Blood Count

Blood Count There s no such thing as easy money As surgeon Edward Hammond is about to find out Thirteen years ago he performed a life saving operation on a Serbian gangster Dragan Gazi Gazi is now standing trial

There s no such thing as easy money As surgeon Edward Hammond is about to find out Thirteen years ago he performed a life saving operation on a Serbian gangster, Dragan Gazi Gazi is now standing trial for war crimes in the international court in The Hague After his life was saved, his men went on to slaughter thousands in the Balkan civil wars.Now Gazi s family want moThere s no such thing as easy money As surgeon Edward Hammond is about to find out Thirteen years ago he performed a life saving operation on a Serbian gangster, Dragan Gazi Gazi is now standing trial for war crimes in the international court in The Hague After his life was saved, his men went on to slaughter thousands in the Balkan civil wars.Now Gazi s family want from him in exchange for keeping Hammond s dirty little secret, they want him to find for them the man who holds the key to all the money Gazi squirreled away before he was locked up But Italian financier, Marco Piravani, doesn t want to be found, not by Hammond, not by anyone No sooner has Hammond tracked him down, than Piravani has disappeared again His pursuit will take him first to the Hague, and then to Milan to find the Italian, and then finally back to the scene of his crime, Belgrade, where he must confront the decisions he once so easily took Only then will he be able to lay the past to rest.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Blood Count

  1. In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.

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  1. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Robert Goddard s books until I started this audiobook read very well by David Rintoul Goddard seems to specialize in ordinary people finding themselves in difficult situations and usually involving some kind of multi continent chase.In this one, the past of a liver transplant surgeon, Edward Hammond, comes back to haunt him Several years before he had been offered a considerable amount of money to save the life of Dragan Gazi, a man now on trial in the Hague for [...]

  2. It was fine I have read loads of Robert Goddard s books over the years I don t know if it is because I am older or that he has become a bit of a book factory but it was JUST fine Well written, plot holds together, not too predictable, believable reactions from the characters It just didn t do anything Decent holiday reading.

  3. Goddard regulars will know that his novels generally have a pattern A character s present is affected by something that happened in the past Nothing is what it seems No one is who they seem Almost everything the main character is told is a lie The main character trusts people that shouldn t be trusted and makes poor decisions that make the situation worse Goddard uses these devices to create conflict and tension and this works up to a point His writing is of a very good standard and Blood Count [...]

  4. Like all his namesakes before and after him, Jean Luc , Brendan, Lisa et al, Bob has his failings and this was not one of his best, yet far from his worst But, despite the overly convenient outcomes and suspended credibility, the novel still rolls through at a cracking pace amidst numerous twists and turns A convenient time killer as opposed to time waster, then.

  5. Robert Goddard always does a good page turner this one was about Serbian war criminals, of which I know very little Again, this was a random choice from the library but certainly enjoyable.

  6. Blood Count is a very apt name for this novel It held my attention from start to finish I can now better appreciate the thought processes of people who have had to endure such conflict as that described and have had to live under particular regimes I am lucky to not be constantly thinking about what conspiracy theories are plausible or even probable and who I can or cannot trust What an eye opener to say the least

  7. Awesome A new author for me and I enjoyed the book immensely Liver transplant surgeon Dr Edward Hammond gets involved in an escape plan for a Serbian war lord whose liver he transplanted many years ago for a hefty fee.

  8. Na negentien boeken gelezen te hebben van Robert Goddard, was ik wel nieuwsgierig naar dit boek, welke uitgekomen is in 2010 Ik heb altijd genoten van zijn verhalen, de n beter dan de andere en was benieuwd of dit verhaal mij ook zou pakken.Het familiekapitaal gaat over het kapitaal, dat vergaard is door een oorlogsmisdadiger in Servi.Gemakkelijk verdiend geld bestaat niet Dat is iets wat de Londense chirurg Edward Hammond ook ondervindt Dertien jaar geleden heeft hij voor veel geld een levertra [...]

