Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters

Counterfeit Gods The Empty Promises of Money Sex and Power and the Only Hope that Matters For the faithful and the seeker the inspiring New York Times bestseller from the author of The Reason for God Harsh economic realities are casting new light on the pursuits of sex money and success

For the faithful and the seeker the inspiring New York Times bestseller from the author of The Reason for God.Harsh economic realities are casting new light on the pursuits of sex, money, and success for happiness careers, fortunes, marriages, and retirement security have collapsed Many feel lost, disenchanted, and resentful.

  • ✓ Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters Ù Timothy J. Keller
    344 Timothy J. Keller
Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, which he started in 1989 with his wife, Kathy, and three young sons For over twenty years he has led a diverse congregation of young professionals that has grown to a weekly attendance of over 5,000.He is also Chairman of Redeemer City to City, which starts new churches in New York and other global cities, and publishes books and resources for faith in an urban culture In over ten years they have helped to launch over 250 churches in 48 cities More recently, Dr Keller s books, including the New York Times bestselling The Reason for God and The Prodigal God, have sold over 1 million copies and been translated into 15 languages.Christianity Today has said, Fifty years from now, if evangelical Christians are widely known for their love of cities, their commitment to mercy and justice, and their love of their neighbors, Tim Keller will be remembered as a pioneer of the new urban Christians Dr Keller was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and educated at Bucknell University, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary He previously served as the pastor of West Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Hopewell, Virginia, Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, and Director of Mercy Ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America.

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  1. Hard hitting, and grace filled, this book was a perfect book to set the tone for 2017 Here are a few of the gems I found An idol is something that we look to for things that only God can give If we look to some created thing to give us the meaning, hope, and happiness that only God himself can give, it will eventually fail to deliver and break our hearts To practice idolatry is to be a slave God saw Abraham s sacrifice and said, Now I know that you love me, because you did not withhold your only [...]

  2. Tim Keller does an excellent job of exposing the idols of money, sex and power and the many various forms that they take today The first chapter alone is worth twice what I paid for the book Keller is an able expositor and pastoral applier of God s Word For the majority of this book Keller is very careful to draw his insights and applications directly out of the biblical narratives exegesis But a few times he falls prey to the preacher s ever present temptation of eisegesis reading into the text [...]

  3. This has to be my favorite Timothy Keller book that I ve read to date, and easily one of my all time favorites The ways in which he unpacks numerous of the idols and counterfeit gods that rule our lives through the use of real life stories as well as examples in Scripture reveals the real heart of the issue with each of those The end of each chapter also does an awesome job of relating each of those idols to Jesus, showing how He is always the thing we need in those unique spaces in our hearts T [...]

  4. As with Keller s previous two books, this one is very good In fact, it may be his best yet, which is high praise from a big time Keller fan like me In Counterfeit Gods , Keller delivers a timely message regarding idolatry in our culture, and in our own lives He very quickly dispels the common image of an idol as a carved statue that is literally worshiped though this does still happen and he does address it Instead, he writes that most idols are, in fact, good things, such as spouses and childre [...]

  5. Keller speaks on idolatry, and the power that this sin commands in a world obsessed with materialism, selfish gain, celebrity and greed Essentially, idolatry is at the root of all sin, as we choose to worship something than God to put something ahead of God Keller makes his point idolatry sux if you call yourself a christian and takes the next 2 3rds of the book outlining different types of idolatry with a few anecdotes segmented throughout But then things get good towards the end Keller starts [...]

  6. After reading this book written by Timothy Keller, it is a no brainer I will try and read anything by him that I can get my hands on Talk about an intriguing read Keller challenges the gods of our current society and nearly every society in a masterful way There are very few intellectuals that are enjoyable to read However, Keller is one of those This would make an outstanding book club read or a good Bible study by a Sunday School.Although I underlined, starred, and marked many sections through [...]

  7. Counterfeit Gods is my introduction to Timothy Keller, guess I m late to the game, but based on what I read, I plan on reading of his works This is an excellent book, one of the most convicting I ve read in a while, with a much needed message for our modern culture and society When many of us think of the word idol , we either think of teen pop stars or people worshipping before a golden calf and other statues However, Keller shows the reader what false gods look like in this day and age, the s [...]

  8. This is one of the books I d categorize as a must read Keller s thesis is that idolatry lies behind all sins, and he plumbs the idols that we all have in our lives money, sex, power, theological, political, economic, and many others He s at his best in identifying these idols and illustrating them in the lives of different biblical characters Jonah, Jacob, Leah and Rachel, and others More light could have been shed on replacing these idols with God, but that s rightly the material for another bo [...]

  9. Good book Here are some highlights An idol of politics One of the signs that an object is functioning as an idol is that fear becomes one of the chief characteristics of life 98.Keller goes on to show how fear leads to reviling and demonizing political opponents, making a toxic instead of healthy atmosphere for political discourse This comes from making politics an idol, for fear that we will lose political stability if our politicians and policies don t SAVE us We can SAY politics isn t an idol [...]

  10. Short, to the point, and kindly ruthless.I was put off at first by Keller s somewhat pedantic style he typically writes for a broad audience, especially for non Christians, so his rehashing of basics can seem insulting to some , but after finishing the whole book, it seems like a good fit He pares away rhetorical flourishes, side notes, allusions, and deeper discussion to cut the chase, a bruising theological argument that all sin begins as idolatry.Keller doesn t sugar coat the accusation that [...]

  11. This is a very simple and well laid out book helping us to understand that idolatry isn t a relic of the Old Testament or obscure tribal communities but rather a universal human condition Keller deftly lays out the primary idols of American society and discusses how one can identify and replace the idols the reader is specifically wrestling with.I will definitely use this book in discipleship relationships.

