Dead Man's Grip

Dead Man s Grip Roy Grace sets his sights on America in this next crime novel by the international bestselling author Carly Chase is still traumatized ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a

Roy Grace sets his sights on America in this next crime novel by the 1 international bestselling author Carly Chase is still traumatized ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have be Roy Grace sets his sights on America in this next crime novel by the 1 international bestselling author Carly Chase is still traumatized ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been found tortured and murdered Now Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police force issues a stark and urgent warning to Carly She could be next The student had deadly connections Connections that stretch across the Atlantic to America and an organized crime group Someone has sworn revenge and won t rest until the final person involved in that fateful accident is dead The police advise Carly her only option is to go into hiding and change her identity The terrified woman disagrees She knows these people have ways of hunting you down anywhere If the police are unable to stop them, she has to find a way to do it herself But already the killer is one step ahead of her, watching, waiting, and ready.

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Dead Man's Grip

  1. Peter James is the international bestselling author of many award winning novels His Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series, set in Brighton, has been translated into thirty seven languages with worldwide sales of over eighteen million copies, and has given him eleven consecutive Sunday Times number ones In 2015 WHSmith customers publicly voted him the Greatest Crime Author of All Time and in 2016 he became the recipient of the coveted CWA Diamond Dagger lifetime achievement award for sustained excellence Peter has also written a short story collection, A Twist of the Knife, and his standalone titles include Perfect People and The House on Cold Hill He has also co written a non fiction account of Brighton s toughest cases with former detective Graham Bartlett entitled Death Comes Knocking The Perfect Murder, Dead Simple and Not Dead Enough have all been turned into smash hit stage plays All his novels reflect his deep interest in the world of the police Three of his novels have been filmed and before becoming a full time author he produced numerous films, including The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons He divides his time between his homes in Notting Hill, London and near Brighton in Sussex.

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  1. Dead Man s Grip is book 7 in the Roy Grace series by Peter James A single mum Carly Chase went to work one day and was involved in a major road accident which change her life Readers of Dead Man s Grip will follow the investigation by Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and Detective Sergeant Glen Branson into the road accident and find out what happens to the people who was involved Readers of Dead Man s Grip will be surprise with the ending of this book.I love Peter James character Detective Su [...]

  2. This was an ARC won from GoodReads Dead Man s Grip is a police procedural which is not my normal choice in books It was not a psychological thriller, nor was it a suspense or a whodunnit I found the plot to be very linear and there were no surprises or turns in the story It really was just a police procedural I was hoping for some sort of a plot turn I understand however that Peter James is very good at the this genre and the book certainly does take you along in the footsteps of the crime divis [...]

  3. Peter James is such a wonderful authorThis book kept surprising me all the way through I would never want to get on the wrong side of this man He has so many novel ways of doing a person in In this chilling psychological thriller, a fatal traffic accident has unforeseen and unimaginable consequences.Lawyer, Carly Chase, took evasive action and crashed her car into a caf instead of hitting the American student riding his bike on the wrong side of the road But when breathalysed she is found to be [...]

  4. The seventh in the Roy Grace series The opening few chapters involving a road traffic accident sets the scene Without explaining plot spoilers, those involved in the accident become potential targets for the killer Overall I enjoyed the book PJ never disappoints for me I love the snappy short chapters that are PJ trademark However, I m finding it hard to rate as some of the plot strands tend to be significantly less realistic.

  5. For some reason it actually took a little while to get into this Normally i devour one of these in a few days I m not sure if it was the description of the novel i read from the dust cover, or the involvement of the Mafia in a British police procedural Or it may be because i also obtained all of the Jack Frost novels at around the same time and couldn t wait to get through those.Anyway, under pressure of getting the book of to the mother in law who also loves crime novels, i finally got stuck in [...]

  6. Dead Man s Grip by Peter James is a great book if you are in the mood for a mystery thriller This book keeps you entertained and wanting to read The author switches the point of views from chapter to chapter keeping the reader involved and thinking It is an exciting read about a girl, Carly, involved in a car crash However, you later find out that it was not just an ordinary car crash It turns out that the other drivers involved were tortured and killed before the crash and Carly was the target [...]

  7. I pre ordered this book something I don t normally do when buying books However, being a Peter James enthusiast and having spent many years living and working close to Brighton, where the Roy Grace series of books are featured I was keen to read the latest instalment Unfortunately some bright spark in the marketing department, thought it was a good idea to post a video of Peter James explaining the plot of Dead Man s Grip, his seventh book in the series Within less than a minute we learn that a [...]

  8. I keep getting sucked in by the great blurbs by people I really like, praising Peter James to the skies And I really like good police procedurals, especially British and European ones there are hundreds of them on my bookshelves But Roy Grace leaves me lukewarm He s a bit of a sad case and the missing wife back story seems of a distraction than an illumination He reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown.This book has some decent bits the attempt to rescue the kidnapped boy at the end is pretty excitin [...]

  9. Too grisly for me, but I had to know what happened So I raced through it I can calm down now My next book will have to be a much slower ride.

  10. Another great outing for Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and his team The story opens with a car accident that has stunning repercussions for all involved The victim was the son of Mafia affiliated Americans who immediately seek revenge despite the accidental nature of the death All three people involved, a delivery truck driver whose truck the victim falls under, a woman who skids off the road to avoid the victim, and the actual killer who hits the man, are targets for a hit man hired by the [...]

