Hamlet: Screenplay, Introduction And Film Diary

Hamlet Screenplay Introduction And Film Diary Often credited with creating a popular movie audience for Shakespeare Kenneth Branagh has wanted for many years to bring to the screen the complete full length version of Hamlet Shakespeare s great

Often credited with creating a popular movie audience for Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh has wanted for many years to bring to the screen the complete, full length version of Hamlet, Shakespeare s greatest play The film, like the play, will have something for everyone, he says Its a ghost story, a thriller, an action packed murder mystery, and a great tragedy that is proOften credited with creating a popular movie audience for Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh has wanted for many years to bring to the screen the complete, full length version of Hamlet, Shakespeare s greatest play The film, like the play, will have something for everyone, he says Its a ghost story, a thriller, an action packed murder mystery, and a great tragedy that is profoundly moving With an outstanding cast of international actors including Derek Jacobi as Claudius, Julie Christie as Gertrude, Kate Winslet as Ophelia, Charlton Heston as the Player King, Robin Williams as Osric, and Gerard Depardieu as Reynaldo Branagh s version, in which he will play the title role as well as direct, is sure to go down in film history.This beautiful volume includes Branagh s introduction and screenplay adaptation of Shakespeare s text, color and black and white stills, and a production diary that takes us behind the scenes for a day to day look at the shooting of his film.

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Hamlet: Screenplay, Introduction And Film Diary

  1. Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh is an Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated Northern Irish actor and film director.

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  1. Written for the Celebrity Death Match Review TournamentAct I, Scene IHamlet enters.HAMLET OK, Where s that ghost everyone told me about Jane Eyre enters.HAMLET Wait a minute Who are you JANE My name is Jane Eyre and I m looking for Master Rochester.HAMLET I think you walked in on the wrongYou knowYou re kind of cute for a British chick.JANE You re not bad yourself Do you own a manor HAMLETS laughs No, I own a castle.JANE Did I ask for RochesterWho s Rochester You don t by any chance have a princ [...]

  2. roll up, roll upCELEBRITY DEATH MATCHJANE EYRE VS HAMLETJANE EYRE dressed in full armour, with beard, and speaking in a ridiculous gruff voice Now, Wamlet, hear Tis given out that, sleeping in my worchard,A serpent stung me so the whole wombat of DenmarkIs by a forged process of my deathWankly abused but know, thou noble youth,The serpent that did sting thy father s lifeNow wears his cwown The Governessator is toying with the credulous Prince HAMLET O my prophetic soul My uncle JANE EYRE Ay, tha [...]

  3. This has always been a favorite of mine I understand that people may either love or hate Shakespeare, however I am unable to comprehend the latter Shakespeare s characters provide a deep psychology for the audience to grab on to Although one may not neccessarily agree with a specific character s motives or ideals, he or she is absolutely able to now argue the character s mind set you are in their mind and understand how they see the world This is a literary vacation in my opinion to be able to e [...]

  4. Formerly a member of the Royal Shakespearean Company, actor director Kenneth Branagh confesses that he has been intrigued and in some ways obsessed by Hamlet from early on in his life, early teens and before That intense devotion bordering on obsession serves this book well, as well as it s movie counterpart Both the introduction and the film diary give excellent insights into not just how the movie was made, but the play itself, and how things that we don t notice for example, what a good state [...]

  5. Such a remarkable bildungsroman a book of development The young Hamlet, who has to grow up when his father is suspiciously killed, and his uncle suddenly marries his mother Hamlet is forced to decide whether or not he will honor his father s ghost who tells him that his own brother has killed him to marry his wife Hamlet s mother The story goes on to tell how Hamlet s decision creates the complications and final resolve, but it is amazing how Shakespeare again is a master at the psychological re [...]

  6. This was the first work of Shakespeare s I d ever read and is still my second favorite Henry V being the first No need to mention all the familiar, insightful quotes from this most famous of plays it is a brilliant work of art And no, I do not adhere to the Oedipal interpretation of Hamlet and his mother s relationship I don t see much difference between his relationship with his mom as I do with even modern men, especially coming from an ethnic culture It s always hard, being an only child furt [...]

  7. Update So it has been about 2 weeks since I saw this on stage I still can t decide whether I hated it or less after watching it all live The play wasdiocre I was told that I would be seeing a traditional Shakespearean play and yet what I got was some nonsense interpretation If a theatrical institution receives millions upon millions of donations a year I expect historically accurate costumes and actual props The acting was fabulous, but the casting made little sense Horatio and Hamlet were bot [...]

  8. This book is about the Prince of Denmark named Hamlet, something bad changes Hamlet s life His father, is the late King Hamlet He was killed Shortly after, his mother married Hamlet s uncle instead of letting Hamlet taking the throne Hamlet s anger towards his mother and uncle grew after his father came to him in a ghost form and told Hamlet, he was murdered by his new step dad Hamlet promises to revenge his death but stalls when he finds out it was Claudius, the new king and his mother s new hu [...]

  9. I recently read Hamlet William Shakespeare This story has many weird twists that are much unexpected Due to all of the turns in the story, I lost interest in some parts Basically the entire moral of the story is revenge, and who is seeking who at what given time Hamlet, the main character has to build up the strength to seek the revenge he is looking for and in the end something happens that takes the reader for ninety degree turn Not only is Hamlet about revenge but also true love Throughout Ha [...]

  10. Perhaps the most profound gem of Shakespearean wisdom can be found within Hamlet s pages in the famous soliloquy To be, or not to be, that is the question Whether tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,Or to take arms against a sea of troublesAnd by opposing end them To die to sleep,No and by a sleep to say we endThe heart ache and the thousand natural shocksThat flesh is heir to tis a consummationDevoutly to be wish d To die, to sleep To sleep, perchance to [...]

  11. Hamlet, of course, is always amazing however, for those who will be viewing the play rather than reading it, Kenneth Branagh s is the one The David Tennant film is tepid the Ethan Hawke one is unbearable.

  12. Love Shakespeare.Hamlet is amazing Sad that all die in the end Not fair Because Hamlet deserved to life Even he wanted to revenge.

  13. Quite simply the greatest play ever written, in my opinion While Branagh s film adaptation isn t my favorite, it s still very good and I generally love his take on the Bard.

  14. Not as in depth as I had hoped This film means so much to me and I was hoping this book would deepen my appreciation of it Sadly, it s pretty superficial.

  15. Hamlet acts much like his late father in that he believes that women have little bearing over their own decisions, due to their submissive nature, and thus should not be punished however, when they do make decisions, they are generally evil and deceptive The ghost talks about Gertrude s incestuous actions as being her own choice He states that she was seemingly innocent Despite the established guilt of Gertrude, the ghost refuses for Hamlet to cause her any suffering The brother, however, who ha [...]

  16. This version is excellent for exploring the various ways in which Hamlet can be interpreted Branagh emphasizes the sexuality and gender relations in his version.

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