Private Former US Marine Jack Morgan runs Private a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe It is where you go when you need maximum force and maximum discretion The secrets of the most

Former US Marine Jack Morgan runs Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe It is where you go when you need maximum force and maximum discretion The secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily and his staff of investigators use the world s most advanced forensic tools to make and break their cases.In L.Former US Marine Jack Morgan runs Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe It is where you go when you need maximum force and maximum discretion The secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily and his staff of investigators use the world s most advanced forensic tools to make and break their cases.In L.A Jack is already deep into the investigation of a multimillion dollar gambling scandal and the unsolved slayings of eighteen schoolgirls when he learns of a horrific murder close to home his best friend s wife, Jack s former lover, has been killed It nearly pushes him over the edge Instead, Jack pushes back and devotes all of Private s resources to tracking down her killer And Jack doesn t have to play by the rules.

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  1. Official US SiteOfficial UK SiteBookShotsJIMMY Patterson BooksOfficial Site for James Patterson s Middle School SeriesReadKiddoReadJames Patterson has created enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today with his Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women s Murder Club, Private, NYPD Red, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Middle School series As of January 2016, he has sold over 350 million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers In addition to writing the thriller novels for which he is best known, he also writes children s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and is also the first author to have 1 new titles simultaneously on the New York Times adult and children s bestsellers lists.The son of an insurance salesman and a schoolteacher, Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York, and began casually writing at the age of nineteen In 1969, he graduated from Manhattan College He was given a full ride to Vanderbilt University s graduate program in English but dropped out after a year, knowing that he wouldn t be able to continue reading and writing for pleasure if he became a college professor.Instead, he moved to New York to become a junior copywriter for the advertising agency J Walter Thompson, eventually becoming CEO of its North American company.In 1976, while still working for J Walter Thompson, Patterson published his first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, with Little, Brown and Company After being turned down by thirty one publishers, it won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel Patterson s 1993 novel, Along Came a Spider, his first novel to feature Alex Cross, was also his first New York Times bestseller in fiction.In 2001, Morgan Freeman starred as Alex Cross in a film adaptation of Along Came a Spider, and Tyler Perry also played the character in the 2012 film Alex Cross A film adaptation of Patterson s middle grade novel Middle School The Worst Years of My Life will be released in theaters in October 2016.For his initiatives to help kids become passionate readers and for his philanthropic efforts, Patterson was awarded the National Book Foundation s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community James Patterson has donated than one million books to students, emphasizing some of the most under resourced schools and youth programs in the country In 2015, Patterson donated 1.75 million to school libraries throughout the United States, and 250,000 in holiday bonuses to individual bookstore employees He also gave 1 million to independent bookstores in 2014.Patterson has recently donated over 26 million to his and his wife s alma maters the University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt University, and Manhattan College and he has established over four hundred Teacher Education Scholarships at twenty four colleges and universities throughout the country Patterson has also donated over 650,000 books to U.S soldiers at home and overseas In May 2015, Patterson launched a new children s book imprint at Little, Brown, called JIMMY Patterson, that is unwaveringly focused on one goal turning kids into lifelong readers This imprint also provides resources, strategies, and programs to serve teachers, parents, librarians, and booksellers Patterson will be investing proceeds from the sales of JIMMY Patterson Books in pro reading initiatives Patterson has also founded ReadKiddoRead, a website designed to help parents, teachers, and librarians ignite a new generation s excitement for reading.

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  1. Only good thing about this book that it was free Listened while walking, typical James Patterson, last book I bought and read was than ten years ago, that was the only book I paid Short, short chapters, choppy Murder, sex, NFL score fixing.

  2. Very good start and then it fizzles out.At this point, it is clear that the Patterson collaborations are 100% written by the second author Nevertheless, Paetro has done a good job with some of the books on the Women s Murder Club series though she has also delivered some duds in that one As a result, I had mixed feelings about whether to give this series a chance or not When I started reading this book, I was feeling like I had made a great decision.The set up for the story was very good, with a [...]

  3. Not great literature but good James Patterson and, let s not forget, Maxine Paetro Jack, an Afghanistan Marine veteran, has been asked by his father, in prison for life for extortion and murder, to visit him His father wants him to resurrect his once lucrative and world renowned PI firm and tells him that he will be getting a package tomorrow containing dirt on all previous clients and access to 15 million dollars So Jack decides to restart Private.The remainder of the book is a rollercoaster th [...]

