Reluctantly Alice

Reluctantly Alice Alice McKinley comes home on the first day of junior high with a list of seven things about seventh grade that stink Just about the only good thing she can think of is that she s friends with everyone

Alice McKinley comes home on the first day of junior high with a list of seven things about seventh grade that stink Just about the only good thing she can think of is that she s friends with everyone Maybe that s how to survive seventh grade and make it through the entire year with everyone liking her That turns out to be easier said than done, when Alice gets on the wAlice McKinley comes home on the first day of junior high with a list of seven things about seventh grade that stink Just about the only good thing she can think of is that she s friends with everyone Maybe that s how to survive seventh grade and make it through the entire year with everyone liking her That turns out to be easier said than done, when Alice gets on the wrong side of the school bully, Denise Mack Truck Whitlock But Alice s problems with Denise pale in comparison with the romantic entanglements of both her father and her older brother, Lester And when Alice decides to help them out, life gets even complicated.

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Reluctantly Alice

  1. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana, US on January 4, 1933.Her family were strongly religious with conservative, midwestern values and most of her childhood was spent moving a lot due to her father s occupation as a salesman.Though she grew up during the Depression and her family did not have a lot of money, Naylor stated that she never felt poor because her family owned good books Her parents enjoyed reading stories to the children her father would imitate the characters in Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer and her mother read to them every evening, almost until we were old enough to go out on dates, though we never would have admitted this to anyone By the time Phyllis reached fifth grade, writing books was her favorite hobby and she would rushed home from school each day to write down whatever plot had been forming in her head at sixteen her first story was published in a local church magazine.Phyllis has written over 80 books for children and young people One of these books, Shiloh, was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1992, was named a Notable Children s Book by the American Library Association and was also Young Adult Choice by the International Reading Association.Naylor gets her ideas from things that happen to her or from things she has read Shiloh was inspired by a little abused dog she and her husband found The little dog haunted her so much that she had to write a story about him to get it out of her mind.

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  1. I love Alice McKinley as a character She is always trying to find her place in the world.In her latest adventure, Alice is starting seventh grade and she has one goal for everyone to like her She doesn t want to be popular, she just wants everyone to think she is a swell gal.There is only one problem That problem is named Denise Whitlock For some reason she hates Alice, and thus is the focus in the book how to overcome a bully Well, there really is only one way to do it the Alice way With Alice [...]

  2. This is the third installation in the Alice series, and once again I was thoroughly entertained Like the rest of the series so far, it was poignant, sweet and funny Rather than rehash my feelings about the series, I d like to share a favorite passage, which occurs as Alice researches the human body at the public library A librarian came by to get a book from the shelf, and she couldn t help but see what I was looking at she didn t even blink Like it was okay to be curious I felt almost the way I [...]

  3. For my summer reading I chose to read Reluctantly Alice Reluctantly Alice was a very good choice for me to read because it kept my attention, and was a great part of the series In Reluctantly Alice the author explained Alice s difficulties of starting 7th great with a goal of getting everyone to like her I liked how the author made Alice start off well, have difficulties with her goal later in the book, and manage to fix her problems on her own, and become friends with the girl that was giving h [...]

  4. I ve got to give this one 5 stars because there were times when I was literally laughing out loud because it was so funny There were two scenes in particular that were my favorite One was the scene where Alice was looking through National Geographic magazines for pictures of naked men Two, the scene in which Patrick and Alice were passing notes about their boring history teacher back and forth, complete with drawings of their teacher spraying saliva all over his students I think these scenes wer [...]

  5. I loved it I remember just enough of this series to be like, ah yeah that with a smile, but I forget just enough to be pleasantly surprised at major plot points, such as when Lester rescues Alice from Denise I remember that Denise had family issues and ultimately commits suicide in front of a train later on in the series I love witnessing the love problems of Alice s dad and older brother Lester Interesting to read about Alice s seventh grade experiences Man, I m glad I didn t go to seventh grad [...]

  6. Currently re reading all of the Alice books it always amazes me that this series is still as entertaining as the 1st time I read it HIGHLY recommend this series for all of my fellow bookworms

  7. Do you think you will survive seventh grade The genre of this book is realistic fiction In my opinion this was a good and interesting book because it tells how seventh grade was for Alice.The setting of this book was at Alice s junior high school The setting is important to the book because it makes you understand the conflict This book was about Alice first year at junior high She wanted to fit in with other people around her and she wanted people to like her However, this ninth grader named D [...]

  8. The third book in the Alice series, covering the first semester of seventh grade.Alice decides she wants to be liked by everyone in seventh grade, but runs into trouble when she meets Denise Whitlock, who mercilessly picks on Alice So the lesson in this one is how to deal with a bully Alice deals with Denise by killing her with kindness, an approach that might not work so well in real life, but makes for a nice conclusion here I also liked how Naylor humanized Denise towards the end of the book, [...]

  9. Starting middle school Junior High can be an extremely scary and nerve wracking thing, and I think that Ms Naylor captures all of the emotions perfectly Alice finds all of her relationships changing in this book with Patrick, with Pamela Elizabeth, with her father, with Lester, with Aunt Sally, and with her teachers This year, she wants to like everyone and for everyone to like her But then Denise shows up And Denise represents all of those people that are hurting and just want someone to see th [...]

  10. Oh boy, I read books 3 8 several months ago, all right in a row, so I m having a hard time remembering what happened in each book I ll do my best, but all I can say 100% for sure is that I love, love, love these books.Alice has just started 7th grade and she has goal that everyone likes her Not in a I m so popular way, but in a I m nice to everyone, kind of way Fortunately Alice is extremely likable and she s doing well with her goal, until Denise Whitlock shows up Denise has it in for Alice Wel [...]