  9. This is what used to be called is it still called a cracking good thriller It doesn t matter that you don t quite believe in the behaviour or interaction of the main characters It s just a well crafted story that keeps twisting and turning and entertaining As a previous reviewer said, a great holiday read.

  10. Robert Goddard is no stranger to writing, his latest novel Blood Count to be published by Bantam Press on the 31st March in the UK marks his twenty second novel in what has become a highly distinguished and successful career.First published in 1986 with the bestselling Past Caring , Goddard is no stranger to the Sunday Times bestseller list with his last eight novels all appearing on the list In his latest novel Blood Count a surgeon fights to protect everything and everyone he holds dear as he [...]

  11. This is a 3 and a half, really I love Robert Goddard, I really do, but I m not sure whether it s just that I ve got too used to his modus operandi or whether this really was a bit of a potboiler, but, while still a thumping good read, this didn t quite cast its spell over me as some of his other books have.It s the usual Goddard set up complacent, ordinary, naive, middle aged bloke suddenly finds himself caught up in a nightmare he doesn t understand and embarks upon a globetrotting race against [...]

  12. Reading through a number of different detective and thriller authors at the moment, I ve been starting to contrast different approaches Some of them like Ian Rankin with Rebus, or Peter Robinson with Banks, build a strong series around one core character Others, such as Grisham, focus on particular settings Robert Goddard, it seems to me, is one who rather has a blueprint or a framework that they keep applying to different settings There is a particular type of hero, a complex and continuously u [...]

  13. I am biased here as Robert Goddard is one of my favourite authors He writes so well and engagingly that I get hooked very early on Having read over a dozen of his books I have come to accept the fact that some of his plots are a bit implausible and his protagonists a bit naive They have to be to get hooked by untrustworthy people into doing stupid things With Blood Count, the need to suspend belief was stronger than usual and I set it aside a few times before deciding to read past the first few [...]

  14. Edward Hammond is a surgeon who once, for a large fee, performed a liver transplant on Dragan Gazi, a gangster who was later on trial for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia He is about to go on holiday when Gazi s daughter approaches him an blackmails him into searching for the accountant who controls Gazi s fortune If he does not fulfil the request, she says, Gazi will reveal that part of his payment was the morder of Hammond s estranged wife Kate, who was indeed murdered by unknown assailants [...]

  15. N r samvetet kallar, som titeln r versatt till p svenska, handlar om inb rdeskriget i f.d Jugoslavien och om vilka konsekvenser d utf rda handlingar f r i framtiden Penningsugen engelsk kirurg utf r under p g ende konflikt en levertransplantation p serbisk krigsherre, som sedermera st lls inf r krigsf rbrytartribunalen i Haag 13 r efter den lyckade operationen s ker krigsherrens dotter upp kirurgen f r att f hj lp med att l gga vantarna p de blodspengar krigsherren, genom st ld, korruption, mord [...]

  16. This is the 22nd Robert Goddard book I ve read, in chronological order I m within sight of the latest one As usual, Goddard pulled me in and gripped me until the last page There were the usual clever twists at least one of which I predicted , and while it wasn t clear how realistic the whole thing might be, it was certainly entertaining One doesn t read these kinds of books expecting true realism This time, the protagonist was a relatively strong willed character who had made a mistake in his ea [...]

  17. Goddard has been writing potboilers for decades and, for some reason, I continue to read them his books are the sort which win the WH Smith Thumping Good Read Award Which means there s no good looking in them for deep meaning, wonderful prose or profound insight Instead, you get an everyman made victim to a conspiracy and which he must puzzle out to save himself In Blood Count, it s a surgeon who performed a liver transplant on a Serbian warlord who is now under trial at the International Court [...]

  18. Goddard provides dependable holiday reading But unlike some of his earlier work, this one is oddly devoid of strong characters and emotions The opening pages hook you in Dr Hammond, we know you will help us because we know you had your wife killed but then what follows is a series of chases car, wild goose y kind in which the pattern goes something like this Our protagonist agrees to do task X for the villains, but the only way he can do that is if he first does task B for someone else, who agre [...]

