Making Waves

Making Waves She always wanted to belong just not to a disfunctional pirate crew Juli has trouble fitting in though she d prefer to keep the reasons to herself But when she mistakenly stows away on a ship of misf

She always wanted to belong just not to a disfunctional pirate crew.Juli has trouble fitting in, though she d prefer to keep the reasons to herself But when she mistakenly stows away on a ship of misfit corporate castoffs, her own secrets become the least of her concerns.He knows plotting a diamond heist may be considered unusual behaviorBut Alex isn t feeling veryShe always wanted to belong just not to a disfunctional pirate crew.Juli has trouble fitting in, though she d prefer to keep the reasons to herself But when she mistakenly stows away on a ship of misfit corporate castoffs, her own secrets become the least of her concerns.He knows plotting a diamond heist may be considered unusual behaviorBut Alex isn t feeling very normal when his unscrupulous boss kicks him to the curb Meeting Juli doesn t do much to restore normalcy to Alex s life, but it sure is exhilerating As Alex and Juli bare their secrets and a whole lot they find that while normal is nice, weird can be wonderful.

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Making Waves

  1. When Tawna Fenske finished her English lit degree at 22, she celebrated by filling a giant trash bag full of romance novels and dragging it everywhere until she d read them all Now she s a RITA nominated, USA Today bestselling author who writes humorous fiction, risqu romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist Publishers Weekly has praised Tawna s offbeat romances with multiple starred reviews and noted, There s something wonderfully relaxing about being immersed in a story filled with over the top characters in undeniably relatable situations Heartache and humor go hand in hand Tawna lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, stepkids, and a menagerie of ill behaved pets She loves hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, and inventing excuses to sip wine on her back porch She can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year To find out about Tawna and her books, visit tawnafenske.

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  1. BAAYIILLDIIIMMM Uzun s redir bir kitapta bu kadar ok g ld m hat rlam yorum D D Kitap boyunca u haldeydim Kitap bitti ama ben hala g l yorum D Juli ye bittim D Vibrat rdekileri ke fetti i ve Alex in g z ne soktu u sahne ld rd beni g lmekten u anda bile g z mde canland r nca kahkahalar ma engel olam yorum D D Amcas n n k llerini savurdu u sahne de beni bitirdi D DValla okuyun pi man olmayacaks n z iyi ki bulup okumu um kitab gecemi enlendirdi hem de fazlas yla D D

  2. 4 stars The first half is lots of laughing for me which is rare The second half is a light pleasant readVIEWER S OPINION During the first 150 pages I was laughing chuckling a lot At one time I almost wondered if I was drinking and didn t know it because I was laughing so much and feeling giddy Too many contemporary romance books that claim to be funny don t make me laugh This book did It s silly funny little things as this group of people are interacting and deciding what to do.The last half of [...]

  3. This was very different A 37 year old job hopping heroine looking to bring her wacky uncle s ashes to their last resting place in the ocean outside a Caribbean island A 42 year old former VP looking for revenge on his old employer as well as getting his nest egg back.The setting is wonderful, it really made me want to go on a Caribbean vacation The sidekicks are also unusual and interesting It is a bit of slapstick to this comical romance, but it is done with such a deft hand that I really don t [...]

  4. It s so nice to discover another author and a debut author at that who writes humor that truly makes you laugh It s not easy to do There are very few writers out there who have had success at it Remember Tawna Fenske s name She s going to become a favorite of a lot of you readers out there If she doesn t, you need to readjust your funny bone.Juli Flynn s latest responsibility is to scatter her Uncle Frank s ashes in the Virgin Islands, a task she s really not eager to perform She has a job She d [...]

  5. Vay can na Bunun bu kadar g zel olaca n bilseydim okumak i in bu kadar bekletmezdim Tawna, zeki ve komik Okurken bunu sat rlarda da g rebiliyorsunuz Alex ve arkada lar onlar i ten kartan patronlar yla de mek i in korsanc l k oyunu oynamaya kalkarlar Ama unuttuklar bir ey vard D nyan n en zeki kad n n n teknelerinde oldu undan haberleri yoktur S rlar n ve maceran n komedi ile bulu mas muazzam olmu Alex ile Juli nin birbirlerine olan ekimleri, ve Cody nin usta ef halleri ok g zeldi Karakterlerden [...]

