Nowhere To Go

Nowhere To Go An ordinary man who finds himself caught up in a bank raid gone wrong A murder caught on security camera where the victim doesn t exist A man with just months to live who is already living in hell bu

An ordinary man who finds himself caught up in a bank raid gone wrong A murder caught on security camera where the victim doesn t exist A man with just months to live, who is already living in hell but decides to take on the devil A mob accountant babysitting a hired killer on a trip to the countryside, and a burglar on an easy job who finds it might not be so easy afteAn ordinary man who finds himself caught up in a bank raid gone wrong A murder caught on security camera where the victim doesn t exist A man with just months to live, who is already living in hell but decides to take on the devil A mob accountant babysitting a hired killer on a trip to the countryside, and a burglar on an easy job who finds it might not be so easy after all A con artist conned, and what a man will do when in the grip of an obsession important to him than his own life Eleven crime stories first published in Alfred Hitchcock s, Ellery Queen s, and elsewhere by award winning writer Iain Rowan Eleven stories of what people do when there is nowhere left to go.Iain s short fiction has been reprinted in Year s Best anthologies, won a Derringer Award, and been the basis for a novel shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers Association s Debut Dagger award.

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Nowhere To Go

  1. I ve had a lot of short stories published, and some of those have won awards and been reprinted in anthologies I was shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger novel award a while back I m now working on something else OF US is the crime novel that was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger, and which is now published in paperback and ebook by Infinity PlusWHERE TO GO is a collection of eleven of my previously published crime stories, which includes the Derringer Award winning One Step Closer, and is available for all e readers It s published by Infinity Plus ICE AGE is a collection of eight stories of the strange and the chilling that have been published in various places over the last few years, and it s also available for all e readers Stories in ICE AGE have been reprinted in Year s Best anthologies or were first published in anthologies that ended up being nominated for the Stoker or Shirley Jackson Awards You can read about all of this at my website, iainrowan.

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  1. The term that comes to mind when thinking about Iain Rowan s crime fiction short story collection Nowhere to Go is devilish This gathering of eleven of Rowan s tales all previously published in such respected rags as Alfred Hitchcock s Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen, and Shots is full of desperate characters and insidious situations, so much so that you re almost skittish as you wait for the next unexpected and, well, devilish plot development.Rowan is in love with the twist, the exquisite gotch [...]

  2. This is a Reading Good Books review.After enjoying the mystery thriller genre again, thanks to Dominance A Novel, I was looking forward to reading Shortly after, I received a free copy of this book.Nowhere to Go is a collection of short stories from award winning writer Iain Rowan about people with literally nowhere to go They are stories about fate, consequence, and in some stories, the paranormal.As with all collections and anthologies, there are hits and misses Some, I liked and some I hones [...]

  3. I first encountered Iain Rowan through his stories in Penny Dreadnought Omnibus Volume 1 and can t imagine why I waited so long to seek out mea culpa Nowhere to Go is a superb and quite rightly acclaimed collection of crime stories Now, often with short story collections I like to either review everything or choose a few favorite to look at closely, but with Rowan both of these are impossible approaches he doesn t always employ an ending twist that radically changes how you ve been reading the [...]

  4. This collection of 11 short crime stories has just been published by the new imprint Infinity Plus Ebooks, which has also published expanded reissues of two titles of my own When my review copy arrived I opened it up just to have a dekko, mainly because my Kindle for PC software is still a new toy I thought I d quickly read the first story, then come back for the rest another day Instead I found myself seized, and I read the book from front to back Rowan offers an amazing fluidity of narrative f [...]

  5. Nowhere to go is a collection of short stories, where the main character has nowhere to go As is inevitable with any collection of stories, there were some that appealed to me than others.The stories are all easy reads, and Rowan does a great job of creating good and believable characters something I think can be a struggle with short stories which, by their very nature, are never going to delve deep into a character.My favourite stories were The Chain, Two Nights work and Chairman of the Bored [...]