  12. This book really dives into the tendencies of human behavior to show us how we have made gods of earthly things Identifying why we struggle with finding real peace and job It can be a rough journey to better understand yourself, but I would recommend exploring your own personal idols.

  13. I often hear Christians comparing Keller to C.S Lewis in his ability to distill complex theological ideas into manageable, everyday language While I know that there is a need for this level of discourse for large swathes of people, religious and non religious alike, and appreciate that Keller s books often serve as an entrypoint for further exploration, it was this very toning down that I found frustrating about Counterfeit Gods and tend to find frustrating in general with Keller s books, partic [...]

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  15. Loved this book It helped to focus my attention to the idols that may be in my life and warn me of others that can be hidden I would recommend this book to anyone

  16. Idols of the Modern Age6 September 2011 Paris I found that this book was very confronting and challenging and it is difficult to criticise these types of books as I tend to feel that I am attempting to justify actions that I know in my heart are wrong To put it bluntly this book is about modern day idols, though the way that Keller describes idols is not in the sense that we understand them, that being lifeless statues that we worship, but rather ideas, goals, and passions, that we set our heart [...]

  17. Convicting and uplifting Drags a bit in the middle, but the use of examples both secular and biblical aids the points well, and several tidbits of wisdom from the book have popped into conversation numerous times since reading it.

  18. I was a big fan of Tim Keller s first 2 books, The Reason for God, and The Prodigal God Speaking largely as an apologist in the former and a pastor in the latter, Keller demonstrated his immense intellect and knack for offering keen observations of culture as it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ These strengths are applied directly to his latest work, Counterfeit Gods This is Tim Keller at his finest as he subtly, yet powerfully, points out the things people, and particularly Americans, tend [...]

  19. I have to come back to this book A single, quick read is rather insufficient to reap the full benefits of it I will probably have to do a second review as I haven t quite digested its content Needless to say, it is a book that makes you look inwardly, and honestly and thoroughly so This book has left me somewhat bare, but not with a hopeless, damning shame Instead, it has revealed my need to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ Jesus, in whom alone by grace can I ever be adequately and fi [...]

  20. Every human being must live for something Something must capture our imaginations, our hearts most fundamental allegiance and hope But the Bible tells us, without the intervention of the Holy Spirit, that object will never be God himself pg 3 Thus Keller begins to build his case He starts by establishing the fact that the human heart is an idol factory, willing to grasp at any number of things to replace God At one point in the book he expresses the idea that Bible is filled with stories detaili [...]

  21. I stumbled upon this book while scrambling to find a book to read on the plane I ve been to Tim Keller s church a several times so I figured I d give it a shot And I m glad I did This book was both challenging and restorative I ran into many penetrating questions that I couldn t escape, all of which asked me to examine whether I love others things than God my family my girlfriend my career It was also restoring because Keller suggested several ways we can replace not remove our idols That last [...]

  22. I read the book in a day, which is really not normal for me and a Tim Keller book It s summertime in India, and this is the first time I ve been surrounded with so very many idols andwell, gods This book is an enjoyable read that helps you clamp down on some of the idols in your life that can be a bit ambiguous So often, I hear bells ringing, smell incense and I pray another prayer for a neighbor This book helped me to identify some idols I haven t properly dealt with in my own life I ve long un [...]

  23. What impresses me most about Keller is his ability to express truths that are really complicated and muddled in a way that is clear, avoids simplifying it, and resonates with the reader Even when the topic is something potentially offensive, like idolatry There are two pages where he deconstructs the idolatry of religion 131 132, if I remember correctly so clearly and precisely that I had to stop and think about it, then I read it to my housemate so we could discuss it before I moved on This boo [...]

  24. Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller, proves to be both a quick and thought provoking read In his book Keller attempts to expose idols that are being worshiped by the average Christian What Christians are worshiping idols Well, yes, we are We may not have a golden calf set up in the back yard, but we do have our own idols Keller defines an idol as something that we look to for things that only God can give us, which means they may, in fact, be good things We think that idols are bad things, but that i [...]

  25. Ok, so I listened to this on Audible a few years after it was released, and thus I felt like I had heard most of it before That means I can t be entirely fair to the book Its central thesis, that idolatry redirects our heart from Christ to worldly false saviors, is correct and very powerful This is an important concept that pastors should study , and it has a long pedigree working its way through the psalms, the prophets, the gospels, and into church history, notably John Calvin s works ButI fou [...]

  26. One of those books Like What s so amazing about Grace that everyone living in the modern world and its climate today, should read Although I do agree that people who are already Christians will find it useful that a non believer I found this book very interesting and loved the examination of idolatry through the stories in the Old Testament Jonah et al Although some of it I had already guessed at or discerned for myself such as those trying to fulfill themselves through relationships with other [...]

  27. Newsweek heralded Tim Keller as C.S Lewis for the 21st century, which is to say that Rev Keller communicates gospel truths simply, to a broad audience, in easy to understand terms Keller s post modern, largely Biblically illiterate or semi literate readers are different than Lewis , which should be taken into charitable consideration when evaluating his work Counterfeit Gods is a relevant examination of idols, intrinsic to Western culture, with which Western Christians are prone to blindly follo [...]

  28. Timothy Keller a brilliant mind, who has the ability to communicate with clarity the symptoms of a broken culture while at the same time giving the remedy for it Very sharp thinker Recommend it

  29. I read this book about a year and a half after reading The Reason for God Belief in an Age of Skepticism and was overall pleased throughout the course of the exhortation Keller does a great job at pointing out how easily idols can creep up into our life His friendly prose is once again comforting, yet I felt that the diction of this book in comparison to Reason for God was largely elementary and base This has nothing to do with Keller s brilliance by any means but rather, with the overwhelmingl [...]

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