  4. Apparently the start of a male led Women s Murder Club series While some of the story outlines were interesting too many to follow, making it hard to fucus on the central storyline.

  5. Pretty good I enjoyed the characters and the plots I think I will still read the Michael Bennett and Alex Cross series before continuing this series, but I will continue it Love the character of Jack and his colleagues My quick and simple overall only takes a few hours to read this book and is interesting enough to keep you reading in one sitting.

  6. Private is a book written by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro who is a well known author of crime thriller novels Wow Sorry James, but this is a really crappy book The story line is all over the place, the characters are completely undeveloped and the reveal at the end is totally predictable This was the first time that I know of that I read a book that has a ghost writer That s right people, the person who you thought wrote the book ie The person s name written in big red block letters on the [...]

  7. This was my first crime book that I have read and absolutely loved it I have loved watching crime and thought I would give reading crime a go From the first chapter I was hooked Private are a great team and get the job done In this book they were working three major cases.

  8. When reading reviews, particularly on , I ve noticed a lot of complaints about how the Patterson books are written As a reader, what I care about is the end result I want a good story Sometimes, Patterson s formula works and sometimes it doesn t I enjoy The Women s Murder Club series and the Alex Cross series though I must admit, I m behind on both series So far I ve enjoyed the books written with or some might say by Maxine Paetro.I found Private to be a good story At first I was a little distr [...]

  9. This is a difficult novel for me to review because a lot of my criticisms may be completely irrelevant to people who enjoy this kind of book This was the first James Patterson novel I ve read, and I m mindful of the fact that my own opinions on the book are kind of irrelevant he s got a legion of fans and they ve already made up their minds on what they love and what they don t So I m going to point out what worked and didn t work for me, but if you re reaction to it is, you re focusing on the w [...]

  10. It was a good book I enjoyed the story and liked the characters It s not one of my favorite books, but it was worth reading.

  11. Meh Too long, too many story lines, not enough emotion And who the heck puts an epilogue in then continues the story with chapters WTF Patterson

  12. Another great book by James Patterson, Private.Former CIA agent Jack Morgan runs Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe It is where you go when you need maximum force and maximum discretion The secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily and his staff of investigators uses the world s most advanced forensic tools to make and break their cases.Jack is already deep into the investigation of a multi million dollar NFL gambling sca [...]

  13. medida que vou lendo mais livros de James Patterson, mais fico rendida sua obra Este o segundo policial que leio e confesso ter gostado mais da personagem Jack do que propriamente do Alex Cross de outra s rie.Jack um ex fuzileiro que se dedica actualmente a investigar casos, estando ao comando da empresa Private Ag ncia Internacional de Investiga o, herdada do pai, um antigo criminoso Contrariamente ao pai, que tinha uma rela o directa com o crime organizado e com a m fia, Jack quer que a Privat [...]

  14. Private was offered for free from Audible this week so I decided to give it a go Procedural thrillers are not my cup of tea and this one proved no different.

  15. Private is the first novel of a mystery series starring Jack Morgan, ex Marine helicopter pilot, who now is the owner of a large private detective company with offices everywhere Morgan guides a crack team of support staff a scientist, a psychiatric profiler, a punk styling computer expert, a pack of neurotic detectives who work for mostly rich Los Angeles people, including movie stars and prosecutors The office building in which he works has equipment and labs NASA would envy, enabling his comp [...]

  16. This book was a thriller for sure It was interesting, exciting, and best of all, it never was boring Although this is made for mature people, I would recommend this book to all people Most anyone would love this book, it includes mysteries, murders, drama, and lots of action READ THIS

  17. Loved, simply loved this book Loved the action and the fast pace of the office as the team worked three cases Each character is brilliant in their own way and I look forward to meeting up with them as I continue this series Stunning voice too Mr Peter Herman delivered the audio perfectly He definitely could purr into my ear all day.

  18. First of all, look at the author names on the book cover I guess Mr Patterson was unhappy with his coauthor the day he approved the art, but her name is very subtle at the bottom of the book.Second, I think they have overdosed on Dirk Pitt, Stone Barrington and Secret Agent 007 with their depiction of Jack Morgan and his protection private detective agency, Private Resurrected from his worthless father s defunct company with 15,000,000 in stolen money dad gave Jack shortly before dying in prison [...]

