Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm

Sentences The Life of MF Grimm Underground hip hop icon Percy Carey a k a M F Grimm tells the true story of his life in the game from dizzying heights to heartbreaking losses in this raw brutally honest graphic novel memoir In

Underground hip hop icon Percy Carey, a.k.a M.F Grimm, tells the true story of his life in the game, from dizzying heights to heartbreaking losses, in this raw, brutally honest graphic novel memoir In SENTENCES, Carey chronicles his life in the sometimes glamorous, often violent world of hip hop, from the first time he picked up a microphone a ta block party to the dayUnderground hip hop icon Percy Carey, a.k.a M.F Grimm, tells the true story of his life in the game, from dizzying heights to heartbreaking losses, in this raw, brutally honest graphic novel memoir In SENTENCES, Carey chronicles his life in the sometimes glamorous, often violent world of hip hop, from the first time he picked up a microphone a ta block party to the day he lost the use of his legs to gang violence, from his incarceration to his rise to the top of his game as a hip hop grandmaster No questions are left unanswered and no apologies are made, resulting in a truly groundbreaking graphic novel.

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Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm

  1. Percy Carey Ronald Wimberly Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm book, this is one of the most wanted Percy Carey Ronald Wimberly author readers around the world.

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  1. Underground rap icon Percy Carey is finally getting noticedd then he is shot Now he must adjust to living in a wheelchair Powerful and realistic look at overcoming adversity.

  2. The best thing about this book is the art by Ronald D Pi Wimberly his paneling is great, his character portrayals consistent and recognizable and overall he s got a loose, sexy, fun to look at style The greyscale coloring works great for this title There were several pages in Sentences in which I simply scanned the art and ignored the lengthy monologue boxes.Percy Carey isn t a comic book writer, that s obvious The text is 75 80% interior monologue That said, he s got a compelling voice and styl [...]

  3. MF Grimm aka Percy Carey is a rap singer and music producer who had a pretty rough time growing up Although his mother and grandmother made sure he was educated and literate, he spent a lot of time running around with gangs and thugs, getting into trouble, selling drugs, and cutting school He was often successful in his business enterprises selling drugs for him was just like being any other kind of entrepreneur businessman What he most wanted, though, was to work in the music industry as an emc [...]

  4. I feel a bit weird judging the story of this man s life, when we come from such different worlds He has obviously dealt with realms of poverty, despair, violence, and paralysis physical and spiritual that I can only read about or hear in rap tracks.And yet I feel that the story here is told in a way that is only barely satisfying He s seen so much and survived so many important things, yet the book read like a quick flip through a few wacky episodes Sesame Street gets in depth treatment than De [...]

  5. I really enjoyed this book While I certainly don t agree that Carey leaves no questions unanswered as the back cover states, I found Sentences to be a really captivating read I liked the art a lot, and I found the graphic novel format to be a great fit for the story The art reminded me a little of Boondocks at times, which is a good thing There s a nice variety of techniques used throughout, from pencil sketches, to zipitone, to silouhette a favorite of mine The dialogue seemed realistic lots of [...]

  6. I avoided this book for too long, because it looked like it was going to be dense and high horsey It was neither The illustration style was dynamic, and filled up every page, but managed to be neither tedious, nor overstuffed, nor chaotic It was surprising And there were some surprising images it started out with after an initial gun battle Carey s childhood experience of being on Sesame Street, and that Caroll guy in half of the Big Bird Costume wandering around backstage was a pretty weird sta [...]

  7. Rapper MF Grimm has been through some shit Before I read his book, I knew enough of his backstory paralyzed from a shooting that destroyed his spine and killed him best friend to know that I now know a whole lot about the insanity he went through It s an interesting story and Ronald Wimberly s art is evocative, nicely balancing the right amount of cartoonishness and realism However, this book has its problems Like all autobiographies I have a hard time trusting the author s voice, particularly [...]

  8. Percy Carey s aka M.F Grimm life story is a familiar tale of the rise and fall of many who aspire to make a name for themselves in the hip hop world Early on in his life, Percy found himself drawn to street life despite coming from a supportive and strong family.Percy chronicles his life, glossing over the consequences of many of his criminal actives Sure he gets shot sticking up for some people at a party early on, but between dealing and being the target of random shoot outs one has to wonder [...]

