Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography

Keith Richards The Unauthorised Biography For over years Keith Richards has been the Rolling Stones guitarist songwriter and singer as well as a highly respected solo artist Keith Richards based on Victor Bockris s exclusive interview

For over 30 years, Keith Richards has been the Rolling Stones guitarist, songwriter, and singer, as well as a highly respected solo artist Keith Richards, based on Victor Bockris s exclusive interviews with the musician, his family, and friends, is the definitive full length biography of this pivotal and legendary figure.

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Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography

  1. Victor Bockris Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography book, this is one of the most wanted Victor Bockris author readers around the world.

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  1. Well, as a person who is a huge Keith fan, I really liked this Some new info that I hadn t heard Of course, I take it all with a grain of salt, because it was not an authorized bio, but he did talk to people who were part of Keith s life Anita, although does she remember anything, who knows Anyway, the overall picture of Keith is the one that I like to imagine him as just a really charismatic person, who doesn t think of himself as a star, just wants to play music to be happy If you ve never rea [...]

  2. Clearly, we should all eat shepard s pie, since apparently that s Keith s secret Well, that and old blues guitar music.

  3. I borrowed this book off the display shelves at RB when I worked there It has taken me this long to crack the cover Thank God I did What a read During the 75 US tour Keith was lucky to get a visa to come into the country because he was in the thick of his heroin addiction He was pulled aside by FBI agents and thought they were just going to arrest him Instead, they had an interesting proposition In order to prevent any unwanted, negative publicity to tour sponsors they offered to provide Keith w [...]

  4. It s been a long time since I read a Stones bio so, when I saw Bockris Keith Richards bio at my local library, I thought I d give it a whirl It was a fairly rewarding read Richards is an interesting cat and, being a pretty big fan of his guitar playing and songwriting, I found myself eagerly burning through his life story Bockris knows his subject and writes about it well In fact, my only complaint about this book is that there isn t enough about Richards guitar playing I mean, it s discussed th [...]

  5. If you want to make rock and roll your career, you have to have a certain equilibrium between your personality and your ego and your physical makeup the three things you have no control over Then you have to have a certain balance to be able to deal with anything that s thrown at you And anything you throw yourself into, you better get yourself out of.This man, right, one of my favourite people in the whole world So of course when I had the opportunity to pick up yet another book about him, I di [...]

  6. I was expecting so much from this book I know there is another book and I prob got the two mixed up thought this was gonna have the same stuff I mean it s a book on 1 MAN But this was all stuff everyone knows They could have did so much with this story, This mans a ROCK ICON From one of the most highly respected, influential, one of the best bands and they made his story BORING I think he is one of the most over the top guitarists in music EVER The mans been on a list for people betting when he [...]

  7. Great read and very funny in spots Only criticism is that the updates since initial publication were sort of cheerleader ish, repetetive and stupid But everything else was pretty damn solid Good bio.

  8. How is this man still alive He has lives than an old lady s house full of cats Thank God he is though, because he s one of the best in the business I love Keef

  9. This was a terrific read I ve always been a fan of The Stones and It was pretty funny in many parts of this novel kept my interest from start to finish God knows the last thing you would ever say about Keith Richards is he s boring lolllllllllll great read for any Rolling Stone fan.

  10. I m convinced that I ll enjoy almost everything written about Keith Richards, because he s just so so lovely, ahh.The writing style made all the messing about with drugs sound like a great big, uh, adventure It was really interesting and the translation was good Also, I loved the way everybody was described The beginning and names might get a bit confusing for someone who doesn t know anything about Keith Richards or The Rolling Stones , but I guess this is mostly written for fans, so.Once again [...]

  11. I am a huge Stones fan I even like their really bad stuff, like Satanic Majesty And I m generally wary of unauthorized biographies But Bockris book is good Not as great as Richard s autobiography, but if you like the Stones, you ll like this

  12. Lots of interesting facts and stories told in this book I understand that Keith Richards did does a lot of drugs but I wasn t impressed with how Bockris spent about 200 pages discussing it I felt there were important things to reveal.

  13. Had the book on the shelf for years but somehow never got around to read it Finally did and sort of liked it Richards is an interesting character, but I found the book not exceptional Not very well written, or badly translated maybe Anyway, probably should give Richards autobiography a try

  14. A lot better than I expected Has managed to give a real and in many ways new insight into the life of Keith up until the 1990s

  15. Fantastic book Did he really write it Did he remember these things If so, this is a gold mine Richards was fooling us all along He s way smarter and self aware than anyone thought.

  16. A very well written biography about rock n roll s ultimate outlaw Probably best for Stones fans only Interesting stories beyond the drug use and the music.

  17. The human riff laid bare, after a fashion I remember this as being a decent biography, with Bockris actually having access to His Satanic Majesty.

  18. Better than the average rock bio The subject is sympathetic and his use of various opiates renders the run o the mill hangover as not worth talking about.

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