True Lies of a Drama Queen

True Lies of a Drama Queen This highly anticipated sequel to Tales of a Drama Queen finds Ellie Medina a little settled but perhaps being settled doesn t suit her

This highly anticipated sequel to Tales of a Drama Queen finds Ellie Medina a little settled but perhaps being settled doesn t suit her.

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True Lies of a Drama Queen

  1. Lee Nichols is the author of five novels for adults, including the bestselling TALES OF A DRAMA QUEEN She ll be making her YA debut in 2010 with DECEPTION A Haunting Emma Novel Follow her on Twitter at LeeXNichols or Friend her on Facebook at Lee Nichols leenicholsbooks

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  1. This book had me cracking up pretty much the whole time Even though Elle has definitely gotten her life together since book 1 she is not all the way on the road to complete adulthood Well it takes others a little longer But her adventures in trying to get there just make the book so enjoyable, you can t help but laugh at Elle s dilemmas and hope she gets her crap together soon But even with all her antics you see a person with a really good heart and someone I would even think would be a good fr [...]

  2. This was an upbeat, wedding themed read with a little bit of scandal thrown in I say a little because what happened was a huge violation but the way the protagonist handled it made it tiny The story flowed, things happened as they were meant to, and I feel satisfied.One thought does trouble me though For being a liar, terrible with money, and a flake, Elle Medina sure does have a strong support system of people who love her and push her to be better Is this real life I would like to think so, bu [...]

  3. This girl understands Murphy s Law Anything that can go wrong, will and usually at her own hand In True Lies Of A Drama Queen by Lee Nichols, Elle is a fake psychic with an apartment in Santa Barbara, CA Her committed boyfriend Merrick, is an architect who wants Elle to be serious about him, and her own career Elle s best friend Maya is getting married in a few months and Elle feels it s necessary to plan the wedding Elle wants control and success and in this novel, it s quite a struggle to ba [...]

  4. This book was just okay Chalk it up as yet another formulaic chick lit story with a flaky main character who is somewhat difficult to relate to I finished it merely because I didn t want to waste what time I had already spent reading it It was predictable and rather generic If you re considering reading this one, save your energy for a better, engrossing read, with a character who is infinitely relateable.

  5. Elle is up to her old tricks of creating drama and pretending to be psychic continued from the prequel, Tales of a Drama Queen When she ends up half naked on the internet, she begins to wish she had real psychic powers to track down who filmed her and wonders how drama seems to follow her wherever she goes Cute read overall.

  6. I enjoyed this story than I enjoyed the first Drama Queen book Elle is someone who manages to make complete chaos manageable When everything seems to fall apart around her, she is at the top of her game I can t help but admire that.I recommend this author for her fresh and witty storylines, snappy dialogue and characters that are realistic and easy to relate to.

  7. This was the sequel to True Confessions of a Drama Queen not at all related to that Lindsay Lohan movie I think I was expecting too much and I also think I m a little biased because I just read an EXTREMELY similar book by the same author But, it was cute and funny Good if you re looking for an easy book with no surprises and a happy ending.

  8. It s nice that this sequel actually does what it s supposed to, i.e show the main character actually mature from the previous book Elle still has chaos erupt around her, but doesn t make those annoying decisions that made half of the first book so frustrating I really wish this series had gotten books I love Elle.

  9. Ahaha cute A totally poofy chick book, quite humorous It is apparently a sequel to Tales of a Drama Queen which I have not read but now want to do so Very cute, must read Put it on your summer reading list, you won t regret it.

  10. Elle is flighty, but still endearing I thought I wouldn t like her based on the first couple of pages, but she grew on me I don t remember much about the first installment in the series, but this one stands well enough on its own.

  11. True Lies was a light, easy read It s been sitting in tbr pile for years now Glad I finally read it, would definitely read by Lee Nichols.

  12. This novel is hilarious and absolutely intriguing,so far,but I m halfway,so i ll see what my judgement is at the end.

  13. This is a pretty funny book I liked that she felt she had to make herself uglier so she wouldn t outshine her friend at her friend s wedding Good times.

  14. Elle is mature in this installment It s too bad that she s a bit on the boring side at times Still, in all, the author does a splendid job of continuing the story This is a semi good read.

  15. I didn t read the first one, but I liked this book anyway I felt like I was missing something now and then I d recommend reading the first one before this one.

  16. Considering this was a random book that I got at Costco, I was pleasantly surprised Totally readable and I didn t hate the main character a rarity in chick lit.

  17. it was a funny, well written chick lit book and the dialogue flowed very welld that always makes or breaks a book for me

  18. I read the first book years ago and enjoyed that so I wanted to read the sequel Elle is a semi American version of Becky Bloomwood, but not as likeable to me.

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