Girl In The Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story

Girl In The Cellar The Natascha Kampusch Story Austria March on her way to school Natascha Kampusch was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil More than years later August she escaped from a cellar under a seemingly ordinary sub

Austria 2 March 1998, on her way to school, Natascha Kampusch 10 was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil More than 8 years later, 23 August 23 2006, she escaped from a cellar under a seemingly ordinary suburban home How did she survive What sort of woman had emerged What kind of man was her abductor and what demands had he made of her

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Girl In The Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story : by Allan Hall Michael Leidig
    213 Allan Hall Michael Leidig
Girl In The Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story

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  1. I found this book rather odd I think that is because it was written and published very early, after Natascha s freedom and without her direct imput It is also very repetative I think to make the book long enough to publish The authors used the same direct quotes to make the same point in various places in the book.But it did provide me with a little information than I knew, from hearing of the story on the news It also made me very angry about the mistakes made in the search and police investig [...]

  2. Okay I did not know much at all about this story Only that the victim is accused of loving to be the centre of attention in the media.Did not know what happened, only that she was abducted.Well this book did tell me a little bit How she was kidnapped, how long she was there, but I find this all so weird.Her behavior so crazy I decided to search the Internet get to understand her, and afterwards I think the writers did explain her pretty good.So weird, why did she lie about some stuff Why did she [...]

  3. This book was dreadful and boring The story on it s own was really interesting That it is a true story makes it sad for the person involved The way it was put into this book just didn t do it justice though The book did not seem thoroughly researched, or very detailed with solid facts It feels like a school paper, where the student pretty much just copy pasted things they found online Then, because it needed to be longer, they restated some of the things, in a different order and said by differe [...]

  4. I found this while in Manchaster It intrigued me, plus the cheap price too I d been fascinated with the Natascha s story Her ordeal is extraordinary, for someone who had been trapped underground for 8 years, she displays amazing extraordinary will and strength The write up does not focus on Natascha s ordeal in the cellar, but rather from newspapers, interviews with relevant personnel and her families It s looking at two sided coin It s indeed quite difficult to pinpoint whether Natascha wanted [...]

  5. A lot of people knows this story It s so disturbing you just can t wrap your brains around it The only thing that bothered me with this book is, that it wasn t wrote from a victim s perspective.

  6. I picked this up for light reading for kind of current affairs true crime reading I just feel sometimes that I should know about what s going on in the world than I do And this book certainly helps with that It will tell you one thing, then repeat it several times throughout the rest of the book to make sure that you have remembered it I m sure that s not the reason why they ve done it like that it ll have to do with the fact that they needed to bump this up to a book length piece of writing, [...]

  7. As if carefully plotted by a master storyteller, picture the scene its early morning and an innocent young girl is making her way to school Maybe her backpack is slipping from the weight of her schoolbooks as she heads unenthusiastically towards her destination She s already focused on her day ahead and only momentarily distracted by the sight of an indistinct white van with a single occupant up ahead It is close to the entrance of her school so she ignores that nagging feeling in the pit of her [...]

  8. Inhoud Het verhaal gaat over Natascha Kampusch, het meisje in Wenen dat 8 jaar heeft vastgezeten in een kelder na een ontvoering op 10 jarige leeftijd Haar ontsnapping is wereldnieuws, maar ze vertelt niet het hele verhaal Allan Hall en Michael Leidig vertellen het verhaal niet uit haar ogen, maar door middel van interviews en krantenartikelen om de onduidelijkheden in Kampusch verhaal proberen te ontrafelen De heren geven echter al aan dat het verhaal geen duidelijkheid zal geven op vragen die [...]

  9. Wow I didn t know anything about this true story before I read this book I expected this book to only be about the kidnapping of Natascha However, the authors wrote it in a way to give you the perspective of the media, society, her parents, police, therapists, and detectives as well I enjoyed that because it left me to come with my own conclusions about what really happened, why it happened, and whether or not it could have been prevented At times I found myself wondering if Natascha s mother wa [...]

  10. WOW.This book was dreadful The descriptions are flat, boring and over dramatic Only so and so many days left fateful day , for instance.It was interesting to find out details about how exactly she escaped But that s it The book did not seem thoroughly researched, or very detailed with solid facts, I still find myself skeptical of its content But that was not the worst part.The worst part was the dreadful, horrific and hopeless and obvious translation from German into English The worst [...]

  11. Dit boek is geschreven in een journalistische stijl, en zeer kort na de ontsnapping van Natascha Als gevolg moeten de auteurs vaak speculeren over het ware verhaal en baseren hun bevindingen op allerlei onbewezen geruchten en theorie n Dit wordt nog erger gemaakt door de manier waarop Natascha de media manipuleert en nog steeds weigert alles te verklappen Gezien het feit dat haar kidnapper zelfmoord gepleegd heeft, blijven veel vragen onbeantwoord omdat er weinig onderzoek is gedaan en er geen r [...]

  12. Cerita tentang seorang anak kecil perempuan Natascha yang diculik dan disekap selama 8 tahun di ruang bawah tanah Tidak ada yang menduga ada seorang anak kecil yang disekap dalam rumah itu karena rumah itu terlihat seperti rumah biasa yang letaknya juga tidak terpencil.Yang jadi misterius dalam cerita ini adalah 1 Apa tujuan si penculik minta tebusan juga ngga.2 Apa saja yang dilalui oleh Natascha itu selama 8 tahun disekap 3 Kenapa dia baru melarikan diri setelah 8 tahun itu, padahal banyak kes [...]