  19. this is amongst my top reads edward hammond is a leading surgeon and is called upon to perform a lover transplant operation abroad privately, for 250,000 pounds cash 13 years later his action catches up with him blackmail the loss of his wife the loss of his daughter s trust a war crimes criminal dead bodies a mistress an illegitimate son who is illegally adopted this is not only a brilliant thriller but also s penetrating examination of cause and effect in this novel, every action has a consequ [...]

  20. Thirteen years Edward Hammond performed a life saving operation on a Dragan Gazi Gazi and his wolves what his men called themselves slaughtered thousands in the Balkan civil wars In the present day Gazi is in The Hague standing trial for war crimes Gazi s daughter blackmail Edward into contacting Marco Piravani Gazi s Italian financier Marco is lying low Edward s pursuit of Marco takes across Europe.Edward has to face the decisions he made 13 years ago, and decide whether he can face the decisio [...]

  21. If an unravelling and drawn out chase around Europe and South America is your bag then this is one book you won t want to miss.Set in and around the Balkans conflict and the search for missing generals wanted for war crimes, Blood Count is the story of how an English surgeon gets caught up amongst the subterfuge in mainland Europe after carrying out a private liver transplant The repercussions of this surgery have long lasting impacts on millions of innocent citizens but closer to home on the do [...]

  22. Goddard back on form Surgeon Edward Hammond becomes embroiled in the machinations of those around a Serbian warlord who is standing trial for war crimes in the Hague Hammond has to race from country to country to try and extricate himself and save his reputation, becoming a ethical human being in the process Goddard s protagonists are always unwilling, trusting puppets, who knot themselves in the strings of the various puppet masters But they are always sympathetic, so that while you wish to sh [...]

  23. Een Engelse chirurg heeft vlak na de oorlog in joegoslavie een Servische generaal tegen hoge betaling een nieuwe lever gegeven.13 jaar later staat zijn dochter bij hem op de stoep.Zij wil het familiekapitaal hebben, haar vader zit inmiddels in Scheveningen in de gevangenis.Hij dreigt de dokter te beschuldigen van moord op zijn ex vrouw als hij geen medewerking verleent het geld terug te brengen bij de familie.Een mysterieus figuur, bijgenaamd de accountant, zou weten waar het geld zich bevindt.D [...]

  24. I should have known I d made a mistake when I encountered the sentence about a character s sweet perfume, with a tang of decay, of death, hovering behind it , but I was on a 4 hour bus trip and thus desperate The writing is terrible, and the plot is interesting enough though highly implausible and the writing just isn t convincing a good writer can make you believe anything This felt like a cheap Hollywood blockbuster that is so lazy that any excitement is to left to the reader to conjure up the [...]

  25. I have always enjoyed Robert Goddard s books and there is almost always one on my shelves waiting to be read but they never jump out and say read me, so I might read one every couple of years.They are always well written, well researched and plotted so, what is missing I m not sure but I suppose it is some sort of wow factor, which may be partly accounted for by the absence of series elements but is, I believe, mainly due to his rather functional writing style.I hope that the next time I try one [...]

  26. Another Robert Goddard on the theme of the past catching up with the present I found the whole premise of a respected English transplant surgeon getting involved with Serbian war criminals a little too far fetched and the reason he has to do this even less convincing But it s well plotted and the final twist not something that I had foreseen and I doubt many other readers will either Perhaps 3 is a tad generous but there s no doubt it s a good quick read.

  27. Another great Robert Goddard read Now this is my type of thriller no grandiose hero killing bad guys left right and centre and getting all the luck in the world to escape impossible situations Just an average Joe with plenty of character flaws trying to get out of an awful situation and copping plenty of bad luck along the way Lots of twists and turns and an unexpected ending as usual I also learnt alot about the civil wars in the Balkans Excellent read.

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