  6. Yorumun Tamam ve Daha Fazlas in u son bir ka ayd r bu denli e lenceli kitaplara hasret kalm t m Kitab Minik Bir D blogunun sahibinin tavsiyesi zerine okudum ve iyi ki de okumu um diyorum Okurken, s rekli olarak y z mde aptal bir s r t ile okudum desem yalan olmaz Hele yle bir yerler vard ki gece vakti kahkahalar m kom ular taraf ndan duyulmas n diye surat ma yast k kapatmak zorunda kald m Baz yerlerde ise ge kald m maalesef Ayr ca kitap ok k sa bir s rede de bitti 3 saat kadar bir zaman da ok ra [...]

  7. Funny, witty, truly entertaining, even the idiotic dialogs of some of the secondary characters made me smile.HERO is now the leader of small group of recently fired coworkers who are planning to steal an illegal cargo from his former boss When a accidentally stowaway is found in their ship in their way to their objective, he can t help but be attracted to this unusual woman although he doesn t trust her one bitNRE TONE contemporary lightSCENES CONTENT few hotLENGTH 234 pages

  8. Aahahahaahaaaa ok iyiydi ya ok iyi ve ok sa ma Harika bir komedi tufan Tawna Fenske n yazd Dalgalar Hep A k Getirse okundu, bitti Asl nda kitaba ba larken pek de bir beklentim yoktu fakat beni a rtt Yazar n kalemini be endim Kabul a r s n rlarda yazm Sa ma yerler bir d nya fakat yle bir dille yazm ki kahkahalarla okuyorsun uan iyi ki alm , okumu um diyorum evirisini de be endim Daha ne olsun Kitab kesinlikle tavsiye ederim

  9. The good thing about spending all day at the water park is that it forces me to read from my paper TBR The bad thing is running into books like these Alex has been cheated out of his pension He and his friends devise a way to get what was taken from them by a little piracy on the high seas Juli has to spread her uncle s ashes at sea Only she winds up on a ship other than the one she chartered Full of silly characters, unbelievable situations and loads of fun coincidences the humor in this tale m [...]

  10. Tawna s debut is as quirky, funny, and warm hearted as she is Also, Alex is so totally hot that I do NOT condone reading this novel at least the last third of it in public Making Waves is a fun, insane tale that I wanted to be a part of as much as Juli did, and if you re looking for something to make you laugh while fanning yourself make sure to pick this one up.

  11. Sadece yazar n deha bir karakter olu tururken biraz daha ara t rma yapmas n isterdim Juli deha olarak hi inand r c de ildi E lenmek i in okudum ama bu nokta bana batt

  12. Oh Em Gee, guysis book was FREAKING HILARIOUS Like the kind of hilarity that would result if Tina Fey s off the wall descriptions of life joined forces with Chelsea Handler s awkward sexuality and the two wrote a book about white collar employees turning into a band of pirates.Sounds too good to be true Well it isn t.The female MC is named Juli and she s a thirty seven year old woman who s had careers than my entire graduating class combined Her family thinks she needs to settle down with one t [...]

  13. Hayat mda bu kitap kadar beni g ld ren ba ka bir kitap olmu mudur hmm belki ama bunlar bir elin parmaklar n ge mez eminim Daha ilk sayfada kahkaha att m ba ka bir kitap olmad en az ndan buna eminim Kitaba okadar bay ld m ki birazc k spoiler verece im kimse kusura bakmas n ncelikle kitab m z bir korsan hikayesi Bu zamanda korsan m kalm derseniz bizim acemi korsanlara bir g z at n derim kesinlikle bay lacaks n z Cody hari hepsi 4 ki iler 40 ya st emeklilikleri gelmi ama al t klar irket bunlar emek [...]

  14. Making Waves was a cute, fast paced romp And by romp, I meant the plot was implausible, the secondary characters were over the top caricatures, and much of the humor was situational And this was okay with me, since I knew that s what I was getting into when I picked up the book I ve been known to like many a romp before.I can t quite pinpoint why this one didn t work for me It might have been that the humor was a little heavy handed at times see Juli s mother s jello salad It might have been tha [...]

  15. Tawna Fenske will delight readers with this rollicking romantic comedy This is the story of Juli, genius extraordinaire who has come to the tropics to carry out the last wishes of her dear Uncle Frank She meets Alex, a recently unemployed businessman who is determined to recoup his stolen pension with a harebrained pirating scheme Unwittingly joining him and his quirky crew in their quest, Juli finds in Alex a perfect foil for her crazy antics, if she can convince Alex to trust her with his body [...]

