Guards! Guards!: The Play

Good Books Guards Guards The Play release Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs i

Good Books Guards! Guards!: The Play release Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs, in this book the city of Ankh Morpork is under threat from a 60 foot fire breathing dragon, summoned by a secret society of malcontented tradesmen Defending the city is the underpaid and undervalued City Night Watch.. The best Kindle Guards! Guards!: The Play I've read virtually all of Terry Pratchett's books but Guards! Guards!, Men At Arms and The Fifth Elephant [all related to each other] remain firm favourites. Sam Vimes is your typical grumpy copper, Nobby Nobbs and Sergeant Colon always raise a laugh - and who can forget Carrot and his 'protectives'? Pratchett's imagination is quite incredible. Don't know how he does it but wish I did.

  1. Stephen Briggs is a British writer of subsidiary works and merchandise surrounding Terry Pratchett s comic fantasy Discworld He is also a narrator of many Discworld audiobookswho graduated from Curtin University with a double major in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing before attending WAPPA and studying Broadcasting Midway through his time there he decided he didn t want to be a journo and moved to Sydney to join RMK Voice Productions Stephen has voiced countless campaigns and appeared in numerous professional plays He has written and directed six short films, one of which, Whatever it Takes, satirises the Voice Over business.Please note that there is a separate Stephen Briggs whose area of expertise is psychotherapy.

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  1. I ve read virtually all of Terry Pratchett s books but Guards Guards , Men At Arms and The Fifth Elephant all related to each other remain firm favourites Sam Vimes is your typical grumpy copper, Nobby Nobbs and Sergeant Colon always raise a laugh and who can forget Carrot and his protectives Pratchett s imagination is quite incredible Don t know how he does it but wish I did.

  2. I don t read science fiction or fantasy Some might say that Pratchett is a fantasy writer I say that he is a humorous satirist This is the book that started my love of his writing, with at least a giggle on nearly every page, and the sentence that made me want to read anything he writes ever for as long as he can, in the face of his early onset Alzheimer s And this is True Satire, not mere parody, but human foibles on parade, entertaining screeds, and one book with a marvelous meditation on mora [...]

  3. What can I say except that the Night Watch is one of his best creations in the Discworld realm Vimes is a hoot a drunken one , Nobby makes you a want to check your wallet to see if it s still there and b itchy, that scene with Colon and the arrow with the one in a million chance says it all about the man, and then there s Carrot I don t think I ve ever seen a appropriate name to fit a character.

  4. Review originally published on my blog here, in March 1998.This is the seventh of Pratchett s incredibly popular Discworld novels It is quite remarkable how the standards of the series have been kept up in my opinion, the first novel, The Colour of Magic, is the weakest This is in contrast to the usual deterioration of science fiction and fantasy series as the series lengthens, especially for series like the Discworld which are groups of linked works set in a common world rather than a planned [...]

  5. In true Terry Pratchett form, this play adaptation was silly and playful and had me laughing and rolling my eyes A quick easy read, but one that has me desperate to see it actually played out on a stage Well done

  6. ExcellentI saw this in Brighton in 1999 and don t remember being that impressed with it However this script is much funnier than I remember there seems to be much of TP s humour left and I enjoyed reading it Briggs notes were very interesting as well.

  7. I am biased as I like all of Terry Pratchett s books and am currently working through them one by one, but this one is a great comment on social convention in a complex society.

  8. One of my first Terry Pratchett books I ve read definitely enjoy the world he creates Don t find it as funny as many other people seem to but will definitively be reading from him.

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