Stick are Ebook STARS You re dumb Bosten I pushed him back I love my brother Okay And then he said I wish I wasn t like this You re the luckiest and best person in the world Bosten Stic

Stick are Ebook 3.5 STARS"You're dumb, Bosten."I pushed him back.I love my brother."Okay." And then he said, "I wish I wasn't like this."You're the luckiest and best person in the world, Bosten.""Stick?""What?""I can't live with dad anymore.""I know."Some books bitchslap you with sentimentality, some punch you in the boobs with longing and heartbreak, some books feel like a good one-night stand that leaves you with the disgusting aftertaste of regret, self-loathing and the fear of herpes… okay, I think I'm getting sidetracked now… and some books hurt you in places you didn't know could hurt while lying in bed reading by yourself. The blurb is pretty upfront, and true enough, this was not an easy read. I really thought I was going to DNF this at 15%. I've NEVER DNF-ed a book just for being too much. And I've read my share of too much. In truth, what Stick and Bosten went through, the abuse and the violence that went on inside and outside that house, usually puts me off. Because more often than not, I feel like I'm being emotionally manipulated into crying (I'm looking at you, Reason to Breathe). But placing this in the context of a deformed thirteen year old boy dealing with the complexity of puberty and the terrifying changes that comes with it, layered with the simplicity of his relationship with his brother… It worked.The first half of Stick portrayed the lives of the McClellan brothers in Point No Point, Washington through the eyes of Stark "Stick" McClellan and his brother Bosten. Stick has one ear, one best friend (Emily) and a lot of abuse thrown his way. His brother, Bosten keep the wolves in school at bay but when they're home, there's no one between them, their parents and St. Fillan's Room. Their father may have beaten them into believing they are less than who they are, that this was the norm in every household, but they still got each other. The second half deals with the aftermath of Bosten running away from home after their father found out that he's gay. Stick embarks on a lonesome roadtrip as he tracks his brother back to California, the place where they learned that kindness and love didn't come with rules and punishments through their Aunt Dahlia.I may have to admit into liking the first half better than the last despite the persistent twig branch I had in my eye while reading through it. I felt the narrative flowed, tension was evenly spaced and Stick's sexual awakening provided simultaneous charm and entertainment reminiscent of Ryan Dean in Winger. I always get a massive feels erection with stories reflecting relationships with brothers. Romantic and erotic relationships feel very pedestrian and easy but translating the depth and texture of that bond between brothers while displaying each as a person distinct from the other? It takes a very tempered hand to get that right, I feel.Not to sell this one short on the romance because I found his and Emily's moments delightful in their innocence, warming the corners of my heart that have been frozen by their horrible parents. That particular exchange they have when Stick tells her what goes on in his house? Like getting shanked right in the aorta."Um. I love you, Emily. Do you know that?" I wasn't afraid or ashamed to say it. "So please don't cry, okay?""Of course I know you love me. Do you think I'm dumb?""No. I don't.""Well, I love you, Stark McClellan." "I know."Such innocence. Much love. Very happy. Wow.The second half wasn't bad but with Bosten missing from the picture, I felt the story lost a bit of its balance. Some scenes felt too expository for me with some characters not serving any purpose in the bigger picture that was The Evolution of Stick to Stark McClellan (I don't get the point of April, for instance). There were good, intense moments that had me praying for certain things NOT to happen (my imagination can go to the dark and fucked up place in a certain setting) and one moment when I felt the tear-pushing just got too obvious (view spoiler)[Stick singing himself happy birthday while alone in the car? (hide spoiler)] Oh come on, you're above that pay-grade Andrew Smith. Anywhere else I would've cried foul, but this time I'm just chalking it up as a slip.The last 25% felt this side of rushed and predictable, an ill-fit for something as gritty as the first half of this book. The heavy handedness on pounding the recurring theme of things happening and things changing started as an annoying paper cut that eventually grew to a mammoth bleeding gash on the face. There came a point it became impossible to ignore anymore. These were small issues I had with the book, but what cost this book a higher rating from me was that the idea of Aunt Dahlia coming across too Poppins-esque, I think I was bothered by that, more than her turning up out of nowhere in their lives after having suffered so much. I like the imperfect and uneven edges in my books, the splinters make them more acceptable as realistic fiction. Aunt Dahlia just felt too smooth and California was just too much of a perfect yang to Washington's yin. Stick is a tough book, yes, but I find myself drawn to these kinds of stories, pushing my boundaries and expanding my horizons as a reader. I'm going to step over my boundaries and aggressively push this to anyone who has read and liked or disliked Reason to Breathe. They drive different messages across but they intersect at certain points. And in those points, this is the book that that one aspires to, but will never be."See? I told you."What?""You are what you are, Stick. Nobody and nothing is going to make you change."My brother knew the truth about everything.Also on BookLikes.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>. Fourteen year old Stark McClellan nicknamed Stick because he s tall and thin is bullied for being deformed he was born with only one ear His older brother Bosten is always there to defend Stick But the boys can t defend one another from their abusive parents.When Stick realizes Bosten is gay, he knows that to survive his father s anger, Bosten must leave home SticFourteen year old Stark McClellan nicknamed Stick because he s tall and thin is bullied for being deformed he was born with only one ear His older brother Bosten is always there to defend Stick But the boys can t defend one another from their abusive parents.When Stick realizes Bosten is gay, he knows that to survive his father s anger, Bosten must leave home Stick has to find his brother, or he will never feel whole again In his search, he will encounter good people, bad people, and people who are simply indifferent to kids from the wrong side of the tracks But he never loses hope of finding love and his brother.. The best Book Stick Meu primeiro Andrew Smith <3. Vou lembrar pra sempre!Eu fiquei muito surpreso com essa história. NÃO FOI NADA DO QUE EU PENSAVA. Eu já fui preparado pra uma coisa dark, sobre preconceito, sobre deficiência, etc. MAS É MUITO MAIS QUE ISSO. Eu não sei nem por onde começar falando dessa história maravilhosa. Que dor que eu senti em cada cena. Me tocou demais. O Andrew retrata o adolescente como ele é! Meninos de 13 anos ficam excitados com qualquer coisa, gente, lidem com isso. Mesmo nos piores momentos. Eu fiquei envolvido do início ao fim e fiquei surpreso, porque várias pessoas me disseram que o livro começava bom e depois ficava chato. CHATO? PELAMORDEDEUS. A história toda é de uma crueldade tão grande que não tinha como ficar chato. Eu só queria ler pra saber se tudo ia ficar bem. Que livrão. Esse tipo de história que me dá orgulho de ler livros para o público jovem adulto e saber que tem conteúdo nesse meio SIM!As últimas 180 páginas li numa noite. alucinadíssima.<3 Favoritado
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  1. Andrew Smith is the author of Winger , The Marbury Lens , Passenger , Ghost Medicine , Stick , and In the Path of Falling Objects Grasshopper Jungle is coming from Dutton Penguin on February 11, 2014.