  11. I ve just finished reading Susan Hill sSimon Serraillerseries and was looking for a decent crime detective series I like Lord Peter Wimsey, Commander Sam Vimes that sort of character and this series was recommended to me Perhaps after being engrossed in Hill s series for the last couple of weeks I was expecting something on similar lines, but I was disappointed If I had known this novel was about the mob, then I would not have bought it but also I couldn t get interested in the characters They s [...]

  12. I was looking forward to this latest offering from Peter James but was left slightl disappointed I think it was the hitman element which just didn t feel realistic, especially as all the previous books relayed a feeling that the events could happen.The story begins with Carly Chase getting into her car to take her son to school and being involved, although not directly, in a collision which kills a young American student The writing is good, the setting well done and it is really nice meeting th [...]

  13. A friend insisted that I should read Peter James crime novels as they were far better than what I d read before by him Perfect People and The House on Cold Hill.But I find I ve got the same problems here as with the rest of his writing too predictable, too long windy descriptions which are unnecessary who cares how many turns he takes during a drive to a crime scene, or that he takes a turn at a filling station or a Tesco , too gratuitously gruesome scenes which bring nothing to the story, the c [...]

  14. Nutty NUUT readDedication To Eva Klaesson LindebladOpening On the morning of the accident, Carly had forgotten to set the alarm and overslept.Best interaction In some states in US it s still illegal to do it in any other way than the missionary position She s now going religious fdundamentalist on me I m a deviant in God s eyes apparently Doesn t that make Him a voyeur 4 Dead Simple Roy Grace 1 4 Looking Good Dead Roy Grace 2 4 Not Dead Enough Roy Grace 3 4 Dead Man s Footsteps Roy Grace 4 4 Dea [...]

  15. Another great installment of the Roy Grace series This book was, for me, easier to keep track of than some of the other stories There weren t quite so many twists and turns or a whole bunch of key characters The story was, as always, interesting and captivating As for the recurring thread of Roy s missing wife, I really hope some of it will be solved soon Won t say any because I don t want to spoil it for others, but I do think there s to the story.

  16. I had mixed feelings on this one, which is kind of annoying because I had mixed feelings about the last Roy Grace book that I read Bizarrely enough, because I read the books out of order, this book is the book before the last one that I read, but that s my own fault and actually it didn t make too much of a difference here.The problem that I had with this book is that little things kept distracting me, such as the number of times that police briefings were interrupted by someone s phone ringing [...]

  17. Peter James mystery s are always a good read but this was one of those annoying books where a woman s idiocy is the thing that drives the plot and irresponsible drinking just gets glossed over.

  18. A Roy Grace police procedural, this book is very much a James fast paced, multiple plot story I thoroughly enjoyed it and can recommend it as a brilliant read.

  19. Four people s fate come together on a morning in Brighton, leading to a trail of murder and broken lives as Roy Grace and his team hunt the killer The Grace saga is a little predictive but an entertaining read none the less It moves along quickly and again has the sub plot of Grace s estranged wife Sandy flowing through it.I would rate this as 3.5 just.

  20. It took me a long time to get through this one, but only because of a reading is a very good series, the continuity is great and the author keeps me guessing, not something that happens to me very often I like it that the police make mistakes, and even one of the bad guys from a previous book made a creepy appearance

  21. Dead man s grip is the newest entry in Peter James s mystery series featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex police force In Grace s newest case, Tony Revere an American student studying in Great Britain and the grandson of a New York mafia don is run over by multiple cars while biking on the wrong side of the road And soon, all the drivers involved in the accident begin getting murdered one by one, until there s no one left except Carly Chase a middle aged lawyer and single mo [...]

  22. Loved it As usual, a thriller worthy of its name from this talented author I love it that, at first, the reader is puzzled by the different characters and what their role might be in the story, then it all comes together and you have a ah ha moment Its amazing what one person s folly could cause in the scheme of things, the events that come about because a woman with a hangover, is driving badly, a lorry driver who is exceeding his driving hours, so takes a different route, an impatient van driv [...]

  23. This is the seventh installment in the very popular Roy Grace Series In this crime story the reader already knows the identity of the killer and follows Grace and his team as they try to track him down, wondering how long it will take and if they can apprehend him before he commits another gruesome murder.It is a rainy day when a horrible car accident occurs on the slippery streets in Brighton The crash involves an Audi, an articulated lorry, a distracted bicycle rider and a mysterious white van [...]

  24. I picked up this book without realising it was part of a larger series and that might have tempered my enjoyment a bit I found the story to be predictable and cliched especially in regards to the American mob family and I was annoyed by the backstory regarding Grace s missing wife probably makes sense if you read the earlier books The killer had some imaginative ways of disposing of his victims, but the rest of the characters seemed too familiar The English police Grace excepted were particular [...]

  25. Received this as a first read giveaway I have read all the Roy Grace books and this one kept to the high standard set by his previous books An accident involving a car, a truck and a white van that drives away after hitting a killing a cyclist sets in motion a chain of events that leads to Grace and his team investigating Also set backs in his private life keep the novel swiftly moving A fantastic twist at the end just add to this very good read.

  26. Peter James Roy grace series is one of my favourite s of this genre along with Susan Hill s Simon Serralier series This was one of his best The story line was plausible, the tension constant and the characters were all interesting.I recommedn the whole series being read in order and the main characters personal lives are interesting 7 evolving.

  27. Absolutely loved this one the best in the series so far for me, and I loved the references to other books and characters especially the taxi driver and thought the Roy Grace personal bits were wonderfully tantalising

  28. James travelling across the Atlantic, and it works The most appalling stuff though, is the story of Grace s past, lurking in the shadows.

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