Smokin' Seventeen

Smokin Seventeen Where there s smoke there s fire and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum B

Where there s smoke there s fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but what is clear is that Stephanie s name is on the killer s list.Short on time to find eviWhere there s smoke there s fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but what is clear is that Stephanie s name is on the killer s list.Short on time to find evidence proving the killer s identity, Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it s time for her to choose between her longtime off again on again boyfriend, Trenton cop Joe Morelli, and the bad boy in her life, security expert Ranger Stephanie s mom is encouraging Stephanie to dump them both and choose a former high school football star who s just returned to town Stephanie s sidekick, Lula, is encouraging Stephanie to have a red hot boudoir bake off And Grandma Bella, Morelli s old world grandmother, is encouraging Stephanie to move to a new state when she puts the eye on Stephanie.With a cold blooded killer after her, a handful of hot men, and a capture list that includes a dancing bear and a senior citizen vampire, Stephanie s life looks like it s about to go up in smokeNUS This edition contains an excerpt from Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg s The Heist.

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Smokin' Seventeen

  1. Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.

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  1. Posted at Badass Book reviews You don t know me I m a fan of your work, have been for years I have gotten many friends and family hooked on Stephanie, Joe, Ranger and Lula I had every one of your books I love your work with Charlotte Hughes and the Full Series I have laughed and teared up, I have giggled and gasped for years, but it s time I stand up and shout.Your last three Stephanie Plum Novels have left me feeling cheated With each new installment I hope for But I get the same old antics I [...]

  2. Stephanie Plum certainly has a lot of people in her life who want to tell her what to do I m not sure I d handle it as well as she does and she doesn t always handle it well But that s why we all love her Two key things about this particular book 1 Dead bodies keep popping up A detective s dream I mean, yeah, it s bad for the person who was killed, but at least Stephanie is making some money off it, right I m totally joking she doesn t get paid enough to deal with it.2 The relationship spin o wh [...]

  3. Steph better pick a guy already is series has been dragging the last couple of books, we need to pick a direction and move forward.Alrighty, the review is up You can also find this review, and see if I m team Ranger or team Morelli on my blog booksavvybabe In Smokin Seventeen, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back in action With not so trusty sidekick Lula at her side, Stephanie is on the hunt for skips, trying to decide between two men, fending off her mother s matchmaking attempts, and of cours [...]

  4. Why do I keep torturing myself with these books Probably because I so loved them up until 14 and I m an eternal optimist, hoping something will actually happen The cover blurb was so promising on this installment, I actually allowed myself to get my hopes up Word of warning to those of you who would like to see things go somewhere between Stephanie and Ranger or Morelli DON T This time around, she has sex with both but that s it wham bam, thank you ma m skim overs then off to work, NO substantia [...]

  5. Dear God, seriously Another guy for Steph I think I want to change my pick from Steph Morelli to Morelli Ranger Yum

  6. So, this series has held us in love triangle hell for 17 books now Imagine my glee when Stephanie finally starts having sex with the guy whose team I have been on the whole time Go Team Ranger But, there is a slight problem with Stephanie having sex with Ranger which, again, I love That is that she is also having sex with Morelli And, she is trying to hide it from Morelli And, she says that she would freak out if she found out that Morelli was even dating another woman.Moral dilemmas everywhere [...]

  7. This is one of those series that I keep reading despite acknowledging that they aren t that good any and haven t been for a while The last one I truly liked was number 11 my favorite of them all But I still love the characters so much that I can t help it, and I keep hoping that the series will return to its former glory You know, with actually decent mysteries and character development If this is anything like the last five, though, it will take me only a few hours to read, make me laugh a few [...]

  8. OK, so those of us who like Ranger will like this one a little better, but I still feel like we re being strung along I don t dislike Joe and if she s going to be with him then fine, but please stop with the flip flopping and guilt Evanovich needs to take some lessons from Ward, KMM or even Roberts and give us a little detail, especially with Ranger I mean, come on Also, her characters still talk the same way they did at the beginning of the series it s not the 90s and it s time to update view [...]

  9. I loved this book Ranger was in it a lot, Morelli was being ok, there was a new guy, an ok plot, lots of funny Lula, and some Grandma Mazur Cars were lost and I found myself laughing out loud during some parts What could you want Edit After reading some other reviews I think I must be in the minority in that I don t want Stephanie to make a choice between her guys I like them both and this is escapism I don t need lots of character development with this series I like it the way it is.

  10. I think Janet Evanovich is becoming much too formulaic in these books This one starts out with Lula and Stephanie in the usual mix of eating, complaining and trying to make a living at Vinnie s Bail Bonds The first 3rd of the book is really boring and focuses too much on Lula I liked these books better when Lula was there as any minor character in Stephanie s life She has become too much of a focus and really drags the story down.Once Morelli and Ranger enter this story, it finally starts to pic [...]

  11. I love this series It never get s old for me And I will read every single one as long as they are published With that, this is another FANTASTIC novel in the Stephanie Plum series and I highly recommend it.

  12. One of my favorites to date Loved everything about it and the vordo, oh my the vordo About time in some cases.

  13. Life in Trenton continues for Stephanie Plum, the world s worst bounty hunter The writing is as good as ever The wonderful characters are back But Stephanie s love for two men has been going on for too long It s enough At 30 something and still acting like a spoilt teenager, Stephanie s act is wearing thin I wanted to jump into the book and slap her, and offer this advice Choose Morelli Ranger doesn t want you He doesn t want anyone Otherwise our favourite cast is back Rex, the hamster, and More [...]

