Overdrive All his life French racer Daniel Leroux has dreamed of one thing winning the World Rally Championship To do that he needs a co driver he can trust If only he could find one At the end of a disastrou

All his life, French racer Daniel Leroux has dreamed of one thing winning the World Rally Championship To do that, he needs a co driver he can trust If only he could find one.At the end of a disastrous season, Daniel s manager replaces his incompetent co driver with Frank Dufour, a young Canadian whose rally team let him go because he was gay Daniel s in heaven, thinkAll his life, French racer Daniel Leroux has dreamed of one thing winning the World Rally Championship To do that, he needs a co driver he can trust If only he could find one.At the end of a disastrous season, Daniel s manager replaces his incompetent co driver with Frank Dufour, a young Canadian whose rally team let him go because he was gay Daniel s in heaven, thinking he might find than just a teammate, but his manager puts the brakes on, declaring Frank firmly off limits Frank isn t any ready to risk his second and last chance at making it in the WRC, no matter how attractive he finds Daniel Sex and cars don t mix.Amidst a bitter rivalry with another driver, sabotage attempts, extreme weather conditions, and the stress of racing, Daniel and Frank forge a partnership that defies the odds, but just as things start to heat up between them, a family emergency calls Frank away Will they find their way back together or will the separation and the spotlight be too much for their fledgling love to survive

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  1. Ariel Tachna lives outside of Houston with her husband, her daughter and son, and their cat Before moving there, she traveled all over the world, having fallen in love with both France, where she found her husband, and India, where she dreams of retiring some day She s bilingual with snippets of four other languages to her credit, and is as in love with languages as she is with writing.Visit Ariel at her website arieltachna or on Facebook, facebook ArielTachna, or e mail her at arieltachna gmail.

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  1. It s Love in the Fast Lane I rarely read M M books with sports theme not because I don t want to, just that I rarely do So, first of all, it s nice to read a story in the backdrop of car racing I think Ms Tachna makes a wonderful description about what happens behind I enjoy the explanation of preparation and the secret tool in terms of what is under the hood As for the two MCs, I have an impression first that Daniel is the fiery one, a hot tempered racer, maybe because the first words from him [...]

  2. Ce livre m a t offert par une auteure adorable sur le dernier Salon du livre, je connaissais la plume d Ariel Tachna pour son excellente s rie paranormale Partnership in Blood , mais je ne l avais jamais lue en romance contemporaine, chose faite C est une histoire adorable, simple dans sa trame, sans vraiment de rebondissements, mais un couple sympathique et puis on ressent vraiment l amour et la connaissance du fran ais et de la France de l auteure C est galement une grande voyageuse donc je su [...]

  3. Magnifique d couverte Je ne m attendais pas tomber sous le charme de cette histoire.Cela se passe dans le monde sportif, dans l univers des rallyes Je ne suis pas trop pour ce sport mais le titre m a intrigu puis le r sum Je profite d une promotion de Juno Publishing pour me le procurer et l BAM L histoire est fluide, les personnages sont tr s attachants et m me pour une novice comme moi dans les rallyes bah je tombe sous le charme Bon c est sur qu il y a pas tous les termes techniques et autres [...]

  4. Enfin un livre qui parle du milieu automobile Chose rare pour ma part vu que je ne suis pas fan de course, de voiture etc Un roman qui est tout en description, en terme technique un peu trop J avoue que certain passage m on parut un peu long justement cause de cela.Essentiellement venant de la s ur d ric Bon me direz vous c est un peu normal vu que c est son m tier et elle est passionn par ce qu elle fait Mais pour moi elle tait trop pr sente au d triment de nos 2 h ros.Ce que j ai beaucoup appr [...]

