Shift is a Ebook Wow This book practically threw me off balance The story itself is amazing with a lot of twists and turns If you ve read my IMM you would probably know that this book is soaked

Shift is a Ebook Wow. This book practically threw me off balance. The story itself is amazing with a lot of twists and turns. If you've read my IMM 25, you would probably know that this book is soaked wet, and I spent hours drying it. And that was when I couldn't help but took a peek... and instantly, I was hooked.Our main character Olive is a beautiful, witty, sarcastic but problematic teenage girl. Ever since her father left, she has not been the same as her old self. She is convinced that she is the reason of her father's leaving and she blames herself for it. Her best friend is a sensible and logical girl, Ami who also suffered a similar family tragedy.Then, a newbie comes to school - Miranda Vaile's her name. Rumors are flying around that Miranda killed her parents. And Olive is intrigued. When she discovers Miranda's strange behaviour and Google it online, she found a shocking word: shape-shifter. A shape-shifter is said to be an organism that sticks onto its host and drain his/her life force away. Olive doesn't know whether this is true, but evidences are pointing towards it.What is so great about this book, you ask?1. The blurring of the fine line between fantasy and reality. Yes, this is a modern-day young adult novel, set in a normal place in a normal country. BUT, the author's words seem to gravitate towards the paranormal at times and then back to the real world. And guess what? I myself am not sure about it! Oh, how I love books that make me guess.2. Oddities and Disturbing Behaviors. Olive gets paranoid about Miranda's getting close to her ex-best friend Katie, and fears that Miranda is really a shapeshifter as Miranda slowly takes on the shape of Katie herself while Katie slowly shrinks and becomes a 'skeleton'. Before that, Miranda was fascinated by Katie - she imitates the way Katie walks, talks and wears. She was always murmuring lines - words that are previously spoken by Katie herself. At this point, I was really worried that Miranda is crazy. But then, tidbits are revealed about Olive herself, and I started to question her sanity as well. There, the author makes me doubtful again.3. Quirky Romance. A real hottie/nice guy/liveguard, Lachlan becomes interested in Olive, and while she does like him, she is self conscious of her current status as the school's pariah and also her dark past. She tries her best to make him go away even though in her heart, she really, really likes him. But Lachlan has no interest in the pretty, typical cheerleader-type girls in school. He's only interested in Olive. Later, he becomes Olives anchor to sanity in a rough, stormy ocean.4. Twists and Turns. The author cleverly spun a thriller based on a devious plot, and I, the pleasantly surprised reader, shall happily applaud her for it. I was outsmarted more than once - can I use that word? - and not even once I did not go, What? OMG.5. Flawed Characters. What I appreciate about flawed characters is that they are real people that makes mistakes, have problems and are sometimes troubled by events in life. They may not be perfect or dream-like or posses super powers, but they are true-to-life.6. Writing Style. The author tells the story with ease and adeptness. The words are simple and easy to read, but at the same time, it also portrays the author's unique writing style. I like how the author describes some of the personal traits of the characters, they felt so real that I can't help but imagine what they are like.7. High on The Creepiness Factor. Don't let yourself be fooled. This book is not what you think. Symptoms after reading include: fear, minor discomfort and a high admiration for the author's brilliant mind.I hope these seven reasons are enough to convince you that Shift is indeed a highly exceptional, gripping and engrossing debut in the sea of young adult books. If you want a fresh breathe from the usual teen romance, vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters, go read Shift. Mark my words: You won't regret reading it. Olive Corbett is not crazy Not any.She obediently takes her meds and stays under the radar at school After the incident, Olive just wants to avoid any trouble, so she knows the smartest thing is to stay clear of the new girl who is rud to have quite the creepy past.But there s no avoiding Miranda Vaile As mousy Miranda edges her way into the popular groupOlive Corbett is not crazy Not any.She obediently takes her meds and stays under the radar at school After the incident, Olive just wants to avoid any trouble, so she knows the smartest thing is to stay clear of the new girl who is rud to have quite the creepy past.But there s no avoiding Miranda Vaile As mousy Miranda edges her way into the popular group, right up to the side of queen bee Katie and pushes the others right out only Olive seems to notice that something strange is going on Something almost