Cherry Ames, Student Nurse

Cherry Ames Student Nurse In Student Nurse Cherry starts nursing school at Spencer with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation would she have what it takes to be a nurse She leaves her quiet town of Hilton Illinois for the bu

In Student Nurse, Cherry starts nursing school at Spencer with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation would she have what it takes to be a nurse She leaves her quiet town of Hilton, Illinois for the bustle of hospital life, to meet challenges she wouldn t have imagined The U.S is at war Many nurses have gone to the front, and there is a shortage of RNs at Spencer whicIn Student Nurse, Cherry starts nursing school at Spencer with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation would she have what it takes to be a nurse She leaves her quiet town of Hilton, Illinois for the bustle of hospital life, to meet challenges she wouldn t have imagined The U.S is at war Many nurses have gone to the front, and there is a shortage of RNs at Spencer which Cherry and her classmates help to fill, as they learn the skills they need to graduate And who is the mysterious patient in the secret room that no one seems to know anything about Should Cherry risk expulsion to save his life

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Cherry Ames, Student Nurse

  1. Original name Helen Weinstock Social worker turned full time young adult writer, born in Illinois but moved with family to New York City when she was seven In 1934 Wells graduated from New York University where she d been the first female editor of the literary quarterly , with a major in philosophy and a minor in sociology and psychology During World War II, she served as a volunteer with the State Department s Office of the Coordinator of Inter American Affairs, escorting Latin American visitors in the United States.Author of Cherry Ames, Nurse books, a series for young teens She was also the author of the Vicki Barr books, about a young mystery solving flight attendant And, as Francine Lewis, she penned the short lived Polly French series 1950s , aimed at a younger readership.After writing the first eight books of the Cherry Ames series and the first three Vicki Barr books, Wells decided to abandon both series to write for television and radio, and Julie Tatham took over however, both the ninth Cherry Ames book and the fourth Vicki Barr book were published under Wells s name Tatham later returned the Vicki Barr books to Wells in 1953 and the Cherry Ames books in 1955.

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  1. After reading some other Cherry Ames reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest an approach to this series If you are used to reading girls series like Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames is rather a switch In Nancy Drew the mystery drives the plot it s the central focus Not so, with Cherry Ames In this series the mystery is a sub plot that you probably won t get a taste of until the latter 1 2 to 1 3 of the book Cherry s plots are driven by her experiences in her new nursing job, the problems s [...]

  2. When I was growing up, there were primarily three fields for woman to work in if they didn t want to be wives and mothers You could be a secretary, a teacher, or a nurse I still remember reading my first Cherry Ames book, Cherry Ames, Student Nurse I eventually read them all and joined her on her fabulous adventures as an Army nurse, a cruise ship nurse, boarding school nurse, etc Cherry was a black haired, red cheeked beauty who was smart, courageous, mischievous, quick witted, and above all, d [...]

  3. My grandmother was a World War 2 Navy Nurse and when my mother was old enough she bought these books for my mom Cherry Ames is a bright, dark haired, and cheery nurse as was my grandmother.Everyday that my grandmother, now a mother herself in post war America, set out to volunteer at the Red Cross she left in a cape, and a hat not unlike Cherry s own that you see on the cover Also, of course she wore her official Red Cross pin My mother, especially impressed with this dashing attire I am too con [...]

  4. I devoured these books when I was in grade school I wanted to be Cherry Ames headed off to nursing school on the train, all decked out in a red suit and ready to help people on a grand and practical scale It still sounds pretty good to me But rereading this as an adult, I found it to be quite a bit less sophisticated and entertaining as the Sue Barton books, which I recently started reading for the first time Cherry s experience feels a little bit less believable and it was very interesting to s [...]

  5. I originally read this book kind of as a joke I wanted to see how silly and antiquated it was And while the book was obviously written in a time when nursing was very different from what it is now, I found the book to be surprisingly charming Cherry is a very strong character, which I wasn t expecting I found the old school aspect of nursing interesting, and was pleased to be entertained through the whole book I often read YA fiction to find good books to share with my nieces and nephews, and wh [...]

  6. Perfection It has just enough of vintage times, effort during the war, descriptions of the life and work as a student nurse Everything I wanted, presented with charm and intrigue I can t wait to get started on book 2.

  7. Read all of these as a young girl 12ish and loved them Similar to Nancy Drew but for a bit older girl Very clean and written at a time when student nurses were boarded.

  8. I love this book This book is about a girl Cherry Ames who becomes a student nurse This is a fantastic story I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read

  9. Betsy got me the 1942 edition of Cherry Ames, Student Nurse for Mother s Day I ve loved reading it and am surprised how much hasn t changed Used the new student orientation section for our New Student Orientation Finished the book last week and was struck by how nursing was really the nurse s entire life, as the students stayed in hospital dorms, worked all shifts alone and feared those in power I think the public still has that image of nursing, but the profession has changed drastically in man [...]