  14. Like a lot of other people on here, I m going to state that this is of a 3 1 2 star rating where s the half star option, The last few books from 13 on have really lost all charm and appeal for me Recycled lines, plots, jokes, sexual tension that s not even a ping on the radar and less than no character development I honestly felt like after 12, Ms Evanovich reached a point where she might actually have to go forward with the characters and series, so she backed off Unfortunately, she took it so [...]

  15. I can t wait for this book to come out I just really hope there is Ranger and Joe in this book books 15 and 16 were not her best work.

  16. Review posted at Hesperia Loves BooksIt is hard to put into words how utterly disappointed in this series that I am When I first started reading Stephanie Plum, I was immediately sucked in by her the world in which she lives Each book was so hilariously funny and outrageous that it quickly became a go to read for me when I needed a pick me up, escape or just good tear streaming laughter Now I just feel like I m watching a really bad episode of Jersey Shore and can t stop saying WTF This series h [...]

  17. This series used to be fun, addictive fluff, but it s wearing thin.The bail bonds crew is working out of Mooner s van and going to desperate lengths to drum up business as bodies pile up on their lot The usual formula is in full force, but without much of the charm of previous books Stephanie and Lula chase wacky skips, Grandma Mazur makes a scene at a viewing, people get tasered, cars are destroyed Even Ranger and Morelli seem to be sick of this shit, they show up for surprisingly soulless roma [...]

  18. Maybe 3 1 2 stars It was much better in some ways than the last few books Lula wasn t nearly so unbelievable Stephanie actually caught some skips I enjoy Mooner I was disappointed in the developments in the love triangle It actually left a bit of a sour taste view spoiler Stephanie sleeps with both Morelli and Ranger on back to back nights It s been a long time since she has slept with Ranger and she s had a fairly exclusive thing going with Morelli So I basically felt like she was cheating She [...]

  19. The usual laughs but Stephanie spent a bit too much time dithering between boy friends for me It may have been caused by Morelli s Grandma Bella s evil eye Still, there were mom s fix up dinners in her mission to find a husband for Stephanie and Lulu s usual insane antics Grandma Mazur is still carrying a gun in her purse, so all is well in the Burg.

  20. There were a few laugh out loud moments the granny panty scenes were fun but the bad guy was really obvious in this episode This did end in of a surprise and tease than the other books and I have to say that I m interested in finding out what Stephanie is planning for those of you who saw my review of Explosive Eighteen and are thinking I ve read this review before you haveI reviewed this book but searched for the wrong book and haven t read Explosive Eighteen yet

  21. These books are getting and outlandish every time I read one And although they are good junk food after a heavy and or non fiction book, I m kind of tired of them It seems they re getting over the top and crazier and crazier ideas every time which doesn t translate to interesting.Seriously, the second Stephanie thought she recognized the guy in the tape, I knew it was Dave Did anyone reading it think otherwise No Evanovich has turned into the literary equivalent of the bad figure skater who [...]

  22. I have enjoyed all the Stephanie Plum novels up until this one, some than others But this one failed to engage me You don t read the Plum novels for the gritty realism, but the plot of this one I thought was than usually silly, especially the man who thought he was a vampire And while I know Lula is supposed to be eccentric, it is a bit too much to swallow that she really believes that the chickens that are sold in supermarkets are bred without feathers She seems to be turning into a female Ho [...]

  23. This is really like 3.5 stars Wish they had the 1 2 star available Anyway, you can never really go wrong with a Plum book If nothing else you know you re going to get some laughs The next book is supposed to be out in November and it looks like she s going to make a decision about Ranger Morelli Which is really a good thing because she was really a ho in this one, which she blamed on Grandma Bella And her mom was trying really hard to throw another guy into the mix I m pulling for Morelli, so m [...]

  24. There are a few things we can always count on in a Stephanie Plum book at least one of Stephanie s cars will be blown up Stephanie will be conflicted over her feelings for both Morelli and Ranger Morelli s grandmother will put the evil eye on Stephanie Stephanie will spend time with Lula and hijinks will ensue Grandma Mazur will try to open a coffin to get a look at the dead body inside Every Single Time.Sometimes I feel like Evanovich has a computer program where she plugs in a new character na [...]

  25. Hmmm This is a weird one for me I think I loved this book as much as I hated it I thought Lula was on fire and just the whole circumstance with the bonds bus was hilarious I love Mooner, Vinnie, Connie and all the rest I have to say Stephanie wasn t my favorite person in this book Ugh just the whole thing of sleeping with Ranger when she s seeing Morelli whatever arrangement she says they have, I don t think Joe had a clue she s been sleeping with Ranger too and WTF Morelli gets shot down twice [...]

  26. I picked up an earlier book from this series on the sale rack at the airport when I desperately needed something to read It was hysterical and I recommended this book to a lot of people So I was very excited to get my copy of Smokin Seventeen To my disappointment the story was the same as the last Stephanie Plum I read with the exceptions being this one wasn t funny and Evanovich seemed to feel compelled to turn Stephanie into a slut complete with back to back nights of sex with her different bo [...]

  27. Worst Stephanie Plum book yet I have loved this series from the beginning I loved, loved, loved One For the Money and I loved these books all the way until about book 14 I recommended these books to patrons and to friends and I anxiously awaited the next Stephanie Plum book But somewhere around book 14 the plots got thinner, the dialogue ridiculous and the books repetative Now with book 17 there is no plot, the characters are washed out boring versions of themselves Oh and everyone has suddenl [...]

  28. 3.5 StarsThis review was posted at Under The CoversI am both highly disappointed and happy about this book As far as storylines go, I was glad to see a little bit of a different feel to the chasing skips we get with every Plum book lately And there are three people trying to kill Stephanie The skips are crazy as usual, there s an old guy who thinks is a vampire and sleeps in a coffin at the funeral home, the sleezy guy who always seems to have a boner The humor and inventiveness was back Stephan [...]

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