Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love

Peas and Thank You Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love Over Recipeas One Very Happy FamilyWhen Sarah Matheny creator of the popular blog Peas and Thank You decided to eliminate animal products from her diet she knew there d be skeptics Her husband

Over 85 Recipeas, One Very Happy FamilyWhen Sarah Matheny, creator of the popular blog Peas and Thank You, decided to eliminate animal products from her diet, she knew there d be skeptics Her husband was raised on the standard American diet Her grandpa was a butcher Her mom was the best home cook around, with a generous pat of butter here and a crumble of bacon there BOver 85 Recipeas, One Very Happy FamilyWhen Sarah Matheny, creator of the popular blog Peas and Thank You, decided to eliminate animal products from her diet, she knew there d be skeptics Her husband was raised on the standard American diet Her grandpa was a butcher Her mom was the best home cook around, with a generous pat of butter here and a crumble of bacon there But now Sarah is a mom who wants to feed her children right.Out went the diet soda In came the smoothies.Out went the nutrition bars In came the nutritious cookies.Out went a tired, caffeine fueled mom In came Mama Pea.Peas and Thank You is a collection of recipes and stories from a mainstream family eating a not so mainstream diet Filled with healthy and delicious versions of foods we ve all grown up enjoying, but with a Mama Pea twist no meat, lots of fresh ingredients and plenty of nutrition for growing Peas From wholesome breakfasts to mouth watering desserts, there s plenty here to satisfy the pickiest Peas in your life It s easier than ever to whip up crowd pleasing meals that will have the whole family asking for, , Peas.

Peas and Thank You, the Book Peas and Thank You Peas and Thank You Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love I want our foods to be fresh, organic when possible, meat free and, for the most part, free of all animal products But most important, our meals have to be delicious I want my children and husband to come to the dinner table each night with the same feelings of excitement and anticipation that I had as a child, and to Peas Thank You Home Facebook Peas Thank You, London, Ontario likes talking about this Peas Thank you We are a vegan company based in London Ontario Focusing on sweet and Peas Thank You Home Facebook Peas Thank You, London, Ontario likes talking about this Peas Thank you We are a vegan company based in London Ontario Focusing on sweet and Peas and Thank You Sweet Pea Recipes Peas and Thank You Sweet Pea Recipes Make the most of the short season for fresh sweet peas by Rabi Abonour updated May , J Kenji Lpez Alt Pin Share Email For most of the year, you re much better off cooking with frozen sweet peas than fresh ones Peas freeze well, and fresh peas are noticeably less tasty even one day after Thank You College Peas Thank You Your application has been received Your application will be included in the next scholarship We will announce the next scholarship on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, please follow us by clicking the links This scholarship is sponsored by Mike Moyer, author of How to Make Colleges Want You and College Peas. Peas and Thank You Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Peas and Thank You is a wonderfully accessible cookbook designed to help kids learn to love veggies from day one But recipes for things like Thai Veggie Burgers and Spicy African Peanut Soup aren t what I d call kid food just good food Grant Butler, The Oregonian Peas and Thank You Big Idea Books Aug , They re, so very ill mannered, such impolite Beans If you stop to say, Thank you, they won t know what you mean As these delightfully fun Peas and Beans head out to collect sunflower seeds, children discover that everyone wins when you learn to be polite and take turns.Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun. Peas and Thank You Cookbook Giveaway Oh She Glows Jul , When I first came across Mama Pea s blog, Peas and Thank You, I was drawn to her witty story telling ability about her day to day shenanigans.Sarah, a devoted wife and mom of , pokes fun at her busy life as a mother trying to balance it all, including creating delicious vegan recipes for her family. Peas Thank You on Twitter Damn chrishemsworth arms Jun , EW Damn chrishemsworth arms are as big as TaikaWaititi If the arm size is any indicator of movie awesomeness, then this one is going to be one heck of a ride. Peas and Thank You A VeggieTales Board Book Mike Kids will love this board book shaped like the French Peas as they encourage kids to end each day by saying Thank You Help your child learn zee importance of good manners In the village of West Manor, you can stay, if you please, in a well mannered town populated by Peas All the natives are friendly they got out of their way When you stop to say, thank you Why you re welcome