  10. How this book managed not to get sued for plagiarism of Sue Barton Student Nurse I will never understand It is a complete rip off, right down to even many of the smaller details.That said, Sue Barton is one of my favourite books, so I didn t mind terribly much finding a new version of it, and I still enjoy reading about the life of a student nurse and was sad to have run out of Sue Barton books, so I ll probably find myself reading of Cherry Ames as it s not bad reading even if it does seem lik [...]

  11. I devoured these teen career books in my teens There are 27 books in the Cherry Ames series and I did read all of them Cherry Ames, Student Nurse is the first book and we are introduced to Cherry and her friends The series was started in the early 1940s at the height of WWII and were originally designed to encourage girls to become nurses and join the war effort Each story has a set of challenges to conquer and a mystery to solve, in this book Cherry has to convince a grumpy head surgeon she is [...]

  12. I read this at, maybe, 7 or 8, and adored it Of course it s very dated and was a piece of propaganda even at the time but it still retains a place in my heart It was also responsible for my mother and I having our first feminism argument she didn t want me to want to be a nurse, but a doctor I maintained that I wanted to take care of people, and nurses did that doctors didn t I realized, later in life, that I lacked the calm and the strong feet for the job but that was the first of many argument [...]

  13. This was probably three and a half stars for me because the first half of the book was really cute but in the second half Cherry developed what she thinks is a love interest, but it turns out not to be Then they tried to add in a little mystery which was okay but I didn t feel it worked very well I might try some of the others though.

  14. A friend recently asked me what the nelliest book I read was when I was little This surpasses little women, anne of green gables and literally anything else you can think of Straight up straight fem propaganda.

  15. My daughter I picked up 3 Cherry Ames books from a Free Little Library in NC I had never seen or heard of this series but it looked like the Nancy Drew series, which I loved growing up The first thing I noticed was that the book was an early edition and produced during wartime complying with the government standards for conservation of materials This tidbit sparked good discussion on it s own I enjoyed the book, very wholesome and appropriate for all ages We were amused by the conflict Cherry ha [...]

  16. Cherry Ames wants to be a nurse, partly due to the influence of Dr Joseph Fortune, the family friend who delivered her and her twin brother, Charlie But as she begins her training at Spencer School of Nursing she wonders if she is really cut out for nursing, especially when she encounters problems, or falls afoul of one of the doctors But she perseveres in spite of everything, including a mysterious patient in a secret room The girls in her class are a broad spectrum however, except for a Chines [...]

  17. I read almost all of the Cherry Ames books a lifetime ago, when I was a pre teen Be warned that they are terribly sexist by today s standard, nevertheless, they feature a smart, determined, competent young woman WWII era who manages to overcome all manner of difficult, and often misogynistic situations Cherry Ames was, to little girls who might want a medical career, what Nancy Drew was to those who fancied a future as a sleuth I honestly don t remember if it was ever suggested in the series tha [...]

  18. I enjoyed reading this book, it was about a girl getting her first chance to work in a hospital and learn to become a nurse.It tells how she uncovers a mystery that no one else seems care about She does not want to break the rules, but wonders, just what is behind the locked door and why the red light blinks a lot without anyone else noticing it.

  19. I probably would have given this 2 stars ,but I take into account that it was written in 1943 and meant to romanticize the nursing profession It s so corny and overly sweet and perfect, but quaint at the same time I ve got the second book and if I wasn t committed to reading all the books in my library, I probably wouldn t

  20. Sweet read series I got the series from my godmother when I was in grade school Didn t start to read them until junior high Very period, it talks about not being allow to wear makeup in nursing school Cherry has cherry red cheeks and the teachers always thought it was rouge and were telling her to take it off and never leave the house without your hat and gloves.

  21. This is actually the first 4 books of the saga, a story of nursing the way it was then It also gives a clear picture of daily life and the mindset of a nation at war and the very real Sacrifices ordinary people made.

  22. This book takes place during World War II in the United States.It gives a good picture about training for a nurse during that time.

  23. My local library used to have a large collection of the Cherry books, and I loved them when I was younger I intentionally re read this after my re read of the first Sue Barton book, as I had heard there were many similarities between the two There really are I made so many comparisons even of little things that the books have in common I wonder if these incidents were just very typical of the profession and the genre, or if Wells intentionally copied from the author of Sue Barton It doesn t real [...]

  24. This feels like a poor rip off of the Sue Barton series which I really enjoyed Firstly the characters in this book are copies of Sue s class Gwen is Kit, Ann is Connie, Bertha is Hilda yeah calling the fat girl Bertha is original , Vivian is a hybrid of Willie Francesca and Jim Clayton who keeps swooping to the rescue is Bill Cherry, however is much less mature than Sue, which makes her feel like a child than an adult.However the big difference from Sue Barton is the way the characters are used [...]

  25. At first the writing in this book annoyed me too many attributions other than said, too many descriptions solely based on people s hair and eyes, and too many crackling aprons do aprons really crackle Once I got into the book a bit, though, the author got much better and I found that I really enjoyed the story It s a sweet and nostalgic read without completely shying away from the grim realities of nursing in the 1940 s Plus, Cherry has some fascinating and exciting adventures in the hospital th [...]

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