Kosto: rakkaustarina

Kosto rakkaustarina Hurja pienoisromaani naisiin kohdistuvasta v kivallastaNuori yksinhuoltaja iti Teena Maguire ja h nen vuotias tytt rens Bethie p tt v t oikaista pikkukaupungin puiston l pi puoleny n aikaan Lauma p

Hurja pienoisromaani naisiin kohdistuvasta v kivallastaNuori yksinhuoltaja iti Teena Maguire ja h nen 12 vuotias tytt rens Bethie p tt v t oikaista pikkukaupungin puiston l pi puoleny n aikaan Lauma paikallisia nuoria miehi raiskaa Teenan Bethien silmien alla ja j tt h net maahan virumaan Raiskaus on kiist m t n ja tekij t tuttuja, mutta saako paha oikeussalissa palHurja pienoisromaani naisiin kohdistuvasta v kivallastaNuori yksinhuoltaja iti Teena Maguire ja h nen 12 vuotias tytt rens Bethie p tt v t oikaista pikkukaupungin puiston l pi puoleny n aikaan Lauma paikallisia nuoria miehi raiskaa Teenan Bethien silmien alla ja j tt h net maahan virumaan Raiskaus on kiist m t n ja tekij t tuttuja, mutta saako paha oikeussalissa palkkaansa Yhteis k ntyy Teenaa vastaan Monien mielest Teena teki virheen liikkumalla puistossa keskell y t , juorujen mukaan humalassa Poliisi John Droomor ei kuitenkaan voi katsoa tapahtumia sivusta, vaan p tt ottaa lain omiin k siins.

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Kosto: rakkaustarina

  1. Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Book Award and the PEN Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction She is also the recipient of the 2005 Prix Femina for The Falls She is the Roger S Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Princeton University, and she has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 1978 Pseudonyms Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly.

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  1. This is an ugly book, filled with nothing but filth and darkness It takes your view of humanity, throws it to the ground and administers a few sound kicks to it, till it is bleeding and crying out.Hate is a strong word, but I hated the story, the characters and practically the entire book I hate the fact that I live in a world where this isn t fiction, but the true story of thousands of Teena s and Bethie s each day.I hate the fact that people find it ok to label rape as unfortunate or sad A sli [...]

  2. 4 I say CASTRATE the Rapists StarsThis is the story of a mother and daughter who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and encounter the wrong most vile persons The story of what that woman becomes after being Raped, people just talk about her or recall her of think of her about after the incident , the before no longer exists Suspects, they were called As if they hadn t done what they d done to you and your mother but were only suspected of doing it What was most disturbing was the daughter [...]

  3. It s shocking and almost unforgiving that I have been on this earth for 30 years and have never read Joyce Carol Oates Reading her entire cannon will soon become my latest addiction in 2009 So how do I review this novel note I am writing this review after already having read Zombie a few days ago First of all, Joyce C Oates, where have you been all my life And to my literary friends Why did nobody tell me about the lyricism, harshness, brilliant POV changes, and upsetting yet beautiful prose How [...]

  4. Excellent story Although set in the 1990s, some of the language used seemed to be of either a different era or different place It was set in the Niagara Falls Buffalo area, so I would not think of some of the terms used in today s America That being said, I found it to be well written in a style I cannot quite recall ever reading.It was a very quick read and I would definitely recommend.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with JCO She is a brilliant writer and I admire her Sometimes I am blown away by the intensity and chilling insight of her books and sometimes I find them unnecessarily cruel, mean and overly dramatic Now, don t get me wrong, she can write in any genre with skill It s amazing As a matter of fact, in one short story collection she wrote a brilliant and complete short story in one page She is an eccentric individual and her choices reflect that.The title of this boo [...]

  6. Reading this book was a bizarre experience for me, affected primarily by the summary on the dustjacket that offered its own, rather narrow interpretation of a story that should be left open to broad speculation Oates s writing is fluid and her selection of details is as mundane and powerful as a C zanne platter of fruit Her decision to describe different scenes from different characters perspectives also contributed well to the story The rape scene and the ensuing trial are deftly portrayed as h [...]