  9. This was pretty awesome You don t see many comics dealing with hip hop or urban culture, and of those that exist, few are any good So color me surprised that I was totally captivated by this Now, I m predisposed to liking this, because I m a hip hop head, and it was neat for me to see how Percy s MF s life Rosencrantz and Guildensterned through a lot of hip hop history More than that though, this was an interesting story, because MF has lead an eventful life.That s all well and good, but this wo [...]

  10. This is the kind of book that people want to promote because they want people to listen to the message don t be a drug dealing, gun wielding, asshole Unfortunately, the story, as ripe with material that his life is, is told in a flat, I m cool but not trying to be cool voice I m sure the NPR folk are delighted with his street slang where he informs us he calls his family the fam , but unfortunately, it sounds common Not common in a lower class way, but in an this is how everybody talks kind of w [...]

  11. This gritty, autobiographical graphic novel is sure to appeal to my students, but I had somewhat mixed feelings about it On the one hand, it definitely fills a need for books about the urban black experience that are not trashy or exploitative However, Carey leaves out a lot of details maybe to avoid incriminating himself or others that would have helped me understand how he became a drug dealer even while being smart, well read and having strong family support It doesn t fully work as a moralit [...]

  12. Hip Hop Heads,So when I came across this I nearly lost my mind in excitement, but I made sure to calm down to give it an unbiased read With that being said, the graphic autobiography was REALLY well done It would be really hard to mess up MF Grimm s crazy life story, but he does so in his own authentic voice and let s the lessons in his narrative present themselves without being bolstered with flowery literary devices His life in the music industry was deep prolific ghost writer, worked with Sno [...]

  13. Wow My kids will adore and learn, in some good and some bad ways this graphic novel by one of the most connected lyricists of hip hop His life reads violently and quickly almost too quickly I don t feel like I know him well, beside his temper, his love for rhymes, and his willingness to do or try anything to get ahead I think that s why many graphic novels are so freaking long it takes time to develop a character when so much of the space is pictures Regardless, a very interesting book Carey Gri [...]

  14. The Life of MF Grimm is a tale of success and caution, attempting to rationalize the hold rap and modern culture holds over the African American youth Percy Carey the actual name of former rapper MF Grimm attempts to log his life into the format of a graphic novel Beginning with the shooting that changed his life, Carey looks at the choices and decisions he made while attempting to climb the rapper charts Sadly, Carey seems to be content with skimming over many details in order to relive his glo [...]

  15. I read this book and then spent a couple hours watching old rap battles on youtube I really liked it, for some reason I found it interesting if a bit dull, but then, it s a history.It s the autobiography of one of those gangsta rappers who was always getting shot in the early 90s This is a period of American history that I was present and aware for and still completely clueless about.The story actually begins with a snowstorm that I remember quite well, in 1994 It is sort of interesting how comp [...]

  16. This is a great story made even better by reading it on my fire escape in NYC just a few blocks from where Percy grew up I would definitely recommend this book for a book club with young boys Percy witnesses the rise of rap music in the 90 s and produced music along side many of hip hop s greats Percy s life takes a slightly different path than Dr Dre, Tupac, and Snoop Dog, even though he definitely has the talent.Above all this book has relevancy This book would provide an academic platform to [...]

  17. This book is the graphic biography of hip hop star Percy Carey and how events in his life shaped his career and his music From his beginnings as a child with a dream to a troubled star, everything is recorded In a way it is an inspiring story after a shootout that left his older brother dead and him paralyzed from the neck down, he regained the use of his midsection almost through will He goes on to be imprisoned for drugs and arms possession, but later gives up that life I didn t think I would [...]

  18. If I can help one person, then this project has been a success I used to help tutor kids in an Alternative School in Asheville, and the talent and passion that I saw in those kids always broke my heart when circumstances didn t work out for them I saw a school system tell these children that they didn t matter I saw resource officers betray the students trust and perpetuate a negative image of the color blue If I would have known about this book back then, I would have tried to buy them all copi [...]

