Fright Court

Fright Court Sarah Anderson has found her dream job Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court Dream job that is until she s attacked in the open courtroom by a vampire defendant And until she s for

Sarah Anderson has found her dream job Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court Dream job, that is, until she s attacked in the open courtroom by a vampire defendant And until she s forced to take self defense lessons from her boss, the enigmatic vampire James Morton And until she learns that she can t share the truth about any of that with her best frieSarah Anderson has found her dream job Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court Dream job, that is, until she s attacked in the open courtroom by a vampire defendant And until she s forced to take self defense lessons from her boss, the enigmatic vampire James Morton And until she learns that she can t share the truth about any of that with her best friend, Allison Ward even over delectable cupcakes from the Cake Walk bakery.Soon, Sarah is surrounded by vampires, griffins, and sprites all members of a secret supernatural court And when a deceptively easy going reporter starts to ask questions, Sarah wonders just what answers she is supposed to give.

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Fright Court

  1. Mindy Klasky learned to read when her parents shoved a book in her hands and told her that she could travel anywhere in the world through stories She never forgot that advice.Mindy s travels took her through multiple careers, including copyright lawyer and law librarian Mindy now writes full time Her books fall in a number of genres including traditional fantasy, urban fantasy, and category romance.In her spare time, Mindy knits, quilts, and tries to tame the endless to be read shelf in her home library Her husband and two cats do their best to fill the left over minutes in her days.

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  1. 4.5 stars out of 5.My new fave Sign me up for this ride I need to read of the series ASAP and then I discovered there s only one book, written 6 years after the first Am I allowed to be worried Fright Court is apparently set within another fictional world created by Klasky in the Jane Madison Series which I ve not read, but I m going to You definitely don t have to have read one to get the other.In Fright Court, Sarah has landed a new job as a clerk for the night court But what she doesn t kno [...]

  2. Fun book with a surprise that totally took me in an unexpected direction I m hoping this isn t the only book because it seems there so much story to tell.Sarah Anderson had spent several years going from one unsatisfying job to another until she applies for a job as the Court Clerk of the Night Court in Washington D.C If you re thinking of the old TV series Night Court, you re right The difference is that the judge and most of the court personal are vampires and other assorted magical creatures [...]

  3. I loved the Girls Guide to Witchcraft books I really like Mindy Klasky s voice and find her books are really easy to read in the way its really easy to listen to your best friend tell you stories about her life over a couple drinks While the tone was the same in Fright court and the parts I thought would be predictable weren t I just didn t love it as much as I loved the other books.

  4. A delightful romp from Mindy set in the same fictional universe as her Jane Madison series In those novels the concentration is upon witches and I don t recall vampires being mentioned yet it seems they do.The link between that series and this novel is the presence of The Cake Walk bakery and descriptions of cupcakes that made my mouth water.

  5. Not a boring courtroom hereLet s see Vampires, sprites, Griffin s and lawyers, judges, prosecutors and defendants All in Washington DC In Night Court for the Clans of the Eastern Empire And Sarah just took the job of Court Clerk Only she knows nothing about vamps, sprites, and Griffins, like the rest of humanity Entertaining, clean, a good read.

  6. This is an interesting beginning to a series with plenty of action and a lot of intriguing characters I will be reading on

  7. This was a great light reading paranormal book It was interesting from the beginning to suck you in Great love triangle with some mystery stirred in.

  8. Genre Contemporary comedic paranormalI think this book is supposed to be funny, but is isn t for me The female protagonist, Sarah Jane Anderson, an OCD law school drop out, has just gotten a job as Court Clerk in Night Court Turns out that after about 2am, it turns to supernatural court She is freaked out because, apparently, this was not on the job description She gets bitten by a witness in a hearing and her boss, James Morton Director of Security , saves her life He is unable to mesmerize her [...]

  9. I am a huge fan of Klasky s witchy Jane Madison series, so when I saw this, I knew I would have to read it After all, I enjoy a good vampire story that isn t full of bloody details.This novel did not disappoint Sarah Anderson was a fun character, one I met in Capitol Magic and I was curious to see where Klasky would take her here Could Sarah stand on her own in her own novel Yes Yes she can.I enjoyed the pacing of this novel the most I saved reading this for my treadmill elliptical time because [...]

  10. New series about the other non witch beings in the Eastern Empire, namely vampires, griffins, sphinx, sprites, etc Sarah is starting her new job as Court Clerk of the DC Night Court is attending her first trial with her boss, James Morton She watches the judge drink warm blood, fangs out, while the marble floor tiles pull back to reveal a staircase the defendant, both attorneys, and various unorthodox tools silver stakes to take care of the defendant What happened next leads to the rest of the s [...]