parasitic Either Olive is losing her grip on reality, or Miranda Vaile is stealing Katie s life.But who would ever believe crazy Olive, the girl who has a habit of letting her imagination run away with her And what if Olive is the next target A chilling psychological thriller that tears through themes of identity, loss, and toxic friendship, Shift will leave readers guessing until the final pages.. The best Books Shift 1.5 starsEasily my biggest disappointment of 2012 so far.I was so excited for "Shift." So excited. I love psychological thrillers and horror novels, and "Shift" sounded like it had a nice combination of both. Besides, look at that amazing cover! It's beautiful and so evocative and creepy.I read it quickly. I'll give Bailey that. But, in all fairness, I was on a five-hour flight home from Turkey. The only thing that saved it from a one-star rating was a twist at the halfway point that I totally didn't see coming, which was amazing because it is nowhere near a new twist, and I was totally impressed at how well Bailey managed to hide it from me.Everything else I despised.It's made even worse by the fact that, on paper, I should love this novel. I should be giving it 5 stars and applauding its brilliance, imagination and creepy factor. All of those things are totally absent.It's a shape-shifter novel where a kind of emotional vampirism from the teenage girl villain, Miranda, is a metaphor for an eating disorder (she literally wastes away Olive's ex-best friend, Katie), bullying (she does this mostly through psychological takeover) and teenage-girl cliques, where Miranda spends the first half of the novel moving into Katie's life, driving away all her other friends, playing on Katie, an aspiring model's, insecurity and body image issues in order to trigger severe anorexia, until Katie has an emotional breakdown and Miranda, who has blossomed from a drab nobody (literally - she seems to have no physical form) to a magnetic and charming beauty queen, finishes her off by betraying Katie and seducing her boyfriend multiple times.That is not going under spoiler tags because a) it's about 30% of the novel and b) it's totally, blindingly obvious.Now, I know what you guys are thinking, because I'm psychic and awesome like that.Doesn't Katie sound like she should be the main character? Well, I hear you. (Even if that's not what you were saying...shhh!). There are books in which having an otherwise secondary character as an observer should work well, like The Secret History. "Shift" is not at all like that, given that Olive and Katie rarely to never interact, and when they do, it's in cliches and trophes - "no-please-you-have-to-believe-me", "I-just-want-to-be-beautiful", "God, Olive, why don't you lose some weight and stop being so crazy?!" - so that it's impossible to care about what will happen to Katie. Not only that, but the writing in "Shift" is among some of the clumsiest I've ever read (yes, I'm aware that this review is clumsily-written, too). Bailey really needs a lesson in "show don't tell", because there are walls of text that simply seem to go like:"Katie let Miranda borrow her headphones. Miranda started wearing the headphones all the time. Katie stopped hanging out with her other friends. It was just her and her boyfriend and Miranda. Miranda was starting to look blonder. She kind of looked like Katie. Katie started to look pale. Katie was losing weight and I was worried about her."There's no deduction, no room for the reader to engage his/her brain, we're just led along by the hand and told how each thing happened. The foregone-conclusion aspect of this could have been creepy, but it wasn't because of the wooden and drab writing, and the fact that it's not just foregone, it's unbelievably obvious. Everything about Miranda is weird and evil from day one. There is also bizarre overuse of the word "lush", which seems to show up on every page.It was as if Bailey had a checklist of things that she wanted to write in the novel and she was just putting them down on the page without really thinking about whether they would be interesting or enjoyable, because she really wanted to get to the end, damn it! At some points, it feels almost like reading an outline for a scene that Bailey wanted to write later. Never fear if you think the novel should have been told from Katie's perspective, though. After half the novel has been wasted spent on Olive drably observing Katie's breakdown from the outside, (view spoiler)[Katie dies, (hide spoiler)] which also has a foregone-conclusion air to it. Bailey then rinses, shakes and repeats the whole plot.Yes, seriously. Miranda moves on from Katie and onto Olive, deciding that she will use her magic magneticism to seduce a singer that Olive loves and take her to clothes stores to show off how much better-looking Miranda is than Olive, in the hopes that this will also drive Olive into a similar suicidal and sick state.And, for some reason, it works.The second half of this novel is one of the weirdest and trippiest things I've ever read. There's