The Self-Healing Cookbook:Whole Foods To Balance Body, Mind and Moods

The Self Healing Cookbook Whole Foods To Balance Body Mind and Moods Book annotation not available for this title Title The Self Healing CookbookAuthor Turner KristinaPublisher Earthtones PrPublication Date Number of Pages Binding Type PAPERBACKLibrary of Co

Book annotation not available for this title.Title The Self Healing CookbookAuthor Turner, KristinaPublisher Earthtones PrPublication Date 2002 02 01Number of Pages Binding Type PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress bl2006028348

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The Self-Healing Cookbook:Whole Foods To Balance Body, Mind and Moods

  1. Kristina Turner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Self-Healing Cookbook:Whole Foods To Balance Body, Mind and Moods book, this is one of the most wanted Kristina Turner author readers around the world.

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  1. This was too out there for me It s kind of new agey with guided visualization and smelling your produce to see if it tells you that it s okay to eat and that your body wants that particular piece of fruit It does have some sound nutrition principles which I agree with such as eating complex carbohydrates and using fresh produce Adding seaweed to everything is a bit much And to truly do what you re supposed to with this diet would stress me out to no end I have a hard enough time getting somethi [...]

  2. The Self Healing Cookbook by Kristina TurnerThis simple coloring book looking cookbook is an easy introduction to healing the body with macrobiotic principles I enjoyed it s approach to balancing the bodies symptoms, rather than prescribing diets to fall within The whole idea is to listen to what your body needs, and to start recording how certain foods make you feel, so that hopefully you will need less actual healing.

  3. This is a really good book for an introduction to macrobiotics Even though it s called the self healing cookbook, anyone can use it It s about learning how to choose what to eat, to trust your instincts and slow down I have a new respect for foods now that I ve learned how they combine to affect your mood and well being The illustrations are hand drawn and the type looks old fashioned, but this cookbook is a diamond in the rough.

  4. Kind of a masterpiece cookbook, theory and workbook about understanding macrobiotic nutrition concepts based on your own experience I always give a copy to my nutrition clients.

  5. This is one of those chatty, dubiously fact checked, back to the land style, heartwarming, DIY guides for living well It s full of hokey exercises detailing how to sit quietly with food or enjoy it with friends Overall, the book is a macrobiotic guide and cookbook, a bit hilariously at times combining a very local northern North America whole foods diet prescription with randomly selected Asian additions though of course soy, fermented grains, and sea vegetables you can find or make in North Ame [...]

  6. Even though I do not own this book I make some of the recipes from it at least bi monthly if not often They are always my most healthful recipes and make me feel better no matter what I love the handwritten quality of this book and the cute, sort of ugly drawings.I highly suggest the soba noodles with sesame and miso dressing with veggies I eat that all the time I will buy this book soon because it is so useful Much approachable than many other macrobiotic cookbooks Of course I don t eat macro [...]

  7. this book is so great i got it for free when i visited a nice natural physician in royal oak named stephen brink i hardly had enough for the visit and he gave me the book it s light in its approach, very digestible, no pun intended it follows some macrobiotic principles for sure, but has a softer feel to it the main points are taking time to enjoy and taste your food, the balance of food, yin and yang factors, emotion and thoughts connecting to food, and some things i can t remember right now [...]

  8. A good intro to a macrobiotic diet Although I know I could never follow it strictly, it helped remind me to keep eating complex carbs like brown rice and beans, despite the whole low carb fad, and just eliminate things like white flour, white rice and potatoes I could not stomach the sea vegetable kombu, but love the kukicha twig tea This book also contained an interesting cleanse for women involving soaking in a hip high tub of twig tea and the strained liquid from boiled daikon leaves it suppo [...]

  9. This is my favorite macrobiotic book so far It s a combination of explanation about the macrobiotic lifestyle and a compilation of fantastic recipes It s very accessible, and it s fun It s written with a lot of heart, and I found it very comforting to read in small doses as a very effective support for my lifestyle change The recipes are easy and delicious What I like about her recipes, too, is that they re colorful and again fun I highly recommend this book It s a great book to start with if yo [...]

  10. I love this book It is definitely my favorite macrobiotic cookbook so far The font and illustrations are reminiscent of a 1970s church cookbook, making it a fun, easy read It has most of the standard macrobiotic recipes you see in all the cookbooks of this type, but also so fun new ones I haven t seen before But, the best thing about this cookbook is all the charts helping you to choose foods to correct mood problems and or mild physical symptoms.

  11. Just started on this one Both nervous and excited about all I to learn UPDATE Just finished a few days ago An interesting , personal, approach to macrobiotic eating A little extreme for Matthew and I, especially at this stage in our lives Maybe for down the road when we re old and decrepit and in need of some healthy revamping

  12. The Self Healing Cookbook is a unique book about the mind body connection with eating It feels less like a cookbook although it does have some recipes and like a guide to finding the best balance of food for your body Based in macrobiotics, this book provides a good overview of macrobiotic principles, as well as exercises to get in touch with your body and your health needs.

  13. LOVE this book So many simple ways to heal and feel better with Whole Foods Love the different charts Kristina provided on Food and Mood Feel sad Eat less of this and of that.I ve given this book out to dozens of clients

  14. a good explanation of macrobiotics with clear visuals and funny line drawings reminiscent of those in Alicia Bay Laurel s Living on the Earth includes recipes, some diagnosis, and cleanse instructions i checked it out from the library, but i d like to own it for future reference.

  15. This was my first health cookbook It was written a long time ago in the health movement, so it has that charming, homey quality The ingredients are easy to come by, and many of the recipes are delicious.Also takes a practical, intuitive approach to teaching macrobiotic philosophy.

  16. The illustrations are enchanting Just reading the handwritten recipes is healing My very favorite comfort cookbook.

  17. One of the better macro books out there Playful, flexible, easy to read Super useful and inspiring.Would love a digital version with updated crunchy yo s graphics

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