The All-New Atom, Vol. 1: My Life in Miniature

The All New Atom Vol My Life in Miniature Best selling author Gail Simone helps launch the career of an all new hero bearing the mantle of the Atom a hero who shrinks in size to battle evil Strange things are happening in Ivy Town In fact it

Best selling author Gail Simone helps launch the career of an all new hero bearing the mantle of the Atom a hero who shrinks in size to battle evil Strange things are happening in Ivy Town In fact, it appears that the whole town s been experimented on for decades Enter Ryan Choi the young hotshot professor filling the empty slot on Ivy University s teaching staffBest selling author Gail Simone helps launch the career of an all new hero bearing the mantle of the Atom a hero who shrinks in size to battle evil Strange things are happening in Ivy Town In fact, it appears that the whole town s been experimented on for decades Enter Ryan Choi the young hotshot professor filling the empty slot on Ivy University s teaching staffd who inadvertently fills the role as the all new super heroic Atom Can Choi make a difference in a town creepy and mysterious than anyone ever realized And can he live up the towering legend of his predecessor, the original Atom, Ray Palmer

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The All-New Atom, Vol. 1: My Life in Miniature

  1. Gail Simone is a comic book writer well known for her work on Birds of Prey DC , Wonder Woman DC , and Deadpool Marvel , among others, and has also written humorous and critical commentary on comics and the comics industry such as the original Women in Refrigerators website and a regular column called You ll All Be Sorry.

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  1. Things happen I finished the volume, and I am still not sure why they happen or why I should care For a new series, this book does a poor job of establishing its characters , its setting, and its raison d etre It s got a few good jokes, but for the most part, you ve just got to hang on to the plot for dear life and hope somewhere along the line read that as after this volume because it s a continuing series the characters will begin to be fleshed out I picked this up because I like Gail Simone s [...]

  2. More fun than I thought I enjoyed Gail Simone s script, humor, and the energetic art of Byrne and Barrows Q Is this the last bit of Byrne work for the big two publishers, with his run with Simone on Action mixed in Ryan Choi seems fun than Ray Palmer, though I like em both Hope his seeming death elsewhere wasn t it a mean run on Titans is reversed by some story sometime.Recommended.

  3. Since Ryan Choi is back in action as the Atom in the new DC Rebirth Universe, I thought I d read up on his original adventures from a few years ago Gail Simone writes an intriguing tale of an alien race who is battling a Lovecraftian god in Ivy Town, and the art by Byrne and Barrows is pretty damn great Ryan is certainly a likable character, and Simone fills out the cast with some well thought out supporters, too.

  4. I found this book difficult to get through I m puzzled by the positive hype behind it as Entertainment Weekly awarded it the Best Ongoing Comic of 2006 I really didn t care for the character at all and felt I didn t know him I knew going in that this was the publisher s attempt to bring some color to superheroes who are mostly white and that was fine, but I just don t think the writer understood the personal or social conflicts and issues a Chinese scientist would grapple with in becoming a mode [...]

  5. Very enjoyable for new readers All you really have to know in advance is a the previous Atom was Ray Palmer, a brilliant scientist, and b that magic exists and thrives in this world alongside a version of science that puts our achievements to shame Most of this comic is tongue in cheek, from the fight scene at a drive in movie theatre with Attack of the She Devil playing in the background to the cult of pilgrims, to the plot of a microscopic army whose base is hidden in a dog s fur Unfortunately [...]

  6. I found this to be a not terribly original but thoroughly enjoyable superhero romp and that coming from someone who s never really been a fan of any of the plethora of growing and shrinking superheroes in Marvel and DC Ryan Choi and his supporting cast of family, coworkers and baddies are the real draw I think The story here Ryan discovering Roy Palmer s old size change belt and then getting drawn into a war between magic and science that the belt engendered holds together, but barely But the di [...]

  7. The writing was fine, if a bit rushed There wasn t enough time for the villains battle to be explained well Since there wasn t enough explanation and three antagonists were introduced and defeated in this volume, it got confusing Then there was the art Half of it was good However, there was the other half where the characters were, shall we say caricatured The Asian features were not even proportioned to the rest of the head.

  8. I wanted to love this because I love Gail Simone s other work There were some touches I found fantastic creative uses of the protagonist s powers the quotes from scientists both real and fictional the contrast between the two antagonistic sides, science versus magic But I found the overall arch of the book uneven, a feeling bolstered by the change in artists throughout It is still an overall satisfying comic book superhero adventure, but one that does not measure up to my expectations.

