Pain My name is Darwin De Groi and I m in love with Peter Forbes But Pete has this dream of becoming a metaphysical scientist and that means all his time his attention is taken up by college and studying

My name is Darwin De Groi, and I m in love with Peter Forbes But Pete has this dream of becoming a metaphysical scientist and that means all his time his attention is taken up by college and studying So in order to deal with the pain of watching Peter and never having him I spend most of my time in the Gray Zone, the no man s land between the city of Atlanta and the DensMy name is Darwin De Groi, and I m in love with Peter Forbes But Pete has this dream of becoming a metaphysical scientist and that means all his time his attention is taken up by college and studying So in order to deal with the pain of watching Peter and never having him I spend most of my time in the Gray Zone, the no man s land between the city of Atlanta and the Dens There I m free to drown myself with drugs, with booze With the inhuman.Lesser Breds Kin hybrids The offspring of Humans and Dragons.But then an act of revenge led to a stupid college prank, which put Peter right into my arms.A better man would make the right decision and tell Pete no.I am so not that man.

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  1. Georgia born and bred, I am an artist, a writer, and a general pain in the ass I spend most of my days working on my next book or designing cover art for other writers For stress relief I do olympic lifting and occasionally run but hate it I have been in love with writing since I was very young but it wasn t until recently that I decided to pursue it as a profession I have experimented in several genres and found that since I identify as male, male romance has been the most comfortable for me to write I don t discriminate in my books All characters are fair game I do however, prefer a happy ending at some level I don t write the standard romance book Some might even argue that what I write isn t romance at all Personally I think of them as love stories, where even in a fantastical world, there are realistic outcomes to the obstacles the characters face Many of my books have dark turns and twists where the characters fight for the light at the end of the tunnel I write action, fist fights, gun fights, down right dirty evil people who have to be stopped, things catch fire, blow up, and fall in My characters come in a unique range They are not all good guys, but the majority of them have very good hearts Many of them have been through hell in their lives, and many of them have a laundry list of faults But hopefully they manage to surprise you with their tenacity and loyalty If all goes well, there will be a myriad of different kinds of books available this year If I am really lucky, you will enjoy them.

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  1. Argh How can I rate this It s half a story You can t stop in the middle of a sex scene and tell me to be continued There oughtta be a law against against this kind of thing Adrienne Wilder made me use five exclamation points.

  2. What I think about this short story I Looooooooooove it The protagonist and the only narrator conquer my heart after with his first words I think I was stoned or drunk Yep, that s him Darwin There is so much to be already explain Darwin mentioned he live in a world with paranormal creatures called Lesser Breds and it s certainly something that call my attention but it s only quick references of topics still to be explained No, he is not a hero in a white horse he is self destructive, and sometim [...]

  3. Darwin is an open bookhe is who he is and screw the rest of the world He lives his life for one single thingloving Peter Peter his best friend, his love, his everything.This short introduces us to Darwin and Peter and leaves when they begin to discover a different side to their relationship.Darwin s voice is crisp and honest, and his sense of humor is fantasticHe s a jaded little ass you want to dislike, but he is so honest in how little he cares, and so devoted in his love for Peter you can t h [...]

  4. Liked this a lot, but, man, what a place to leave off It s important to note that the Darwin s Theory books are like one continuous story as opposed to a series in which each book can stand alone, so the overall storyline won t be complete until the final novella Fast pace, good writing I m intrigued by the world building, and I really liked Darwin and Peter so far Looking forward to reading of their story

  5. Jeez That ends at a climatic moment Nice start with some great background set for Darwin and Pete A little shifty and dark, with sweet moments Waiting for the other shoe to drop since the dragons have only been alluded to, not viewed So glad I m reading this with all the pieces done because I d be going nuts waiting for the next episode.

  6. This was okay I didn t love it or hate it But I don t think I m going to continue with the series It s just not for me.

  7. This short story was great I m hoping that the rest of the series will stand up Darwin has had the serious hots for Peter since he was 14 Peter loves Darwin but is saving himself for the perfect first time The story is written from Darwin s POV and that totally makes the story Darwin will do anything for Peter though his insatiable dick often does the thinking which makes for complications Bravo Ms Wilder.

  8. I held off from reading this for a long time because I don t like the cover But it s accurate because it was created by the author It s cool that she has talent in so many areas I shouldn t have waited This series is so good and this is one of my favorite couples ever It s also hilarious at times It s got a bit of breaking the fourth wall and those are some of the best parts Very angsty, though, which I love but many people don t But don t read this one until you have all five of the episodes be [...]

  9. It s a good thing I have the next installment or the ending would have made me really mad You don t stop right in the middle of the scene It s just not cool view spoiler Darwin is certainly an interesting character I m not sure whether the suffering he mentions is due to him pining after Peter for so many years or something else altogether His self destruct routine is heart wrenching and makes me want to hug him and try and make things better for him But I love his I don t care attitude and his [...]

  10. Very, very reminiscent of JCP s Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary series Darwin s voice is unique and unusual and the dichotomy of the purity of his love for Peter causing him to be so self destructive was heartbreaking and fascinating.I can t help but wish I d gotten to know both characters better before seeing them get together The longing both felt was clear, as was the joy and awe at finally being together I couldn t help but feel a little removed from that, though, because I d only been to [...]

  11. Okay, how am I supposed to rate this book It was only half a story, stopping right at the point where it got really interesting I did like where this story was going very much but I just don t know how to rate this.

  12. Sometimes I find it really hard to get absorbed in a short story because, well, it s just too short That was not the case here In fact, I couldn t believe how quickly I became engrossed in it and how much depth there was in terms of the story as well as the characters I was struggling to come up with the way to describe the completely unique setting in this book call it real world meets fantasy world I mean the names, references, language and partially the location all feel current, and yet ther [...]

