Leonardo the Florentine

Leonardo the Florentine Who are the Medici brothers And who is trying to assassinate them Why was the Pitti Palace never completed And what part does Leonardo play in all of this Leonardo da Vinci is remembered as an artist

Who are the Medici brothers And who is trying to assassinate them Why was the Pitti Palace never completed And what part does Leonardo play in all of this Leonardo da Vinci is remembered as an artist and inventor But who was he before anyone knew his name This family friendly novel explores the history and legends of his early years in Florence It also weaves a mysteWho are the Medici brothers And who is trying to assassinate them Why was the Pitti Palace never completed And what part does Leonardo play in all of this Leonardo da Vinci is remembered as an artist and inventor But who was he before anyone knew his name This family friendly novel explores the history and legends of his early years in Florence It also weaves a mystery of politics and power.Early reviews of the story What a fascinating story It drew me in right away This is the first novel in Catherine s series The Life and Travels of Da Vinci Be sure to check out the sequels Leonardo Masterpieces in Milan, and Leonardo To Mantua and Beyond.And if you are looking for information on this fascinating Renaissance man, take a look at her biography Da Vinci His Life and His Legacy.

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Leonardo the Florentine

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  1. Leonardo the Florentine is a historical fiction about the life, travels, and biography of Da Vinci This book is a representation of an attempt to provide an insightful and educational view of how Leonardo s life was before he became the famous Da Vinci.After reading the book, there is no doubt in the vast and immense knowledge of the author over the subject matter, however, what did transpire within the content may not have been as informational as it could have been This may have been due to th [...]

  2. What little I knew of Leonardo da Vinci before listening to this book was about his later years Leonardo the Florentine does a great job of showing us who Leonardo was as a boy, teen, and young man At an age we would today consider far to young to be off on your own, Leonardo apprenticed at Master Verrochio s art workshop in Florence The story excels at describing not only the work done at the workshop but the various architecture, pageantry, and statues around Florence Leonardo was exposed to q [...]

  3. If you have a middle school reader who enjoys history and art, then this novel which fictionalizes the early life of Leonardo da Vinci will be just the book for him or her This is the first in The Life and Travels of da Vinci series and it is obvious that the author, Catherine McGrew Jaime, has researched well a beloved topic She expertly interwove facts about Leonardo s tense relationship with his father, his apprenticeship to master Verrocchio, Florence s architectural details, and information [...]

  4. Review originally published at lomeraniel audiobookreThe book is a novelization of the eighteen years Leonardo da Vinci t spent in Florence, learning from his master Verrocchio It does not go much into depth and it merely follows the historical information we have about Leonardo Do not expect to find a long and fictionalized novella with very well developed characters This book is intended as a way to show young students and any with a curious mind, how Leonardo da Vinci s first years as an appr [...]

  5. I was disappointed in this book in the beginning because the wording seemed juvenile and the narration was incredibly slow It did improve The story became interesting and the wording less juvenile After reading the authors comments about what was historical and what was fiction, I found the things I found most interesting were less historical and fiction which is fine as it is historical fiction I definitely appreciate it when an author clearly defines where they took liberties Even though I be [...]

  6. Leonardo da Vinci s young life from his own point of view, starting with his first day as an apprentice in Florence The story is based in true history though I don t know how much is completely accurate I enjoyed reading about Leonardo s path to fame and thought the relationship between Leonardo and Lorenzo Medici was intriguing.I found the reading was too slow for my liking which made it harder to follow and did bring much excitement even to the action scenes.I received this audiobook at no cos [...]

  7. This is the story of Leonardo da Vinci s early life, while this story flows like any novel it is based on known history A truly entertaining way to learn about Leonardo I can t wait for the next book so I can learn about his life.The level of detail in this book brings the story to life and shows that significant research must have been done by the author.The narration is well done, it flows naturally and most of the characters voices are distinctive and consistent.This book was supplied free b [...]