  6. I first read Rowan s short fiction in his superb collection Ice Age, a book of stories in the horror weird fiction mode The stories in Nowhere To Go are fimrly rooted in the crime genre, and without exception they are all expertly plotted and stylishly written Rowan s prose is always clear cut and effective, and never so than here.Of the eleven stories here, my favourites were One Step Closer great characterisation in a piece so short, and Rowan s sympathies with the victims of crime rather th [...]

  7. I seem to be reading a lot of anthologies lately and this collection of suspenseful short stories by Iain Rowan is one of them It s not only due to the fact that I generally love thrillers that this book captured me right from the start.All the stories are very well written and superbly devised, with a wonderful eye for detail in both the cast and settings, letting the reader catch a glimpse into the dark abyss of the human heart And it s always the ending of each and every story which is the ch [...]

  8. I would rate this highly, because I published it, right But then I wouldn t have published it if I didn t love it WhateverThis is a fine collection of short crime fiction Intense, atmospheric, claustrophobic, often uncomfortable edgy stuff But clever, too the twists and turns managed to surprise me in these tales There s a lot packed in here Each story is complete in itself, and yet loaded with far it s no surprise that one of these stories formed the basis for Iain s Debut Dagger shortlisted n [...]

  9. I ve long been a fan of crime fiction Often the appeal is the vicarious thrill of being an outlaw Nowhere To Go has a different kind of crime story There aren t many vicarious thrills, but you ll be glad you didn t follow through on your career choice of becoming a bank robber this would be after abandoning the goal of astronaut and immediately prior to setting your sights on being an NBA star Each of these stories feature someone involved in a crime who has Nowhere To Go Some are true criminals [...]

  10. I won this e book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways Before I commence my review I will admit that in the past I have not been impressed with short stories I have read some that were not well written and others where I have just got into the story as it ends leaving the reader feeling shortchanged To be fair to Iain Rowan he sets the scene quickly and the story has evolved well before it ends.This is a collection of short crime stories The title of the book Nowhere To Go is the central theme of [...]

  11. I know that some traditional publishers think there is no market for short stories In my best northern voice I ll just say that I think that is Bobbins Speaking for myself I love a well crafted short story Nowhere To Go gives you eleven enjoyable, well written short stories.As with any collection there were some stories I preferred over others However, all flowed well and my interest was held throughout The stories covered a variety of themes one of which stood out as having a decidedly supernat [...]

  12. Nowhere To Go is an anthology telling stories about people who have nowhere to go due to various situations they in which they find themselves As with all anthologies there were stories that I liked than others, but on the whole this is a very strong collection I won t give a breakdown of all of the stories though I will say that The Remains of My Estate was by far my favorite If you are a fan of suspense, crime, thriller, or even a little bit paranormal this is a great collection to check out [...]

  13. Tre stelline e mezzo.Alcuni dei racconti sono carini, originali, facilmente leggibili e scritti bene, ma gli altri o sono incompresibili e arrivi alla fine senza capirne il senso, oppure sanno di gi letto e anche gi visto, in qualche film e sin dalle prime righe si intuisce il finale.In generale mi aspettavo molto di pi , se si presenter l occasione dar comunque una seconda possibilit all autore, che sembra avere un buon potenziale.

  14. Iain Rowan has hit a home run with Nowhere to Go, his short story collection From the sad to the macabre, his stories take the reader on a fascinating journey into the darker elements of humanity Each story is complete and self sufficient The writing is tight and professional and the plots intriguing I highly recommend this book.

  15. It s odd I m positive I ve read this before, but I have no record of it It s one of those situations where you re remembering the stories as you read them, if you know what I mean.Anyway A lovely collection harsh without being overdone, clean writing, sad and sly and occasionally hopeful Much recommended.

  16. Great collection of 11 short stories Had a hard time putting it down, I kept trying to read faster to turn the next page Some stories I could almost predict the ending, others were completely surprising Would recommend to anyone who enjoys crime, drama, suspense, thriller, etc type of stories.

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