The Stolen

The Stolen She argues with her mother She occasionally skips class And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager The girl can scale buildings and s

She argues with her mother She occasionally skips class And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys.But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager The girl can scale buildings and see in the dark Sometimes, at night, she even likes to leap from rooftop to rooftop Yes, Chloe has the instincts and ability of a cat And that makes her unique indeed.ItShe argues with her mother She occasionally skips class And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys.But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager The girl can scale buildings and see in the dark Sometimes, at night, she even likes to leap from rooftop to rooftop Yes, Chloe has the instincts and ability of a cat And that makes her unique indeed.It also makes her a wanted woman.Because the Order of the Tenth Blade does not deal kindly with people like Chloe It stalks them Preys upon them And wants many of them like Chloe, for instance dead.

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The Stolen

  1. Celia Thomson and Tracy Lynn are pseudonyms of Liz Braswell.

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  1. Again, I m not sure that I would be reading this series if the TV series hadn t ended on such an immense cliffhanger and subsequently been canceled by ABC But as I read these books, I m realizing that the plots of the book and TV versions diverge considerably, so indeed, I may never know what happens with the storylines in the TV series It s interesting the books tackle a much simpler progression of events and the characters really do take on a completely different tone Again in this volume, the [...]

  2. Woah This book series is NOTHING like the TV show Well except for the whole Mai thing I m excited to get my claws on the last book

  3. Have you ever come across those series where the first book makes you think, Hmm, this is going to be good Then you pour through the second book and just sit speechless for a bit Yep, that s what happened to me this weekend I recently finished reading The Fallen, the first book in The Nine Lives of Chloe King I was left wondering after that book so went and found the second book Just as the first was, THE STOLEN, the second book in this series, was a quick read and packed with enough action and [...]

  4. A continuation of my tv and book series comparison the Mai portrayed as an organization with real means, money and manpower compared to the tv version Alyek depicted as the prot g or being groomed to be the next in line for the leadership compared to the tv version where he is following Jasmine Valentina s daughter Valentina and Jasmine did not exist in the first two books yet Kem could be Chloe s sister I like her being so different from everyone else even the Mai s I also like the way she expl [...]

  5. A quick summary of the book THREE STARS This book started out slow with boring and unnecessary events that I didn t get why the title was The Stolen view spoiler It turned out to be Chloe s Mom being kidnapped by the Order hide spoiler One thing s for sure I liked this book BETTER than the last book When I reached the pre climax, I couldn t stop reading I was like, Damn, this book is insane, man yes I quoted Hamilton The events started to tense up and the story gets complex One thing I didn t l [...]

  6. This was a lot tolerable than the first but still not worth the read Then why 3 stars I shall explain for once without giving smack to the book.Of course the story and setting does expand by introducing new characters We learn about the Mai I will give the book props for introducing a new supernatural creature It s interesting to read about a super race of humanoid cats They don t just mention the physical attributes of it but include the animal instinct and role of prides I liked some of the [...]

  7. DNFd at 72%I did not finish this I don t know, it was just too slow for me I mean, the premise of the book is about this girl that discover she is part of an ancient race of feline warriors and that a secret order wants her dead, and everything was extremely dull For starters it takes her an entire book to discover what she is, the first book is basically just to explore her powers This second one there is close to no action and she is secluded in this location and is basically just to discover [...]

  8. I wish I could say that I liked this series but I just can t get into it which is odd because I really like the TV series.The Chloe in the books is nothing like the one in the TV series, in fact none of the characters are Maybe if I hadn t watched the TV series first I would have like these books As it is, I doubt I will be starting the last book anytime soon.

  9. I didn t like this sequel as much as I liked the first book It just didn t peak my interest as much but the end was definitely the cliff hanger I needed go continue to the third book

  10. gorge my eyes out this girl still continues to have two boyfriends and no one is calling her out on her bullshit Although, this has plot in it then the second Cold Case of a mary sue main character.