  7. Am I allowed to say I love this while I honestly hate it I hate everything it shows I hate or less every single event in it I hate how degenerated some characters become I hate how much this book is needed.I absolutely hate that this behavior is found in our reality.Something else I love this book Most of all, I like the humanizing of the events Oates pulls the story of a gang rape and its aftermath off, however this is possible when this is such an unspeakable crime For over a day I ve been tr [...]

  8. Joyce Carol Oates seems to channel all of the things I was ever scared of between the ages of 12 14, humanize them, and make them strangely pitiful and believable and still terrible The fact that this book is set in a very nostalgic landscape for me makes this book all the terrifying and poignant, even if it is a kind of mundane and melodramatic kind of terror I often feel that JCO writes for a very narrow and specific demographic that I m part of, but don t know the perimeters of She excels, I [...]

  9. Joyce Carol Oates, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 4 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Oates, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

  10. TRIGGER WARNING I didnt expect to read this story I had never heard of it or the author I was having a long, sweaty day and popped into the library to kill some time before catching the bus home In fact, I almost walked right past it But a word jumped out at me from a black and white cover rape My feminist bells are ringing Is that a cover of black and white hearts Is that a story titled Rape a love story So it only takes me a second to double take and backtrack I pick up this small book with ra [...]

  11. Powerful story told in something of a rush Joyce Carol Oates shares John Updike s tendency to churn out books at a prolific pace at least one novel a year, typically, plus a barrage of cultural criticism , often at the expense of the book itself Provocative title, no This is a love story, though the love between a mother and a daughter, both of whom suffer a vicious attack from a dog like pack of 4th of July revelers vicious young men methed out, drunk, and on the prowl Also the love of a man, a [...]

  12. A chilling, haunting reminder of the evil that humans are capable of, the author describes the brutality of the rape and terror beyond what we are capable of imagining on our own The second attack from the community slandering the victims is almost disgusting, being from a small town full of small minds I could visualize it full force She asked for it I understand that no rape story has a happy ending but Joyce Carol Oates delivers us the best possible conclusion.Earlier this year i read, on re [...]

  13. Esta lectura me ha dejado con los pelos de punta La he sentido tan real e injusta Que una madre no es spoiler, pasa en el primer cap tulo vaya de la mano de su hija de 12 a os tan tranquila por la calle y de repente una banda de ni atos drogados la violen casi hasta la muerte Lo peor es que en la vida real existen casos as , y la just cia es inexistente Esta es una historia corta pero conmovedora, totalmente recomendada Your eyes are open but blind.

  14. Joyce Carol Oates is not in the habit of pulling her punches She might be the only writer in the history of the world both willing and able to name a book Rape She s a powerful author, and I m a big fan.This wasn t my favorite of her books What s it all about Fury, right I mean, and rape It s definitely about rape Nothing else happens It s short The personalities and histories of the people in it are briefly sketched out Mostly, there s a rape and then there s the aftermath of the rape and then [...]

  15. It is a very hard topic that the writer is talking about in this book.There are no hard scenes It is the daughter s view that we read in this book

  16. Jak pewnie wielu innych czytelnik w si gaj c po t ksi k spodziewa am si szybkiej lektury Bo niby jak mo na na nieca ych dwustu stronach zarysowa histori , kt ra wdziera si gdzie w cz owieka do rodka i zostaje w nim na d u szy czas Oates mnie zaskoczy a Wi cej roz o y a mnie na opatki Ju pierwsze dwie strony s mocne Bo scena gwa tu nie jest przedstawiona z perspektywy gwa conej, o nie Prze ywamy j w towarzystwie dwunastoletniej dziewczynki, kt ra sama ledwo uchodzi przed zbrodni , chowaj c si prz [...]

  17. Come si percepisce fin dal titolo, la vicenda raccontata dalla Oates davvero terribile e atroce Stupro un romanzo breve, una storia raccontata come se fosse un articolo di giornale Un fatto di cronaca in cui la scrittrice d il meglio di s La precisione, lo stile tagliente, preciso e come una vera e propria arma si scaglia contro la societ Stupro anche e soprattutto una denuncia sociale nei confronti di una societ che accusa le vittime, elogia i colpevoli, va contro un sistema giudiziario non deg [...]

