Skeeter: A Cat Tale

Skeeter A Cat Tale Dealing with a dog to put it crudely is like dealing with a person who s a bit dumb Dealing with a cat is like dealing with a person who s than a bit crazy When a stray kitten romps into Lynne s lif

Dealing with a dog, to put it crudely, is like dealing with a person who s a bit dumb Dealing with a cat is like dealing with a person who s than a bit crazy When a stray kitten romps into Lynne s life, she has no idea what she s getting into As Lynne describes in letters to her friend Angie, Skeeter is all cat high spirited, contrary, and inventive He s so go Dealing with a dog, to put it crudely, is like dealing with a person who s a bit dumb Dealing with a cat is like dealing with a person who s than a bit crazy When a stray kitten romps into Lynne s life, she has no idea what she s getting into As Lynne describes in letters to her friend Angie, Skeeter is all cat high spirited, contrary, and inventive He s so goofy that he reminds Lynne of her own nuttiest escapades so irrepressible that even Lynne s neighbor, Mark, gets wound around his paw And when Angie visits to see Skeeter for herself Well, no one who meets Skeeter will ever be quite the same again ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anne L Watson, a retired historic preservation architecture consultant, is the author of several novels, plus books on such diverse subjects as soapmaking and baking with cookie molds A former resident of San Pedro, California the setting of Skeeter Anne currently lives in Friday Harbor, Washington, with her husband and fellow author, Aaron Shepard, and one formerly stray cat SAMPLE January 29, 2000 Dear Angie, Skeeter is not entirely happy about the way we live For example, he doesn t like my going to work With justification, he disapproves of some of my attitudes Most of my experience with animals is with dogs In a relationship with a pet, I elect myself pack leader Cats are not pack animals Skeeter, a democrat, considers us equals and resents my bumptious ways This is particularly true when it com

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Skeeter: A Cat Tale

  1. Anne L. Watson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Skeeter: A Cat Tale book, this is one of the most wanted Anne L. Watson author readers around the world.

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  1. Lynne acquires a stray kitten, whom she names Skeeter, and finds that he is quite a companion This novella is epistolary Lynne writes about Skeeter s antics to her friend Angie I enjoyed this story.

  2. This book was a really fast read in the sense that I started skimming the book about a quarter of the way through so I could finish it and get it off my Kindle And after reading it, I can understand why it was free.Written in a series of letters, the author basically gives day to day updates of her life and the cat Skeeter to her friend This was my first issue with the book I literally had no idea who the author was writing to until I read some reviews of the book Apparently, the person she was [...]

  3. I have little to say about this book, frankly because there s almost nothing to say.Lynne moves to California and buys a cat Because Skeeter is just as mischevious and stubborn as the vast majority of cats, she assumes her cat is the worst best cat in the world That s it, plot wise I know it s surprisingly unsubstantial s summary was misleading, and for good reason No one would read a book described as boring and flat as a brick even if it was free First of all, I assumed that this short story w [...]

  4. This is a book I got on my Kindle for free several months ago I like animal books and this one had fairly decent reviews so I decided to give it a try I must have missed something because I was not that entertained with it.This is the story of Skeetere cat, well sort of The story is written through letter from Lynne the owner of Skeeter to her friend Angie in the span on 7 months Pretty much most letters are a small antidote of what Skeeter did this time, followed by a long winded correlating s [...]

  5. Skeeter A Cat Tale is a cute tale about a troublesome cat written in letter format I liked this book, but it could have been so much The first few pages left me confused as to who Angie and Lynne were and why they were writing, but that became apparent after a few page There is a whole chapter devoted to Melissa, but we never find out much about her The characters other than Skeeter are under developed I did like how Lynne put little stories in her letters that related to something Skeeter was [...]

  6. This wasn t so much a book, as it was a collection of letters written by the author to her friend after moving back to California I expected the book to be about the cat since it s called Skeeter A Cat s Tale Skeeter was of a supporting cast member instead of the lead actor It was a cute book nonetheless and it was nice to hear about his antics as told by his human.I m giving it 3 stars because of that I didn t hate it, but I will probably forget this book before summer arrives I d recommend th [...]

  7. I needed a light read, and this was one, but as much as I like animals, this really didn t do much for me I thought about giving it 2.5 stars came and gave it 3 At least I didn t pay for it.Lynne moves from Chicago back to Los Angeles and ends up getting Skeeter, a stray tabby kitten that her landlord has told her about Skeeter s antics are told through a series of letters from Lynne to her friend, Angie and then her sister Melissa , and that is basically all there is Parts of this book were amu [...]