absolutely no psychological consistency. Olive has spent 50% of the book convinced that Miranda is some kind of succubus, sucking the life out of Katie and ultimately responsible for her death. Olive even sees her yawn at Katie's memorial service (this is presented as though it is a heinous thing so it's not just like Miranda got a bit uncontrollably tired, it's obviously done with malice).Yet when Miranda bubbles up to Olive and starts talking about Olive's favourite band, Olive doesn't tell Miranda to piss off. She plays along eagerly, a totally random and inexplicable shfit in character that does not seem remotely intentional on Bailey's part. It's like Olive hit her head and forgot all about Miranda's supposed eeeeevil, because apparently Olive trusts Miranda enough to sneak out of her house to go see a band with her and buddies up with her to such an extent that they are sharing clothes and Olive feels sorry for her when Miranda burbles about her parents' death. There's no sense that Olive is being forced or manipulated to feel the way she does - she just does. But, since Miranda is blatantly evil from her first appearance to her last, it's impossible for the reader to feel anywhere near as swept up in Miranda's "charm" as we're supposed to believe Olive is.Plus, for a murderous succubus, Miranda's methods seem to be kind of weak. Even worse, though, was that this book didn't even seem to be trying to deliver the creepy factor. As part of Miranda's quest to take over Katie's life, she takes away Katie's one treat - a choc-ice at the cinema - and gives her a bottle of water instead. Katie is apparently so psychologically dominated by Miranda that this one wordless action is enough to make her take the water and go away. Olive is so incensed that she goes into the cinema to give Katie the choc-ice - and finds Katie's boyfriend with his arm around Miranda! *gasp* And then Miranda smiles. We're in thriller cliche area here, and Bailey can't even deliver the thrills. How is it possible for a novel to feel formulaic of itself? I don't know, and I know how confusing that sounds, but that's how I felt with "Shift." It's 300ish pages, but when Miranda started flirting with the band member that she thought Olive loved, I was like "oh, it's Katie all over again...standard "Shift" format..." which is crazy! It's insanely predictable, too, especially when it becomes clear (to everyone except Miranda) that Olive loves the band member's "hero type" half-brother, instead of the band-member himself.Something that made me laugh because I'm a horrible person: the "incident" is (view spoiler)[Olive's suicide attempt because she is convinced that she was responsible for her parents' divorce. (hide spoiler)] She spends a disproportionate period of time trying to hide this from the reader, which made me scoff because it seemed immediately obvious to me what was going on. The logistics of what happened really are a something amazingly awful to behold, illogical and random, bordering on unintentional humour: (view spoiler)[Olive tries to commit suicide by RUNNING INTO THE WAVES. She doesn't leave a note, doesn't try to weigh herself down, doesn't tell anyone that her intention is to commit suicide. SHE JUST RUNS INTO THE WATER. I've been in the sea quite a lot throughout my life and I'm sure you can all figure out why this doesn't work. Olive gets washed straight back up. Yet someone sees her sitting in the shallow water and somehow...assumes that it's a suicide attempt? How? Why? Just..WHAT? (hide spoiler)]Also, the ending is horrendous, and it shows how utterly generic and unoriginal the entire novel was. (view spoiler)[MIRANDA HAS KILLED KATIE THROUGH HER EMOTIONAL MANIPULATIONS, POSSIBLY DESTROYED A TEACHER, GOT A PROMISING YOUNG MUSICIAN ADDICTED TO DRUGS/ALCOHOL AND ALMOST KILLED OLIVE. If Miranda gets away with everything and runs off into the sunset to steal someone else’s life, it’s not a bittersweet ending. It’s not okay for Olive to say, “oh, I wonder where Miranda is?” with only nostalgic curiosity when Miranda has been responsible for so much pain and hurt and could be responsible for so much more. (hide spoiler)] It’s a depressing ending, but Bailey is so tone-deaf that she appears unable to see that.The summing up word for this book has to be disappointment. So much potential and such a great premise, totally wasted.
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  1. Em Bailey is an Australian living in Germany where, despite having been a vegetarian for many years, she now enjoys the occasional Wurst Em used to be a new media designer for a children s television production house and is now a full time author Shift is her first YA novel, although she has written a number of books for children under the name Meredith Badger When she s not writing, Em is generally getting lost, losing stuff, reading, hanging out with her friends and family, and listening to Radiolab podcasts Like Olive, she doesn t like leggings that look like jeans, but has no problem with tofu schnitzels.