  19. I thought this was an alright mystery novel I liked the parelell stories and the cast of characters but felt that some of it was just so last generation.For instance There s an implication in the Steam Cleaner I listened to it as an audio book so I m sure that it s spelled differently but I don t know how I figure it s SteamKleana or something like that story that all people who play violent video games want to commit terrible murders This is annoying I play a lot of games, some of them violent [...]

  20. Another quick, easy read from Patterson, although, I found this book a bit dull The main character Jack , felt like someone I would like to know, but never quite got there It just seemed like very little character developement, which was a shame because he seemed to have so much to his story The entire book felt a bit rushed to me, which is true of so many of Patterson s recent works I wish he would s l o w down and tell us an indepth, well developed story, like he use to.

  21. This is the second read for me and I enjoyed it just as much as the first.As to be expected, it s well written with likeable characters that I enjoyed spending time with.The multiple storylines added to my interest, except for the Afghanistan flashbacks and dreams, which really did nothing for the story and seemed to be resolved a little too quicklyOverall, easy to read, fast paced and enjoyable.

  22. the book was very exciting, I was intrigued, and couldn t put it down the book, until i was hungry then i would go and get food, and continue reading the book it had the perfect balance of action, suspense, and a nice finishing.

  23. I enjoyed the book, but for relatively short book, it has a lot of storylines, a home invasion murder, a serial killer of school girls, an NFL cheating scandal, the mob, a death threat and that got in the way of the pacing The serial killer storyline overwhelmed the home invasion murder storyline and vice versa at times and NFL thread only received lip service An enjoyable book but with pacing issues.

  24. Initial Reaction LOVED it One of my favorite Patterson books ever THIS is the Patterson we know and love I really hope that this turns into a new series like Alex Cross and Women s Murder Club I truly loved all the characters and the story was dynamite About the Book Jack Morgan is a former CIA Agent and Marine who inherited Private Investigations, a firm who does first class investigations for the elite, the rich, and the famous Private has top of the line equipment, a plethora of staff members [...]

  25. Not a fancy title, but sometimes less is , and in this case I think we get I am not going to be giving anyone a news flash that is a regular follower of my rants here The Scoop I like James Patterson s work I read almost all of his work from his graphic novels see our archives , young adult Daniel X , and just about all his regular material I got excited when I saw that he had this new series coming out Private.I really enjoyed this novel, I am not going to make any bones about it I just really [...]

  26. The latest series of Patterson starring an ex marine named Jack Morgan the leader of an ultra high end private investigation firm I gave this book 2 stars, it is an easy read with the plot going back and forth between three different cases and few personal situations Now having three different cases in one novel can be a two edged sword, in one hand it will keep the readers form getting bored with every few pages showing a different story line but it can also and in the other it might keep the r [...]

  27. After many years of being an avid fan of Mr Patterson s Alex Cross novels, as well as his Murder Club series and then his wonderfully amazing Michael Bennet series, I wasnt sure if he could pull off another interesting series Much to my surprise, he has Private opens up a new series whereas Cross and Murder are becoming old and boring I enjoyed the characters I enjoyed the setting I enjoyed the multiple ongoing investigations.Like all other Patterson novels, this one is quick and uncomplicated H [...]

  28. I am a big Patterson fan and read anything he writes but this book was a disappointment Too many characters and subplots Not up to his usual standard.

  29. I wanted to like this so much because I really like James Patterson s books This fell flat for me I purchased it on sale on audible Maybe it was because it was an audio version It was my first James Patterson audible purchase so that could be it I didn t think the cases were interesting I was so bored most of the time I didn t find myself paying attention It felt to me like he was trying to recreate the women s murder club, but a male version To me, Jack just wasn t an interesting character It a [...]

  30. How is it possible that with all these books I ve devoured, I ve never read a James Patterson Strange Well, spur of the moment I picked up PRIVATE and I have to say I enjoyed it I than liked the way Patterson writes It s was a good solid private eye mystery with a quick pace, lots of threads to follow, not just a single incident I was really delighted with the overall story I could have lived without the whole twin thing but I think that is something that supposed to pay off later on in the ser [...]

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