  8. This is an extremely simple read about a woman who adopts a cat, who she names Skeeter It is written in letter format so has a very simple writing styles where you only learn about Lynne, who is the narrator Although not much happens, I enjoyed all the stories of Lynne s past which built her character a lot All of the stories and letters relate in some way to Skeeter or past pets and although this was a little boring at points it was an okay read and I read it really fast as it only has 105 page [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this bookThe way the character talks about Skeeter the cat is the way in which a lot of cat owners and cat lovers refer to their beloved pets The little stories of what Skeeter gets up to are cute, endearing and honest Anne Watson is clearly a cat person.The only reason it got three stars is because the ending was rushed and I would have liked a little insight to Skeeter and seen examples of how he touches the lives of the people who meet him

  10. This book is somewhat boring, but I did finish it I can t figure out if the letters are actually based on letters between the author and her friend The book would work better if the focus was on the cat and not on the digressions or focus on the digressions and not the cat or be direct in showing how people and cats are similar It s cute, maybe a child would enjoy it than an adult.

  11. I am borrowing my mom s kindle and reading some books that were on there already I m assuming this was the free kindle book reminds me of my grandma telling me stories about her cat Aside from the sentimental value I could see in this book, it s ultimately a story of a cat doing cat things, and his boring owner who finds it all worthy to document in letters to people we never meet glad it was short because I didn t feel like I wasted my time

  12. I grew up with cats and have a kitten since week What Anne Watson tells us about Skeeter is a lot like what we live now with Whiskey Just yesterday my husband was taking pictures and complained about all those pictures with just a tail, or some part of the cat, or nothing at all and it made me laugh, because it was exactly as in the letters.My big complain is that it s too short, I wanted the book to be longer.

  13. I got this book free on my kindle That s probably the whole reason I read it It was pretty cute,but there didn t seem to have a true audience There was swearing and adult references but the story was childlike The main character isn t really intelligent,a fact that bothered me There also didn t seem to bra storyline or theme, just a lot of Lynnes memories.

  14. A sweet novella in letters about a woman s move from Chicago to San Pedro and her misadventures with her cat, Skeeter The novella ends on a hopeful note, but offers no real conclusion So many animal story books end in the death of the animal this one didn t I like that Skeeter remains irrepressibly alive and well and ready for the next adventure.

  15. Wonderful book about a woman who moves to California and as she develops a new life sh invites a kitten to join her on the journey This Cosby esk book about the trials and tribulations of daily living with a cat is beyond heart warming and FUNNY The story is written as a series of letters to a friend really makes the human experience look catty

  16. This was a free kindle book and now I know why Written in the epistolary style, this short story is rather boring From the title one would think it would be told from the cat s POV but it isn t Nothing really exciting happens just a telling of what a cat does on a day to day basis I wouldn t recommend this one as it s not really worth wasting your time on.

  17. When I first started reading this book I wasn t sure about it all being in letter form and kinda wished it wasn t all in letter form, but some of the entries were actually pretty funny and made me laugh I probably wouldn t put it a the top list of favorite animal books but I gave the book 3 stars for the several laughs.

  18. A cute story about a cat, Skeeter who is adopted by Lynne when she has just moved in The story is told in the form of letters that Lynne writes to her friend Angie I highly recommend this.The book was a gift from the author Thank you Anne

  19. Ehl I have to say about this book 2 stars because I m feeling generous I m bored with the book I m reading and this has been on my Kindle for a long time I m nit a cat person but figured I d give it a try.

  20. It s a quick, light read The story is in the form of letters to a friend by the author about life in general and the antics of her catwhich is similar to any other cat Nothing original or substantial, but can t argue with a book that has a cat

  21. This was the perfect afternoon read A fun distraction I ve had a few Skeeters in my life, so this really fit with me I enjoyed it alot, totally brought a smile to my face I d recommend this for those looking for a nice easy distraction read.

  22. I got this book for free on my Kindle and enjoyed it well enough I like cats and it was a sweet little story of the life of a cat and his owner It didn t have much of a plot, just letters recapping scenarios I enjoyed it while reading but it wasn t something that I will remember or reread.

  23. Written as letters to a friend which, I thought, would make this a fun quick read Turned out to be rather boring and I quit at 52%.

  24. Cute It s like a writing exercise telling a story of the cat through letters It s light, enjoyable reading.

  25. I love cats this book kept me in stitches laughing so hard Would recommend if a little down an raining out grab a cup of tea comfy chair an this book whala outside world on hold lol

  26. I had a tomcat like that Skeeter the tomcat, steals the show Reminds me of any number of tomcatsl who shared my life Strongly recommend for cat people.

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