The Queen's Fool

The Queen s Fool An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here A young woman caught in the rivalry between Queen Mary and her half sister Elizabeth must find her true destiny amid treason poisonous rivalries

An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here.A young woman caught in the rivalry between Queen Mary and her half sister, Elizabeth, must find her true destiny amid treason, poisonous rivalries, loss of faith, and unrequited love.It is winter, 1553 Pursued by the Inquisition, Hannah Green, a fourteen year old Jewish girl, is forced to flee Spain with her father ButAn alternate cover for this isbn can be found here.A young woman caught in the rivalry between Queen Mary and her half sister, Elizabeth, must find her true destiny amid treason, poisonous rivalries, loss of faith, and unrequited love.It is winter, 1553 Pursued by the Inquisition, Hannah Green, a fourteen year old Jewish girl, is forced to flee Spain with her father But Hannah is no ordinary refugee Her gift of Sight, the ability to foresee the future, is priceless in the troubled times of the Tudor court Hannah is adopted by the glamorous Robert Dudley, the charismatic son of King Edward s protector, who brings her to court as a holy fool for Queen Mary and, ultimately, Queen Elizabeth Hired as a fool but working as a spy promised in wedlock but in love with her master endangered by the laws against heresy, treason, and witchcraft, Hannah must choose between the safe life of a commoner and the dangerous intrigues of the royal family that are inextricably bound up in her own yearnings and desires.

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The Queen's Fool

  1. Philippa Gregory was an established historian and writer when she discovered her interest in the Tudor period and wrote the novel The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a TV drama and a major film Published in 2009, the bestselling The White Queen, the story of Elizabeth Woodville, ushered in a new series involving The Cousins War now known as The War of the Roses and a new era for the acclaimed author.Gregory lives with her family on a small farm in Yorkshire, where she keeps horses, hens and ducks Visitors to her site, PhilippaGregory become addicted to the updates of historical research, as well as the progress of her ducklings.Her other great interest is the charity she founded nearly twenty years ago Gardens for The Gambia She has raised funds and paid for 140 wells in the primary schools of the dry, poverty stricken African country Thousands of school children have learned market gardening, and drunk the fresh water in the school gardens around the wells.A former student of Sussex University, and a PhD and Alumna of the Year 2009 of Edinburgh University, her love for history and her commitment to historical accuracy are the hallmarks of her writing She also reviews for US and UK newspapers, and is a regular broadcaster on television, radio, and webcasts from her website Philipa s Facebook page facebook PhilippaGregoryOfficial

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  1. Gregory, the reigning Queen of historical fiction, weaves a tale that is as much an insight into the Tudor court as it is into religious history The protagonist Hannah, is a secret Jew serving a Catholic Queen and befriending a Protestant Princess What a catalyst for an electrifying plot Being that this story is based in history and immersed in fact, there are twists and turns that you will anticipate However the addition of a completely fictional heroine adds a layer of intrigue and provides yo [...]

  2. I m done with Philippa Gregory.This is the 4th book of hers that I ve experienced I was hoping that, not being constrained by the limits brought by a historical figure, she could create a fuller character than the shallow cardboard cutouts of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Anne of Cleves, and Katherine of Aragon in her other novels But no The character of Hannah Green was by far the most confusing and maddeningly inconsistent character I ve read outside of fanfic This wasn t complexity, but simp [...]

  3. I was pretty excited about reading my first Philippa Gregory book I mean, she has like a thousand books and they ve been turned into movies and miniseries and who knows what else She clearly knows her shit where historical research is concerned, particularly the Tudor period And yet, I only made it to page THREE before I noped my way out of this book Here s a summary of those three pages 14 year old girl Grown ass married man sexually pursuing 14 year old girl Seriously He s encouraging her to p [...]

  4. Hannah Verde Green is a young Jewish girl who poses as a boy to apprentice to her father, a bookkeeper But when Lord Robert Dudley realizes she has The Sight , she becomes King Edward s Fool Hannah The Fool gets to experience the King s death, Queen Mary s rise to the throne, and Princess Elizabeth s eternal scheming to get on the throne all from the front seat of the court But the real question is Will Hannah ever find Twoo Lurve The last Philippa Gregory book I read, The Other Boleyn Girl, I c [...]

  5. Enjoyed this book tremendously, with the exception of the ending, which felt weak and rushed compared to the rest of the book Excellent historical fiction I m buying all this author s books.

  6. Philippa Gregory writes royalty fanfic, pretty much Sometimes she ll throw in a Mary Sue stand in based on an actual figure from history such as Mary Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl and ground her story on some small fact she wanted to do a what if on That s okay, but it still feels like putting in your own new character into someone else s story this time a real one and adding importance to them that they didn t have Just like fanfics.The Queen s Fool hones in on fictional Spaniard Jewish girl [...]

