Across Many Mountains: Three Daughters of Tibet

Across Many Mountains Three Daughters of Tibet Kunsang thought she would never leave Tibet One of Tibet s youngest nuns she grew up in a remote mountain village where as a teenager she entered the local nunnery Though simple Kunsang s life gav

Kunsang thought she would never leave Tibet One of Tibet s youngest nuns, she grew up in a remote mountain village where, as a teenager, she entered the local nunnery Though simple, Kunsang s life gave her all she needed a oneness with nature, a sense of the spiritual in all things She married a monk, had two children and lived in peace and prayer But not for long.TheKunsang thought she would never leave Tibet One of Tibet s youngest nuns, she grew up in a remote mountain village where, as a teenager, she entered the local nunnery Though simple, Kunsang s life gave her all she needed a oneness with nature, a sense of the spiritual in all things She married a monk, had two children and lived in peace and prayer But not for long.There was a saying in Tibet When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth The Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950 changed everything for Kunsang When Chinese soldiers began destroying her monastery, she and her family were forced to flee in a hair raising trek across the Himalayas in winter She spent several years in Indian refuge camps Both her husband and her younger child died Then came an extraordinary turn of events the arrival of Martin Brauen, a cultured young Swiss man with a fascination for Tibet, who fell in love with her daughter and took both of them to Switzerland where Yangzom would be born, the author of this remarkable book.Many important stories lie hidden until the right person arrives to tell them Yangzom Brauen has rescued the story of her inspirational grandmother, writing a book full of love and endurance, and giving us a rare and vivid glimpse of life in rural Tibet before the arrival of the Chinese.

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Across Many Mountains: Three Daughters of Tibet

  1. Born to a Swiss father and Tibetan mother, Yangzom Brauen is an actress, director, writer and political activist She lives in Los Angeles and has appeared in a number of German and American films.With her latest film Born in Battle she received the UNESCO Gandhi medal as well as the UNESCO Enrico Fulchignoni award.She is also very active in the Free Tibet movement, making regular radio broadcasts about Tibet and organizing public demonstrations against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

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  1. An absorbing account of what China perpetrated by annexing Tibet, told by the granddaughter of a Buddhist monk and nun who escaped Chinese oppression walking with all they had on their backs, including one of their daughters Across the Himalayas to India, to Switzerland, New York Ms Brauen writes with a fierce heart, reminding the reader that when we ignore colonial imperialism or practice it we change the lives of everyone dynastic imperative touches, even in a tiny village at the top of a moun [...]

  2. I won this memoir from the First Reads program I was excited to receive a copy because I love memoirs and this particular one piqued my interest Going in, I knew very little about Tibet other than some scattered impressions gathered from the periodic popularity surges of the Free Tibet movement here in the United States I enjoyed this easy read Its structure as a multigenerational memoir was interesting and well done I appreciated that Brauen isn t an apologist for the unattractive aspects of Ti [...]

  3. The multigenerational memoir is an interesting beast It allows for a great sweep of history, and brings to light stories that would not otherwise have been told It s a startling reminder of how much the world has changed, and how fast Of course, one can t help but wonder how true it ever is is anyone completely honest with their offspring about their own young life can anyone be completely honest in writing about their family but that s a small price to pay for the amazing stories you get.This b [...]

  4. Across Many Mountains is a memoir that covers three generations of women over a period of 80 years Yangzom Brauen, a Los Angeles actress, model, writer and activist, tells the story of her grandmother, a Buddhist nun who leaves her rural village in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet in 1959, with her husband and two children and crosses into India and becomes a refugee As she describes in the book, the Chinese claimed to have liberated the Tibetans from a caste system under clerics and aristocrats [...]

  5. This book may only tell the story of 3 generations of women, but you get the feeling of traversing many centuries The story begins high in the Tibetan Himalayas in a small village lacking any modern conveniences Modern, for 1910, that is But it could have been 1810 or 1710 Life was hard but simple, and the author s grandmother was content Her contentment and detachment from worldly life is felt in the narrative Then in 1959 the Chinese took over and imposed Communism on the country They sought t [...]

