Das Neue Land

Das Neue Land None


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Das Neue Land

  1. Kristmann was born out of wedlock to a country girl who left him in the care of her impoverished family At age 13 he ran away and turned his hand to all kinds of menial work but, at the same time, managed to learn several languages.In 1924 he went to Norway and two years later published in Norwegian a collection of stories, Islandsk kj rlighet Icelandic Loves It was a literary success and astonished the critics by its mastery of Norwegian idiom and style He followed that success with the publication of several novels, among them the family sagas Brudekjolen 1927 The Bridal Gown and Livets morgen 1929 Morning of Life and the autobiographical Hvite netter 1934 White Nights Gudmundsson s fiction can be loosely classed as romances, family sagas, and historical novels He drew a great deal on his Icelandic background and on Icelandic literature and social history, but the constant theme in his work is love both physical and spiritual between men and women He was married seven times.In 1939 he returned to Iceland and began writing in Icelandic, but those works were not as successful as those he published in Norwegian Scholars criticized his works in general for their melodrama and hyperbole However, their popularity ensured that many of them were translated into most of the major languages of the Western world From The Encyclopaedia Britannica

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