  • [PDF] Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love | by ☆ Sarah Matheny
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Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love

  1. Sarah Matheny Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Matheny author readers around the world.

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  1. my god i did not think it was possible for a cookbook to annoy and upset me as much as this one did although i am childfree, i often enjoy family style cookbooks because they offer simple yet nutritious recipes that fit into my hectic lifestyle so i checked this out of the library because i flipped through and a few of the recipes caught my eye.but, OH MY GOD you have to wade through SO MANY BORING ANECDOTES about her to get to the recipe i suppose some people like my fellow ers like that sort o [...]

  2. Well, this is a library book so I had to read it and not procrastinate, but I have 3 new birthday money vegan cookbooks by authors I ve met in the Vegan Cooking Cookbooks group, and I m eager to get to those The Blooming Platter Cookbook A Harvest of Seasonal Vegan Recipes, Triumph of the Lentil Soy Free Vegan Wholefoods for all Appetites, and The Vegan Slow Cooker Simply Set It and Go with 150 Recipes for Intensely Flavorful, Fuss Free Fare Everyone Vegan or Not Will Devour The one thing that k [...]

  3. Please Note I received this from as a giveaway This is full of delicious and healthy recipes There are several that I want to try, and one that we tried with little success Tofu is tricky to work with The recipes are varied and tasty I do enjoy that there is a lot of fiber and protein in these, as fiber in particular is something that many people lack in their diets.I learned a lot of tips and tricks for substitutions, which I hope to put to good use There are a few recipes that stick out that I [...]

  4. I enjoy Sarah s blog Peas and Thank You so much that I assumed I d love her book I have to say though that the blog engages me much than her cookbook ever did, and I m glad this was a library loan for me rather than a purchase It s a lovely book with a colorful layout and clearly organized recipes, but the personal stories and photos of her children that are endearing on her blog just annoyed me in the book I guess there was just too much fluff in between the recipes for me The food photos also [...]

  5. My personal opinion I have a confession to make I hate cooking Actually, I dislike anything to do with the kitchen but there is no way to avoid it and not die of starvation LOL That being said, I found Peas and Thank You to have some excellent and easy recipes I m a meat eater but I want to start eating healthy foods and appreciate these recipes which spice up my meals I, also, really enjoyed the little stories of her family that Sarah Matheny added Delightful read.Kim S Harlequin Books ambassad [...]

  6. Bright colorful spreads for most recipes pushed this book into the plus column however, I found some of the recipe ingredients off putting margarine just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. I made 3 recipes from this book, and also 1 recipe from the Peas and Thank You blog while I had this book out from the library There are some great recipes, both in the book and blog I imagine the anecdotes and other non recipe content of the book are probably significantly entertaining if you happen to be a parent I generally skipped the non recipe text because reallyI don t get a recipe book to read funny cute anecdotes I get a recipe book because I m hoping to find awesome recipes.What I mad [...]

  8. I was introduced to the Peas and Thank You blog through a few of the vegan food bloggers I follow I actually spent quite a few work hours combing through her blog archives and bookmarking recipes to try Full disclaimer I am not vegan I am not vegetarian I dabble, but I have not committed My house practices Meatless Monday and I was looking for a book of quick, easy, and tasty dishes for my family At first, I just really liked the author s sense of humor, but as I read and of the blog, I starte [...]

  9. As far as cookbooks go, it s pretty entertaining But that s not really what cookbooks are about though, right As far as the actual recipes go, there isn t anything really new or innovative I was a little disappointed with how much faux meat and tofu were in the recipes I m not vegan, not even vegetarian, but I think if you are going to be, or even a flexitarian, it is important to focus on real foods fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains But that s just my omnivorous opinion I only bookmarked 3 r [...]

  10. Like no cookbook I ve ever seen The recipes look and sound delicious and doable, the writing is witty and fun, and very importantly there are lots of photos It just makes me want to start cooking right away I sometimes dislike cookbooks because they are just lists of recipes, without all the photos and comments that come from a blog This one is really the best of both worlds It s like the blog but all printed and bound in an enticing fashion I have never read a cookbook cover to cover but this o [...]