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  1. Wow This book practically threw me off balance The story itself is amazing with a lot of twists and turns If you ve read my IMM 25, you would probably know that this book is soaked wet, and I spent hours drying it And that was when I couldn t help but took a peek and instantly, I was hooked.Our main character Olive is a beautiful, witty, sarcastic but problematic teenage girl Ever since her father left, she has not been the same as her old self She is convinced that she is the reason of her fath [...]

  2. 1.5 starsEasily my biggest disappointment of 2012 so far.I was so excited for Shift So excited I love psychological thrillers and horror novels, and Shift sounded like it had a nice combination of both Besides, look at that amazing cover It s beautiful and so evocative and creepy.I read it quickly I ll give Bailey that But, in all fairness, I was on a five hour flight home from Turkey The only thing that saved it from a one star rating was a twist at the halfway point that I totally didn t see c [...]

  3. Shift by Em Bailey was an extraordinarily gripping read I loved every moment of it and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for future works by her.The story follows the life of Olive, a girl who, following a recent breakdown and suicide attempt, has been put on a course of medication and therapy She integrates herself back into a routine by attending school and working at the local cinema.However, she no longer has any friends Except for Ami Olive s old best friend, Katie, has now ditched he [...]

  4. 1.5 5Subtlety is not this book s strong suit so, this wasn t that much of a psychological thriller Obviously there s a history here with everyone aware but having the same go unspoken Yet, with the big ginormous hints littering the path toward the reveal, there really was no thrill for me in this one At points, I even felt a little insulted by how it seemed someone had taken my hand and positioned my just so, as if saying, see this this is the way things went down and that that is why things are [...]

  5. This is of a 4.5 star kind of book Every time I ve seen Shift in the store, I ve always picked it up and put it back down and it wasn t until my housemate and I discovered a mutual love for YA that I actually read it because she lent it to me You need to read this It was edgy, gripping, original, funny, emotional, frustrating and it had everything that makes a great novel It s a story about a girl named Olive, who is now a little messed up in the head and on medication after a failed suicide at [...]

  6. Oh My God There are almost no words to describe my state of mind after reading Shift Em Bailey should be applauded, and I am definitely grateful for her impeccable writing skills that never once failed to leave me questioning my own sanity.This genre wasn t one I d usually take to, but this book just begging me to read it, and so I did I was pleasantly surprised All the characters were written so well Miranda always left me wondering Was she just a psychotic girl, suffering from her desperation [...]

  7. This was one CREEPY book Half way through the book I was in this state Despite it s obvious creepiness I couldn t put it down.So Olive was this typical once popular now loner kid with issues, but what those issues were was not so clear in the beginning At times I was totally frustrated with her and I was screaming at the book what are you doing and yes I was totally scared of the people in the book I just had chills all over and by the time I finished I was doubting my own reality I ll be keepin [...]

  8. 4.5 StarsI absolutely loved this I just grabbed this at the library because it was available, and I was sick of waiting on titles, and now I m so glad I did I went into it not really knowing what to expect because none of the people I follow have read this and I hope that changes after this review because it s a great book , and usually I prefer to go into things knowing a bit about what to expect, but it was fun to be taken by surprise for once.The story is about Olive who has some quirks and [...]