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  1. 3.5 STARS You re dumb, Bosten I pushed him back.I love my brother Okay And then he said, I wish I wasn t like this You re the luckiest and best person in the world, Bosten Stick What I can t live with dad any I know Some books bitchslap you with sentimentality, some punch you in the boobs with longing and heartbreak, some books feel like a good one night stand that leaves you with the disgusting aftertaste of regret, self loathing and the fear of herpes okay, I think I m getting sidetracked now [...]

  2. Meu primeiro Andrew Smith 3 Vou lembrar pra sempre Eu fiquei muito surpreso com essa hist ria N O FOI NADA DO QUE EU PENSAVA Eu j fui preparado pra uma coisa dark, sobre preconceito, sobre defici ncia, etc MAS MUITO MAIS QUE ISSO Eu n o sei nem por onde come ar falando dessa hist ria maravilhosa Que dor que eu senti em cada cena Me tocou demais O Andrew retrata o adolescente como ele Meninos de 13 anos ficam excitados com qualquer coisa, gente, lidem com isso Mesmo nos piores momentos Eu fiquei [...]

  3. It s just well, it s ugly She shrugged I don t think so I think it s cool Everyone else is so the same You know Initial Final Page Thoughts.I need a cuddle.High Points.Stick Bosten Emily Strength Brothers Talking through pipes Best friends Being different Catching crabs Anotia Bubble baths Jock straps Surfing Breaking out Milkshakes UFOs Beanies Playing California Low Points.I wasn t all that fussed with Stick s road trip What I really liked about this book was that even though there was a hell [...]

  4. This review has been rattling around my head for months I could not get my feelings down on paper The words were stuck I might sound a little off my rocker nuts here, but.I did not want to disappoint these characters Crazy, right I wanted to use just the right words to describe how much these characters affected my world Stick, Bosten, Emily, and Buck were so well drawn and layered with such love and strength They amazed me, inspired me, and left a giant hole in my heart Here I am months later s [...]