  8. A very enjoyable story about young Leonardo meeting Lorenzo, which culminated in creating some of the best artwork of the Renaissance era Leonardo s thirst for knowledge, quickly recognized and encouraged by Lorenzo drove him to become one of the most enlightened minds of his times.I loved the relationship between Lorenzo and other apprentices in Master Verrocchio s workshop The country boy discovers the treasures of Florence, visiting some of it most famous edifices A touch of politics adds som [...]

  9. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.This was a good book, even though it felt like of a biography than a historical fiction novel It was difficult to connect to the people ie Leonardo barely talks to one of his friends and instead of feeling sad for him, I just didn t care It was not an emotionally captivating novel On the other hand, the historical aspects were fascinating Learning about Leonardo s early life, the strains between him [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this book, which I got in exchange for my honest review Leonardo DaVinci has always fascinated me, so learning about his early life and influence really appealed to me The book is written well in an easy t0 understand and family friendly format After finishing listening to it, I thought I might have my 6 and 7 year old listen to it, since they have studied him in school I think this book can be enjoyed by any age I also thought the narrator did a good job I m really looking forw [...]

  11. I love that this book introduces a younger audience to the world of Renaissance Italy and a younger Leonardo da Vinci when he was apprenticed to the great Verrocchio First of all, this is not a da Vinci that many adult novels even explore and novels that explore the life of an apprentice in an art studio are few and far between Jaime does a fabulous job of creating a breathing world of Florence that feels real Young Leonardo in his role as an apprentice to Verrocchio is able to be all over Flore [...]

  12. I felt like I was back in grade school, listening to my teacher read after lunchd I mean that in the nicest way possible This was a good story Give it a couple of hours and enjoy a delightful transport back in time as you think about what little things happens in a life that lead to greatness I look forward to Leonardo stories

  13. This was a good story about Leonardo growing up and into the man he was.I thought it was aimed towards children, but I could be wrong.David Winograd was a wonderful narrator.I was provided this book by the author, narrator or publisher.

  14. Read the full review at Frazzled Book Nommer.This story felt like a biography in the way that it was written The voice felt distant, as if we were just reading about Leonardo There were hardly any feelings involved and I just didn t connect with the characters on any level Compared to other historical fiction I ve read, this just felt like a slightly altered biography The history, naturally, was my favorite part of the novel.Reading about Leonardo, however, was absolutely riveting Not that he d [...]

  15. This novel explores Leonardo da Vinci s years of apprenticeship under Verrocchio before he rose to fame and the world hailed him as one of the greatest artists and inventors of his time It also portrays Leonardo s involvement with the royal family of the Republic Of Florence and explores the mystery behind the uncompleted Pitti Palace and the plot to assassinate the Medici brothers Leonardo the Florentine is a compelling account of how Da Vinci evolved into a great artist and weaved into it is t [...]

  16. Leonardo the Florentine is the story of Da Vinci s early years as an apprentice to an artist sculptor Verrochio The story was well written and set up like a novel than a history lesson I can see this being useful to home school parents who want decent stories for Middle grade students that reflect real history but are family friendly at the same time The plot was fairly interesting and the author did a good job placing the reader in the setting I enjoyed the political aspects of the novel Havin [...]

  17. Leonardo the Florentine is a delightful story about Leonardo da Vinci and the time he spent in the city of Florence, as an apprentice to one of the very successful artists of the time, the great Master Verrocchio Andrea di Cione The author delves into the teenage years of the young Leonardo, and describes his relationships with his master and peers, and also his association with the powerful Lorenzo de Medici The story transports the modern reader back to the glorious days of the renaissance, wh [...]

  18. Historically accurate with literary license, Leonardo the Florentine tells the embellished story of Leonardo da Vinci s life as an apprentice and his first years on his own before leaving Florence Art, history, craftsmanship, military, intrigue, and enough to interest any young person and spur one onto further reading A fun book, and enjoyable than a 300 page biography of da Vinci I read a few years ago.

  19. This book is geared for middle to high level and would serve as an excellent interlude from the usual text when studying renaissance period history The book is actually written like a novel, covering many hostorical periods and events within that timeframe, while developing Young Leonardo s life.

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