  9. Miranda Vaile is the strong point of this young adult novel It is well worth reading for her alone Miranda is offered to us, on the one hand, as a supernatural demon and on the other as a rolled gold bitch who is disturbed and rageful, but also charming to the nth degree For good measure, she can also be seen as the symbol of a destructive inner voice, enticing one unlucky girl into anorexia Whatever she is exactly, Miranda has the psychopaths s ability to pinpoint and play to our longings, fear [...]

  10. Okay, so I decided I d give this book to someone else before I reviewed it Just because, well, I wasn t sure whether I wasn t getting it because I am stupid, or whether I wasn t getting it because I wasn t SUPPOSED to get it Turns out, either we re both stupid, or it s just one of those books.You know the ones I m talking about the ones with the fantastic writing, brilliant prose, life like characters those books that leave you SO UTTERLY CONFUSED So basically, the story settles itself quite tig [...]

  11. There are spoilers This is an intelligent discussion of the text Deal with it.Wow.This book was intense and very taught, although it became a little too neat towards the center when Olive stops suspecting Miranda of being evil and just becomes buddy buddy But then again, with Olive suspecting that Miranda is something insidious, isn t that how this story should go Letting your guard down and letting the insidious in because you no longer suspect it The story is that of Olive Corbett, a girl rele [...]

  12. 5 stars out of five For a reason Shift by Em Bailey is one of my all time favourite books It s full of gripping twists that will never leave you bored.The first half of the book will make you love Olive The second half will have you mentally screaming at every decision she makes But I won t give away anything Lachlan is such a sweetie and so is Luxe the romance sides to the book yet this book is far from your usual romance story Yep There s even death.Murder.Psychologically mental people.Wow and [...]

  13. 2.5 out of 5 stars Shift was a really easy and enjoyable read, I loved the idea of the book and a few of the characters were great Ami, Lachlan and Toby especially However, the main character Olive was an IDIOT At first I liked her, but she makes the wrong decision in regards to Miranda and Lachlan EVERY SINGLE TIME I found the whole toxic friendship thing quite realistic and relatable in regards to Katie, not necessarily Miranda One big drawback for me was I guessed the big twist about Ami on a [...]

  14. This book was incredibly thrilling and kept you wanting to read , however some parts of the book was a little bit unrealistic and made it hard to picture.

  15. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsEm Bailey s chilling psychological YA thriller debut is sure to make readers think twice about letting people get close too much The bonds of friendship is stretched tight up to the breaking point in this shuddery tale of one girl s identity and her struggle to find out who she really is deep inside.Olivia Corbett s life is a wreck She used to be best friends with Katie, the most popular girl in school She used to be pretty, outgoing, with a happy family, but afte [...]

  16. From reading everyone else s reviews about this book it seems people either love it or hate it Me Yeah, I didn t like it very much I picked it up just randomly from the book store because it was half price i m actually glad I didn t pay full price for it really and also because it sounded like it would be really good, and the cover is pretty awesome too But it was officially just the weirdest book I d ever read, it was so strange Also I was pretty disappointed to find out that the back of the bo [...]

  17. Hmm TOTALLY not what I was expecting Although now to be fair I m not sure WHAT I was expecting The reason for the 3 rating is that to me it feels like a fair one Some parts of this book for me were facepalm 1 and some parts of this for me were sheer brilliance 5 Nothing like sitting on the fenceAnyway on the plus side I read this cover to cover in one sitting, it is an addictive tale and one that has many surprises The main story revolves around Olive, who is recovering from a breakdown She has [...]

  18. I felt so let down by this book I had been SUPER excited to read it, and I had heard such good things But there were too many things lacking for me.The story line Original Amazing I should have loved it But other than the base story line, of Miranda becoming other people, none of the smaller story lines fit I felt as though the romance between Lachlan and Olive was completely forgotten about, and then all that was talked about Which was a shame because I really liked Lachlan and would have liked [...]

