Hollywood Divorces

Hollywood Divorces In her most scandalously titillating novel since the bestselling Hollywood Wives internationally renowned author Jackie Collins once again takes her readers behind the scenes and into the bedrooms

In her most scandalously titillating novel since the 1 bestselling Hollywood Wives, internationally renowned author Jackie Collins once again takes her readers behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of Hollywood s glamorous world of superstardom, where narcissism is a virtue, and fidelity means not sleeping with anyone less attractive than your spouse.WHEN HOLLYWOOD WIVEIn her most scandalously titillating novel since the 1 bestselling Hollywood Wives, internationally renowned author Jackie Collins once again takes her readers behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of Hollywood s glamorous world of superstardom, where narcissism is a virtue, and fidelity means not sleeping with anyone less attractive than your spouse.WHEN HOLLYWOOD WIVES WANT MORE, IT S TIME FOR HOLLYWOOD DIVORCES e bestselling novel of lust, betrayal, and breakup in L.A where fidelity means never sleeping with anyone less attractive than your spouse Three glamorous women with ambitions fueling their inner fires and agendas that may or may not include those they ve vowed to love and honor From the casting couch to superstardom, from the director s chair to worldwide acclaim, they go after what they want without guilt Without regret And never without scandal Here are the relationship shockers that even the tabloids don t know who s playing whom, who s getting dumped, and who s walking out the door This is domestic drama like never before, as only the EVER STYLIN Publishers Weekly Jackie Collins can tell it.

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Hollywood Divorces

  1. There have been many imitators, but only Jackie Collins can tell you what really goes on in the fastest lane of all From Beverly Hills bedrooms to a raunchy prowl along the streets of Hollywood from glittering rock parties and concerts to stretch limos and the mansions of power brokers Jackie Collins chronicles the real truth from the inside looking out.Jackie Collins has been called a raunchy moralist by the late director Louis Malle and Hollywood s own Marcel Proust by Vanity Fair magazine With over 500 million copies of her books sold in than forty countries, and with some 30 New York Times bestsellers to her credit, Jackie Collins is one of the world s top selling novelists She is known for giving her readers an unrivalled insider s knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives and loves of the rich, famous, and infamous I write about real people in disguise, she says If anything, my characters are toned down the truth is much bizarre Jackie Collins died of breast cancer Saturday, September 19, 2015 Jackie Collins, who had kept her illness secret, said recently that she believed in an afterlife, that she had no regrets and that she had emulated Frank Sinatra in that I did it my way Visit Jackie s website jackiecollins Twitter twitter JackieJCollinsFacebook facebook jackiecollins and Pinterest pinterest jackiejcollins

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  1. This is quite possibly the worst book I ve ever read I don t think there was one likeable character in it Well, maybe Jonas, but his character wasn t even developed he came across as bland because of it The female characters are some of the most annoying I ve ever come across in fiction vapid, weak, whiny and perfectly content to let the so called alpha males weak and whiny characters boss them around Shelby, in particular, was aggravating Her constant dithering was tiresome and infuriating Sho [...]

  2. Oh Jackie Collins, I do heart you When you pick up her books, you can expect fame, glamour, sex, drugs, and treachery One cannot be critical of her books, as they are meant for light, fun reading, not for book club level examination I flew through this book, and enjoyed every minute of it besides the saccharine ending, but like I said, what else are you to expect The women were all sharp and fun, the men were all assholes, and everyone got what they deserved in the end I m totally having a girl [...]

  3. This is my first Jackie Collins, and I must say that I had expected much than what I got Book is interesting, will keep you hooked you might end up reading it in one go but you will still feel that there is something missing The story is nothing that you wouldn t have read before Though the characters are very well defined, the climax looks a bit abrupt Seems like the author was in a hurry to wind everything up Take it as a light read in between your other better books Its a good time pass.

  4. Jackie Collins is a brilliant author This has been on my shelf for a while however I have the book with the pretty green colour hence why my eye was drawn to it I really liked this book and Shelby, Lola and Cat it was all just really good The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is because I have read better books I love how this book is a light, summery, easy to read chick lit.

  5. I really enjoyed this book Such a quick and easy read I liked how there were 3 different stories going at the same time I normally do not like that style but I feel it really worked well here.

  6. Picked this up at a book sale and figured why not give this author a try True to the book s title, Hollywood Divorces serves up steamy stories of Tinseltown s celebrities The tale of the three characters unfolds in true Hollywood style fascinating plot, surprises and characters based on real life Hollywood figures readers will be able to guess the celebrities behind the characters Collins has created Shelby Cheney is the beautiful actress married to Linc Blackwood, the aging action star with a f [...]

