Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Eyes of the Dragon

Secret Avengers Volume Eyes of the Dragon The Secret Avengers descend into the depths of Marvel s darkest corners on a new case that brings them face to face with a Master of Kung Fu and many forces of evil Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato bring

The Secret Avengers descend into the depths of Marvel s darkest corners on a new case that brings them face to face with a Master of Kung Fu and many forces of evil Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato bring you another twisted tale of Marvel s most popular new Avengers team.Collecting Secret Avengers 6 12

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Secret Avengers, Volume 2: Eyes of the Dragon

  1. Ed Brubaker born November 17, 1966 is an Eisner Award winning American cartoonist and writer He was born at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.Brubaker is best known for his work as a comic book writer on such titles as Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Fist, Catwoman, Gotham Central and Uncanny X Men In recent years, he has focused solely on creator owned titles for Image Comics, such as Fatale, Criminal, Velvet and Kill or Be Killed.In 2016, Brubaker ventured into television, joining the writing staff of the HBO series Westworld.

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  1. Secret Avengers With over 600 million in worldwide box office, I m pretty sure the secret is out.Steve Rogers Not dead, but not acting as Captain America either is still in charge of super hero type stuff, and he s formed a covert team of Avengers to be all sneaky to head off threats Steve has kind of an oddball team here with War Machine, Black Widow, Beast, Valkyrie, Moon Knight and Ant Man This one is a rare miss from Ed Brubaker Steve has center stage on this story, and the other Avengers ar [...]

  2. Five issues of a random and mediocre plot involving resurrecting Shang Chi s father apparently I am supposed to care and two issues of WWII dreamsharing backstory about a surprise retconned super soldier named John Steele Apparently he and Steve punched monsters together in the forties Apparently I am also supposed to care I wish Brubaker would stop having Sharon Carter get kidnapped.There were some nice team dynamic moments, but mostly meh.

  3. This review will be short because most of what was true of the last volume is true here The horror less Lovecraftian plot continues and seeing the conclusion is a nice reward for reading the first volume It also felt like the secret part of Secret Avengers was accurate here which was nice I still think the team of heroes is either a little too big or some characters are underutilized like Moon Knight, but Brubaker has put together a competent and enjoyable story The art is once again great and [...]

  4. Yeah, what can I say, I liked it alright but I couldn t help but look at the cover every now and then to see if this was a Captain America book or if it really was The Secret Avengers That said, Brubaker s Cap America work is generally good but, what excited me about this book besides Brubaker s name is the weird grouping of characters, especially Moon Knight and Valkyrie, so a book mainly about Cap was kind of a let down I did love the appearances of Shang Chi, but wished there was of him I al [...]

  5. Not bad I guess I was a fan of the old Master of Kung Fu comics back in the day so it was good to see Shang Chi again I also really enjoyed the Immortal Iron Fist series from a few years back so it was also a treat to see Prince of Orphans again A character from Brubaker and Epting s The Marvels Project miniseries also pops up and the fact that I recognize him at all just tells me that I ve really read a LOT of comics in the last few years.The series is fine so far Volume 1 and Volume 2 are tied [...]

  6. The thing i m enjoying the most about this series is that many of the team members are just well trained military types, not really superheroes I like seeing the hand to hand combat, rather then the usually hand blasts and energy beams The plotline with the Shadow Council continues in this volume It actually ups my thoughts about the last volume, since they also appeared as the villains there It s cool to see a larger story at work.The artwork was once again amazing I liked the black silhouette [...]

  7. While I have seen a bit of this plot before the villain s plan isn t exactly new it didn t take away from enjoying the read Good artwork and some nice character moments and a fast read It didn t disappoint.

  8. A strong continuation of the arc plots from the previous volume Generally, good noir action adventure I m interested to see where the core plot goes with Brubaker abruptly leaving The answer after reading a couple of volumes seems to be nowhere What a waste

  9. It was entirely unremarkable The story was average, the art was average, and I doubt I ll ever want to re read it But it wasn t terrible.

  10. I feel like Brubaker was a little overworked at the time he was writing Secret Avengers, because I know just how good he can be at espionage stories see Sleeper, one of my favorite comics of all time At the time he was writing this, he was also juggling the main Captain America series and a Steve Rogers solo piece, among other things This story, which began its build in the first volume of Secret Avengers, is just kind of all over the place There are good moments for sure, and Deodato s great ar [...]

