoyed picturing the scenery through their eyes, seemed like such a beautiful place Just the right combination of light, flirty fun that had me laughing out loud, some major angst that made my hear [...]

  3. 4.5 stars Very good paranormal m m romance about a photojournalist who s staying alone at his aunt s house on the Oregon coast while he shoots a story about the area Mysterious crying from the empty tower room and a handsome brooding neighbor complicate things in interesting ways

  4. At first, seducing Drew was nothing but a nice sport for Ron But as he gets to know Drew better, he soon perceives the depths of pain and despair within the other man Before he knows what happens Ron is playing for keeps And so is Drew, but he s got a formidable opponent himself.Both characters are likeable and well drawn, although I had some minor issues with Drew He has suffered a terrible trauma, but after so many years and given the way he feels about Ron, he acts a bit erratic and over the [...]

  5. I can not encourage you enough to read this book It is everything that I want from a book, not just in it s own genre but through any.The story is an emotional roller coaster, the two lead characters could be me, or you, or your neighbour The events could be anywhere There were a few times I got very misty eyed as the story unfolded Parts of this book left me where I almost couldn t breathe waiting to find out what was going to happen.No scene was to long and drawn out, or unneeded Who ever edit [...]

  6. 4.5Oh wow, that was such a beautiful story I really loved almost every part of it I loved Ron he s just awesome Courageous and honest and ready to face his life and his fears head on and although Drew annoyed the crap out of me at times seriously, sometimes violence seemed like a good option here I liked him, too The story line was almost completely focused on the romance, while the paranormal aspect of it was very much in the background and I was pretty glad about that What I really liked about [...]

  7. There was then a few times I wanted to throw my my kindle at the Dre was Stubborn Ron was so DAMN CUTE Creepy But Real GOOD Drew was an Ass but totally redeemed him self eventually Really it was a great story Something different great book for a challenge YAY me for keeping up with it

  8. Loved this Poor Drew was so broken And Ron was patient and understanding.There was no doubt who the ghost was but that didn t matter, this was all about the relationship.FYI Another god damn awful cover from MRI.FYI 2 view spoiler this book includes a bareback sex scene with no prior discussions Not an issue for me especially given the context but I know but bothers some people hide spoiler

  9. This was a good book I did feel that Drew turned from coward to facing all of his problems at once a little unrealistic, but then this is romantic fiction after all.

  10. 3.5 Stars Nice story about a photojournalist, Ron who while staying at his aunt s place in a small town in order to complete an assignment, finds himself attracted to his next door neighbor, Drew Drew, however, has a past that he has not let go of and he has a lot of barriers in place to avoid emotional entanglements He is both attracted to and afraid of his feelings for Ron In the meantime, the house that Ron is staying at appears to be haunted Does this have anything to do with Drew s past Wil [...]

  11. 2 stars because I somehow managed to read it all and didn t put the book down which is honestly a testimony of my habit of finishing books I start reading, rather than the quality of the writing The story could ve been easily edited to half its length.

  12. A very typical Ally Blue book where you have a decent characters and a decent story When I started reading M M the genre wasn t as vast as it is now, and Ally Blue was a prolific author I will always be thankful for her writing and introducing me to the genre Fortunately, the M M genre has expanded and we have so much choice So I ve read this story before and I have read better.Ron is a photojournalist from New York, he had come to Sebastian s Bluff with his boyfriend but that didn t work out H [...]

  13. Not quite a five, but than just a four as well lol.What makes a good book Well, for me it s a number of things I need to like the idea I also need to be comfortable with the settings It needs to have a story and any added interests ie crime solving, paranormal etc are added bonuses And I need to feel something for the MC s I don t have to love them, but they need to connect with me on some level In other words I need to give a damn lol.Well this book had it all in spades I loved the idea and th [...]

  14. I have really enjoyed every Ally Blue book I ve read and this book is no exception This has a little of everything going for it The story opens with Sebastian, an adorable big city photojournalist, being dumped while visiting his aunt s new house for a weekend getaway He isn t especially torn up over it and decides to stay since the beautiful area he is in will make a great setting for a photo piece He soon meets Drew, a sexy older man who lives near his aunt s house and there is an instant attr [...]

  15. God, this kind of HEA really makes me angry The way this story ends it definitely didn t feel realistic It was a bull This whole long story circles around a dramatic mysterious haunting and a man, Drew, who never got over the death of his first serious lover William, who hung himself because he was depressed This whole story is written around Oberon, or short for Ron, who is a photojournalist and is set to discover why is his aunt s house haunted by crying echo Anyway I was pissed of by Drew He [...]

  16. 3.75 stars I really enjoyed this book I m a sucker for hurt comfort novels and this fits the bill The only complaint I want to voice is how perfect the ending came together Drew was mourning the loss of a loved one for 20 years and magcally over night he is better It was a bit fictionalbut I guess that s what I m reading, right There was also a little paranormal aspect to the story that makes it a bit spooky and it s part mystery although I had the mystery of Drews past solved right away A defin [...]

  17. I made it to about 46% chapter 12 I tried to like this book but I m really struggling I can t connect with either of the characters and I feel like nothing is happening Every time I think it s about to pick up, two paragraphs later whatever made me think that just turned back into nothing happening I don t even feel a connection between the characters nor do I feel any tension between them I need to put this one on hold I want to DNF it but I don t think I could actually do that It d bug me too [...]

  18. Sorry but this was not the best Ally Blue I have read One word springs to mind verbose This story could have been half the length and gained credibility This is not to say that I don t get on with angst in a book but really is the story trying to make out that Drew LaSalle is a modern day Queen Victoria Also the reasoning behind Drew behaving as he does to me at least is pretty lame.Sorry but not one of my favourite reads Two stars.

  19. I don t usually enjoy contemporary drama well, this one has a small paranormal storyline, but it is basically contemporary drama , but I simply couldn t get enough of this one The characters feel real and I quickly felt a connection to them A lovely read, one of the best novels of this author in my oppinion.

  20. I really enjoyed this story I ve read it twice now and it s one of those stories that you remember for a long while afterwards I had wanted to read it again but couldn t remember what it was called and finally stumbled upon it again Glad I did.There were some girly moments where you think to yourself that, yup, this was written by a woman but not as noticeable as other books I ve read.

  21. Really nice story with good writing and interesting characters Hard to talk too much without giving things away Different from what I expected based on a few other of Blue s paranormal novels, but I like being surprised Fan of hers, then it s a must read Like a little angst, a story with supernatural overtones, and Heather Then, I d also recommend.

  22. I did enjoy this book very much but at the same time I also had a few issues with the relationship between the two main characters.

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