  19. Right I m going to bullet point my thoughts because CBA to articulate them properly I m just too angry.I had really high hopes for this book I really thought I would like it That said, I did like Lachlan I just wish I could have gotten of the romance I was promised granted, I DNF d this book so I can t speak for it, but I did skim read to the scene where they kiss and it was good That s one of the best scenes in the whole book Ok, so here s what i didn t like Underdeveloped characters so i didn [...]

  20. Woah That is all I can say This book is absolutely phenomenal in every aspect While I was on holidays I went to a book shop looking for something to entertain me on my upcoming 6 hour drive This book was reccomended to me by a woman there Now I usually don t go for the supernatural stuff but I gave it a go This book was an exception Absolutely FANTASTIC You feel so drawn to the characters and as soon as you have read the first two pages you will be filled with anticipation and your eyes will be [...]

  21. This book freaked me out at first to be honest, but I really liked it It was interesting and I just didn t know what to expect Even now that I ve finished it I have no idea what Miranda actually was or what to expect

  22. It really makes you think I really enjoyed the thrill of it all I know this sounds cheesy but I actually found it hard to put it down One of my fav thrillers

  23. Full review and Guest post from Em Bailey at Pen to Paper.Shift was, at least for me, a fairly confusing novel in a couple of ways However, both of these ways are positive, if that makes any sense.The first confusing thing about the book is the genre It masquerades itself as a kind of YA contemporary fiction, but it definitely has a strong fantastical feel to it I say fantastical and not fantasy because we can t be sure whether what we re looking at it reality or not hardly anything is entirely [...]

  24. Miranda Vaile was infamous long before she set foot in the small suburb of Jubilee Park Stories about Miranda were swirling in the weeks prior to her arrival stories about her life in Europe, the crazy aunt she was coming to live with and the fact that she had killed her parents.The attention and attraction of Miranda is a reprise for Jubilee Park s resident psychotic Olive Corbett Olive, whose family life has disintegrated in the wake of her mistakes and recovery from circumstances unknown Oli [...]

  25. Olive used to be popular Now she isn t, but we re not told exactly why However, her ex best friend Katie is a crucial part of her story.When new girl Miranda moves to the school people are convinced she murdered her parents Slowly, she ingratiated herself into the school environment and soon becomes friends with those people that Olive is so suspicious of.Through a number of events devices we get to know just what Miranda is capable of The question is whether Olive will trust herself in time.Thi [...]

  26. So, I was absolutely amazed by this creepy novel, and NONE of my friends have read this It s not even newly published novel 2011 Review s on the way Updated 20 11 2014 What I really like about this book It s not a series Nuf said.The writing style It flows nicely, the pace is just great, all is revealed in the right time But, most of all, it s a unique, distinguishable, smart writing style I certainly will keep my eyes open for Em Bailey s next novels.And I laughed good naturally in many parts o [...]

  27. Amazing book I totally loved that story and the awesome characters german review Inhalt Olive hat eine schwierige Phase in ihrem Leben hinter sich Nach einem l ngeren Klinikaufenthalt geht sie wieder zur Schule und nur ihre Freundin Ami versteht sie Ihre ehemals beste Freundin Katie, das beliebteste M dchen der Schule, ist einfach nur fies zu ihr Dann ist da pl tzlich Miranda Vaile, die Neue, die angeblich ihre Eltern get tet hat Miranda, ein unscheinbares M dchen, heftet sich an Katies Fersen S [...]

  28. Review originally posted here tsanasreads.tumblr post 21Shift is full of psychological drama and there is blurring of reality so you re not always sure what s real and what isn t It s also a book about mental illness about being weird and about dealing or not with those things.I really loved it.Honestly, there was only one aspect I disliked about it and it s not the sort of thing that would bother everyone The author is Australian this is her first YA book, but she has written books for younger [...]

  29. Wellwhere to start I had high expectations for this book It was who listed for some award, and I picked it up off of the highlights table at a book club I go to, but what I read was far from what I had expected By page 50 out of 320 , I knew the entire plot line And you know those oh moments I got one of those in the entire book, which anyway wasn t much of an oh so much as ah yeah, damn that sucks Miranda, the new girl, well being what supernatural capture she was didn t even help the book Ther [...]

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