  6. A friend loaned me this book I don t usually read this sort of nonfiction but decided to give it a go because it was about Tibet.Content wise there were some really interesting observations and recollections about life in Tibet buddhism, rural life in Tibet in the 1930 40s, the impact of Chinese rule Also some memorable descriptions about life for Tibetan refugees in India and the perilous journeys they made across the mountains to get there.The story follows 3 generations of a family who escape [...]

  7. When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth old saying in TibetCompared to some memoirs, this story has a strong ring of truth and authenticity Through the eyes of the author s grandmother, a devout Buddhist nun, the reader gains an inside view of her religion as well as the challenges she faced when the Chinese destroyed much of what she considered sacred Driven from their homeland by the 1950 Chinese invasion, h [...]

  8. I had the good fortune to receive this book courtesy of First Reads Unfortunately, my high expectations fell flat For such an emotional story, being uprooted from one s homeland and then being forced to live as a refugee, I just didn t feel any sort of emotional connection to the grandmother and mother who lived through this experience I was able to connect a bit better when the author, who is closer to my age, began to write about her experiences It will be interesting to see if older audiences [...]

  9. The actual story told in this book is amazing The courage, strength and resolve the women in this story had to not only escape Tibet during the cultural revolution, but also survive their years in India after escaping, is astonishing In addition to the story of Kunsang and Sonam, I also enjoyed learning about Tibetan culture and Buddhist customs described in this book Old Tibet wasn t the loving Utopia I had always thought it to be, I do appreciate that the author gave a very realistic view of T [...]

  10. 3.5 out of 5 stars The life of a Tibetan, especially a Tibetan woman, is hard enough at the best of times And when you are a female Tibetan Buddhist nun at a time when the People s Republic of China is trying to wipe out not only all religion but also Tibet, chances of a good life are bleak indeed Unless you are a female Tibetan Buddhist nun who is can find peace where others see only darkness Who is at peace even knowing that as a woman, she is less valued than a man And who believes in things [...]

  11. ACROSS MANY MOUNTAINS A TIBETAN FAMILY S EPIC JOURNEY FROM OPPRESSION TO FREEDOM by Yangzom Brauen is made up of descriptions of one Tibetan family s progression through different cultures, beginning in Tibet before the Chinese invasion and ending in Switzerland until they do a complete circle and return to Tibet many years later after the Chinese allow them back in Each culture the family moves to is technologically advanced than the last This book is about their ability to cope in each new cu [...]

  12. I found this book at a local used bookstore here in Boulder called Trident Books and Cafe It was wedged in the lower corner of a shelf between the few other books on Tibet the small shop had I was surprised at the amount they did have, seeing as it isn t a huge bookstore I picked it up I study anthropology and the book looked like the story of Tibetan women written by Tibetan women, which is the lens through which I wish to understand Tibet This story is magnificent Beginning with Kunsang, the a [...]

  13. I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book through LibraryThing Early Reviewers Across Many Mountains is a memoir of three generations of women from a family Kunsang was born and raised in Tibet, prior to the Chinese invasion of Tibet As an adult, she chose to be a Buddhist nun With her family she flees across the Himalayas during the Chinese occoupation of Tibet Her daughter, Sonam, is born in Tibet, becomes a refugee in India as a child, eventually moving to Switzerland where she raises a [...]

  14. When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth This book outlines the impact of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950 When Chinese soldiers arrived at Kunsangs monastery, destroying everything as they went, Kunsang and her family escaped across the Himalayas, sadly spending years in Indian refugee camps Kunsangs husband and her youngest child both died under the conditions of the camps, but the future held an extraor [...]