  11. I had not heard of Sarah s blog or her books before Jenna Weber mentioned them on Eat, Live, Run, but they sounded interesting so got this book from the library Now, if you are someone who has been whipping up meatless meals for years and own the entire Deborah Madison oeuvre, this book is not for you If you are someone without a lot of time to prep and cook, and are looking for simple ways to introduce some meatless meals to your family that they might even eat, this is a good place to start Ye [...]

  12. This is easily the funniest cookbook I have ever read I was so focused on all the stories that I sort of forgot to look at the recipes until the second go through If you don t eat soy, you might find your choices a little limited here Skinny Elvis Sandwiches Man, those are good I even burned mine and had to scrape it Still delicious Crazy Good Hummus Hummus is one of those things I never really follow a recipe for My method is usually tossing a can of garbanzos in the food processor with some re [...]

  13. Sarah Matheny s cookbook is delightfully similar to her blog of the same name If you enjoy reading cookbooks, not just looking up the recipes and cooking them, then this book is formatted for you As in her blog, she introduces each recipe with a funny anecdote or story from her life The book is laid out with colorful pictures of the food as well as her adorable family I tried a couple of the recipes and enjoyed them enough to plan on cooking many My two small complaints are 1 many of the main d [...]

  14. There were quite a few good recipes in the book However, the theme of calling family members peas wears on the nerves after a while Also, the author talks WAY too much about her family I like the little vignettes and stories that come with recipes but they shouldn t really be than a paragraph, would you agree This lady writes a full page and a half describing the first time she ordered a Reuben sandwich seriously, most of the lengthy tale wasn t even about EATING the dumb thing There are also l [...]

  15. I cannot gush enough about the book She also has a blog, Peas and thank you No one is going to want to munch on carrot sticks or broccoli all the time Her recipes are exciting Exciting that is a word I have never used to describe a recipe before I find her use of ingredients to be innovative, creative and balanced Take the Thai veggie burgers, they have shredded broccoli What a great way to eat your greens The book has breakfast, lunch and dinner along with desserts The photos are gorgeous Saliv [...]

  16. As a fan of the author s blog, I bought this book honestly as a way to support her than out of my own interest This cookbook was clearly a passion project for her and I respect and admire that That being said, I don t have kids so I felt like I wasn t really the target audience for this Some of the recipes are a little too simple and basic to feel like they warrant a spot in a cookbook such as a recipe for pitas with hummus reminded me of something Pippa Middleton might write but there are some [...]

  17. I really enjoyed reading this book I like that the author told where she is coming from and how she came up with these recipes Many of the recipes look delicious and I would like to try them I borrowed this from my library and I am thinking of buying my own copy.I would only give it 3.5 stars because there were a few things I didn t like Some of her stories seemed exaggerated and some I thought shouldn t be put in writing It s a small world and if someone she used to know picked it up and read i [...]

  18. I made the black bean burgers and butternut squash fries today They were both great The fries are truly better than regular potato french fries I used a fresh squash and can eat these fries every week.They are an excellent side dish The black bean burger was the most flavorful one I ve ever tasted The recipes are easy and creative, and I like that Matheny isn t a professionally trained chef Her writing style is funny and upbeat it felt like her recipes have been perfected through trial and error [...]

  19. I love this cookbook Let me start by saying that I m not a vegetarian, but I like the idea of less meat and vegetables in my diet I also try not to eat a lot of pasta I feel that it adds a lot of calories without a lot of nutrition, and I m always watching my weight This book gave me some healthy, filling alternative dinner dishes to serve Usually I find a cookbook a success when I use two or three meal ideas I ve found eight ideas in here that I ve tried and really enjoyed and I m still workin [...]

  20. Of all the vegan blogs and vegan authors, I like this one the best I often go to her snack section to make something for both girls The chocolate chip cookie balls are great Dare I say I like her better than Pioneer Woman Gasp But I do Updated to Add Her tofu fun nuggets and cinnamon mustard sauce are really good, but her baked goods drive me up the wall, as do the painfully long and random stories about her family.My friend Liz is a vegan and certainly doesn t lectures as much as most vegan aut [...]