  13. This is a good short story I was hoping to learn about the kin and the lesser Instead, I think this was the set up between Darwin and Peter I like Darwin He shows loyalty and he s great with his vindictiveness I can totally understand the method to his madness I m intrigued enough to read the rest of the series.

  14. I like Darwin immediately and was looking forward to a great revenge book Didn t realize this would end on a cliffhanger I m intrigued by the world of lesser bred and kin I think this may be a spinoff of another series I ll have to look into it This teaser book has captured my attention so I will get the other books in the series.

  15. Very good short paranormal m m romance about two college roommates, one serious and brilliant, the other smart but wild They ve been friends since they were 12, and in love with each other for almost that long, but Peter serious and brilliant wanted to wait to become lovers

  16. Lol, yeah Talk about mother of all fuck you s.Hey, look There s a second one But beyond thatI really like Darwin s voice He s sarcastic, wry, but also oddly insightful It s cool.And he s got delicious angst.

  17. This was so good, I really wasn t expecting to like it too much I ve been intrigued by the author for quite a long time and I ve never made the time to read something until now I choose this one because of it was short but I wasn t too much attracted by the blurb, that s why I wasn t expecting to like it How wrong I was, this was very good One of the things I liked the most was the contrast between the main characters personalities We only get to know Peter from Darwin s eyes, but he seemed such [...]

  18. M M erotica involving dragon shifters is a foreign concept to me When I was sorting through these books in order to satisfy a challenge, it felt like I was perusing a dinner menu printed in Swahili I had no clue what to order Would it be a delectable treat or make me want to vomit When I think of two men together, I think of naughty, delicious things When I think of dragons, I think of Little Jackie Paper and that rascal, Puff Sex doesn t even enter into the equation.That all said, I feel a 4 st [...]

  19. What a great story, well written and flowed along great I have to say I loved the style of this author which pulled me into the story right from page one.Darwin is a regular guy living in what seems like a normal world but his life is anything but normal There are 5 books to this series that I read within a couple of days I was so hooked And I m happy to see there is now a novel to follow these 5 books, which I intend to start reading right away.Great job Keep up the great story

  20. Good start 3.5 stars Not a bad start to the series The chemistry between Darwin and Peter is HOT I do wish that there was background on the Gray Zone and the beings, the Kin and the Lesser Bred, that inhabit the area I am intrigued and hope as the series goes on that background will be given.

  21. I love reading bad boys Darwin is a different type of bad boy though He s not the take charge kick everyone s ass alpha male In fact for the past six years he s been hollow, missing someone he desperately wants in his life on a deeper level So he s been filling in the emptiness with drugs, meaningless sex, and dangerous nights in the Gray Zone and a dark broody bad attitude He does have a one bright spot in his life, Peter Peter is his roommate, best friend, and the man he loves Darwin goes to c [...]

  22. This is not a short story or the first book in a traditional series It s the first installment in a serialized novel We get just a few chapters with this first release, and then a few each consecutive month I m fairly certain the release schedule is monthly, but please correct me if I m wrong Because of this, I m only going to put my rating and review on this first installment Pain , but it will reflect all the current installments that I ve read and may change as the story progresses.My read s [...]

  23. Alright This is a bit scatterbrained because the story so short is a bit overwhelming, but I must write it down.I love Darwin I love how the author forces you into the story, only giving you Darwin s strong personality at the beginning You have to go along with the story, not being explained the admittedly little plot to You get told information subtly so much of the story seems to be describing things for no particular reason, but it creates a strong visual of what Darwin experiences.Darwin is [...]

  24. I had this series recommended to me so I finally sat down to give it a try This first installment was a short story so now I think that maybe this is of a serial style story.The world building involves the knowledge that dragons and lesser beings exist and are classed separate from pure humans They live separate from each other almost like a class structure But other than the fact that the main character, Darwin spends time with these lower classes, they are not as important in this first story [...]

  25. I gotta give it to Adrienne Wildere is smart I was given this book and Secrets part 2 for free from Ms Wilder and now she has me hooked I had never heard of these books or this author, but free is free, so what did I have to lose What I didn t realize is that these are short stories in a continuing series How many books will there be I wish I knew I have now bought the third book and the 4th book is on my wish list It is unusual the way this story unfolds We are slowly learning about the charact [...]

  26. The first in a series this one is definitely just act one I did enjoy Darwin who we get to know here Peter was just not someone who you really get to know The story is told from Darwin s viewpoint I was confused from the beginning with what exactly the relationship was between Darwin and Peter At first I thought it was a crushunrequited Then about 2 3 the way in it became apparent it was a mutual love caring but without sex The reason it didn t rate higher is because of the video issue view spoi [...]

  27. Pain is an intense, fast paced read I was wary at first on reading this book, because I am not familiar with the terminology of the Dens, but Wilder made it an easy transition for those new to her world Peter and Darwin are not only star crossed perfect lovers, but are human, with human foibles and characteristics The reader could definitely see these two walking down the street, or in Darwin s case, setting post office drop boxes on fire as he meanders down the way The love making scenes are ta [...]

  28. Well this is mostly sex to me, but it is well written and Darwin is such a likeable badass And it is to be continuedIt is the short story of two young students, early twenties There is Peter, the genius who has a scholarship to study metaphysics sciences He is very serious and pure as in high morals and virgin He loves Darwin and Darwin only, but he wants to wait before consuming their love.And there is Darwin Darwin is something else His only interest in life is Peter Since he can t have Peter, [...]

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