  11. As always, another Alice book that accurately shows the life of a middle school girl The character of Alice was as lovable as ever in this novel with her naivety, humor, and drama.I felt that in this novel instead of exciting, unrealistic events, it just showed the realities of everyday life It was quick and enjoyable light read.I m excited to continue the series and to see the character development of Alice as she ages The novels appear to be getting longer and the content maturing age appropri [...]

  12. I love the Alice series I love that Alice is not spoiled, not a brat but honestly struggling to find her place in adolescence So here she experiments with being liked by everybodyy that s not possible She ends up getting on the wrong side of a bully As much as Alice seems to represent the real struggles of adolescent girls and as much as I enjoy so much of her experiences especially her brother Lester , I can t help but wonder if these aren t a bit too dated now Particularly for some middle scho [...]

  13. Child me 5 starsAdult me 4 stars For the first book in a child teen middlegrade nostalgic book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book Please note, I do not really think books should have an age limit People should read what they want to regardless of the intended age group, excep [...]

  14. I adore this Alice book, as I do all Alice books In this book Alice decides she wants to try to be a person everyone likes A girl in her grade named Denise poses a problem for Alice She seems to dislike her for no reason at all She also has a few problems with her best friends Elizabeth and Pamela as well You feel all of the complex emotions Alice goes through in this book, the author writes with wonderful voice This book feels so real, you ll feel like your talking to your best friend as you re [...]

  15. Alice has started her first semester of 7th grade, and she s determine to be friends with everybody However, bully Denise has other ideas She constantly picks on Alice, and Alice isn t sure what she should do about She gets advice from her dad, her brother, and Aunt Sally, but she realizes that she s the only one who can decided what to do.I love that Naylor chose this particular book to talk about bullying For many including me , junior high was our first traumatic bullying experience, and Nayl [...]

  16. Alice starts middle school and wants to be liked by everyone She accidentally makes an enemy, though, with an older girl in her language arts class Alice deals with her bully while also trying to set her dad up with a love interest.Book takes place The first semester of 7th grade.Alice s life lessons You can t be liked by everyone sometimes it s better to kill someone with kindness Best Alice moment s the frog stand Alice finding Ben and Marie s old letters making Mr Hensley s day the Messiah si [...]

  17. These books are reminiscent of Judy Blume and her female charactersalistic fiction about daily life with no subject off limits Although this series has been controversial, I haven t seen anything in this book that I believe is inappropriate for tweens addresses typical curiosities about puberty and for that some people have banned the book If these had been written twenty five years ago ouch I would ve eaten them up They do a great job of showcasing feelings of a typical suburban twelve, thirtee [...]

  18. Banned Books 2011Reasons nudity offensive language religious viewpointBanned Books 2006Reasons offensive language and sexually explicitBanned Books 2003Reasons sexual content, offensive language, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2002Reasons homosexuality, sexually explicit, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2001Reasons sexually explicit, unsuited to age group

  19. Alice continues to crack me up In this book she and Patrick have decided to be special friends instead of boyfriend girlfriend and that seems to be working out well for them Alice vows to go an entire year without anyone disliking her, but that goal seems in jeopardy when a school bully starts picking on her Lester is trying to choose between two girlfriends, and Alice s dad is having a similar problem.

  20. I can t remember this one well It didn t stick in my brain like the others did I do remember the bully but i can t remember if she comits sucide in this book or the next but yea at first i hated her until i realized her problems it made me cry when she died i mean i grew to love her so sad but other than that i can t remeber much about this one

  21. I think Alice just keeps getting better and better with each book I think my favorite thing about this installment is that even though Alice really wants to get back at her bully Denise, she chooses to take the high road That is really courageous and she sets such a great example I would say the whole series is a must have.

  22. Alice is now in the 7th grade and has to deal with an issue that plagues many students a bully This one comes in the form of Denise Whitlock, a very nasty girl who picks on Alice and makes fun of her for not having a mother The side plots include further adventures with her friends, as well as Alice trying to set her father up with her English teacher.

  23. Alice and seventh gradeIn this book we find Alice in seventh grade after the summer Luckily she has her two best friends to guide her along the way no matter how crazy they are We find that all of Alice s things she wants to accomplish just can t be done What happens in this book you will have to read and find out.

  24. I liked this book because it was funny and the school was like real schools In the book, Alice didn t think she could sing and she afraid someone like the bully would make fun of her Finally she took the advice of her brother and her Dad Both of them thought she should try anyway, so she did and no one said anything The story shows that you should do what you want to do.

  25. Appreciated the fact that Reynolds Naylor not only takes on the confusing thing we call love and getting entangled in our family s love lives but also tackled bullying in school Although engaging a bully doesn t always turn out as positive as this, it was nice to see the possibility of change in a bully character when Alice faced her fear.

  26. Alice begins junior high with the goal to be Alice the Likable That goal becomes difficult to achieve when she meets Denise, a known school bully This Alice book is defined by Alice s decision to go back to being friends with Patrick, her courage in standing up to befriending her bully, and both her father and brother s relationship woes Great read for tween girls.

  27. This book was really good It as a bit humarous I can understand Alice s conflicts of being teased and treated badly by Denise Mack Truck Whitlock The book just has great situations and characters.I really recommend it

  28. These books are so relateable Reading them in the mid 2000s, I didn t even notice that they were written over ten years ago Anyway, Alice finds Middle School or Junior High, as they call it rough at first, but manages to enjoy it, even becoming friends with the school bully.

  29. I like how this one dealt with wanting to fit in and be liked by all A lot of kids, girls especially, find out that not everybody wants to be their BFF when they get older, and that is super tough It was always nice to know Alice had the same problems.

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