  21. Beware this is not a vegan cookbook It s meatless, but not vegan I m happy that she is able to make a living doing what she loves, but Matheny is pretty clearly riding the veg trend, versus expressing her ethics through food She has the nerve to promote organic dairy and even honey in some places Aside from this, the recipes are mostly pedestrian Quesadillas with hummus and store bought non dairy cheese We needed a recipe for that Anyone other than parents who need to please the palates of their [...]

  22. I m always looking for new meatless meals, so this caught my eye The author is a good writer, very entertaining But I felt out of touch and disconnected from the book, her life and recipes revolve around young children I d love to see a future book expanded to include food that older kid might enjoy, quick foods for sports minded kids, and busy working Moms who need a quick fix no time to pull out blender or chop finger size foods Overall, this is a fun read with lovely photos, but does feel ali [...]

  23. There were several interesting sounding recipes in this book, but I ended up returning it to the library before trying any The featured flavors are bright and fresh and the photography is lovely, but in the end nothing grabbed me enough to make me add it to my menu.I couldn t decide if I was put off or amused by the cutesy smartass stories that accompanied each recipe, and finally settled on put off The Hugh Jass Salad intro and recipe title tipped the balance for me The author s blog has a huge [...]

  24. This has become one of my most used cookbooks I absolutely love Sarah s blog and this book, and am eagerly awaiting her next one I ve tried several of the recipes from both the book and the blog, and every single one has been a winner A few have made it into my regular rotation, including the Apple Cider Donuts on the blog and the Spicy Peanut African Stew I can see how the anecdotes about her kids might not be appealing to childless people, but really, just skip over them to the recipes You wil [...]

  25. After getting hooked on the blog, I asked for this book for Christmas I read it cover to cover and am so excited to start making these recipes Now, I normally wouldn t count a cookbook as a real book to go toward my reading goal, but this book includes a little anecdote along with each and every recipe Sarah Matheny is quite funny, and I enjoy reading about her family and their vegetarian way of life in the book and on the blog She, along with other people and blogs, has inspired me to give vege [...]

  26. I was not familiar with Sarah Matheny or her blog, and I put this on hold at the library because I ve been looking for ideas for vegetarian meals I never read the description, only the title, and did not realize this was a vegan cookbook I flipped through the recipes, but none looked appealing, being that I am not vegan The layout is bright, colorful and easy to follow, and the anecdotes about her husband and kids are fun For vegans, I bet this would be a great resource I just wish it had been [...]

  27. First thought, Oh this MUST be one of those cookbooks written by a woman with a blog who thinks she can write a book and it is.This book relies heavily on soy, which alters estrogen levels in women and girls.Mostly soy products used as fake meat rather than exploring actual meatless entrees utilized by other cultures.I see no mention of a garden or a farmer s market correct me if I am wrong , just reliance on places like Whole Foods, which we in lower income brackets cannot afford to shop at eve [...]

  28. Thank you first reads giveaways I am looking forward to this books arrival I love trying out new things in the kitchen I enjoyed the tibits about life in the Pea household I know life with young children can be hectic to say the least The recipes are intriguing and worth checking out There is a lot in this book for those not completely vegan Thanks again for the great win First Reads The anytime cookies are probably my favorite But, the chocolate chip cookie recipe is very good also.

  29. This is a great cookbook whether you are a vegan or a carnivore or anything in between The recipes sound amazing, don t require a lot of ingredients that would be horribly foreign to most people, and look delicious in the amazing photographs The stories throughout the book are so good that they make this cookbook worth the price which is very reasonable even if you never make a single recipe but I m not sure why you wouldn t.

  30. 3 stars for recipes no weird hard to find ingredients, easy to make, and generally turn out well, albeit some could use some spicing up or some clarification or needed adjustments to turn out the way they were supposed to.1 star for content the biggest problem being the seemingly endless parade of gross photos of her kids drooling on themselves with half eaten food smeared across their faces slowly expelling itself from their mouths Seriously foul.

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