  16. What a hoot That s what I have to say first Pirates, an urn filled with ashes, a woman with a high IQ without any common sense, it was hilarious When I first started this book Juli was a puzzle to me In fact, she is a puzzle for the first half of the book There is something different about her You aren t sure if she just has a severe case of ADHD or what She bounces from job to job, trying them all She gets bored, very easy Her common sense seems to be out the window and as a reader you find you [...]

  17. Tawna Fenske s Making Waves is a hilarious wild ride with dashes of sweet romance.Juli travels to St John to honor her Uncle Frank s wishes for his cremated ashes to be tossed into the sea Alex and his band of unlikely pirates arrive in St John and plan to seize illegal diamonds from their former boss When Juli accidentally stows away on Alex s ship, she has twenty four hours to prove she belongs with Alex s ragtag crew and can help with the heist, if she can overcome her seasickness and use her [...]

  18. Look, if you tell anyone I read a romance novel, and maybe even enjoyed it, I ll have to hunt you down and beat you with a side of beef But if you promise not to spread salacious rumors about my reading habits, I ll be happy to tell you how much fun I had breezing through Tawna s debut novel.And it really is a breezy, little read full of ludicrous action, quirky characters, and enough sexual tension to choke Don Juan Sure, it gets a little silly in parts, but that s half the fun And boy, does Ta [...]

  19. I almost NEVER laugh out loud while reading a book, but this book completely changed that Tawna has a natural gift for writing what we smart asses are thinking and Juli has a gift for saying just the right thing and making things happen for herself I typically don t read humorous romance books because my sense of humor is very dry and sharp and I tend not to think that the same things are funny as everyone else does I purchased and read this book because I read Tawna s blog and I wanted to suppo [...]

  20. This was a really fun book Juli was such a misfit she was a certifiable genius, but had real problems in social situations She also had problems keeping a job, as they would bore her very quickly She ended up on Alex s boat by mistake, thanks to an allergic reaction to motion sickness medicine Alex and his friends were planning to hijack some cargo from one of their boss s ships, to get even for them being laid off just before being eligible for their retirements The whole mission was a comedy o [...]

  21. I pre ordered this book quite a while ago, and was thrilled to find that it had downloaded yesterday morning Within a few hours, I was reading it, hoping it would live up to my expectations.I was thrilled to find that I absolutely loved this book I started reading and completely lost track of time until my husband came home to find me laughing on the sofa Obviously my laughter intrigued him, since he grabbed it as soon as I finished, eager to find out what was so funny for himself

  22. I m really looking forward to this one Tawna is totally nuts in a good way This was a fantastic read Fun and sexy and silly Who can resist a pirate Even if he is a 40 something former executive Juli and Alex and the rest of the gang are wonderful characters Great first book by Fenske Can t wait for the next one

  23. This is not my typical genre to read, but Tawna s hilarious blog inspired me to check out her debut Really enjoyed it, with all the quirky characters, the sexual tension, and the interesting storyline.Plus, she used wench and nefarious two of my favorite words to write.Yes, it s romance, but guys, trust me you will enjoy this.

  24. Romp caper style plot, just plain silly Characters are right out of central casting Doris Day for heroine James Gardner for hero Writing is good, fast paced lots of chatter about gourmet food So many cowinky dinks that I was glad to learn this was a premier effort by the author Hopefully she improves in plausibilty.

  25. yle uzun uzun yorum yapacak vaktim yok malesef ama tek diyebilece im okudu um en e lenceli kitaplardan biriydi.Beni g lmekten kitab yere d rme derecesine getiren diyaloglar n oldu u bir kitap.Yazar n km d rt kitab var.Umar m yay nevi hepsini kar r ok e lenceli bir yaz m tarz na sahip yazar m z.

  26. This is a phenomenal debut for this author Funny, witty and wildly hilarious I could not put the book down Not typically a lover of romance I will most certainly read anything written by Author Fenske

  27. Daha nceleri hi ilgimi ekmeyen ama bir blogger arkada m n yorumuyla g r p okuma listeme ald m bir kitapt.Ba larken bu kadar e lenece imi hi ama hi sanm yordum.Ger ekten tam bir romantik komedi,komedisi fazla tabi D

  28. I got an advance copy of this book through work and really liked it This was such a fun romance I loved the main characters and hope that they might reappear in a future book The book is due out in August and I can t wait to start recommending it to my customers.

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