  15. This moving personal family history covering three generations of Tibetan women conveys the tragedy of the Chinese occupation of Tibet with power than news reports or statistics The details are different, but in a way it is a universal story not just of Tibet, but of every culture that has been purposely suppressed by another Author Yangzom Brauen chronicles the lives of her grandmother, who has maintained the life of a Tibetan nun in all the years she s had to live abroad, her mother, who had [...]

  16. Across Many Mountains is a true account of a people and a country that are not widely known in the West, or at least not known by this reader In 1950 China invaded Tibet this was not the first time A Buddhist monk and his wife, a Buddhist nun it s OK in their branch of Buddhism , and their two young daughters began a tortuous journey on foot through the Himalayas to the safety of India The younger daughter died, the monk s health was ruined, but the mother and older daughter survived This is the [...]

  17. I didn t think I was going to get along with this book at first, because I struggled to get into it I m so glad I stuck with it because the story contained in this book is really amazing Once hooked I was fascinated by the little details the author included about ordinary, every day details of life in Tibet like how her grandma stored butter I was equally absorbed by all the information about Buddhism in Tibet It was completely blended into the actions of everybody in their ordinary day to day e [...]

  18. I didn t expect this book to be as compelling as it was It is the story of Brauen s mother s and grandmother s journey and it is also a story of Tibet s unfinished journey It is always fascinating to me to read how much people will endure for freedom and sad that they must endure anything It s inspiring to see them prevail Kunsang and Sonam did indeed endure and prevail Brauen has taken to heart their stories and is doing what she can to help Tibet to prevail Her story is part of that journey It [...]

  19. Liked it better than expected Expected something of the refugee memoir genre native life, violence forcing migration, harrowing escape, horrors of refugee camps, reconstruction of life, eventual return to native land AMM has all these elements, but it has a unique personal story that transcends the genre and made this a good read Tibet, of course, located on the Roof of the World with its unique cultural and religious history is an enticing locale for a good story The three generations of women [...]

  20. I would like to give this stars, but I just can t It was just okay I think I read it hoping that after all the dramatic hardship the women suffered, there would be something inspiring in their lives that would give me reason to be better Instead, I felt like, so what Doesn t everyone suffer something in this life and learn to live with it I m not saying it doesn t have any redeeming qualities, just that I wasn t very touched or lifted by their story.

  21. I read this for book club and actually liked it than most of the others in my group I thought that the story of Kunsang and Sonam s escape from Tibet was riveting however, once they are safely out, the story loses much of its vibrancy Still I found it interesting and enjoyable, at least until the last chapters when Yangzom gets overly preachy and self reflective She is a much successful author when she is talking about her family than when she focuses on herself.3 1 2 stars.

  22. This is a great story of three generations of Tibet tradition I really had no idea about Tibet and the history of the country It tells of struggle, the constant battle to survive and the endurance of a people to maintain as much of their culture as they can It also tells of the tenacity of the younger generation and how they can make a difference.

  23. Absolutely amazing story of a family s journey from Tibet If you have any interest in that part of the world, you will throughly enjoy this insider s account of being forced to flee your home and the hardships that follow.

  24. 28th book read in 2012 Number 110 out of 260 on my all time book list Follow the link below to see my video review youtube watch v Cq2IqF

  25. An enjoyable in depth look into the Tibetan culture and struggle to maintain their identity through the eyes of 3 women.

  26. Yangzom Brauen vertelt ons het verhaal van haar Tibetaanse familie, dat wil zeggen, haar grootmoeder, moeder en haarzelf Haar grootmoeder Kunsang Wangmo ze noemt haar meestal Mola, het Tibetaanse woord voor grootmoeder , vermoedelijk geboren in 1920, groeit op met haar familie in Pang, een Tibetaans dorp Als klein meisje woont ze bij de nonnen en wordt ze later zelf ook non Op 13 jarige leeftijd haar ouders zijn dan al overleden volgen zij en anderen Ape Rinpoche, een bekend religieus onderwijze [...]

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