  7. And all they will remember of this queen is that she brought the country floods and famine and fire She will be remember as England s curse when she was to have been our virgin queen, England s saviour That quote is exactly what I knew of Queen Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I s older sister and predecessor The Queen s Fool is a factual and fictional retelling of Mary s evolution from the miserable child who saw her mother divorced and put aside by Henry VIII, to the woman who would become queen of Engla [...]

  8. This was the first book I ve read specifically, listened to by Philippa Gregory After seeing the enormous popularity of The Other Boleyn Girl, I had kind of wondered what it was that made this author so appealing Before reading this, I already knew that most of Gregory s books were historical fiction told from the perspective of women who lived or might have lived during medieval and early modern times So, I wasn t surprised to find strong female characters who nonetheless live within the const [...]

  9. Drinking game Every time Queen Princess, here Elizabeth I is referred to as a whore in The Queen s Fool, take a sip of wine By the time you finish the book, your blood alcohol level will be infinity.Aside from the misogyny party everyone s invited , the problem with this book as opposed to The Other Boleyn Girl is that the main character is an outsider with her own story She s a secret Jew from Spain, whose mother was killed in the Inquisition So you have this balance between the intrigue of the [...]

  10. I have been SO lazy writing this review, putting it off for days after finishing the audio version This normally only happens when I am slightly underwhelmed by my reading experience.As always, the audio narrator Bianca Amato gave a stellar performance and I enjoyed the fact that the book was written from the viewpoint of a non royal, especially one that has an uncontrollable power of prophecy I also really enjoyed learning about the lives of Jews during this time of persecution and the danger o [...]

  11. SO I see some other reviews of this are whining that it is not historically accurate, and all I can say is so what it is a piece of fiction, although it may be historically based at points, seriously if you want a real history book go read a text book I think this was great book, the story about Hannah Green being claimed as a fool by the court is engaging, at times very troubling and at times very touching Based upon the reign of Bloody Mary we get to explore several what ifs what if one of Eng [...]

  12. Desejava perder me nos corredores dos castelos, conhecer personalidades fascinantes e cativantes, e, principalmente lan ar me nos meandros da Hist ria de uma forma que s Philippa Gregory consegue recriar Depois de ler 5 livros da autora j sei com o que posso contar e estava ansiosa por ler este embora soubesse que a personagem principal fict cia, ao contr rio, dos restantes livros.Oliver e Hannah Verde Green , pai e filha naturais de Arag o, Espanha, s o honestos e trabalhadores, esfor ando se t [...]

  13. An engaging heroine if somewhat too contemporary in her attitudes for the 16th Century, IMO narrates this unusual perspective on Tudor England which I enjoyed very much Not an instant favorite, but definitely a diverting read that I don t regret spending time on I ll have to read a few titles by the author before I can say whether or not she s earned her title as queen of Elizabethan fiction.One thing I found especially intriguing was her unusually sympathetic portrayal of Mary Tudor Maybe I ha [...]

  14. The Queen s Fool was stupid Historically inaccurate and completely out of touch with the tone of the era Some books Michael Faber s The Crimson Petal and the White comes to mind, or Susanna Clarke s Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell can walk and talk like historical fiction, and still prove irresistably interesting to contemporary audiences Postmodernist historical fiction This one, however, fails miserably I thought I was going to like it I really, really didn t.

  15. I m so, so conflicted with this one Anyone who knows me knows I CAN T refuse Philippa Gregory I go into each of her books with the solid KNOWLEDGE, not expectation, that I m going to enjoy it I have so many thoughts about this one This is probably going to read as a rant than as an actual review, but I m still trying to sort out my thoughts Unlike the rest of the series, this is told from the point of view, not just of an outsider, but of an entirely fictitious character Hannah s narrative is d [...]

  16. I wanted to like this book It s set during an interesting period of history It features a Jewish heroine, Hannah, who must hide her faith The overarching theme is about religious and personal freedom But the writing is so awful it reads like a trashy romance novel I just couldn t like the book Nor could I like the heroine Being free isn t equivalent to being unprincipled And Hannah loves everyone she meets she ends up loyal to no one Moreover, the characters are all over the place For instance, [...]

  17. Every time I pick up a Gregory novel, I want I love her Tudor series so much I went out and bought almost every Tudor book I could find at Border s going out of business sale My obsession began when my best friend said, hey, you know that movie The Other Boleyn Girl, I just read the book and I know you are going to think I m crazy because it s so smutty, but I loved it you should try it too Of course, I was hesitant at first, but she s my best friend, if I can t trust her reading recommendation [...]

  18. I rarely give a book a full 5 stars, but this one truly deserves the highest rating possible I ve never read a piece of historical fiction that brings the characters to life as much as this novel does I love to learn new things, and this book prompted me to read about that period in European history.This was the best historical fiction novel I have ever read Whenever I pick up a book of any genre of fiction, I m always hoping that I will find a character or characters who will be interesting an [...]