  5. Stick is an abused teen His parents are controlling, unloving, physically and mentally abusive While Stick could react by being angry, bitter, mean and abusive himself, instead he is kind, gentle, loving, and he cherishes the small acts of kindness that neighbors, friends and others give to him.Stick still suffers from those horrible growing pains from child to teen His growing attraction to all things female, made me laugh Stick s desire to try out scenes from a stolen Penthouse magazine with h [...]

  6. Heartbreak that s how they call it.This is how I feel now, this is what this book might cause to you too.It should come with a note saying open at your own risk or put your heart aside because it might shatter.It should come with a happy pill for you to take, it should come with Stick and Bosten in a cute package such that you could take them in your arms and hold them close to your heart, such that you could hug their pain away.Oh, this story is really sad No no no Sad is just a tiny drop in an [...]

  7. I work in a bookstore, which means I am pretty much surrounded by book snobs and I mean that in the nicest way possible, I swear My particular department is kids books, so I hear all kinds of derogatory comments about books written for people under the age of 18 Most of these comments are disguised as jokes, but they re the kind of joke that the teller actually believes Also, they aren t funny Now me, I love books I ve read picture books that are works of art Shaun Tan, anyone , I ve read litera [...]

  8. It s a simple fact that it s easier to write a bad review than a good one When something doesn t work, you can usually figure out what it is that s broken down When something works seamlessly well, there are no rough edges to pick apart, no gaping plot holes to point towards, no awkward characters to take umbrage with.Which is a round about way of saying that it is a special kind of challenge to review a 5 star book One of those books that stay with you long after you ve turned the last page One [...]

  9. Wow Guys I think we all pretty much know my thoughts about Andrew Smith, right Kinda on the verge of stalker ish ness ism or whatever Nah Actually the truth is, Andrew Smith is the very first writer that I ve EVER connected with Yeah, on that level I m not talking to you if you have no idea what I even mean here I have read and collected all of Andrew s books and anxiously await the next in line Andrew s newest release, STICK, October 11, 2011 Feiwel and Friends was absolutely no exception I was [...]

  10. Why hello there Okay, I have four reviews to do, so I m going on a review spree I ll start with this book because I ve spent the longest procrastinating on it since I read it, like, two weeks ago exactly Also, luckily, I don t have much to criticize about this book so the review will be fairly short.So, if you didn t know this, last summer I read Andrew Smith s book The Marbury Lens, and loved it And afterward I was like, Dude, I need to read from this guy I ve been meaning to read Stick for a [...]

  11. 4 Stars, maybe 4.5This is an interesting and involving YA story Stick, whose real name is Stark, is a young, tall teenager with a missing ear who feels alienated from most of the kids around him, other than his friend Emily As the story opens, Stick finds himself on the cusp of many changes both internal, in how he feels about Emily and how he reacts to other people, and in the events occurring in his life He and his older brother Bosten live with abusive parents His mother is mostly cold, disen [...]

  12. Cruelty and ugliness is something Stark lives with daily He thinks his deformity, a missing ear, is ugly but that is nothing when you compare it to his parents Thirteen year old Stark and his older brother Bosten have been dealt the Piece of Crap Parent card Their parents aren t just mean, they are downright cruel Very early on we know the boys parents aren t exactly Mike and Carol Brady There are hints of abuse very early on and by page thirty seven, we know that their father is militant and co [...]

  13. 3.5 5It read like the Perks of Being a Wallflower but had me reeling the same way I did with Smith s Marburry Lens after that kidnap grope scene This one had me angry and hurting for all of them, all at once particularly the first half The jump into the second half had me reeling for other reasons though Specifically, where had Dahlia been all their lives That alone had me a little bi angry To think of all the things they d gone through with such horrible people When all the while she was there [...]

  14. 3.5 starsFourteen year old Stark McClellan nicknamed Stick because of his height looks up to his older brother Bosten unlike Stick, Bosten has two ears and knows how to fight back against the bullies at school But both Bosten and Stick suffer at the hands of their abusive parents After visiting their Aunt Delilah in California and getting a taste of freedom, the two boys realize that their family life differs from the typical familial dynamics of their peers Bosten runs away when his father find [...]

  15. Andrew Smith has done it again penned a compelling tale about the power of love Stark and Bosten McClellan have secrets secrets that are capable of destroying them both Holding on to hope and the love for his brother, Stark Stick sets out on a journey to heal them both I ll wait until closer to this book s release date to comment further I am privileged to have had the opportunity to read the ARC and cannot wait to put this gripping story into the hands of my students

  16. Andrew Smith possui uma bizarrice muito peculiar Mas em Minha Metade Silenciosa , ele parece acertar a m o e equilibrar com bastante talento os elementos de sua hist ria Contando o dia a dia de Palito Stick , um menino que nasceu sem uma orelha, ele cria um livro tocante e dif cil de largar de lado No primeiro e no segundo ato cerca de 200 p ginas, ele explora a rela o de Stick com os amigos e a fam lia, a melhor parte Seu pilar de resist ncia o irm o, que junto com ele v tima de surras violent [...]