  7. This is the first Jackie Collins book I have read,I didn t realize how sleezy it was going to be, but I decided to read it out of curiosity, to see if the story was any good, it was mediocreI would not read any of her materials Not for me 10 13 17 Harvey Weinstein could be the character Merrill in this bookI changed and gave her 5 stars instead of 2 starse the that comes out on the news regarding Harvey Sweinstein, the I think Jackie Collins was writing her story from being absolutley a Hollyw [...]

  8. This was my first Jackie Collins novel, and while I admit that I went in with quite a bit of skepticism, I ended up pleasantly surprised Hollywood Divorces was a quick and enjoyable read with an entertaining cast of characters that are easily recognized from the entertainment tabloids Although none of the characters is an exact recreation of a well known star, Collins characters certainly fall into a set of stereotypes.In general, Collins did a great job of explaining the characters motivation a [...]

  9. Oh my gosh This was such a poorly written book full of clich s and a fairly predictable to story and outcome I have read some other Jackie Collins book and I do not remember them being quite as lame as this Maybe it was just because I read this after reading Lawrence Sanders but the writing seemed so amateurish and lacking That said I did like the Cat character although it required some stretch of reality I read this to start working my way through the stack of books on my dresser Not sure where [...]

  10. Well I didn t really expect it to be that good to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised I wasn t overly keen however on the constant changeover of each character s life which was practically on a paragraph by paragraph basis Quite annoying really as just as you got into one character s life, next paragraph it was another and then finally the third main character This was repeated throughout the book It would have been better as a character per chapter and as there were 47 chapters, this would [...]

  11. I am a huge fan of Valley of the Dolls, so when I saw this sitting on the bookshelf at work I couldn t pass up the chance to read it Yes it s salacious and gossipy but it just isn t entertaining I was bored and couldn t wait to be finished Valley of the Dolls isn t a literary masterpiece nor is it very well written but at least the story is well put together and enjoyable I can t say the same for this novel The best story line in it was the Lola Sanchez plot line, everything else was pure dull I [...]

  12. Better than any of the current reality shows out there I don t know Ms Collins does it, but she must have an insider edge on Hollywood life Very engrossing storyline and characters Although it is lengthy, it is a very quick read My only drawback was I thought Cat would end up with Jonas However, her and Nick make a cute couple I will definitely read of her novels D

  13. It s fine for what it is fluff The characters are two dimensional at best, there is too much telling rather than showing, the plot is predictable But I was fairly aware of all of this when I decided to start reading the book.It did have some amusing bits, but I m not encouraged to read anything else by Jackie Collins.

  14. I like reading Jackie Collins books However, i have a bone to pick with this one If you re going to name a book Hollywood Divorces, you should have some actual divorces in the book SPOILER ALERT BELOW Having people die instead of being divorced from should make you reconsider the title of your book.

  15. I m working my way through Jackie Collin s Hollywood series and I have to say, I really liked this one The lead character is very JLO and the stories are fun this time around I m one away from finishing the series As it stands Hollywood Husbands is the best of the bunch followed by Wives, Divorces and Kids in that order Next up, Hollywood Wives pt.2

  16. After reading a bunch of Jackie Collins books, this one seemed to be on the same wavelength as the others It was actually a little tame, though, with a murder not taking place until the end of the book Once again, the stories were good, and I liked how we jumped back and forth among each of the characters.

  17. When I discovered this was the book that catapulted Jackie Collins to international fame, I became curious as to what the book actually beheld After reading it, I now realized what an intricately woven, suspenseful thriller it was Coupled with her trademark scandalous toppings and titillating glimpses behind the curtains of Hollywood, it was an utter pleasure to unravel.

  18. A totally trashy, silly book I loved every page My first foray into Jackie Collins, this book was a perfect read over the holidays when I have nothing to do and just want something to alleviate the stress It required little brain power and was almost impossible to put down I ll definitely read from this author in the future

  19. What can I say I m a die hard Collins fan Love her plots, love her characters, love her writing style, and love her endings Every book has a similar structure but Collins has a unique way of making each one seem new and exciting Couldn t put it down, loved it

  20. I was unsure whether or not this book would be my cup of tea at first but it s so easy to get sucked into their world By the end id almost forgotten that they werent real celebrities Top class

  21. One book about those wealthy Hollywood brats, finished it because I wanted to know who did what to which one Not much into the Hollywood stuff.Read just to be reading something to take my mind off some things going on in my life.

  22. I had read this book before It wasn t until the end of the story that I knew I was reading this book for the second time Much of the story wasn t memorable, just the ending Although I really enjoyed the character Cat , the rest of the book wasn t as good as other books by Jackie Collin.

  23. The last in the Hollywood series, and just as fabulous as the rest The Hollywood series made my summer fly by I read one after another In rating each addition to the series, I would say this is the last on my list as the others were slightly captivating.

  24. I usually dont like J Collins but this book was good It still had some of the trashy stuff but not as bad as some The characters were good and I found myself thinking about them while not reading.

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