  9. Reprints Brave New World 1 and The All New Atom 1 6 August 2006 February 2007 Ryan Choi is living his dream He is getting to explore science and he has a new tool When he finds his mentor Ray Palmer has left him the belt that gave him powers, Ryan is out to explore the potential of the belt and its power Unfortunately, Ryan discovers that his new job in Ivy Town is a little difficult than he thought Ivy Town is a hotbed for strange happening When Ryan receives warning that a war between science [...]

  10. Patron saint of women in comics Gail Simone brings back The Atom in a bizarre run that nontheless has a certain something that has made it a cult hit.The new Atom is Ryan Choi, a correspondent of old Atom, Ray Palmer Arriving in America, the affable and enthusiastic Choi takes up residence in Palmer s old place, is hired for Palmer s old position at the Ivy Town University, and inherits Palmer s shrinking belt, outfit, and mantle as The Atom The biggest problem with All New Atom, which is only a [...]

  11. I was never all that interested in The All New Atom when it debuted despite having an interest in the character The artwork by John Byrne piqued my curiosity, and the fact that it was based on concepts developed by Grant Morrison got it onto my radar, but the writing of Gail Simone has absolutely never drawn me in Regardless of what she is writing, I just can t get sucked in like so many people I know can I feel like she s missing something narratively Every time I pick up something she s writte [...]

  12. D.C rebooted the Atom, who proves that shrinking can help you fight crime, but didn t update him that much The Atom s still a science professor, still lives in Ivy Town, and still uses a shrinking belt to get small and do gross stuff like get swallowed by giant ladies Wait, there s on difference this time he s Asian.So while the character hasn t changed this much, the story is a fairly interesting one The last Atom, Ray Palmer, disappeared mysteriously which would be pretty hard for a microscopi [...]

  13. Prima storia di Atomo che leggo.Come inizio poteva andare meglio, decisamente.La Simone costruisce una storia che potrebbe anche andare, ma per la prima met del volume eccessivamente compressa.Il ritmo tutto sbagliato, secondo me lo svolgersi degli eventi sembra lasciato un p troppo al caso l introduzione dei comprimari frettolosa e non aiuta i nuovi lettori a familiarizzare con l ambientazione le motivazioni dei cattivi e la loro origine non sono spiegati bene, anzi quasi per nulla.Nella second [...]

  14. Nice look at the super hero world by a normal guy suddenly given the power and how it would freak you out as well as amaze you I also liked Gail s efforts to breath some life into Ivy town and make it feel like a real place Art by John Byrne didn t hurt either.Unfortunately, there is also a bit too much effort put into telling weird stories and hitting us over the head with the fact that strange things are happening and hinting that dark forces have something in mind for Ivy town.After awhile i [...]

  15. A new Professor takes over from Ray Palmer in the university He finds the belt, and decides to be the atom Things get tricky when aliens who live on his dog decide to destroy the world This is a great introduction to a new character, I particularly liked his daddy issues There s also some nice supporting cast, professors who see the atom belt as a scientific problem This has definite potential for a series A very good read.

  16. Despite generally liking Gail Simone s work before and after read this one, I still feel it s weak work from her This was when DC was trying to create legacy heroes and this time out, it didn t work very well, as the character gets caught between stereotypes and character cliches.

  17. New to graphic novelsbut i thought the characters were flushed out quickly.obably to many intertwining threadst a enough time to flush out learning becoming the new atom.I was actually looking for a ray palmer story, but this was a pleasant surprise

  18. Pretty much ANYTHING with Byrne as penciller I will pick up This is an interesting twist on the ATOM character, though So far

  19. I picked this up because i d been told it was funny but, while it had a few funny spots, i think all of those references were to a later volume Thoroughly average DC title.

  20. An interesting character, and a story that gets better as it goes, but still just kind of meh in the end.

  21. So much fun Shame Byrne didn t stay on but the impact wasn t as bad as it could ve been Got me wanting the rest of the series NOW and isn t that point of the first storyline

  22. Gail Simone goes weird absurdist comedy superheroics Always felt this series was underrated among her work It s bizarre and funny as hell and, in later books, really quite poignant.

  23. Contains lots of interesting characters, and a fun setup, but this particularly storyline never seems to spark Instead it seems muddled and overly long

  24. I m liking current Gail Simone than this It s an interesting take and somewhat horrific at times, but I just can t connect to the character or story so far We ll see how it goes in vol 2.

  25. Lo tengo y le en n meros sueltos, pero ahora que lo pienso no estoy seguro de tener todos los cap tulos Ni qu tan bueno estaba, la verdad Pero bueh, as quedar hasta nuevo aviso.

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