  19. For most of this book, the main character s story is completely subsumed by the machinations of the various royalty and wannabes that surround her she s just along for the ride It s only in the last quarter of the book or so that Hannah actually gets her own storyline And the storyline goes like this OMG, I m married and in love, but I hate my in laws OMG, my husband cheated on me before we were married, and he has a child he didn t tell me about I m going to run away now OMG, soldiers My brush [...]

  20. Gregory truly captured an underdog in her novel depicting Hannah, the Queen s fool in the novel by the same title Hannah, a Jewish exile is brought to court and although she is a Fool , she becomes so much Strong, intelligent, and ambitious Gregory shows that even lesser court members were at the top of their game The novel is very vivid to say the least do you expect any less from Gregory and is an entertaining and easy read How historically accurate is it, you ask Well, let s just say that th [...]

  21. I used to enjoy Gregory s novels , but now I ve pretty much had it with English royalty in general and the Tudors in particular While I appreciated her including a Jewish heroine in The Queen s Fool, her inaccurate description of 16th century Judaism was a real turn off As a Jewish historical novelist whose heroines are also Jewish, I expect other authors to do their research on this delicate subject Good historical fiction can teach readers a great deal about history, particularly about the liv [...]

  22. I ve never been so torn on how to feel about main characters until I read this book I was so utterly torn between disgust and love for both Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth at times It was an amazing book, really telling about the characters of people, mixed with of course, some factual historical information, and a really lovely story about a girl who comes of age and figures out what she desires.

  23. 3.5 stars Judging this as a work of fiction and for its entertainment value, it is better than I expected On the other hand, Gregory took liberties with her writing that were beyond ethical, in historical fiction To keep for me now, and I will write a review soon.

  24. I was really not expecting to like The Queen s Fool very much at all Despite loving Philippa Gregory, the idea of a psychic fool, who is nothing than a commoner, as the protagonist told me this story would probably be too far into the fantasy world and too far removed from the action of the Tudor court that I ve come to love about this series to be enjoyable for me But to my great surprise, I was wrong in my early predictions.Hannah proved to be an interesting and dynamic character, and despite [...]

  25. Let s begin by discussing the leading premise of the book Hannah s Sight The premise of a character with an uncontrollable power of prophecy is undoubtedly interesting, but it jars with the historical setting, so this would be best viewed as historical fantasy There is a second issue, and that s the fact that Hannah s Sight basically serves no function or usefulness in the plot Let s just think about this for a second Hannah has no control over her episodes, and frequently she can t understand w [...]

  26. 2.5 starsSo far my least favourite book in this series.I think because we get the view of someone outside of the Royal Family circle Harrah is the Queen s Fool Most of the time I liked her, and admired her independence But at the same time, it grinded my gears that she was on everyone s side Can you say people pleaser Whoever she was with, that s whose side she was on.And she wasn t doing it to be cunning, she was just very empathic But it irked me.That said it was interesting to see Mary s rise [...]

  27. I love historical fiction And you can count on Philippa Gregory to create characters whose lives are interwoven with well know historical events, which is the best part of historical fiction looking at events we usually only know from history books, from the viewpoint of someone who lived through them, whose life was affected by them Even if they are fictional characters, it s a powerful tool to make history feel real and less clinical, less distant That said, there is something distinctly chic [...]

  28. It s no secret that Philippa Gregory novels are all the range these days, especially given the success of her novel The Other Boleyn Girl I figured it was high time I gave Gregory a chance Having lacked access to The Other Boleyn Girl, I chose instead to borrow a copy of The Queen s Fool to satisfy my growing interest in historical fiction.The synopsis on the back of the book was certainly promising The protagonist is Hannah Green, a fourteen year old Jewish girl fleeing religious persecution in [...]

  29. Oh Lord, why did I read this I hate it, really truly, hate it when authors invention a bunch of BS history to feed us I ve been on a Tudor history binge lately, but that honestly isn t why I read this It was on sale, damn it What could I do xPThis follows Hannah, a Jew, who comes to England to flee from the Spanish Inquisition Her mother wasn t so lucky She was burned at the stake She meets two random people in her shop one day, randomly blurts out something about an Angel, and suddenly she s th [...]

  30. What I did like about this book is that she showed us Queen Mary s court from a Jew hidden in a battle between Catholic and Protestant loyalties where the wrong choice could get you killed This girl had fear of both sides It was an interesting choice of voice What Gregory didn t seem able to give voice to were the fool s wits And now I see why she never showed us Anne s wit in The Other Boleyn Girl she herself is void of intelligent humor.I enjoyed grasping bloody Mary s motives One thing Gregor [...]

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