  11. Not sure what to think about this story It still doesn t feel like espionage as this team is pitched it really does resemble the usual hero team against world threats , rather than covert ops against world governments and corporations Other than Steve s occasional and obligatory let s get out of here before we cause an international incident , it plays out like most other Avengers or Captain America tales I can remember.Shang Chi WTF is he doing in this book, except as a link to a Chinese plotli [...]

  12. I liked this story in and of itself but, for all intents and purposes, it is a Captain America solo tale with some other heroes along for the ride Cap is obviously the star of the book, and I get that After all, Brubaker is largely responsible for reviving Cap in the 21st century However, in this book, it comes at the expense of the other characters Sharon Carter gets some lines and Ant Man is the obligatory comic relief, but the others are left in the cold Beast is a glorified techie Moon Knigh [...]

  13. The Moon Knight run of Secret Avengers continues and, well, Moon Knight does one key thing that involves about 4 panels of the entire book, plus a few for some group fights, but is otherwise unseen Master of Kung Fu has to be involved to keep his resurrected father from being restored to full power and or as the key to having his father restored to full power In the midst of this, the dumbest thing of all happens which is that Steve Rogers girlfriend gets kidnapped as bait Rogers even utters th [...]

  14. This is really of a three and a half stars but I m willing to bump it up rather than round down because of the enjoyment.The Problems Not enough of the team I m reading this because Eric O Grady and Valkyrie are on this team Though you would barely know it from this volume O Grady gets a good moment where he actually manages to the save the day And Valkyrie gets a few scenes of ass kickery War Machine literally carries Steve and that s it He s in the fights but there s no focus Moon Knight pull [...]

  15. Once again, much like Secret Avengers Volume 1, this is a comic of above average quality that isn t really bad on any level, just a bit unexceptional And that s okay, sometimes Things I enjoyed Shang Chi Anytime the Marvel Universe is about to get a bit Street Fightery, I get excited in my brain Brubaker Fraction s Iron Fist being the best example of this.Things I didn t enjoy Mike Deodato Jr s art is pretty unendearing It s competent, but that s about it Never been a fan of his though I gather [...]

  16. This was another interesting espionage story that continues the previous Secret Avengers storyline, while incorporating the Prince of Orphans from the Immortal Weapons stories, and I quite enjoyed that part of it Some of the characterizations felt a little off both Captain America and Beast seem different , but overall, this was a solid set of stories with a special guest appearance by Shang Chi, which is good fun.

  17. Not sure how I feel about Steve Rogers running a black ops team and have no enthusiasm for yet another centuries old conspiracy lurking about the marvel universe, but otherwise this was a good read.Like the line up, good mix of heroes, and everyone sounded right.Lots of action and a decent story, despite my gripes.Prince of Orphans was an interesting new character and as a fan of the golden age, I appreciate Brubaker s obsession with John Steele.

  18. The team help a Kung fu master, I know it s an old character but I m not familiar with him The shadow council is after him We learn about the council and about Max Fury Some nice character stuff in this one, but the story required prior knowledge of characters This wasn t really explained for those not in the know A good read, despite these faults.

  19. Fun, engaging story telling There s nothing found being portrayed on these illustrated pages, but that s far from a bad thing In a world full of comics that often times take themselves too seriously, it s nice to see a writer like Ed Brubaker realizing he is telling the stories of a few costumed and superpowered individuals Sometimes all it needs to be is fun and exciting.

  20. This was another fun volume, better than I remember from the first time I read through it Draws on some interesting marvel history with Shang Chi that of which I was totally unaware Much like the first volume this volume assumes we know the characters and so they can skip all that character stuff Brubaker just brings it off.

  21. Now this is a real step up Some of my disappointment with volume 1 is paid off here in volume 2, which continues to develop and expand on threads left hanging Great artwork and a nice, twisty story Bring on volume 3.

  22. Fun story involving Steve Rogers secret team of Avengers trying to prevent the Shadow Council from resurrecting Shang Chi s father, Zheng Zu I especially enjoyed the use of the Prince of Orphans, Max Fury and John Steele.

  23. Shang Chi Fu Manchu, oh, I mean Zheng Zu for copyright reasons Random 40s heroes I ve never heard of The fun continues.

  24. A bit better than the first arc no trips to space I m glad Brubaker exited after this so I didn t feel obligated to read forced Marvel team up books

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