  11. Meh There are some nice moments but this book is over 250 pages It needs than moments Plus the second book in a trilogy is always the hardest for me They have to be really well done to work and this one was not I did still like the believable, human, no joke intended, reactions that people had Chloe talks about things being awkward with her mom and things are not supposed to be awkward with your parents Strained possibly but not awkward The plot was predictable and I wasn t wavering on who the [...]

  12. Uprowadzona to drugi tom trylogii o losach Chloe King, kt ra w dniu szesnastych urodzin odkry a, e jest kim wi cej ni zwyczajn nastolatk borykaj c si z typowymi na ten wiek problemami Tego dnia Chloe spad a z wie y i umar a Jednak teraz yje i musi upora si z powa niejszymi trudno ciamiW Uprowadzonej dowiadujemy si troch wi cej o wiecie, z kt rego pochodzi Chloe, cho jej znaczenie, jako osoby posiadaj cej dziewi y zosta o wyt umaczone s abo i ostatecznie wed ug mnie ca a ta historia jest grubymi [...]

  13. Prawdziwych przyjaci poznaje si w biedzie ycie nastolatki nie jest wcale kolorowe Problemy z rodzicami szczeg lnie, gdy jest tylko jedno i to nad wyraz nadopieku cze, problemy sercowe, w szkole i wiele wiele innych Wydaje si , e gorzej ju by nie mo e A jednak Chloe King przekona a si o tym na w asnej sk rze w momencie, gdy odkry a, i tak naprawd nale y do mitycznej rasy Mai, czyli ludzi kot w cigana przez tajemnicze Bractwo Dziesi tego Ostrza, musi ukry si w siedzibie swoich ludzi, poniewa pos d [...]

  14. The story immediately picks up where it left off in the first book THE FALLEN and picks up the pace as Chloe struggles to adapt to Brian s betrayal, being a feline, her friends, and the San Francisco pride In this book we get to know about the history of the Mai and The Order which provides valuable insight and answer some of the questions that cam up in the first book.Chloe develops allot in this book because of the situations she finds herself in She is forced to live with stranger of her own [...]

  15. by Celia Thomson total pages 266 This book is about 16 year old chloe king you could say she is like spiderman she can climb the sides of buildings with ease and she has powers She is not your typical teen even though she seems like she is because she gets in arguments with her parents and doesn t like the responsibilities that come with being a teenager She sometimes even skips school which is really bad for her and her mother doesn t even have a clue that she does any of this In fact she doesn [...]

  16. I should have read this book when I was younger because it wasn t that bad, it just was just childish the way the story was told and how the events were taking place Also, I am not Chloe s biggest fan Sometimes I just couldn t stand her.Some of the events were predictable but it was an easy read Just that at some times I wasn t that intrigued and I had to push my way through the book.

  17. I m going to be lazy and borrow the GoodReads synopsis for this one She argues with her mother She occasionally skips class And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager The girl can scale buildings and see in the dark Sometimes, at night, she even likes to leap from rooftop to rooftop Yes, Chloe has the instincts and ability of a cat And that makes her unique indeed It also makes her a wanted woman Because the Order of the Tenth Bl [...]

  18. I wanted to read this series because ABC Family has turned this book series into a television show With most adaptation the source material is usually better than the adaptation Because my library didn t have the first bookThe Fallen I had to start with this book.Although I liked the story, I find Chloe portray in the television series better The Chloe in the books doesn t usually see clues that are right in front of her The story and conflict seem to develop and resolve fairly quickly It could [...]

  19. This book has a serious case of the italics.It also includes focus on the non Chloe characters, a development that seems inspired by the realization that Chloe was the least likable non villain in the first book We also get about three times when the text reflects on why someone likes Chloe, or a character states specifically why he likes her, which is a shorthand way to point out our protagonist s previously mysterious positive qualities She is passionate and committed than the average teenag [...]