  11. Great supernatural mystery series Fright Court is the night court in D.C Sarah Anderson is the new night clerk, and her first night she is attacked by a witness, having her throat ripped out by a vampire Her new boss James grabs her up and feeds her his own blood to heal her She is petrified and he tries to erase her memories, but it will not work He becomes her personal trainer from two to three every morning in the hidden basement of the court house She refuses to leave her job since she can t [...]

  12. Totally enjoyed this book and it is the beginning of a new series Sarah Anderson never really fit in anywheret in school nor in any of her many jobs That is, until she was hired to be a clerk for the night court in D.C There she discovers that the supernatural world exists and that she really is needed to bring chaos into order for the vampire realm One sees Sarah develop from a little bit insecure to realizing that she is totally an awesome woman There are two men in her life and she needs both [...]

  13. This character brings too stupid to live to new heights She makes selfish, mind boggling decisions and seems stunned when they don t work out like she expects She thinks that a defensive apology should put everything to rights and is indignant if she is not trusted and forgiven again immediately The book has way too much telling and not enough showing other than the TSTL partI mean really, let s take a walk by ourselves at 2 in the morning and decide to take the short cut through the unlit part [...]

  14. A new world to enjoyI discover d this author in an anthology and have read six of her books straight That has to tell you something Although there are patterns recurring the taciturn hero, the charming young man, his competition, and a heroine discovering her powers, the tone and world building in the Jane Madison series and and this novel is different Sure, the later JM series mention the Night Court, Sarah appears only the once in a very minor appearance I liked this book a great deal, and hop [...]

  15. This book starts with a BANG Then it slows a little It does pick up, and other characters are added into the mix The pull between Sarah James builds throughout the book, and sort of concludes towards the end It was a great twist with Chris, James, Richardson Good book, action, very little romance, good twists drama Hopefully there will be a second book I d like to read about the night court, and James Sarah The court issues with Brauer Schmidt never really got finished.

  16. This books lived up to what I thought would happen since I last wrote in It had a bit of humor and was light reading This is what I need right now in my life I recommend this book to all vampire lovers and non lovers Sarah enjoyed working at the Night Court until all the events that took place happened.The fact that she had to hide the court to a reporter added to the fun Poor Chris.Read this and enjoy Now onto Book 2 Capitol Magic.

  17. This is a story about all the mythological creatures that you can think off that are involved in trying to live a normal life under the nose of humans They have set up a judicial system to try their criminals and this is the plot of this book and where it gets interesting Imagine the worst criminal that you can think of and give him the special attributes of a 400 year old vampire and you will scratch the surface of this endearing story There s suspense, action, drama, and a love interest.

  18. I felt like I was playing catch up for the entire book In the first chapter you are thrown into a conflict that most books would have somewhere in the middle, or in the sequel You don t even get to meet the main character before you re suppose to worry about her safety I spent the rest of the book trying to figure out who Sarah is and why I should care about her.

  19. Oh how I love paranormal romance comedy And Mindy Klasky is one of my go to authors for this genre If I want to have a good time from page 1 to the end then I pick up one of her books I won t bore you with spoilers and teasers, but I will recommend this book and any of her others if you like fun, girly beach reads that are easily devoured.

  20. An interesting book which puts into focus a new idea of night court and does not discriminate against the main character for her OCD Instead, she uses it, makes herself stronger and becomes the main fighter to keep the night court open despite attacks from a rogue vampire and her own doubts A good read, a little long but worth the story in the end Nothing is wasted.

  21. Book was pretty good, about girl who takes a job as a night clerk at the court house The night court is actually doing trials on supernatural beings Head of security is a really hot vampire There s also a journalist evolved Two guys and girl Seeing a love triangle starting up here somewhere Have to wait till the second book to see how that progresses.

  22. I really enjoyed the Jane Madison series when I read it years ago, and this seems like a fun book in the same world The only thing that makes me hesitant is some of the reviews I read seemed to think it was to be a series but I am only able to find this book and a novella cross over with Jane.

  23. Definitely not Bella and Edward but fun I gave an extra star because, unlike most of these stories, the author can put together sentences using grown up words Most of the tales in this genre sound like they are written by a high school sopho.

  24. Very cute I really like Mindy Klasky s writing for a good, cute story I too wonder if this is a beginning novel in a series featuring Sarah I think it would be interesting to find out how things progress Keeping my fingers crossed.

  25. So far I ve only read this in its serialised form, and feel as if I should reread it as a novel before reviewing it fully However, I loved the world building and the characters and would love to see of both at some point.

  26. Not a bad little story I very nearly put it down while reading the first couple of chapters as it seemed like it wasn t quite polished and I was worried that the rest would be as awkward However, I persevered and the rest felt much polished and put together for me.

  27. Loved this book Sarah s character is a very original addition to the urban fantasy genre a Sphinx Characters were actually interesting, as opposed to so many urban genre clones Story was addictive and I can t wait to read the next in this series.

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