  13. That is one weird woman It sounds to me like she totally manipulated the guy, even though she was in his power, and used what happened to her for her own advantage when she was free to make the millions she s made Total manipulation for her own benefit It sobvious to me she s keeping stuff back, ie her real relationship with him More went on than she s letting on, and the amount of occasions she had to run, and never did What annoyed me about the book was the poor grammer Too many long sentances [...]

  14. But we forgot a simple truth here that evil people don t look evil When I picked up the book, I honestly expected something spectacular in a way that the story was enchanting at the first few pages because the sypnosis looked so promising And boy, I was wrong It took me such a long time time than my usual reading time to finish the book because it was boring It made me sleepy for most of the times and the way the author told the story of Natascha, it was rather monotonous than sympathizing The [...]

  15. This review is going to be very short because it just didn t do anything for me I love reading storys about kidnappings and crimes and hearing survivors storys This story wasn t told from the victim Natascha s perspective and instead told from two journalists perspectives, which made it feel very cheap in the respect that I feel like a lot of the aspects of the story were made off assumptions and here say instead of factual information Because there were two differenet authors I felt like a lot [...]

  16. I think it was horrible that there were people out there that blamed Natascha for what happened to her I think people forget that she was only 10 years old when she was taken and even though she was 18 when found she is still a child b c she never had a chance to grow up Even though she had feelings for the man who kept her that doesn t mean she was happy to be there and its just rediculous that way people treated and talked about them after she was found I don t believe that anyone can say anyt [...]

  17. I very interesting story that seems impossible, but has happened The main issue is that so much is still secret and it is those secrets that would flesh out the material to provide insight Character analysis is kept basis and media manipulation is the key word throughout the book This plays the part in that the book is written by those in the media No one can truly imagine what happened and scars left behind will remain forever The psychology hinted at towards the end, needed to be excited It [...]

  18. Kisah nyata tentang seorang anak wanita Natasha yang diculik selama 8 tahun sejak ia berumur 10th Namun hingga saat ini tidak dapat diketahui dengan pasti motif penculikan tersebut karena sang penculik bunuh diri dengan menabrakan dirinya ke kereta api beberapa saat setelah Natasha melarikan diri Dan Natasha pun tidak mau mengungkapakan alasanya mengapa ia baru melarikan diri setelah 8th padahal banyak terdapat kesempatan untuk itu.Ikatan batin yang sangat kuat antara korban dan penculik banyak [...]

  19. too rambled probably because it was written by two newspaper journalist and they used their boring journalistic writing style too many unimportant names, it didn t draw me in but it did give me better understanding of the case kampusch especially this kampusch was in a strange way in love with priklopil, that s why she didn t run away on many opportunities she was given, because she was afraid he would commit suicide if you are looking to get raw data of the case yes, if you are looking for enjo [...]

  20. This book tells and interesting story that definitely captures attention and makes you wonder about the never ending possibilities of what happened to her and how in the world did she survive that life At the same time, the book was written oddly There were many passages repeated throughout the book Some even three times I ve never read a book that has done that before I m encouraged to read about this case and find out what shes doing with her life today.

  21. Well I hate to write a bad review, but this books seemed very boring to me Not that this subject matter is easy to write about I am sure I want a book to hold my attention but this just seemed to put me to sleep There was not enough information about what happened while she was held up in that house with this manMore about who they were before this happened.That is about all I got to say on this one Three stars because I did like parts of it

  22. All I knew of Wolfgang Priklopil before reading this book is that he kidnapped a young girl and then threw himself in front of a train when she finally escaped, 8 years later The Girl in the Cellar is odd and not necessarily in a good way The author presents a clear, unbiased view of the whole debacle but it still feels as though there s something missing Ultimately there always will be, as Priklopil took his side of the story to the grave.

  23. An engrossing read about sexual perversion and Kampusch s own intimacy with the loony tune who kept her captive for 8 1 2 years It reads a bit like a crime novel but, somehow, lacks the urgency to propel readers headlong into the future I dutifully finished the book in two days, and I must confess that it made me depressed after the first day Reading about depravity sickens me and is not all that captivating as watching it unfold on TV.

  24. Odporucam tym, ktorych zaujala Nataschina kniha V knihe sa clovek dozvie ako celu kauzu vnimala verejnost Ako sa spravala Natascha po oslobodeni a co vsetko ju cakalo na slobode V knihe je dost vypovedi ludi, ktori boli blizky jej rodine ako aj vypovedi jej pravnikov a psychiatrov Tento pohlad na celu kauzu ma zaujal a dozvedela som sa odpovede na vela otazok, ktore som mala v hlave.

  25. Nuda, nic nowego a ledzi am spraw tyle co mi w mediach przelecia o , nuda, powt rzenia, nuda oraz kiepska korekta notorycznie le postawione si , np mimo si nadarzaj cych sposobno ci , kt re si nagromadzi y , coraz cz ciej si znajdowa a w , nigdy te si nie pojawi aden sygna itd

  26. I suppose my opinion of this book might be colored by reading it while I had the flu It was a good, sad story, but written journalisticallyd the writing was somewhat awkward and slow Perhaps that was the translation from the German, I don t know I think I d rather read a better written account of the same story.

  27. That was an inspiring book, and while reading it i looked up the girl who was kidnapped and found that she also wrote a book about what happened so im excited to read that too But this book i think kind of dragged on a bit i think they had a little to much detail and unnecesary stuff to everything But overall it was pretty good.

  28. Finished reading this book and had questions than answers Vaguely remember reading about Natasha in the news I can understand her concerns regarding her privacy There are just so many if s Was her Mom involved Was the bar meet his clue Was it any girl Did he want just her Again questions Definitely held my attention.

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