  20. This both historically inaccurate, badly written, and arguably racist The Mai are supposedly Egyptian from Africa, with the whole no screwing humans thing popping up 5,000 years ago Historically, the people of Egypt were BLACK originally, with later invasions of Middle Eastern and Caucasian eg the Ptolmies were Macedonian peoples If the Mai are Egyptian, and no Mai can have sex with a human, then even if they migrated out of Egypt, they d still be black people, because it takes than 5,000 years [...]

  21. In The Chosen, Chloe finally knows what she is Mai , a Rogue is trying to kill her, and her mother is kidnapped.Chloe is still stringing along Alyec and Brian Turns out that Alyec was a Mai like her which allows making out since she can t kill him and Brian ended up being the son of the man who leads the The Order of the Ten Blades which kill Mai.Chloe has already died twice and at the end of the book you ll discover why she has so many lives.Nothing really happens in the book so I don t really [...]

  22. The Stolen starts off exactly where The Fallen ended We also get to know about the Mai Chloe s new life is now made up of danger and new characters are introduced in the book The author continues to write in third person point of view, which personally I don t like because I mostly read in first person point of view I liked the fact that the author included ancient myths in the story.Back to the Mai, they are decedents of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, which is another reason this book got my att [...]

  23. The 3rd book just arrived today, so I said to myself why not finish the second I have to say I am surprize of what I end up with This is a trilogy that I enjoy and that keeps amazing me We have a mature Chloe King in my opinion and this book has made me reconsider my triangle choice Brian, I have to give credit to Brian He did make an evolution in this book, but I am still intrested in how Alek is thinking The mistery was fun and entertaining to follow I have to say I really am excited for the [...]

  24. Alright, admittedly I am really enjoying the story much than I thought I would It s fun, light hearted, with some sprinkling of ancient orders and blood feuds spanning thousands of years The second book has really blown open the world of the Mai and given a lot texture and depth to the story than the first book did My one recommendation for this trilogy is to read it as one story with the three books being parts of that story So far neither the first or second book would amount to much on thei [...]

  25. This book was really good but not as good as the first one because the first one had a lot adventure In this book, mainly the book takes place in the Mai house because Chloe has to stay What I did like about this book was that Brian wasn t that involved in the book intill the end I didn t like how a lot of people in the book are evil and very dark One connection I have to the book is that I would be extremely hard for me if I was taken away from my friends and family like Chloe was This book ov [...]

  26. In the Stolen, Chloe finds herself taken care of by her pride She feels so accepted and lucky to have them that she doesn t realize they re basically holding her prisoner The stolen was ok 3 1 2 stars I think I liked the first book in the series better because Chloe was just learning of her powers and still trying to lead a normal life I missed that aspect in the Stolen, but it looks like it might be heading that way again in the next book, so we ll see I really hope that Brian is back in the ne [...]

  27. I really enjoyed the first book but I feel like the second one kind of went down hill It was a lot confusing and I felt like the main character went from being a really cool, sarcastic girl to a really annoying brat at times The ending was also really unbelievable and confusing I feel like the author tried really hard to make a shocking plot twist at the end and it just crashed and burned.

  28. That was what was that I learned nothing in this book or nothing useful at the very least Chloe is still a bitch, I can t stand any of the characters, there is a ton of history that we still aren t told about that is cringe worthy and the love triangle Ugh please just no Everyone loves Chloe and she s so perfect and wonderful and the plot line sucks and it s ugh So glad I have only one left and it s short.

  29. I think I really just had to get past the huge differences between the books and the TV show Once I got over the whole different bad thing there were definitely some things about the books I liked better than the show Brian not being clueless and having a backbone being one of them As was the Mai leaders not being perfect To say the least Still cheesy teen wish fulfillment, but enjoyable cheesy teen wish fulfillment.

  30. it was a good book over all but not the best book ever it had a good story line going on but it seemed the plot went on forever Half the book was about Chloe setting in the house doing nothing How boring is that i liked the first one in the series much better than this one The end was very good but predictable This is one of those books were you read it because you have nothing better to read So sorry not the best book in the world.

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