  18. What first drew me to this book was of course, the title And it wasn t until the end of the story that I realized what the love story in the title was referring to But the story was so completely harrowing right from the first sentence that I didn t really have time to wonder about the title while reading it The novel is an all too real depiction of a brutal gang rape and its aftermath Reading it was tough Oates sparse prose really wrenches your heart at times, making you cringe and cry at times [...]

  19. This was difficult to rate First, I don t think the book ever justified its intentionally controversial title Second, although parts felt very genuine and terribly realistic, other parts felt like trite stereotypes Third, inevitably, a novella does not have the space to fully develop each character, but I was still disappointed by the surface treatment of the characters I really wanted to learn about the mother, daughter, and grandmother Fourth, I was really disappointed in the choice of charac [...]

  20. At the falls she leaned over the railing The wind blew cold spray into her face, clothes Within seconds her clothes were soaked and clung to her thin body Tourists perceived her as a drunk or drugged or deranged woman and kept their distance from her On her head she wore a silk scarf that loosened in the wind, slipped from her head, and was blown out above the thunderous water without the scarf, her hair was revealed as sparse, tufted, without color Now she was perceived as possibly a sick woman [...]

  21. A book with a provocative title and a disturbing subject The book cares The book pulls triggers The book resembles, on a superficial level, some aspect of our real world The book confronts the monstrous reality of human cruelty, callousness, and especially the perversity of our social reaction to an atrocious crime It, unfortunately, doesn t succeed very well.By some ironic twist, In Cold Blood is a better novel than this, even though In Cold Blood is not a novel, and this is.This book takes the [...]

  22. Violenza e giustiziaUn romanzo abbastanza breve, questo della Oates, che parla di una giovane e donna, seducente, sensuale e carina che viene orrendamente violentata da otto ragazzi, ubriachi e drogati Chi assiste, terrorizzata ed impotente la figlia di dodici anni, che stava tornando a casa con la madre e che riesce a salvarsi dallo stupro, ma non dal trauma che la accompagner poi per tutta la vita.La scena dello stupro proprio terribile Dettagliata, vivida, spietata, senza senso, brutale, aggh [...]

  23. Un subiect dureros, o carte care ne prezinta realitatea fara cenzura ce este un viol cum este privita victima unui viol ce parere au barbatii despre viol si cel mai trist aspect cum poate fi distrusa fizic si moral o femeie.Cea mai puternica idee desprinsa din carte sunt cuvintele avocatei pentru ca atunci cand o femeie e atacata cu cruzime, asa cum au atacat o pe mama ta, toate femeile sunt atacate O idee cu care trebuiesc crescute fetele, o idee cu care ar trebui sa respire fiecare femeie, o i [...]

  24. One of the most emotionally shocking books I have read recently Not a fan of the longer Joyce Carol Oates books because of the excessive description This book was one of the best I have read recently and shows what can be accomplished when all of the excessive bs is removed Oates portrays what is really meant by rape It is an ugly brutal crime that often victimizes the victim further by forcing them to prove their case If anyone ever doubted the brutality of a gang rape they should read this nov [...]

  25. A vengeance tale worthy of Joyce Carol Oates reputation, and its serious subject matter When a single mother is raped in front of her young daughter, left for dead, and the judicial system falters smearing the victim s character and making it seem the rapists are the victims an uninterested party takes an interest to ensure a kind of justice is done Told from the young girl s perspective, it concentrates less on the physical aspects of revenge and on the psychological The fear, hate, and finall [...]

  26. ive only heard good thing about joyce carol oates and this exceeded my expectations beautiful and heartbreaking.

  27. Il mio incontro con Joyce Carol Oates non stato dei pi leggeri.Nella sua brevit questo romanzo sa essere una sassata dritta alla glabella.Senza possibilit di schivarla.Come inizia la storia Nel modo in cui tutte le storie hanno inizio quella frazione di secondo che sconvolge una vita interaDopo aver preso la decisione, Dio solo sa cosa le fosse frullato per la mente, di tornare a casa attraversando il Rocky Point Park, anzich fare il tragitto pi lungo passando esternamente al parco, diretta alla [...]

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