  19. The life of rapper MF Grimm tracks and overlaps with the history of hip hop It s a gut wrenching story of a man with boatloads of talent that doesn t turn himself around until he hits rock bottom paralyzed from the waist down and sentenced to life in prison.This book is an autobiography in graphic novel form The story is for real and the art is a perfect complement.You ve seen movies that feel like this book it s hard to believe that someone actually lived it.You don t have to be a fan of hip ho [...]

  20. MF Grimm nee Percy Carey recalls his tumultuous life with a curious blend of machismo and introspection, but his unapologetic tone makes him a fascinating narrator I also can t stress enough what a perfect fit Ron Wimberly s art is for the book, capturing the gritty street level desperation and Grimm s triumphant rise and rebirth with equal flair If you re looking to learn about early hip hop history, craving an underdog story, or just on the prowl for great looking books, Sentences will fit th [...]

  21. The art was perfect for the story and I m always interested in the life of rappers the ones that make it, the one s that don t and the ones that do a bit of both like in this case However, it felt like he was leaving a lot of the story out It seemed as if he didn t want to look weak or vulnerable and THAT weakened the story The story lacked a certain honesty However, I wasn t surprised Most rappers spend their entire careers trying not to look vulnerable, weak or unsure When it comes to storytel [...]

  22. This book was amazing,I didnt think i was going to like it but i did I like how the whole book was about his life and somewhat depressing and everything didnt workout the way he wanted to The character went through a lot of frustration and it was a very honest book I didnt think i was going to like this book because i judged it by its cover, I really got into it as soon as I started reading it The book was also a graphic novel it showed many pictures of the character, there was also a part where [...]

  23. When I started reading, I wasn t surprised by it s story progression Many Hip hop artists spend their entire careers trying not to look weak or sassy When it comes to storytelling, that makes the story less interesting After reading this book, I spent sometimes watching old rap battles on YouTube I gotta be frank about it, I really liked it, for some reason This book is a history.Story 3.5 5Art 4 5

  24. Started off giving this three stars, but I can t stop thinking about it, so it s one of those books that is better than I thought it was, in that it s having an effect on me I m grateful for this story being told it seems like the comic format mostly works really well for Carey s story, but it still remains difficult to convey the pleasure of music through comics, and that holds this one back just a bit.

  25. This graphic novel works like a great concept album and since it s about music, makes perfect sense Ronald Wimberly s art, works like a composition from an old school deejay, offering a template for the writer s story to flow And flows it does, as an MC s rhymes turned to bars then to an album Percy Carey narrates his autobiography with sincerity and demystification, especially regarding his life as a gangster.

  26. I think I wanted this book to be similar in tone to the graphic novel, Yummy the author went back and fourth from saying how his tale says a cautionary one and defending his often illegal or violent choices I also felt like he couldn t quite let go of his bravado to take responsibility for his choices he often would defend a criminal activity that sidelined his career as inevitable I did like that he showed how he changed his focus and involvement in prison.

  27. I don t know much read anything about hip hop culture and was a little skeptical of this book based on the cover The cover of this edition doesn t reflect at all how well written and drawn it is I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the read, despite knowing none of the background information Now I have to read about MF Grimm Any book that makes me want to read books is a good book.

  28. Excellent stuff Ron Wimberley s art is expressive and adept at depicting a wide range of everyday folks, even if some of the likenesses of famous hip hop musicians wavers somewhat The story is worth reading, just an interesting tale of this dude s life between crime and music related matter of factly and without melodrama Worth checking out And it was cool to see the intersection of his life with hip hop lore I already knew about.

  29. An excellent new entry in the autobio comics genre that shows it doesn t just have to be limited to cartoonists and their myopic lives This is a book with the kind of crossover potential that should be getting it a lot attention than it s received so far The story is positive without being cheesy Frank and compelling.

  30. an engaging memoir that follows MF Grimm through the rise of hip hop the story offers us a view behind the scenes of hip hop right when it was making it big Carey s story of his quest to be an emcee and of his awesome mother is riveting somewhere around 2 3 of the book when he gets shot and starts slinging, the story loses me a little bit but it s nevertheless an inspiring tale.

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