  17. Nicely written book I really enjoyed it The format on the kindle was off a little with big spaces at times in the middle of sentences which made it difficult to read For a 10 ebook I wouldn t expect these types of problems.

  18. I mostly loved it beautiful writing, some great characters, but a few situations references felt a little clunky Recommended though, and proud to have it as our 2016 Read Brave book.

  19. Stick by Andrew Smith a book full of adventure and mixed emotions on one another is the way to describe this text Stick was published by Macmillan, New York, NY in September of 2011 This book is for people that feel apart from people because of the way you are, or the way you seem to be towards others Stick is the main character of this text and he will show and connect to people that have a hard life inside and outside of their house and how he feels about being different from everyone else bec [...]

  20. Stick came out today, a new novel by Andrew Smith, the author of Ghost Medicine, In the Path of Falling Objects, and The Marbury Lens These are three of my favorite books, each for different reasons but than anything they are three books about the relationships young men have with each other, and specifically, brothers Stick is similar in that it explores this territory, Andrew Smith territory, but it is, like each of Andrew s other books, different.Synopsis from Fourteen year old Stark McClel [...]

  21. Stick by Andrew Smith has changed my perspective on what it can be like to not be loved in your own home Stick was published by Square Fish and Macmillian in New York, NY in September 2015 It can take you on a roller coaster with many loops You ll feel like everything is going smooth for Stark, and then BOOM Everything at once hits you again No matter how much you try to put the book down you just can t There are some hard subjects to face, you keep reading no matter the outcome because it s jus [...]

  22. It s always a day for celebration when a new Andrew Smith novel comes out Andrew s books are among the most well written, compelling books I ve ever read and are filled with characters that worm their way into your heart and demand to be noticed STICK by Andrew Smith Feiwel Friends, October 11, 2011 I got hooked on Andrew s books last year with THE MARBURY LENS which was like a crazy thrill ride I m normally too scared to go on at amusement parks But books are so much safer to me, and I devoured [...]

  23. Stick By Andrew Smith published by first Macmillian, New York, NY in 2011 Is a very emotional and horrifying read 13 year old Stark McClellan and his brother, 16 year old Bosten McClellan have an unordinary life that no teenage boy should ever have to live Stark McClellan also known as Stick is 6ft tall and only has one ear He isn t your average 13 year old boy, but with the protection of his older brother Bosten, he has nothing to worry about Stick idolizes Bosten He keeps his deepest darkest s [...]

  24. I really liked it I thought it was interesting and the story was so good I had a hard time putting it down I fell in love with the characters and it was also interesting to see the romance going on with stick and how he juggled Kimmy and Emily because he seemed to love them both and find that because of them things were changing I also liked that he was willing to do anything for his brother even if that ment running away from home and going to LA.

  25. Stick by Andrew Smith published by Macmillan in New York, NY in October 2011 is a nail biting, finger tapping, body shaking, and air gasping fictional novel written to draw you in like sea waves and, if you re lucky, return you to shore nervous to test the waters again Stick is forward, blunt, honest, has no filter, and is overall real Some may even question the reality of the memories and events.Stark Stick McClellan is the voice of Stick Stick is a thirteen year old boy who eventually becomes [...]

  26. Finalmente consegui ter uma boa experi ncia com Andrew Smith Quando li Selva de Gafanhotos, a decep o foi t o grande que cheguei a cogitar n o ler Minha metade silenciosa, livro que j estava na minha TBR j algum tempo, mas felizmente resolvi dar essa segunda chance e eu n o poderia estar mais feliz A hist ria de Stark pesada, em diversos momentos eu senti que a leitura me destruiu, mas n o digo isso de forma ruim, porque apesar de ter sofrido bastante com esse livro, foi uma dor necess ria O aut [...]

  27. This book was so good, I was doing my Lamaze breathing during some parts because they were exquisitely written, yet incredibly painful and dark This book will haunt me for a long time, but that s okay because I ve never read anything quite like it The characters are so well formed, my heart so invested in their actions, I so desperately wanted to meet them and hug or stab them, accordingly Stark s devotion to his brother and his determination to navigate through the hell of his life, while at th [...]

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