  5. J ai pris ce livre au SDL parce que bon, a parle de courses automobiles, et donc je ne pouvais pas passer c t m me si on ne m avait pas sp cialement beaucoup encourag e le lire, primo parce que je suis une lectrice difficile, deuxio parce que je suis une vraie fan de courses et donc le m lange aurait pu tre explosif en cas de d ception, comme ce fut le cas pour Fast o s rieusement, les choses taient diablement nulles pour tre polie.Mais ici, je salue vraiment le travail de recherche de l auteur [...]

  6. Ariel Tachna has the skill to write out of ordinary love stories like her Partnership in Blood series but also very ordinary extraordinary love stories like this one Overdrive is set in the World Championship Rally world, that is a little less shining than the F1 circuit, but is still a public setting nevertheless, this is a behind the scene story, about very ordinary guys falling in love and having to face the common step by step routine to build a long term relationship Daniel Dany is a French [...]

  7. Gentlemen start your engines It s time for racing If you haven t read Overdrive by Ariel Tachna, you absolutely need to I completely recommend this read This is my first story by Ms Tachna I ve read reviews of her other work and was intrigued Then I saw she d written a novel about racing Got me right there But this book isn t just a bunch of race lingo and confusing terminology Nope It s than that Ms Tachna writes in a fluid manner that drew me in right away I couldn t put the book down It was [...]

  8. Rally driver mixes work and sex with his co driver What could have mess up with their career ends up being the best thing both professionally and personally One of the reasons I loved this books was all the information about the Rally world It was well described, from the car modification to the training, racing and after race partying The emphasis was on the importance of a good work relationship between the driver and the co driver, especially the mutual trust needed to make it work After a te [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this book that had interesting characters and a great love story You are exposed to the world of Rally car driving that the author put great detail into but didn t feel like an info dump It was weird at first realizing that the MCs, Daniel and Frank were speaking French throughout the story but everything is written in English I liked how the author put these two men together and had a slow build up to their relationship instead of just hopping into bed But I do have to say that [...]

  10. This was such an enjoyable read First, it s about Rally Racing, what s not to love The author does a great job of immersing you in the world of Rally without overwhelming you This part of her world building really allows the bridge of commonality between Frank and Danieley share a passion and you begin to share it as well.Second, there is a lot of work put into building the friendship between Daniel and Frank and I really enjoyed seeing them become friends first This just made everything sweeter [...]

  11. Daniel was such an interesting character I enjoyed experiencing a bit of the world of rally car racing in this book I found myself pleasantly engaged as the characters lives and relationship unfolded along with the rally The rally provided a different and uncommon yet welcome context Daniel and Frank were a really nice match I would be interested to see what happens next and how their lives together move forward

  12. Loved this story The only thing that threw me occasionally was the switching between English and French I understood that the MCs were speaking French even though it was written in English , so when French phrases written in French appeared throughout the text, it pulled me out of the story especially because they weren t translated and I spent a lot of time looking up what they meant Aside from that, the story was lovely

  13. This was a well written, informative and interesting book It gave me a little insight into the world of car rallies that I had never been exposed to before The characters were well realized and interesting That being said, there was a certain je ne sais quoi that was missing for me The characters were definitely likeable but they didn t grab my heart.

  14. I really liked the beginning of the story The tension, the friendship, the lust But sadly the tension didn t lead to a relationship I expected I missed passion and depth It was still enjoyable just not what I hoped it would be.

  15. I enjoyed this one.a small element of suspense, just enough to give it a lift.HEA with likeable characters you can imagine driving off into the sunset.Might even feel inclined to read the M F story just waiting in the wings.

  16. I think the author is a thorough writer This book was a easy read, but it wasn t a simple read if you get my drift I can t say I related to the characters, but I enjoyed learning about racing cars overseas.

  17. Rating 4.25 starsRomantic love at over 100 mph.fast, sexy and oh so hot See my full review here wp p220KL XjRead of my reviews at scatteredthoughtsandroguewords, including those books of Ariel Tachna you may not have read.

  18. The racing facts were done very well I dont follow the sport to check for 100% accuracy but from what I know it was good Nice sweet angst free romance 3.75

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